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The art of war

  1. The Art of War In Agent Recruiting Offensive and Defensive Strategies For Success
  2. Are we in a recruiting war?
  3. Today we are going to talk about setting up some systems and techniques to manage your recruiting so that you eliminate the biggest enemy… YOU…giving you more time to concentrate on the smaller threats….
  4. What MUST you have if you are going to fight a war?
  7. What do we mean by Offensive and Defensive STRATEGY for recruiting?
  8. Offensive = Taking action to actively recruit agents to your firm.
  9. Defensive = Retention
  10. Will you have better ability to recruit and retain agents if it is obvious that you do have a strategy?
  11. Yes..Nobody signs up for the army unless they feel confident there is a strategy to win.
  12. Before we start forming a STRATEGY it is a good idea to understand why soldiers come and go from any firm.
  13. Write This Down… Take the last 5 agents that joined your firm and write down the two biggest reasons they were motivated to join your firm. You’ll have a total of 10 reasons listed on your sheet.
  14. So..why do soldiers move? - No direction at the old company Like your technology Need leadership
  15. So..why do soldiers move? - You have a good reputation Your agents have a good reputation They don’t like their office meetings Bad company culture at former company
  16. So..why do soldiers move? - Their company closed down Need more leads Their business is down They just wanted a change
  17. So..why do soldiers move? - Money Need training Cutbacks have reduced staff, commission splits, etc.
  18. But the 2 Biggest Reasons Why Soldiers Move 1. They are mad about something. 2. Not feeling the love.
  19. It’s how we are made Humans are emotional beings…much of what we do in life is guided by emotion, not logic.
  20. They will justify Agents will justify their move with a whole slew of logical reasons once they have made the decision but if you talk candidly with them throughout the recruiting process you will find out that they are: 1. Mad about something. 2. Not feeling the love.
  21. Why is this good for us? In forming our defensive recruiting techniques (our retention) all we have to do is configure a strategy where we…. 1. Don’t make them mad. 2. Make them feel the love.
  22. Why is this bad for us? Because when it comes to our offensive strategy (recruiting) the logical stuff doesn’t matter… 1. National Advertising 2. Higher caliber of agents 3. Design Center & LeadStreet 4. Earn More $$$$
  23. WE ARE IN TROUBLE! Not really…in fact throughout today’s program we are going to show you how to: 1. Set up a retention strategy where agents always feel the love... AND if they occasionally get mad about something the strategy ensures they are glued to the brand so tightly they can’t move.
  24. Don’t forget offense… AND we are going to show you how to : 2. Set up a recruiting strategy where agents begin to feel UNLOVED by their current firm because of all the LOVE that is coming from their new office of choice. Agents don’t know what they don’t know. We are going to set up a long term strategy to teach them what they don’t know.
  25. When done correctly A good recruiting campaign has an emotional impact on the agent you are recruiting. We are going to show them over time how un-loved they are at their current firm.
  26. At many firms FACT: 96% of abused women report that they stayed in their relationship because they never felt the kind of love like that they received from the abuser.
  27. Abusive Relationships Abused women: They don’t know what they don’t know.
  28. Selling Back Leads Agents from some firms bring back their own leads, while paying 35% referral fees to their office. They thought their firm loved them…not realizing that those leads belonged to them.
  29. These Agents Just didn’t know what they didn’t know.
  30. Keep in mind When they now know what they didn’t know they know that their current firm is a no no.
  31. When forming your strategy… It is important to keep in mind that the bond between an agent and their firm is a RELATIONSHIP Good, bad, or indifferent, it’s a RELATIONSHIP. Handle it like one!
  32. One more thing…Don’t forget about the Patriot Missile
  33. Let’s Start With Defensive Recruiting Techniques
  34. Step 1: Educate Your Agents The best way to bond your agents to your firm is to educate them about the competition. Let them know how other firms compare to yours.
  35. You do not want your agents going on a recruiting appointment just to find out what the competition has to offer. Their recruiters are quite skilled and you can't risk losing an agent. Therefore, the onus is on you to learn and understand the ins and outs of what your local competitor is offering and then explain it at all of your sales rallies and agent meetings.
  36. This requires you to research the competition and prepare detailed dossiers about major local competitors. Give your agents interview questions that will help your agents ask the RIGHT questions if they are shopping around.
  37. Spend 5 minutes at every sales rally explaining the truths about your competitors. Your dossiers and interview questions will be helpful in that: 1.Your agents are less likely to shop if they already know the answers. 2.If they do shop, they will be prepared to ask the right questions.
  38. Stars Must Be Aligned For Profit Sharing In order to collect residual the sponsored agent must: A.Close a transaction AND B.Close a transaction on a month in which the office is profitable AND C.The sponsored agent cannot have capped on their commission split. In other words, there must be a perfect storm of conditions before the sponsoring agent is eligible for residual income.
