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Booz allen capabilities_and_expertise_brochure


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Booz Allen

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Booz allen capabilities_and_expertise_brochure

  1. 1. Capabilities and ExpertiseHelping Clients SucceedMaking the Client’s Mission Our MissionDelivering Results That Endure
  2. 2. Our MissionBooz Allen Hamiltonpartners with clients to solvetheir most important andcomplex problems, makingtheir mission our missionand delivering results that endure © 2011 Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.
  3. 3. 1 Helping Clients Succeed Today and Be Ready for What’s NextBooz Allen Hamilton has been at the forefront of strategy and technologyconsulting for nearly a century. Today, Booz Allen is a leading provider ofmanagement and technology consulting services to the US government inthe defense, intelligence, and civil markets, and also serves corporations,institutions, and not-for-profit organizations. The firm is a well-known, trusted,and long-term partner to our clients, who seek our expertise and objectiveadvice to address their most important and complex problems.We attribute the strength of our client relationships, the commitment of ourpeople, and our resulting growth to our management consulting heritage andculture, which instills our relentless focus on delivering value and enduringresults to our clients. We have a collaborative culture, supported by ouroperating model, which helps our professionals identify and respond to emerg-ing trends across the markets we serve. By combining a consultant’s problem-solving orientation with deep technical knowledge and strong execution,Booz Allen helps clients achieve success in their most critical missions—as evidenced by the firm’s many client relationships that span decades. Ourapproach to client service leverages our matrix of deep domain expertise inthe defense, intelligence, and civil markets and our strong capabilities in strat-egy and organization, analytics, technology, and engineering and operations. Booz Allen at a Glance • Founded in 1914 • Headquartered in McLean, Virginia • NYSE: BAH • More than 25,000 employees • Annual revenue: more than $5 billion • Web site:
  4. 4. 2 Delivering Results That Endure Booz Allen’s reputation—earned over nearly a century of delivering exceptional management and technology consulting services to our clients—is measured by our clients’ success, the excellence of our people, and our spirit of partnership. A Consulting Heritage That Sets Us Apart Booz Allen leverages its past to help clients prepare for the future. Our legacy in manage- ment consulting enables us to see, hear, and innovate on behalf of our clients in ways our competitors cannot. Each day, we look beyond the requirements of a single client engage- ment to address the broader context of our client’s mission. Our approach is framed by the key distinction that we don’t have customers, we serve clients. Our long track record of client satisfaction is evidenced by this: We have relationships that go back an average of more than 20 years with our 10 largest client organizations. Our ability to meet and exceed client expectations originates in a well-established collaborative culture uniquely supported by the firm’s operating model. Deep Technical, Engineering, and Analytic Experience As the needs of our clients have grown more complex, Booz Allen has expanded beyond its management consulting foundation to develop deep expertise in technology, engineering, and analytics. Today and into the future, powerful ideas embrace both strategy and tech- nology. Booz Allen’s technical, engineering, and analytic excellence is backed by strategy, which enables our clients to rest assured that their solution will meet the full mission goal. Helping Clients Meet Their Mission Booz Allen provides consulting services primarily to the US government in the defense, intelligence, and civil sectors, as well as to corporations, institutions, and nonprofit organizations. Today more than ever, our clients face increasingly complex demands from citizens, businesses, local governments, and global allies and adversaries. Our clients must tackle such pressing challenges as protecting the homeland, combating global terrorism, providing vital citizen services, and improving cybersecurity. To help clients address complex issues in ways that will endure for years to come, Booz Allen leverages its deep functional knowledge, which spans strategy and organization, technology, analytics, and engineering and operations. We look at problems through multiple dimensions to understand our clients’ real needs and to develop effective results. The results enable our clients to accomplish their missions and seize opportunities. Changing Our World for the Better For nearly a century, Booz Allen has served clients, conducting business with integrity and adherence to the highest ethical standards. While our primary goal focuses on helping clients succeed, we never lose sight of how our work can impact the world and make it a better place. The people of Booz Allen draw on their heart, their intellect, and their spirit of service to make a difference. Beyond office walls, our people make a difference in the communities in which we live. We do so in ways as varied as incorporating eco-friendly practices and policies into the arts, helping young people learn science and math skills, and developing a long-term program to prevent marine debris from entering the earth’s oceans. Our firm cultivates a pluralistic culture in which all can contribute.
