The Most Critical Mistake a Sales VP Can Make


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This post focuses on one of the biggest mistakes sales leadership can make around talent management.

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  • The Most Critical Mistake a Sales VP Can Make

    1. The Most Critical Mistake a Sales VP Can Make 11
    2. Over 42% of SalesManagersdon’t hit their yearly number 22
    3. Who needs a sales manager if they Can’t hit their number?A VP of sales might think… 33
    4. Are you thinking the same? 44
    5. How are you measuring your sales managers?... Is it by quota attainment only? If so… 55
    6. You are making the biggest mistake a sales VP can make 66
    7. When evaluating your Sales Managers in your talent managementprogram, you need to consider a minimum of other than quota 5 additional metrics Some common Non-Quota metrics are…. 77
    8. 1 Turnover Are you losing ‘A’ Players due to a bad Sales Manager? 88
    9. 2 Lost Selling TimeDo they consistently have vacancies on theirteam? The number of selling weeks lost in a quarter has a direct impact on whether that9 Sales Manager hits quota 9
    10. 3 Ramp to Productivity How long does it take for a Sales Rep to hit quota? If your Sales Manager can’t ramp new hires, it is a predictor of future performance 1010
    11. 4 Sales Team Quota DisparityHow many people on the team made quota?Are a few saving the many?Disparity can be a good predictor of long term success. 11 11
    12. 5 Historical Quota Performance A missed quarter might not mean much. Inconsistency though, can lead to deep root problems 1212
    13. The key is totake non-quota metrics andcompare them to quota attainment 1313
    14. 14Use a scoring tool such as this oneto see whether it is best to invest inthe manager or put them on the • 14bubble
    15. Call To Action • Involve more than quota attainment when assessing Sales Managers • Use both qualitative and quantitative to measure their performance to date • Choose 5-7 Non-Quota Sales Manager Metrics and weigh them into the scoring equation tied to your customers’ needs and company objectives • Use / Develop a key on how to measure each metric • Determine any circumstances out of their control 1515
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