  39. Step 2: Educate Buyers and Sellers How do you educate buyers and sellers?
  40. Teach your agents to do it! The ABSOLUTE #1 way to tie your agents to YOUR firm is to teach them how to educate buyers and sellers about your firm as compared to the competition.
  41. Teach your agents how to sell the Value Proposition of your firm at the Buyer and Listing Presentation. Per Agent Productivity Caliber of Agents Training on Demand National or local Advertising Schedule
  42. By assisting your agents with putting together a buyer and listing presentation that incorporates the key aspects of the Value Proposition they will:  Secure more contracts. They will be properly selling against the competition EVERY SINGLE DAY.
  43. There are hundreds of ways to incorporate the Value Proposition into a listing and buyer presentation. Most agents don’t do it, because they don’t know any better. It’s up to YOU to show them that by doing this they will win more listings and buyer contracts.
  44. If, starting today, your agents use the Value Proposition every single time they meet a buyer and seller, do you think it would be very easy for them to leave to a competitor down the road?
  45. Some agents might not care about YOUR business if they were to leave….but they DO care about THEIRS.
  46. You also must teach your agents helpful dialogues to share with buyers and sellers …
  47. "Mr. Seller, I think very highly of Ralph Realtor from ABC Realty, but I have some concerns if you hire him. Did you know that Ralph Realtor works for a firm where he gets residual compensation when he recruits agents into his firm?
  48. The reason that I'm concerned for you, Mr. Seller, is that if an agent from you firm were to bring an offer in on your home, would Ralph Realtor negotiate to get you the best possible price, or would Ralph Realtor compromise on your price so to preserve his relationship with that other agent so that Ralph has a better chance of recruiting that agent to earn the residual income.
  49. Now, Mr. Seller, I'm not saying that would happen, but the residual income program that they offer leads me to wonder if sometimes the sellers that list with that firm tend to get the short end of the stick in favor of that agent being able to recruit to his down-line."
  50. When your agents use that on their listing presentations can you see how it lessens their ability to move to ABC Realty at a later date?
  51. Step 3: Systematize Your Culture 1. Email your agents congrats on new listings, 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. under agreement, solds, etc… Monthly Sales Rallies SWAT Tours Birthday Lunch Clubs Love Notes to Agents and Family Members Strategy Task Force – Focus Groups Agent appreciation events
  52. Step 3: Systematize Your Culture 8. Email regular information to your agents to help them in their businesses 9. Regular training and sharing events 10. Warm Greeting Campaign 11. Social Network with Your Agents 12. Community Initiatives 13. Complaint Free Culture 14. Say Thanks at Thanksgiving 15. Keep an eye on their goals
  53. Systematize If you do NOT systematize your culture you will have to be good friends with everyone – your own agents and your recruits… -Family cook-outs -Vacations -Shopping, dinners, etc
  54. Being Friends Is not a bad thing, but you only have so much time for more friends. When you’re friends, people have a sense of loyalty because they feel the love. You need to systematize your culture so that you gain the loyalty by spreading the sense of love… without you having to befriend every agent.
  55. Email Love Notes Spend Time Daily Sending Email Love Notes to your agents based on the MLS Hot Sheet  Congrats on Your New Listing!  Congrats on putting Main Street Under Agreement!  Congrats on your sale at 252 White Street!  Great job on co-broking with my agent!  Great job on that price reduction!
  56. Sizzling Sales Rallies •Instead of having a monthly sales meeting, have a monthly Sales Rally that is structured so that it motivates, educates, and inspires people. If done correctly this will become a key to your recruiting and retention success. •Let’s take a quick peak at a great Sales Rally…
  57. Make it Memorable 1. Welcome Quote “The purpose of competition is not to beat someone down but to bring out the best in every player. – Walter Wheeler 2. CMN Cell Phone Challenge 3. Welcome New Family Members 4. Anyone have something GREAT to share? 5. We do! 6. State of the Market 7. State of the Office
  58. Really Memorable 8. Tips and Tricks Section 9. Kudos Awards 10.30 Second Pitch 11.Rock Star Award 12.Upcoming Events 13.Update from the Leadership Task Force 14.Great Reads 15.As Always Reminder
  59. S.W.A.T. Team •See What Agents Think. •Meets on the same day each month (ex. First Friday). •Agents fill out a SWAT Analysis Form at each home. •Have your mortgage partner provide snack packs. •Tour meets back at office at the end for a marketing debriefing. •Your agents will love it, your sellers will appreciate it, and recruits will enjoy it as well.
  60. Birthday Lunch Club -Host a Birthday Lunch Club each month. Invite your agents who have a birthday within that month. Invite special recruits too! - Find a restaurant that will give each agent a special birthday treat (ex. A 10% off coupon to come back at another time) -The club should meet at the same time every month so that it’s always part of your schedule.
  61. Say Cheese Take a photo at the luncheon and send one to each agent that attended with a personal note card.
  62. Get to Know Them! Use the Birthday Lunch Club as an opportunity to get to know your agents. Use unique ice breakers. •Go around the table and have each agent talk about their worst vacation. • Have each agent talk about their best or worst real estate experience.
