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  • Outreach (1)

    1. 1. Mission. Outreach is meant to serve a marginalized communities by making photography accessible as a form of expression. Gives the chance to express their voice to undeserved local youth communities through Photography.
    2. 2. Historic Context: l 00,5 of participants + l 0,5 of instructors + n1 U P l e community partners + Seve ral gallery staff members and volunteers + $ I 0,000’S from private and government founders + I photographs 2
    3. 3. ‘t I: ri- -. |l A‘. ‘Kn I Ii~~, .|| I. . rul‘ I‘. 7
    4. 4. Short life Lack of continuity Yet those voices that eventually become photographs lack of channels of distribution and get lost in the oblivion. Inspired by this systematic inertia. the zine Intention we made dealt in some way with those issues presenting itself not only as an opportunity for exhibition and display but also as a way to circulate and archive those hoto ra hs. those voices. P 8 P Take a step further. .. It's about connecting
    5. 5. Living Archive 0 To display the work Gallery 44 do, how we do it, who gets a benefited. It's a story. It's creating our own story. A story that has characters who also bring their own story and make this a chorus of voices of what is like living in Toronto at this particular time under very specific circumstances. 0 Online Gallery 0 Video testimonies of community partners, instructors, participants and audience
    6. 6. Living Archive 0 Highlight the richness of the work gets produce in the Gallery through Outreach 0 Exposure to bigger audiences 0 Connect with potential donors 0 Display the work we do. how we do it. who gets benefited 0 Connect with similar organizations (Photo. Community) 0 Give them voice and therefore empower participants
    7. 7. The outcome are hundreds of photographs that voice current issues around the lives of disfranchised youth groups.
    8. 8. Target Audience is Potential Donors Funders This would gives a great opportunity to leverage our discourse when requesting for funds to continue forward. It's about making visible a legacy of social change through art and inspire other people. organizations. funders to contribute to make this grow. This archive would also be a reference for the participants to see what's how previous participants are approaching their work. This would also be a very useful tool for the Outreach committee and instructors to continue with our commitment to increase the qualify of the work and execute the programs under creative ways to connect the art of making photos with other issues such social justice, aesthetics. self- expression. etc.
    9. 9. 0 Photos already scanned 0 Video interviews 0 Links to allies, partners (locally, internationally)
    10. 10. G Info and pictures of previous David Barker Maltby recipients
    11. 11. Analysis of the current online presence I! Current page says it all but doesn’t says it all. A sub-page isn’t enough to really display the scope of the program, the people involved, the communities that servers, and the final results, the photos
    12. 12. A place targeted to the Youth more photos, more clicks, easy to share A living archive of the amazing work we do Site that highlights our values Different ways to access - tags = different lectures
    13. 13. About us How we started Who we are What people are saying Media 6-year report (number of years, workshops, participants, teachers)