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Rhodiola benefits


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Rhodiola Rosea also known as 'golden root' has health benefits such as fighting depression, increased athletic performance and helps burn belly fat to name a few. Read the presentation to find out more.

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Rhodiola benefits

  1. 1. Rhodiola Benefits
  2. 2. Rhodiola Benefits Another word for Rhodiola Rosea is ‘golden root’. This herb has been used by many cultures over the centuries, some of them include the Vikings, the Sherpa and more recently the Russians to enhance performance.
  3. 3. Rhodiola Benefits The following are some benefits you can expect by using the Rhodiola Rosea herb. Lowering Cortisol Fighting depression Burn belly fat Increased athletic performance
  4. 4. Rhodiola Benefits One of the unique benefits of Rhodiola is that it help you burn body fat stored as fuel. It contains an active compound called Rosavin which has been identified to trigger fat burning.
  5. 5. Rhodiola Benefits A placebo study done at the Georgian State Hospital with 130 overweight patients show that a daily intake of Rhodiola extract led to a weight loss of 19 pounds as opposed to only 8 pounds by the group eating the same low calorie diet.
  6. 6. Rhodiola Benefits Rhodiola also lowers Cortisol which is a good thing since high levels of Cortisol over long periods of time can have adverse affects on the body such as decrease in memory, thyroid issues and a weakened immunity.
  7. 7. Rhodiola Benefits There are clearly some fantastic benefits that can be gained by using the Rhodiola Rosea herb. If you enjoyed this presentation and want to know more on Rhodiola Rosea head over to ‘Healthy Living Products’ for more great information.