  63. Send Your Agents Lots of Love Notes Birthday Mother’s Day Father’s Day Anniversary to your firm Grandparent’s Day
  64. Dear John... I wanted to drop you a note to say Thank You. Nancy is a fabulous sales agent and she’s doing a fantastic job in her career. She talks of you often and I realize that her sales ability is a direct result of the support from you and the kids. Not only is she lucky to have you, but I am too. Thank you for being part of our family. -Andy
  65. Powerful Stuff! Send 5 notes per day to your agents and their families. If you don’t like writing go to…
  66. Task Force & Focus Groups Give your agents a voice and they will build great things. When they feel like they have contributed in some way to your office, they are less likely to leave. They feel LOVED!
  67. Agent Appreciation Events Survey your agents. •What kind of event? •What day of week? •Just agents or families too? •How much would you be willing to pay? •What ideas do you have for an event? •Would you like to be involved in planning the next event?
  68. Social Committee Let your agents plan the event! Give them a budget Then, just show up!
  69. Email them Regularly To Keep Them Informed! Info about the market Success Tips Just Enlisted Media Articles Charitable Initiatives Classes and Training Programs
  70. Press releases Monday Morning Motivational Message Agent Productivity Reports Market trends Updates about events you are attending Marketing pieces
  71. Email Retention Done correctly your email campaigns become part of your value proposition.
  72. Training & Sharing Events Train your agents regularly. It will make them more productive and it will bind them to your firm.
  73. Types of Training Programs •Top Agent Interviews •Host lunch and learns •Round tables •Formalized training programs – Buffini •DVD and CD Training •And MY Personal Favorite….
  74. WEBINARS! • $99/month. •The program creates the invitation. •You can see who signed up and how long they watched. •Agents can login from any web based computer. •You can do them live and take questions. •You can also record them for listening to later.
  75. Acknowledge Them!
  76. WARM GREETING CAMPAIGN Hi Mr. Seller,This is John Doe from (Your Firm Here) and I am calling to say thank you for choosing to list your home with (Your Firm Here). Nancy is one of our best agents and you are in great hands with her. If there’s ever anything I can do for you please don’t hesitate to call me. Thanks again for choosing Nancy and (Your Firm Here)!
  77. Social Network With Your Agents As you grow, this is the single easiest way to get to know your people on a more intimate level. -What’s happening in their world? -What do they like to do? -What do you have in common with them? Make sure they get to know you too!
  78. Community Initiatives Take the team approach to raising money for communities and charities. Walk for a Cure Charity Yard Sale Blood drive
  79. Keep an Eye on Their Goals Meet with them annually to review their business plan. Let them know where they stand regularly. Pick up the phone and talk to them four times a year to ask them if they are happy with their results so far.
  80. Complaint Free Culture Make it clear that your offices are a COMPLAINT FREE ZONE!
  81. Thanksgiving Day Thanks Every Thanksgiving Day we send an email out to our entire organization and it says why we are thankful for each individual at our firm. Matt M. – For always being positive Diane P. – For being a fixture at our sales rallies Nancy R. – For coming to the conventions Dave N. – For always attending broker luncheons
  82. Step 4: Maximize your potential Start your own Group – share with other Firm Owners owners  Meet regularly  Put together quarterly events  Help each other recruit  Share office facilities  Share your training programs  Done correctly, your group will give you a recruiting advantage!
  83. Step 5: Dispel Myths With Your Own Agents Encourage a sharing atmosphere ( You are not on your own). 2. Change the way you speak – eliminate the word office bill – expense – cost – split and replace with investment. 3. LOVE your medium producer (We make elite producers – you don’t have to be elite to join). 1.
  84. Step 6: ACT •Your agents are being recruited by the likes other firms. •Don’t do NOTHING. You must ACT! You must be vigilant! •You must make sure your agents know that you want them…you care about them… and that your office is there for the long haul because you have a STRATEGY for success.
  85. Now Let’s Look at Our Offensive Strategy = Taking action to actively recruit agents to your firm.
  86. Step 1: Define Talent & Prepare Database Who is it that you’re targeting? Any agent? New Agent? Seasoned Agents? New Agents? Consider the impact on your office, your current agents, your staff, and other agent’s you’re attracting.
  87. New Agent Quandary      Do you have training programs? Does it lower per agent production? Will these agents rely on other agents for support? Grass is Always Greener Syndrome. Be careful unless you’re equipped to handle new agents.
  88. Seasoned Agent Quandary  There are very likely agents you DON’T want in your marketplace.  Some seasoned agents will bring a negative net recruiting affect.
  89. Agents or Profitable Agents?  Is there a minimum production standard?  Sometimes as owners we are so focused on adding agents that we aren’t paying close enough attention to the profitability of each agent.  Agents should be categorized as assets or liabilities and you should be recruiting assets!
