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Mohammed saleh


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Mohammed saleh

  1. 1. lnternet and computing Core Certification Networking and lnternet
  2. 2. Web 2.0 Tools-Wed 2.0 is term that was introducedin 2004 and refers to the secondgeneration of the world wide web. Theterm ‘’2.0’’comes from the softwareindustry , where new versions ofsoftware programs are labeled .-the new generation of the webincludes new features andfunctionality that was not available inthe past .
  3. 3. WEB 2.0 FEATURES• Blogs – A website fir discussing and recording information on a regular basis.• Wiki – A website where users can add and edit content.• Social networking – A website which allows the interaction of many people using pictures , videos , messages and other methods.• Web applications – A broad range of new applications make it possible for users to run programs directly in a web browser.
  4. 4. WEB 2.0 FEATURES• Podcast – an audio file which is a recording of user of providing information about certain topic.• Video Casting – a video file which is a recording of user providing information , for example youtube.