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critical evaluation of website of ministry

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  1. 1. We are…Anamika Das Sazzad Hossain Nayan Day S. M. Al-Amin 157 158 159 160 Mishkatul Md. Sohel 166 Group 7 Tamanna 161Farha Sultana Jahirul Islam Farzana Haque Abir Datta 165 164 163 162 HRM/University of Dhaka 1
  2. 2. Ministry of Land by Anamika Das Serial no-157 HRM/University of Dhaka 2
  3. 3. Brief Profile of the WebsiteWebsite : www.minland.gov.com.Main contents  Structure of this Ministry  Its mission , key personnel, organ gram  Citizen charter, tender ,notice  Policy , law & regulations  Land zoning maps  Achievement of Land Ministry  Idea of land & relating other problems HRM/University of Dhaka 3
  4. 4. Strengths & Weaknesses of the Website Strengths Weaknesses Reasonable standard website  Incomplete database Clear information about  Lack of information about actual responsible people cost of different services such as Land zoning map system land registration, mutation etc Mutation form can be download  Lack of information about future Web mail option land survey  No tools & mechanism for calculating tax HRM/University of Dhaka 4
  5. 5. Possible Measures to Improve the Website Actual cost of different services should include. Tools or mechanism for calculating tax should introduce. Future land survey time should mention . Database should complete as early as possible. HRM/University of Dhaka 5
  6. 6. Ministry of Cultural Affairs BY SAZZAD HOSSAIN SERIAL: 158 HRM/University of Dhaka 6
  7. 7. Profile of the WebsiteWebsite Name : http://www.moca.gov.bdDeveloped for : Cultural Ministry.Designed & powered by : Net Link.Manu Layout : Top LeftNumber of Manu : 4 Top 17 LeftStatus of Copyright : Reserved by Ministry of Cultural Affairs (Copyright©2012).Developed by : Net Link Asia. HRM/University of Dhaka 7
  8. 8. Strengths & weaknesses of the website Strengths Weaknesses Available help facilities  Slow website response times Well designed information.  Bottleneck in information flow Well supervised system  Limited data resources  Unnecessary visual image and data.  Less powerful. block system HRM/University of Dhaka 8
  9. 9. Possible Measures to improve the Website• Strong Safety and Security System• Site accessibility• Keeping Content as Concise as Possible• Help Readers Scan the WebPages Quickly• Using the passive voice as an effective writing devise• Use the inverted pyramid• Giving text Blocks Sufficient Spacing• Make Hyperlinked Text User-Friendly HRM/University of Dhaka 9
  10. 10. Ministry of Industries by Nayan Dey Serial No: 159 HRM/University of Dhaka 10
  11. 11. Profile of Website Website : www.moi.gov.bd Types : Government website Year of lunching : 2003 Developed by : Joomla Current Minister : Mr. Dilip Barua Main Content : Work Citizen Publications Departments/ Notice board distribution Charter corporationsEntrepreneurs Development Location Download Links Assistance activities maps HRM/University of Dhaka 11
  12. 12. Strengths and weaknesses Strengths Weaknesses Internal linkage  Lack of update Roadmap of digitalization information Source of knowledge acquiring  No FAQ system User friendly downloading system  Technical disturbances  Lack of attractiveness HRM/University of Dhaka 12
  13. 13. Possible Measures• Restructuring and Redesigning of Website• Introducing Frequently Asked Question ( FAQ) System• Establishing Regular update system• Introducing new extra toolbar named Search Manu• Providing monthly performance review report HRM/University of Dhaka 13
  14. 14. Ministry of Home Affairs. by S.M. Al-Amin Serial No : 160 HRM/University of Dhaka 14
  15. 15. Profile of the WebsiteAddress of the Website : http://www.mha.gov.bdDeveloped for : Ministry of Home AffairsDesigned & powered by : http://www.connectbd.comManu Layout : Top LeftNumber of Manu : 3 Top 19 LeftStatus of Copyright : Reserved by MHAContent Type : HTML and FlashFile Uploaded : PDFStatus of Sitemap : Complete HRM/University of Dhaka 15
  16. 16. Strengths and Weaknesses Strengths WeaknessesStrengths of the website of the MHA The weaknesses of this website are asare- follows-• Updated information is provided • There are some Manus with no information• Update period is not so long • Important information is in Bengali• Feedback link, phone numbers only and contact addresses of the Ministry, the Ministers and • PDF files are uploaded without Secretary also given writing on website in HTML format• Necessary links are provided • Information in PDF file is scanned not typed directly• Upload speed is high • Design of the site is not attractive • Run by outsider firm HRM/University of Dhaka 16
  17. 17. Possible Measures to Improve the WebsiteThe following measures should be taken to improve the website-• MHA should running the website with own manpower without depending on other• Website should be in two version: English and Bengali• Manus with no information should be removed from the site• Information should be in HTML format not in PDF file HRM/University of Dhaka 17
  18. 18. Biman Bangladesh Airlines by Mishkatul Tamanna Serial No.-161 HRM/University of Dhaka 18
  19. 19. Brief Profile of the WebsiteDomain Name : www.biman-airlines.comCreated : 1998Registrant : Biman Bangladesh Airlines Ltd.Information provided about flight services, citizens charter, holidaypackage, Fleet Info, Contact info. Etc. HRM/University of Dhaka 19
  20. 20. Strengths & weaknesses Strengths Weaknesses Easy to read  Insufficient information Easy to navigate  No social network integration Comfortably viewed  Under constructed page User friendly Easy access ability foreverybody HRM/University of Dhaka 20
  21. 21. Possible measures to improve the Website Bengal should be included in the website Sufficient and updated information should be included Information about hotel booking & transportation should be included There should be real time flight information for the passengers ease, providing arrival/departure time, delay information etc. HRM/University of Dhaka 21