  90. Sometimes we like liabilities There are many reasons for recruiting one: oYou foresee the ability to increase sales for that agent. oBy attracting this one agent you will attract other agents from that firm. o To show continued recruiting momentum at your office. oThat agent is highly recommended by someone. oMortgage and title referrals.
  91. Keep Profitability In Mind Steps to Recruiting Assets: 1. Know what it costs to recruit an agent. 2. Know each agents production (use MLS or programs like Recruit Tracker or Brokermetrics). 3. Develop a minimum production standard. 4. If you do recruit a liability – know it and be prepared to turn them into an asset.
  92. Spread The News •Once you have set your minimum standard, share that with the agents you are recruiting and the agents in your firm. Have a candid conversation about costs and why a minimum standard is necessary. •This will make it much easier to have conversations with agents down the road if they fall below the standard. •It also allows agents to think in terms of a manager or owner.
  93. Let Them Know Why Let recruits know that your minimum production standard is necessary so that you continue to recruit the crème-de-la-crème of agents in the business. Agents like the prospect of becoming a member of an elite group.
  94. Have some swagger! As you explain your minimum production standard practice the following explanation: “We are a destination office for career professionals.”
  95. Write Down Your Standard •Minimum 1 year experience. •Minimum production 1.5 million per year. •Good reputation in the industry. •Works in the area.
  96. Then Stick To It! Recruit agents that fall within your stated recruiting guidelines. Talk to agents about the cost of recruiting and how it pertains to your commitment to helping each agent grow their business.
  97. Your Database An owner/manager without a recruiting database is like an agent without a sphere of influence database. You can keep your list in Excel, Top Producer, Act, or any other contact management program. Add 5 people a day every day until you’ve compiled your entire list. Update Regularly.
  98. Track Your Touches
  99. Top Producer If you use a program like Top Producer you can keep more detailed notes each time you call a potential recruit so that you don’t make the common mistake of repeating yourself or calling people twice in a given day.
  100. Tracking
  101. Update Regularly Stay on top of your database and update it with accurate emails, office information, etc. on a regular basis. You don’t want to be speaking to an agent only to state an inaccuracy about what that agent is doing now. You show you care by showing that you know what is happening in that agent’s business.
  102. Step 2: Work The Phones You should be time-blocking a piece of everyday to dedicate to recruiting. By doing so you will guarantee maximum results. Call 10 people on your hit list EVERY DAY – No Exceptions!
  103. What Do I Say? Congratulations on Your Listing, Under Agreement, Sold – Shows You Care Great marketing, advertising piece Meet for coffee Year to date production Congratulations on award or accomplishment Agent referral
  104. Prioritize •Make this the first item on your agenda every day. Do it before checking email, voicemails, or handling problems. •As busy owners if we don’t prioritize our recruiting calls each day, it will rarely get accomplished. •If you make your calls before doing anything else it will take up very little time and you will see the appointments start lining up quickly.
  105. Call Cell Phones Only. The more rejections – the more likely the next one will say yes. The most successful owners have the highest number of rejections.
  106. Step 3: Email 3 Times a Week Info about the market. Statistics about local towns. Info about your agency and the competition. Share marketing pieces. Just Enlisted. Media articles. Success tips. Upcoming classes and events at your office.
  107. Make sure they can un-subscribe. Make them informative and educational enough that people won’t. Use a program that has a mail merge to create personalization. MAKE YOURSELF THE EXPERT – FOR YOUR FIRM AND THEIRS!
  108. Monday Morning Message
  109. Google Alerts •Use Google Alerts to find articles about your local marketplace. •Use keywords like “real estate in Boston MA.” •You will receive an email alert anytime a media article comes out with your keywords.
  110. Step 4: Open Office Concept Invite your Hit List to Everything Office sales rallies, events, training programs. Treat them like they already work for you!
  111. What Should I Invite Them •To? meetings/sales rallies (btw you should be doing these Office once a month) •Training programs/webinars •Company sales rallies •Real Estate or company wide conventions •Birthday lunch club •SWAT Tour •Your agent appreciation events – holiday events etc
  112. Common Objection “I don’t want Ronnie Recruit coming to our training programs, Sales Rallies, or any events, because she will gain knowledge she can use to improve her business and maybe even take away from mine.”
  113. The Truth By teaching agents how to run a referral business then each agent is concentrating on building his sphere of influence. Rarely will those spheres cross over.
  114. The Truth •Rarely do training programs or conventions make or break an agent, they simply enhance knowledge. •Let your agents know that you selectively invite your top recruits to your programs because you want to ensure the growth of the firm by attracting great agents like them. Ask your agents to support your cause by supporting the agents that come to your events.
  115. Step 5: Encourage Agents to Recruit Office Check Request Should Say – Should We Recruit this agent? If your agent recommends someone, follow up immediately.  “As Always” in Signature Line. “As Always” at end of Every Sales Rally. “As Always” in Voicemail. Explain to your agents the importance of growth and how you appreciate their help in the process.
