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How Sales Can Help Generate More Leads Than Ever Before - Quinn Whissen, Vertical Measures


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Prospects are more informed before the point of purchase than in any other point in history. Forrester reports that potential buyers are now 70% to 90% of the way through the sales process when they finally connect to a salesperson. What’s more: potential customers reward businesses who provide them with honest and helpful content. Do you have content ready for the entire path? Just how do you go about winning with content marketing?

In this session you will learn:
How to move your prospect from awareness to consideration to decision
The best types of content to create for people AND search engines
How you can help produce the right content -- even if you think your business is boring!
How to generate 100’s of content ideas

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How Sales Can Help Generate More Leads Than Ever Before - Quinn Whissen, Vertical Measures

  1. 1. KEYNOTE Quinn Whissen@QuinnTempest | DIRECTOR OF MARKETING, VERTICAL MEASURES LOS ANGELES, CA ~ JUNE 14 – 15, 2017 | SALESSUMMITWEST.COM #SalesSummitWest How Sales Can Help Generate More Leads Than Ever Before
  2. 2. @QuinnTempest #SalesSummitWestA Move Towards Digital
  3. 3. @QuinnTempest #SalesSummitWestGoogle’s ZMOT
  4. 4. @QuinnTempest #SalesSummitWest Who Controls the Sales Cycle? “Today’s buyers control their journey through the buying cycle much more than today’s vendors control the selling cycle … …marketers must take responsibility for engaging with the customer through more of the buying journey.” - Lori Wizdo, VP, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research
  5. 5. @QuinnTempest #SalesSummitWest Today, relationships are created with information not people.
  6. 6. @QuinnTempest #SalesSummitWestWhat is Content Marketing?
  7. 7. @QuinnTempest #SalesSummitWest 93% of all consumers use search prior to making a purchase 93% 90%+ of buyers click on organic links vs. the sponsored ads 90% 86% of searchers conduct non-branded queries 86%86% How Important is Search? Source: GroupM
  8. 8. @QuinnTempest #SalesSummitWest Buyers are searching for information that helps them make an informed decision. Businesses that provide that information - will win.
  9. 9. @QuinnTempest #SalesSummitWest Awareness What is your audience potential and what brand benefits should they know about? Tools • Social • Display • Digital PR • Influencer Content Role • Create Emotional Connections • Build Awareness that the Service Exists • Use top-of-funnel to attract new users • Create content users are searching for Success Metrics • Traffic • Click Through Rate • Engagement • Bounce Rate Consideration What is your potential audience researching and how do we best answer their questions? • Social • Display • Paid Search • Lead Nurture • Intercept Questions with Answers • Emphasize Key Benefits of Service • Solve their problems • Comparison content • Demonstrate Ease of Use and Quality • Click Through Rate • Engagement • Bounce Rate • Micro-Conversion Events Tools Content Role Success Metrics Decision How can you move the prospect to making the decision? Tools • Social • Display • Retargeting • Paid Search • Lead Nurture Content Role • Build Confidence • Create Urgency • Pricing content • Deliver Promotional Benefits • Guide Through Purchase Process Success Metrics • Click Through Rate • Transaction Rate • ROI • Conversions Action $$$$$ The Buyer’s Journey
  10. 10. @QuinnTempest #SalesSummitWestBuyer’s Journey: Process
  11. 11. @QuinnTempest #SalesSummitWest Awareness Consideration Decision How to manage remote teams How to manage millennials on remote teams Top 5 collaboration tools Best all in one collaboration tool How much does Slack cost? Slack vs Asana vs Evernote The Buyer’s Journey: Content
  12. 12. @QuinnTempest #SalesSummitWest Persona: Homeowner, 30s, prefers shorter & more visual content Goal: Save money and “go green” Buyer's Journey: Content Gaps How to Lower Your Utility Bill Top 7 Reasons Going Solar Pays Off Long-Term — CONTENT GAP — Why SolarCity's Solar Panels Last 50% Longer
  13. 13. Ask Your Staff!
  14. 14. @QuinnTempest #SalesSummitWestGoogle’s Answer Box “When we recognize that a query asks a question, we programmatically detect pages that answer the user's question, and display a snippet as a featured snippet in the search results.” - Google
  15. 15. @QuinnTempest #SalesSummitWestGoogle Suggest – B2C & B2B
  16. 16. @QuinnTempest #SalesSummitWest
  17. 17. @QuinnTempest #SalesSummitWest
  18. 18. @QuinnTempest #SalesSummitWestWhat People Actually Search For… • Cost/Price • Problems/Issues • VS./Comparisons • Reviews • Best/Top • Resource Pages
  19. 19. @QuinnTempest #SalesSummitWest HUB Case Study Blog Webinar PPT Video Page Lead Nurture Email Email Email Email Press Release Page Infographic Slide- share Social Blog Newsletter Off-site Article Email Landing Page Social Social Social Ad
  20. 20. @QuinnTempest #SalesSummitWest This is not a 30 day R.O.I. But The Long-Term Payoffs Can Be Huge
  21. 21. @QuinnTempest #SalesSummitWest
  22. 22. @QuinnTempest #SalesSummitWest
  23. 23. @QuinnTempest #SalesSummitWest
  24. 24. @QuinnTempest #SalesSummitWestOur Own Example 4,286 visits 1,874 downloads 819 new contacts 2 new customers 9 assisted customers
  25. 25. @QuinnTempest #SalesSummitWest Opened email, clicked, visited 2 linked resources Visited landing page, downloaded hub The Content Journey to Conversion Forwarded an email promoting hub, clicked CTA
  26. 26. @QuinnTempest #SalesSummitWest Visited multiple site pages, including branded content Sent direct email to marketing, handed to sales The Content Journey to Conversion Read 3 onsite blogs
  27. 27. @QuinnTempest #SalesSummitWest The Content Journey to Conversion Became a customer! December – End of February Read blogs, watched videos, attended webinars, downloaded hubs
  28. 28. @QuinnTempest #SalesSummitWest
  29. 29. @QuinnTempest #SalesSummitWestAbout Your Presenter... ● Director or Marketing at Vertical Measures, a 50 person PPC, SEO & Content Marketing agency in Phoenix, AZ ● ● Sample of our 40+ clients:
  30. 30. Thank you! #DSP15 Tweet: Hey #SalesSummitWestWest @VerticalMeasure’s Complete Content Marketing book is FREE at