  22. 22. Ministry Of Agriculture by Abir Dutta Serial no.162 HRM/University of Dhaka 22
  23. 23. Profile of the Website Website : www.moa.gov. bdInformation Language : There are two types of information languages: Bangla and EnglishInformation Category : There are nine categories of information. These are: A .Home B. Statistics C. Marketing D. Policy E. Projects F. Crop G. Fertilizer H. Seed HRM/University of Dhaka 23
  24. 24. Strengths and Weaknesses Strengths Weaknesses• Well mentioned achievement • No historical background profile . • Not provided any• Listed new projects and programs.• Huge information about different mission, vision, and objectives . parts of agriculture . • Not properly designed .• Bengali options for native users. • Back dated information . • Lack of proper information . HRM/University of Dhaka 24
  25. 25. Possible Measures to Improve the Website Historical background should be provided as it allows knowing the ministry more appropriately. Mission, vision, and objectives of the ministry should be clearly stated. Webpage has not been properly designed and there was no specific information about digitization of the ministry. So this information should be provided to make them more reliable. List of ongoing projects should be clear and well directed. Information provided in the website should be updated and based on reliable sources HRM/University of Dhaka 25
  26. 26. Social Welfare Ministry by Farzana Haque Id:163 HRM/University of Dhaka 26
  27. 27. Profile of the Website• Name of the website : Ministry of Social Welfare• Website address : www.msw.gov.bd• Types : Government website• Copyright : 2009-2010• Main contents : Work distribution, citizen charter, publications, dept./corporation, notice board, download, links, development activities, location, sitemap etc. HRM/University of Dhaka 27
  28. 28. Strengths & weaknesses of the website Strengths Weaknesses  Good pictorial presentation of data.  Technical disturbance  More informative website  Lack of background  Good internal linkage information  Employees office web mail  Problem in language. service  Available Sitemap  Insufficient information  Easily accessible  Outdated information. HRM/University of Dhaka 28
  29. 29. Possible measures to improve the website• Security system should be strong.• Easy accessibility should be ensured .• FAQ system should be maintained.• Some technical problems should be solved.• More detailed & specific information should be included.• Language program should be overcome.• More background information should be included. HRM/University of Dhaka 29
  30. 30. Ministry of Railway by Jahirul Islam Serial No : 164 HRM/University of Dhaka 30
  31. 31. Profile of the Website• Website URL : www.railway.gov.bd• Designed and Developed by : BNS Software Ltd.• Operated by : Bangladesh Railway• Menu bar Contains : Home, Mirror info, Archive, History, Enquiry, Site Map. HRM/University of Dhaka 31
  32. 32. . Strengths and Weaknesses Strengths Weaknesses • Information on  Information given in ticketing, fares of the web site is obsolete. passenger .  No background • Important operational and information regarding commercial statistics of digitization of the BR have been given in the ministry is given in the Website. web site. • The vision and mission of  Picture regulation is the ministry of BR are obscure and antique. nicely defined. HRM/University of Dhaka 32
  33. 33. Possible Measures to Improve the Website Text should be big enough to read, but not too big. The hierarchy of information should be perfectly clear. Columns of text should be narrower than in a book to make reading easier on the screen. HRM/University of Dhaka 33
  34. 34. Ministry of Education by Farha Sultana Roll: 165 HRM/University of Dhaka 34
  35. 35. Profile of the website E-mail: info@moedu.gov.bd Ministry of Education, Government of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh. All rights reserved. Designed and developed: The assistance of Access to Information(A2I) program at Prime Ministers Office. Developed by: Grameen Solutions Ltd. Financed by: SICT Program, Ministry of Planning, Government of the Peoples Republic HRM/University of Dhaka 35
  36. 36. Strengths and weaknesses Strengths Weaknesses User friendly .  No sequential data. Includes sitemap .  Few statistical data . Available Feedback.  Absent Career opportunity option . Uses number of images .  Obscure and antique Picture Available Latest Scholarship . regulation .  Lack of detail database . HRM/University of Dhaka 36
  37. 37. Possible Measures to Improve the Website Information should be precise. Sources of data should be maintained Unnecessary information should be cut . Introducing FAQ (Frequently Asked Question). Notice board should be updated on a regular basis. News letter tab should be updated. HRM/University of Dhaka 37
  38. 38. Ministry of Labor and Employment by Md.Sohel Roll: 166 HRM/University of Dhaka 38
  39. 39. Profile of this website Ministry of Labor and Employment, Government of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh. All rights reserved. Designed and developed: The assistance of Access to Information(A2I) program at Prime Ministers Office. Developed by: Grameen Solutions Ltd. Financed by: SICT Program, Ministry of Planning, Government of the Peoples Republic HRM/University of Dhaka 39
  40. 40. Strengths and Weaknesses Strengths Weaknesses• Easy to navigate . • Policy of labor and employment• Describe Case status of labor non described . appellate court . • Scattered information.• Disclose profile of the key • Insufficient information personnel . • Not user friendly• Provide factory license and renew • Political influence . information.• Describe present & future project HRM/University of Dhaka 40
  41. 41. Possible Measures to Improve the Website• Ministry should develop a link in the website• Information should be precise• Information should be updated on a regular basis• Try to eliminate political influence• Need to described all act & policy clearly HRM/University of Dhaka 42