  116. As Always... if you know of anyone who would appreciate working at a rewarding and professional real estate office that is dedicated to enriching the lives and careers of its agents, please call me with their name and business number and I would be happy to follow up and take great care of them!
  117. Step 6: Daily I Care Emails Spend Time Daily Sending I care emails to your recruits based on the MLS Hot Sheet  Congrats on Your New Listing!  Congrats on putting Main Street Under Agreement!  Congrats on your sale at 252 White Street!  Great job on co-broking with my agent!  Great job on that price reduction!
  118. Love You! Dear Dave, Congratulations on putting 210 White Street Under Agreement. Keep up the great work!
  119. Brand Your Email Make sure your emails are well branded: Contact Information, Recruiting Website, Social Networking links, Blog links, Testimonials- LinkedIn Link, Brand Book, As always line Stacey Alcorn RE/MAX Prestige Cell: 978 479 4053 * See My Best Selling Book Here * Check Out A Day In the Life of RE/MAX Prestige * Not Your Ordinary Real Estate Office - See Why * Ever Heard of P3 Coaching? Learn More * Great mortgage service call Joe & short sale needs, Ephriam •RE/MAX v The Industry RE/MAX Prestige: We are dedicated to bringing positive change to the lives of those around us: our agents, staff, and clients. Our one of a kind culture is built on agents sharing ideas and successes. We are a family in all senses, committed to one another's success and invested in the hopes and dreams of each member. Who do you know that would thrive on a team that is dedicated to coaching, inspiring, and leading each member to a balanced life of personal and professional success? Please share with me their name and I will gladly follow up and take great care of them.
  120. Top Producer •Top Producer has an unsubscribe feature on the email which tells you the unsubscribe date. •It allows you to personalize mass emails. •Has some other neat Activity Email features you can utilize within your office.
  121. Top Producer •You can use the email function so that your administrator can send the emails right from Top Producer. •It also allows you to keep a history of all contacts with the recruit. •Top Producer has an unsubscribe feature on the email which tells you the unsubscribe date. •It allows you to personalize mass emails. •Has some other neat Activity Email features you can utilize within your office.
  122. Top Producer
  123. Step 7: Network & Social Network Get to know people in a social capacity A Power Recruiter is ever present. Take advantage of all networking events.  Your board  Chamber of Commerce  Women’s Council of Realtors
  124. Getting To Know YOU! IMPORTANT: You are not at these events to RECRUIT, you are there to get to know people! Agents want to work for people that are like them. If they don’t know you and you don’t know them then you can’t develop commonalities.
  125. Remember If you aren’t there getting to know people, the owner down the street might be.
  126. Three of the BEST recruiting tools of this century: Twitter – Facebook – LinkedIn. Keep recruits up to date about the status of your office every day: New Agents joined. Number of transactions. Training and rallies.
  127. Befriend Them Using Facebook •Establish relationships through commonalities. •Comment on agent successes. •Help agents who voice their frustrations. •See who’s staying busy in the marketplace and congratulate them. •Let agents know about blog updates.
  128. Courting Social networking is a nice passive way for agents to get to know you. As your business grows some agents will feel intimidated about approaching you because they see you as an extremely busy business owner. Through mediums like Facebook and Twitter you can demonstrate that you are just another person… you have a family, friends, hobbies, etc. You show your commitment to real estate but are able show your personal side as well.
  129. Learn About Their Families
  130. Have a pulse on their business
  131. Find Out What Fun Is
  132. Set Up A Fan Page
  133. LinkedIn Use LinkedIn Endorsements by Endorsing your agents as well as others. In turn you will receive endorsements back.
  134. Step 8: Build Your Value Proposition A value proposition consists of the sum total of benefits which a real estate firm promises that an agent will receive in return for the agent’s investment and loyalty to the firm. Put simply, the value proposition is what the agent gets in return for choosing to work there.
  135. How You Will Be Evaluated An agent can evaluate a firm’s value-proposition on two broad dimensions with multiple subsets: Relative Performance: what the agent gets from the firm relative to a competitor's offering. Price: which consists of the investment the agent makes into the firm to acquire the ability to market him or herself using the tools of the firm.
  136. How You Will Be Evaluated •What do you have to offer potential recruits? •What is the Value proposition? •What is your unique value proposition?
  137. Once you know your value proposition… You will be ready to: •Build your recruiting presentation. •Build your brand book. •Talk to recruits.
  138. Step 9:Recruiting It takes significant time, Presentation money, effort and resources to get an agent to sit with you. Make sure that when they do, you cover all aspects of your organization. A powerful PowerPoint Recruiting Presentation is key in showing that you’re professional, organized, and in charge. Make sure your presentation creates dialogue. You do NOT want a one way conversation – ask lots of questions. We will review later in the program a full recruiting presentation.
  139. 60 Minutes With Your Firm •Turn Your Recruiting Presentation Into a 60 Minutes With Your Firm Class to Recruit several agents at once. •Many agents who are intimidated to come in for a one-on-one meeting will opt to take a live Webinar.
