51 Tips For Sales Leaders Part 3


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The third of a 3-part series covering best sales practices to make your 2013 number. Links and tools are included by Sales Benchmark Index Sales Consulting Firm.

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  • This deck is 3 of a 3 part series of Greg Alexander’s 51 tips from the sales consulting industry blog post.Keywords: Talent Management, Sales Training Programs, Sales Consulting, Sales Strategy, Sales Compensation, Sales Force Effectiveness, Channel Management, Sales incentive ideas, sales compensation plans, sales goals, sales force, sales performance, tools, sales tools, sales tips
  • Contact us if you would like to understand how you can leverage benchmarking best practices for talent management.Email - info@salesbenchmarkindex.comPhone - 1-888-556-7338Web: http://www.salesbenchmarkindex.com
  • 51 Tips For Sales Leaders Part 3

    1. 1. Website Email Phonewww.salesbenchmarkindex.com info@salesbenchmarkindex.com 1-888-556-7338Tips for Sales Leaders from the Sales Consulting Industry Part 3 of 3
    2. 2. A Sales Process without Job Aides… …is like a dentist without2 tools to clean teeth. 2
    3. 3. Make sure your sales managers are impactingthe business, not jut reporting on it. Click here for more information & tools 3 3 around sales manager impact
    4. 4. Only a customercan determine ifthey are a KeyAccount.You cannot. 44
    5. 5. In strategic account programs,less is more.If you have more than 25accounts in the program,double check it. 55
    6. 6. Selling services is different than selling products.It requires two separate sales methods. 6 6
    7. 7. By the time you get the sales appointment, the customer has done a lot of research. 77
    8. 8. Opening a presentation with a company intro slide is like walking into a bar with your resume stuck to your forehead. 88
    9. 9. All of yourcustomers Getare onsocial out ofmedia. denialClick here to for research to help 9 9you make your number in 2013
    10. 10. Not all channel partners are created equal. Treat them differently 10 10 Click here for information & tools about creating a World-Class Channel Partner program
    11. 11. 1111
    12. 12. A Channel Manager role is not a “relationship manager” Generate incremental revenue or go home. 1212
    13. 13. Make sure every sales call has a call objective prior to beginning. But oftenSimple… overlooked. Click here for more information around improving your sales process for better rep results. 1313
    14. 14. Prospects will What will theyGoogle you find?beforeagreeing todo business.14
    15. 15. 15
    16. 16. Click here for more information around creating a team of “A” players 1616
    17. 17. Great people with no process support17 result in failure 17
    18. 18. Sales Excellence = great people placed in optimized performance conditions 1818
    19. 19. Learn More Contact us to hear the rest of the story... Email - info@salesbenchmarkindex.com Phone - 1-888-556-7338 Web: http://www.salesbenchmarkindex.com19