How Social Sellers Build Their Pipeline with LinkedIn


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LinkedIn has over 200 million users and continuing to grow everyday. It has transformed the way people network and it's impact on business has been incredible. Learn the techniques of the best social sellers and how they are building their pipelines using LinkedIn. There are free job aids to download throughout the presentation and on the last slide.

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  • Contact us if you would like to understand how you can leverage benchmarking best practices for talent management.Email - info@salesbenchmarkindex.comPhone - 1-888-556-7338Web:
  • Contact us if you would like to understand how you can leverage benchmarking best practices for talent management.Email - info@salesbenchmarkindex.comPhone - 1-888-556-7338Web:
  • How Social Sellers Build Their Pipeline with LinkedIn

    1. 1. 1How SocialSellers BuildTheir Pipelinewith
    2. 2. 2ColdCalling isineffectivebecauseno oneanswerstheirphone.
    3. 3. 3Your customersare too smartto respond toSPAM orgeneric emails
    4. 4. 4Today’s successful Sales Reps excel withLinkedIn on several fronts:• They position themselves to winthe deal they’re working on now.• They understand the individualswho compete for their business.• They expand their personalnetwork to fill their sales pipelinethrough customer referrals.
    5. 5. 5LinkedIn currently has200 million membersworldwide65.1% have held director-level or above positionsThese are the decision makersYOU need to access.
    6. 6. 6Referral-based ConnectingSuccessful people tend to work together.A referral from a successful customerlegitimizes you.Our research shows anaverage 65% win rate onreferrals!
    7. 7. 7LinkedIn provides tools that facilitate social giftingSocial Debt EconomicsEndorsements, recommendations,mentions, and idea sharing are thecurrency in social debt economics
    8. 8. 83 Steps to UseLinkedIn to Build YourReferral Pipeline
    9. 9. 9Step #1 -Position Yourself as aThought LeaderYour LinkedIn profilerepresents your personalbrand. This is whereContent Marketing meetsSocial Selling.
    10. 10. 10You cannot afford to simply digitizeyour resume.Demonstrate thought leadershipthrough your connections andprofile content.Learn more detail about social sellinghere and here.
    11. 11. 11Step #2Connect to Your CustomerCustomer connections are anABSOLUTE MUST!This is where the social debteconomics can pay hugedividends.If you are good at your job,your customer will facilitateintroductions.
    12. 12. 12Step #3 -Expand Your Personal NetworkBuild your customer-centric pipeline around thereferrals from yourcustomer.Use their profile as yourwindow into theirconnected world.
    13. 13. 13When researching your customer’s network,look to find the decision-makers• The Customer Decision-maker: Look at their LinkedIn profilesto understand how influential they are. Are they connected to potentialprospects?• Your Customer’sCompetitors: Chances aresomeone in your organizationhas worked for their competitor.Find the link.
    14. 14. 14A good partner may be willing to collaborate with you. Look atpartner profiles to find common connections. See “how you’reconnected” to individuals in the company.Research your customer’sSuppliers / Vendors / Channel Partners:
    15. 15. 15These are the industry watering holes.Research your Customer’sIndustry AssociationsTo find futurecustomers like theone you have, look atASSOCIATIONMEMBERSHIPS.Then find thecontacts within theorganizations thatcan help you most.
    16. 16. 16To be successful, you MUSTexecute!Successful Sales Repsmaster the art of SocialSelling over cold calling.When these Reps deliversuccess to their customers,they create their salespipeline.
    17. 17. 176 Tipsto help buildyour pipelineusing
    18. 18. 18Start by downloadingthe AccountNetworking Toolto centralize andcategorize your referralsin one place.
    19. 19. 19Adopt a‘Pay it Forward’attitude.Social debt is the currencyof building your referral-based pipeline
    20. 20. 20Always ask,sometimes get.Sometimes ask,never get.Don’t hesitate to askyour customers forintroductions
    21. 21. 21Make this effort a partof your daily habit.Building a quality databasetakes time and commitment.
    22. 22. 22Success does nothappen overnight.You won’t immediately know if what you didresulted in a referral.This process requires patience.
    23. 23. 23Integrate your effort withyour current sales toolsExport your referrals whatever tool yourcompany uses)
    24. 24. 24Need Help?Download theAccount Networking Toolto build a referral databasearound your customerGOOD LUCK!
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