  140. Step 10: Build Your Brand Book Use a program like MS Publisher to build a book that highlights who you are. Set up a web-link so agents can view an online version.
  141. Thank You With a Motivational Message
  142. What is your competition saying? Establish your value proposition by addressing the misconceptions articulated by your competition .
  143. Brand Book? •Agent’s need to be able to walk away from your first meeting with a professional book that explains why they should choose your firm over the one they are at. •You can also send this in advance of a recruiting appointment to make your initial meeting more fruitful. •Update it every year. •Use high quality paper and make sure it WOWS people. •Don’t include compensation plans in it.
  144. When Will You Use It? •When your PowerPoint recruiting presentation is not available you will be able to use your Brand Book as a key recruiting tool. •In most instances you will use both the PowerPoint presentation AND the Brand Book so make sure they highlight different features of your organization. You don’t want them to be identical.
  145. Use to turn your Brand Book into a web based recruiting tool!
  146. Step 11: Open House Survival Packages
  147. Trapped! What better time to visit recruits then Sunday afternoons while they are sitting at an Open House? Don’t go empty handed. Bring your Open House Survival packages. This is a great ice breaker and agents will appreciate your thoughtfulness. Use the opportunity to spend time talking to that agent about their business.
  148. What is In It? •Bottled Water • Snacks • Real estate word search ( • Your Brand Book • A Payday candy bar – with a label on the front of the bag which says “Your Payday is in the Bag”
  149. The Rules •If the open house is busy, don’t stay. Drop off the package, say Hello, and move on. • If there’s nobody there spend some time getting to know the agent and talking about their business. •Map out your route in advance. On any given Sunday you can visit as many as 10 Open Houses!
  150. Step 12: Career Nights
  151. Chunky Growth •There is nothing more exciting than recruiting by the masses using career nights. •Schedule one evening per month or every other month where you do a presentation at your office for people interested in learning about your organization.
  152. •Use your PowerPoint Recruiting presentation as your teaching tool. •Send invitations out to your entire recruiting database.
  153. Ask a few of your own agents to come to the event to speak about their experiences in joining your office. Often times it will take much phone work and continuous emails to get attendance at these events. The biggest challenge is that agents don’t want to publicize that they are inquiring about a change.
  154. Think Outside The Box!!!
  155. Step 13: Thanks for CoBroking
  156. Hey…Just Want To Say Thanks! Send a letter or personal note card thanking each co-broke agent for his or her hard work!
  157. Careful! To avoid any potential tangles, don’t send the thank you letter to agents at other local franchise firms.
  158. Step 14: Voicemail Advertising
  159. Thank you for calling Stacey Alcorn, Talent Acquisition Manager for RE/MAX Prestige. Congratulations to Leslie Brenker, Gail Perdicaro, and Karen Couillard who just joined our amazing team. I’m not available to take your call right now as I’m currently interviewing another great candidate for our firm but if you leave a message after the tone, I’ll call you back as soon as possible. Oh… don’t forget to ask me about our amazing short sale webinar!
  160. COOL FREE SERVICE -Personalized voicemails for specific people -Email your voicemails to someone else -Voice recognition of email callers
  161. Step 15: Recruiting Website
  162. Every office should have a professional office website as well as a recruiting site which highlights membership benefits.
  163. •If your firm provides a website use it but personalize it with your own border and domain name.
  164. Why Do I Need One? -It’s a passive way that agents can learn information about your firm before making the initial appointment. -You can put a link for your recruiting site on: •Your email signature line •Your company website •Social networking sites •Business cards
  165. Step 16: Get Good at Hand To Hand Combat! The Way We Speak
  166. Walk the Walk As you master your power recruiting capabilities we would encourage you to practice your speech patterns and vocabulary in a way so that you maximize your conversations with potential recruits. Let’s take a look at some examples.
  167. And Talk The Talk Eliminate the Word Agent. Instead Use Team Member. “When you become a team member at (Your Firm) you’ll enjoy the benefits of our training programs.” “The team members at (Your Firm) always welcome our annual team appreciation events.”
  168. Your Words Mean Everything Eliminate the Word Cost. Instead Use Investment. “Under this compensation program you would receive 70% of your earnings and 30% would be your investment into your business.” “The maximum investment you’ll make at the office level is $25,000”
  169. Get Rid Of It! Eliminate the Word Commission. Instead Use Compensation. “We offer one of the most comprehensive compensation packages in our industry. Let’s go over it.”
