How the Best Marketers are Creating Great Content Quickly (part 1 of 2)


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This is part 1 of a 2 part series on how the best marketers are creating the best content quickly. Link to free ebook download on the last slide.

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  • How the Best Marketers are Creating Great Content Quickly (part 1 of 2)

    1. 1. How the Best Marketers are Producing Great Content Quickly (Part 1 of 2)1
    2. 2. Producing great content early in 2013 WILL MAKE, or BREAK your year!!
    3. 3. Buyers are making I have troubledecisions based on producing what they enough content read, view and to satisfy the listen to online buyers demand Outside But I’m agencies have responsible been for making disappointing; sure they they don’t knowbump into my MY customers content well enough, regularly plus they’re slow and expensive
    4. 4. What are you to do?... Here’s 3 solutions: Create an Internal Content Marketing Agency (ICMA) Complete a Content Audit Benchmark your current content marketing capability versus your competitors4
    5. 5. Your Best Sales Rep: The Internal Content Marketing AgencyAccording to Gartner, 99% of buyers of complex products and servicesbegin their process with a Google search….AND…The Sales ExecutiveCouncil estimates 57% of a buyers purchase decision is made without asales rep being present. Do Buyers find you when using their search terms?...  Yes, IF you have your content everywhere to lead them  No, if you only have a few pieces in a few locations 5
    6. 6. Use the ICMA toeffectively and efficiently spread your content everywhere AND… actively engage your buyers without a rep present
    7. 7. The Fundamentals of an ICMAWhat is an Internal It’s a new specialty in your marketingContent Marketing department. It helps you to make theAgency? number by producing custom content. It produces content of sufficient quantityWhat does it do? and quality to meet the needs of the Marketing and Sales departments.What does it mean to use Your company will be able to sell the wayan Internal Content your Customer wants to buy. YOU will beMarketing Agency? able to sell when a rep is not present. A 3rd party will never know your customers like you do. They will not knowWhy not hire an outside the intricacies of your products andfirm to produce content? services like you do. They can’t have the sense of urgency or your passion for your 7 customers.
    8. 8. An Internal Content Marketing Agency has 3 Key Business Objectives:1. Facilitate the BUYER’S JOURNEY 2. Generate Leads for your team through effective DEMAND GENERATION 3. Sell when a sales rep is not present8
    9. 9. Creating an ICMA can be aheavy lift. You may needexpert assistance. There’salmost two dozen strategicconsiderations to be madebefore you even begin.Here’s just 2 quickexamples: How often will you generate content ANDWhat will it be about?
    10. 10. To answer these questions, you’ll need some tools like the example ones below An Editorial Calendar to determine how often you’ll generate contentAnd a ProductionSchedule to trackwhat the content will be about
    11. 11. Key Consideration #1 Does my company have a problem in this area? Do my prospects find me online every time they search for a solution to their problems? Does my company “own” the online space around the products and services I sell? Does my company have deep expertise in search engine optimization? Is my company (or outside vendor) producing enough high quality content to enable my sales reps and support my marketing team? If you answered ‘NO’ to any of these questions… You might have a problem.
    12. 12. Key Consideration #2 Could this problem impact me making the number in 2013 and beyond? Will your customers use the internet MORE or LESS in the coming years? Would your field sales teams be MORE or LESS effective with awesome content support?If you are thinking ‘MORE’… an ICMA could be the answer to your problem.
    13. 13. Why Should You Care Now ? Content Marketing Institute’s 2013 report An excellent states only 36% of businesses believe their blog on this topic can be content marketing is effective. accessed here. What this means for you is this: You have an excellent opportunity to gain first mover advantage AND You can turn your internal pieces of content into your BEST salespeople13
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