Spotme Innovative Solutions Formats Education Meetings


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This training solution is specifically for those meeting planners looking to add value, engagement and education to their educational meetings

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Spotme Innovative Solutions Formats Education Meetings

  1. 1. 4 Innovative Solutions & Formats For Education/Training Meetings Andy Frezza Director of Marketing & Sales
  2. 2. The Senate Audience Senators Moderation Team Experts
  3. 3. The Senate Questions. Participants send question at any time. Questions can be anonymous.
  4. 4. The Senate Audience Senators Moderation Team Experts Raw questions from the audience are sent to the moderation team
  5. 5. The Senate 1st Moderation Layer. Questions are edited if required and tagged. 2nd Moderation Layer. Questions are allocated to a specific senator.
  6. 6. The senator receives the question, introduce some background, The Senate formulates the question and designates an expert to answer Audience Senators Moderation Team Experts
  7. 7. Exhibition Passport Scan. Participants scan stand RFID stickers with their Spotme devices. Interact. Stands/posters can be rated, or a knowledge quiz can be sent to the participant.
  8. 8. Exhibition Passport The Passport. Participants get a stamp for every stand they have scanned. Participants who have visited all stands will enter a raffle. Additional Content. PDF documents or articles related to the stand can be automatically sent to the participant.
  9. 9. Learning Assessment Knowledge Testing. Quizzes can be sent on demand by the trainer or automatically at a pre-programmed time. Instant Results. Participants can visualize their personal score and progress, and see how their perform within the team.
  10. 10. Learning Assessment Session Evaluation. Registered participants receive a session-specific feedback survey at the end of the session. Freetext comments can also be submitted. Trainers Debriefing. Debrief and assess the trainers as the evaluation results are instantly available.
  11. 11. Learning Assessment Attendance Tracking. Accurately register your participants’ attendance with our active (staff- monitored), passive or self-service attendance tracking solutions. Attendance Certificate. Registered participants receive a PDF attendance certificate with their score and number of CME credits.
  12. 12. Meet the Expert Top 3 Preferences. Participants are presented with a number of topics. They select their top 3 preferences. Optimal Allocation. Shortly before the first Meet the Expert slot, the Spotme server finds the best allocation according to participants preferences and experts availabilities.
  13. 13. Meet the Expert Confirmation. Allocated participants receive a confirmation for their Meet the Expert slot. The meeting is automatically inserted in their personal agenda. Interactive Floorplan. Participants are guided to the correct room and can meet their expert on time.