  170. No Splits! Eliminate the Word Split. Instead Use Share or Investment. “We offer a 95% compensation sharing program where 5% is your investment into the (Your Firm Here) Brand”
  171. Office Bills Are Bad Eliminate the Word Office Bill. Instead Use Office Membership Investment (OMI). “The monthly Office Membership Investment is $1500 per month. That includes…”
  172. Not Your Average Bear Also Use Creative Job Descriptions for Staff Members to Highlight the Important Aspects of Their Positions: Creator of First Impressions Director of Corporate Evolution Talent Acquisition Scout Chief Excellence Officer
  173. Let’s Talk Comp Never put compensation plans in your recruiting materials. •Never talk in terms of office bills or fees, but rather in terms of Office Membership Investment. •It’s best to have 2-4 compensation plans that you stick to for EVERY team member. They will always talk. If you offer one special deal you will eventually have to substantiate that. •
  174. Just Like The Gym! Compare your office membership to a gym membership. This will save you from team members haggling with you based on services they don’t plan on using.
  175. At the End Compensation should only be discussed in person and at the END of your recruiting presentation. • Let the agent know at the outset of your appointment that you’ll talk about the compensation package throughout the presentation as it relates to the value proposition. •
  176. Ok, Now You Can Say Cost Once you’ve gone over the compensation package have a conversation with that agent which covers two important details: • First: What is the COST of staying where they are? Be detailed. Find out every detail about what they are paying and what is being deducted from compensation at their firm. This information is key for future recruiting appointments. •
  177. Your Value Proposition Second: How many transactions would they estimate they would add to their yearly business with each of the following tools:  LeadStreet  Education & Training at Your Firm  Great company culture and attitude  Design Center Marketing Materials Top Market Share and Per Agent Production Stats
  178. And More… Your Members Only Site with real estate letters, scripts and dialogues, and 24/7 access to real estate forms. Your own sign and advertising calls International Referral Program Top Brand Awareness Community Initiatives in the marketplace Superb technology for CMA’s, email marketing, and more. 
  179. How Many Deals? Quantify the number of transactions they will receive from each transaction and figure out the expected dollars generated. This will alleviate any questions as to compensation structure.
  180. Memorize This “It’s not about the investment you’ll make at (Your Firm), it’s about what it will cost you in lost business each month if you don’t make this career advancement.”
  181. A Few Last Pointers •Make sure you are clear about what they will have to pay for. •Never speak negatively about their current compensation package or the firm they are working for.
  182. M&A Questions 1. Background about Your Firm. 2. How many offices were new? How many M&A? 3. How do we find candidates for M&A? Why do a merger?
  183. 4. How do you price an office? How do you tell an owner that office is worth very little? 5. How long does it take? 6. How do we handle confidentiality until closing?
  184. 7. How do we handle avoiding tortuous interference? 8. Are they always smooth? What are the biggest pitfalls? 9. What are key components of a merger contract? •Non-competition agreement •Asset vs. stock purchase •Have an attorney and CPA review everything •Always think "What Happens If" when preparing contract
  185. 10. How do you announce it? Do you let any agents know in advance? 11. How do you combine the offices? •M&A task force 12. How do you incorporate a new owner into the office? 13. How do you handle negativity by agents?
  186. P3 Coaching
  187. What is P3 Coaching?
  188. OUR GOAL: To increase an owner’s financial wealth and personal time with family and friends by implementing our recruiting, retention, training and profitability systems.
  189. How can P3 Coaching help my business?
  190. P3’s BROKER MONTHLY Program Helps You: - Stay on top of Agent retention. - Attract elite sales professionals to your firm. - Get your own management and recruiting team at a fraction of the cost.
  191. Here's what you get as a Broker Monthly subscriber:
  192. Broker Monthly Newsletter • Arrives the first of every month, covers the 12 most important aspects of operating a successful real estate firm. • It is a "must read.” • Covers: Recruiting, Retention…
  193. What’s in the newsletter? • Motivation • Technology Tip • Sales Rally • RE/MAX Value Proposition
  194. There’s more inside… • Sales/Negotiating • Book Snapshot • Broker Liability Protection
  195. And MORE! • Daily Operations • Team Section • Real Estate Humor
  196. What else comes in the Broker Monthly program?
  197. Three Recruiting Emails Each Week Why? •Best way to stay in touch with agents on a consistent and ongoing basis. The Challenge: •Original content, motivating, thought provoking. The Solution: • We send you a recruiting email three times each week. You customize it and send it out.
  198. Content Driven  Quality of life  Coaching to greatness  Sharing business building tips  Marketing tips  Competitor analysis
  199. Monthly Sales Rallies • Delivered in PowerPoint. • Motivational and educational materials. •80 to 120 slides.
  200. What’s in a Sales Rally???  Quote of the month  Does anyone have something great to share?  Welcome new family members  Kudos
  201. There’s more!  State of the Market & State of Our Office  Technology Tip  Motivation and Inspiration  Rock Star of the Month  Practical tools for success
  202. And more!!  30 Second Pitch  The Mortgage Minute  Upcoming Events  As Always…
  203. Training, Training, and More Training! • Thirsty for knowledge. • Offices that offer the best training are the offices that grow. •We do the work for you and YOU get the credit!
