10 Mistakes that Kill Sales Calls


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Are your sales calls as productive as you'd like them to be? Ever wonder why you make so many calls with nothing to show for it? Here are the top 10 mistakes reps make that will kill your sales calls

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  • Mistakes that Kil lSales Calls
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  • 10 Mistakes that Kill Sales Calls

    1. 110 Mistakes that KillSales Calls
    2. 2Sales Leadersmiss or makethe numberone sales callat a time.
    3. 3Sales Leadersmiss or makethe numberone sales callat a time.Yet, they rarely pay attention toeach call
    4. 4Most Sales Leaders look at each rep’sperformance to quotaThey also reviewthe pipeline, butthese are toodifficult to controlSales leaders can control the quality ofsales calls every day.
    5. 5Great single sales call executionwill lead to greater results.
    6. 6This post explores 10 commonsales call mistakes.Then we review 4 simple stepssales leaders can implement toprevent them.
    7. 7The sales call coaching tool will help salesleaders ensure their reps are prepared.Download it to improve sales callperformance immediately
    8. 810 Mistakes thatKill Sales Calls
    9. 9#1. Show up and throw up(Inward-Out Approach)Quit talking about howgreat your product orcompany is.Nobody cares
    10. 10They want to know how it will help them.How will your solution help get them promoted.Make them more money.Get them recognized by their boss.Period.
    11. 11Entering a callunprepared still shocksme.But 8 out of 10 calls weobserve don’t havecompleted call plans.Sales people don’tthink they need them.#2. Poor self-preparation(no call plan)
    12. 12Your sales rep talks a lot, but doesn’tengage the audience. The audienceloses interest after 5 minutes.#3. Call is one-sided –Talking head syndrome
    13. 13Multiple people trying to gettheir point across meetingleads to little customerinteraction.The customer ends the callbecause time is up withoutnext steps being discussed.#4. Overlays/Specialistsaren’t on the same pageas the sales rep
    14. 14We all miss things. A little coaching andinspection can make a huge impact on asingle call.#5. Front-line Sales Managers aren’tproviding adequate coaching
    15. 15You know you want to movethe deal forward.Is that an objective?NOSet clear, measurableobjectives for each salescall. Then self-assess postcall.#6. Objectives for call aren’t clear
    16. 16The best sales people ask tough questions.They surface fear and risk.Average sales people talk about product andavoid “awkward” discussions.#7. Topical Conversation
    17. 17#8. Sales Rep Happy EarsThe rep thinks every call wentgreat.They ignore risks, gaps, andpitfalls.While optimism is a goodthing, it has to be balancedwith reality.
    18. 18The easiest way toreduce your sales cyclelength is to establishnext steps.Never end a meetingwith “I’ll call you nextweek to catch up”.#9. The call ends without stepsbeing defined
    19. 19Sales people that talkproduct and price are adime a dozen.Great sale people teachthe customersomething new.They bring insight andthought leadership thatisn’t the norm.#10. Lack of Value
    20. 20The best sales teams do somethingthat is very difficult.They execute on a daily basis.You either move the deal forward or you don’t.
    21. 211.Track:you have to know whatinteractions are comingup.2. Inspect:CRM: is the dealprogressing?Job Aids: Has the repcompleted a call plan?3. Ask:Probing questions toensure they areprepared4. Provide:ideas, insights, content,examples, use cases andbest practices.How to Prepare your Sales Teamfor Major Interactions
    22. 22Download theSales Call Coaching Toolto ensure your sales peopleare properly prepared
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