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Christmas in Scotland


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Christmas in Scotland

  1. 2. This is Santa’s reindeer. it is called Rudolph the red nose reindeer!!!!
  2. 3. Paisley Lights 2009 The lights are a Scottish tradition celebrating the switching on of the lights and this year Ruth Lorenzo was there this year and so was Lemar.
  3. 4. Santa Here in Scotland we have Santa. Santa brings us presents in his sleigh with his reindeers then land on your roof and Santa takes his bag of toys and climbs down the chimney and put the toys under the tree. Boy and Girls are also meant to leave a carrot for Rudolph and milk and cookies for Santa.
  4. 5. !Yum! In Scotland we eat turkey as a traditional dish at Christmas time most people also have beer and wine with it but the children all get pretend wine and beer. We also have soup.