  204. A Few of our Training Programs… • Expired to Hired • Crafting Your Business Plan • The Power of Pre-Listing • Why Blog For Business? • How to Find, Attract, and List FSBO's • Facebook and LinkedIn for Realtors  Short Sale Basics Workshop • Training Modules on LeadStreet and Design Center • Building Teams that Thrive • Lead Generation for the Seasoned Agent • Lead Conversion for Results • Win The Day – 21 Steps to a Successful 2010 • Be a Win The Day Mentor!
  205. How do I run the training? • We send you the email invitation and you forward it to your recruits and your own agents to offer them these free programs.
  206. Doesn’t the same training get old after a while? NO! • New Webinars. • “People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.” • Show them you care.
  207. Monday Motivational Message • Arrives every Monday in your inbox. • Insert your name and send it out to agents and recruits. • Filled with motivational and inspirational messages. • A great way for your agents to start their week.
  208. Monthly CALL TO ACTION • Live call hosted by the founders of P3 Coaching. • Discuss materials. • Call is based on feedback from thriving P3 clients.
  209. P3 Members Only Site • Exclusive access, 24/7. • Tons of recruiting and retention tools.
  210. What’s on the P3 Members Only Site? •Marketing flyers for recruits •Recruiting Letters •Scripts and dialogues
  211. There’s more!!! • Motivational messages for your agents. • Archive of past Broker Monthly Newsletters.
  212. And MORE! • Sales Rally PowerPoints and agendas. • Sample brand books and recruiting presentations. • An event calendar with all of our upcoming training programs. WELCOME TO THE MARCH 2010 SALES RALLY
  213. So, What is the Cost?
  214. For the next 30 Days! Our gift to your region.
  215. After 30 Days… $300 ! a month Any Firm Size!!!
  216. Thank You P3 Coaching

Editor's Notes

  1. (read slide)
  2. So what is P3 Coaching…
  3. The important question is how can P3 Coaching help your business?
  4. P3 Coaching wants to help grow your business and increase your profitability. That is why the majority of our products focus on the critical recruiting and retention functions. Immediately, P3 Coaching will save you time and money by adopting our systems for recruiting new agents and supporting your existing ones.
  5. (read slide)
  6. Arriving on the first of every month, our Broker Monthly Newsletter covers the 12 most important aspects of operating a successful real estate firm. It is a "must read" for every Broker. Covers: Recruiting, Retention…
  7. (read slide) (could also go into detail about each bullet)
  8. (read slide)
  9. (read slide)
  10. (read slide)
  11. Why 3 recruiting emails each week? Every Broker/Owner or manager should be contacting his recruiting database by email at least three times per week. It's the most current and comprehensive approach to staying in touch with agents on a consistent and ongoing basis.  The Challenge: Coming up with original content to send that is motivating and thought provoking.  The Solution: Three times each week a recruiting email arrives, ready to be sent out. All you need to do is customize the signature, then cut, paste, and send!
  12. Delivered to you in PowerPoint, this complete and dynamic Sales Rally is packed with power, prestige and pizzazz! It comes loaded with motivational and educational materials, to include an average of 80 to 120 RE/MAX-branded slides. No more boring weekly sales meetings!
  13. Great agents are thirsty for knowledge; both the agents in your office and the ones you want to attract.  The offices that are consistently growing and thriving offer some of the best training in the industry.   It takes weeks of man hours to design and implement good educational programs that agents will flock to.  At P3 Coaching, we do the work for you and YOU get the credit!
  14. Here’s a list of a few of our training programs.
  15. So how do you run the training? Well we send you the email invite and you simply forward it to your agents and recruits.
  16. Some of you might be thinking that the same training probably gets old after a while. And that’s why… Every month we add new Webinars. Remember: “People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.” Show everyone you care by fulfilling their thirst for knowledge…
  17. The Monthly Call to Action is A live, one hour webinar and coaching call, hosted by the founders of P3 Coaching. Discuss materials in the newsletter, sales rally and email campaigns that month. Each month the call is based on feedback we receive from Broker/Owners and managers who are growing their businesses through P3’s Broker Monthly program.
  18. The P3 members only site offers Exclusive access, 24/7, with tons of recruiting and retention tools for our P3 Coaching clients including PowerPoint recruiting presentations, mailers and company branded books. As a member of Broker Monthly you will receive a username and password to our one-of-a-kind site. Since we are always giving our members new materials, this platform gives you the ability to look back on archived marketing, recruiting, and retention tools so that you can use them in your current business. 
  19. Here is a sneak peek of what you will find in the Members Only site: Marketing flyers for recruits Recruiting Letters Scripts and dialogues (list continues on next slide)
  20. Power recruiting emails. Motivational messages for your agents. Archive of past Broker Monthly Newsletters. (list continues on next slide)
  21. Sales Rally PowerPoints and agendas. Sample brand books and recruiting presentations. An event calendar with all of our upcoming training programs .
  22. This presentation has been brought to you by P3 Coaching. Enjoy your day everybody!