Semiotics week 6 wednesday


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semiotics overview

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Semiotics week 6 wednesday

  1. 1. Media Language Week 6 Semiotics & Symbols
  2. 2. Recap Who am I?
  3. 3. Key Questions What is the definition of Semiotics and who are the key Theorists? What does connotation and denotation mean? How can you apply this to your own research and planning?
  4. 4. Analysing Media Texts: A Framework Divides codes of media language into three categories – these can help you to understand the meanings of a printed text 1. SYMBOLIC 2. WRITTEN 3. TECHNICAL Lighting & Colour Slogan Camera Angles Positioning Typeface/Font Framing (ELS, LS, MLS, MS, CU, ECU, POV) Setting & Locations Headlines Cropping Facial Expressions & Body Language Captions Juxtapostion (2 separate signs that together make contrasting meaning) Objects Style Key Signifiers/Images Choice of words Clothing, Hair & Make Up Emphasis of words
  5. 5. KEY TERM: Semiotics Definition: The study of SIGNS Examines how symbolic, written and technical signs construct meaning Looks at how meaning is made and understood
  6. 6. Ferdinand Saussure My i de relat as were e i and d to lan nitially gu unde rstan age ding .
  7. 7. Roland Barthes y nd t A as ’s ar h uc rhol s a . d W an ising rt ve ad I de Sau cided t mod ssure’s o adap t app ernised ideas a l y th n em them a d cult to pop nd ular ure
  8. 8. Man that guy, Andy Warhol loved his soup
  9. 9. Signifier + Signified = Sign THE SIGNIFIER – could be a word, colour, image, sound (i.e. the colour BLUE) THE SIGNIFIED – The concept/ meaning/associations that the sign refers to (i.e. BLUE is often associated with sadness or the sea etc.)
  10. 10. Signifier + Signified = Sign + Toilet = Ladies Toilet
  11. 11. Signifier & Signified: Examples DOG + DOG + feared subject position = A pet + = Animal to be
  12. 12. What does ‘green’ signify?
  13. 13. TASK: Pink What does the colour ‘pink’ signify when used on this magazine cover? List five signifiers.
  14. 14. TASK: What do the following signify? Make a list of all the meanings and associations you can think of for each signifier: A B C E D
  15. 15. A: Barbie Doll
  16. 16. B: Hamburger
  17. 17. C: The Statue of Liberty
  18. 18. D: Bus
  19. 19. E: Nike Swoosh
  20. 20. Signs & Cultural Differences How we read a sign depends on our culture: EXAMPLE: In Britain, we associate the colour white with innocence, purity, weddings In China, white is the colour of mourning and is worn at funerals
  21. 21. Ok? ‘Ok’ in USA and UK ‘Money’ in Japan ‘Sex’ in Mexico ‘Homosexual’ in Ethiopia ‘Swearing’ in Brazil ‘Zero’ in Southern France
  22. 22. How to read the signs and signifiers within a Media Text All media texts have 2 layers of meaning: DENOTATIVE LEVEL: What we actually see CONNOTATIVE LEVEL: What you associate with this image
  23. 23. KEY TERMS 3: Denotation & Connotation Denotative: The surface meaning Connotative: The deeper or hidden meanings and associations
  24. 24. This image denotes the movie star Marilyn Monroe
  25. 25. The image connotes glamour, stardom, sexuality, beauty If this was one of the last photographs of Marilyn Monroe, we may also associate it with her depression, drug-taking and ultimately death
  26. 26. This image denotes a tropical island The image connotes peace, tranquility paradise, holiday, summer to some readers. …but think about the film ‘Castaway’, the victims of the Bali bombings or the recent tsunami - in this case the image may connote isolation, fear or even death It is important to note that images have different connotations depending on the reader of the image/text
  27. 27. TASK: Denotation & Connotation within a Media Text – A Magazine 1. What are the key signifiers in the magazine and what do they signify? 2. What are the denotative levels of meaning in the poster? (What does the magazine denote?) 3. What are the connotative levels of meaning in the front cover? (What does the poster connote?) 4. What are they communicating to an audience? Why?
  28. 28. Review and Plenary