  5. 5. 3 Our Areas of Expertise Representative Clients • Acquisition & Program Management US Government • Advanced Analytics & Innovation • Department of Defense • Business Analytics • Air Force, Army, Navy & Marine Corps • Cybersecurity • Department of Energy • Engineering • Department of Health & Human Services • Human Capital, Learning & Communications • Department of Homeland Security • Intelligence & Operations Analytics • Department of Justice • Mission & Industry Expertise • Department of Labor • Mission & Performance Analytics • Department of Transportation • Operations • Department of the Treasury • Organization & Process Improvement • Internal Revenue Service • Public Infrastructure • NASA • Strategic Technology & Innovation • National Reconnaissance Office • Strategy & Change • National Security Agency • Supply Chain & Logistics • US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention • Systems Development • US General Services Administration • Systems Engineering & Integration • US Environmental Protection Agency • Technology Commercial • Leading Investment Firm Markets We Serve • Worldwide Specialty Chemical Company • Civil Government Agencies • Major Insurance Company • Commercial • Diagnostic Testing Corporation • Defense • Communications Systems Provider • Energy • Global IT Provider • Environment International (numerous countries) • Financial Services • Business Trade Investment Programs • Health Industry • Foreign Military Sales Programs • Homeland Security • ommercial Legal C • Intelligence Community Institutional Reform Programs • International Development Diplomacy Not-for-Profit Organizations • Law Enforcement • Smithsonian Institution • Not-for-Profit/NGO • CARE • Transportation • Habitat for Humanity • American Red Cross • Bill Melinda Gates FoundationMost of our government work is a matter of public record. • Children’s Inn at NIHWe guarantee our commercial clients confidentiality, althoughsome allow us to discuss our work publicly on their behalf.
  6. 6. 4 Representative Client Engagements Centers for Disease Control Federal Transit Administration Client’s Challenge: Change Client’s Challenge: Following the way more than 60 million the 9/11 attacks, the federal doses of pediatric vaccine government needed to move are ordered, dis­ributed, and t quickly to determine vulner- monitored annually, while also abilities of transit systems and generating cost savings for make changes to protect the program. passengers and employees. What Booz Allen Did: Worked What Booz Allen Did: Worked with the CDC to review and analyze vaccine man- with federal authorities and 35 local transit agement at the federal, state, and local levels, ex- authorities around the nation to identify transit amining the supply chain to streamline operations system threats, recommend countermeasures, and reengineer vaccine management activities. and in just 30 days, develop a vulnerability Results: New supply chain management model; assessment tool. one-time savings of $150 million; ongoing annual Results: FTA adopted a 20-point counterterrorism savings of $25-47 million. strategy to help transit agencies across the nation prevent and mitigate the potential effects of a Defense Information Systems Agency terrorist attack. Client’s Challenge: Address price, responsiveness, and customer service challenges Client’s Challenge: Simplify related to acquiring commercial processes for citizens seeking satellite communications eligibility information on more (SATCOM) services for than 1,000 government ben- the Department of Defense, efits programs, eliminating the which faced a tenfold need for individuals to search increase in demand for satellite bandwidth. through millions of separate What Booz Allen Did: Helped transform DISA’s Web pages. commercial satellite services function by con­ What Booz Allen Did: Worked with Department ducting a detailed review of how DISA acquired of Labor, Office of Management and Budget, and its services, analyzing how competitive these other federal agencies to create and launch a services were compared with those of the user-friendly public Web site in only 96 days. commercial marketplace, and evaluating how Results: Seventeen federal agencies and numer- DISA interacted with customers. ous state and local stakeholders provide informa- Results: Spend analysis avoided a 50 percent tion on more than 1,000 benefit and assistance congressional withhold on DISA’s upcoming fiscal programs via the site. year funding. New relationships with the com- mercial satellite industry were established, and service to DISA’s military customers improved.
  7. 7. 5Pediatric Hospital Fund-raising US Navy Submarine Acquisition Client’s Challenge: An Client’s Challenge: To acquire internationally respected Virginia-class submarines pediatric hospital wanted to within plan, the Navy needed improve fund-raising to to cut per-unit costs by 20 support research and continue percent—a goal complicated its commitment to treating by joint production arrange- patients regardless of their ments between two major ability to pay. shipbuilders.What Booz Allen Did: Partnered with hospital What Booz Allen Did: Developed a uniquefund-raisers to segment donors, understand the approach to design for affordability, called ISSRvalue proposition and giving potential, and con- (Inherent, Structural, Systemic, Realized); jointduct portfolio optimization to increase revenue. teams created 40+ initiatives to improve design,Applied Lean Six Sigma method­ logies, a new o scheduling, production, and testing.approach for not-for-profits, to reduce costs. Results: Submarine acquisition processes wereResults: A strategy enabling fund-raisers to better transformed and estimated costs reduced byidentify growth areas and target donor groups, $3.8 billion; lower costs enabled the Navy tosetting a path to double gross revenue in six accelerate plans for doubling construction to twoyears while lowering overhead. The hospital’s boats per year.strategy is on track: fund-raising goals have beenexceeded for the first two of the six years, and Major US-Based Financial Institutiongoals for overhead reduction have been achieved. Client’s Challenge: Cyber- security—meet an aggressiveUS Army Materiel Command regulatory deadline for Client’s Challenge: The Army e-authentication and enhance urgently needed a durable, fraud management capabilities. secure common access card What Booz Allen Did: to connect to the Research in Designed and implemented Motion (RIM) BlackBerry an enterprise-wide program through wireless technology. management office (PMO) to update authentication What Booz Allen Did: policy. Booz Allen is also working with the client Performed rigorous security to identify services; develop and implement antesting of the RIM BlackBerry Bluetooth-enabled enterprise authentication risk assessmentsmart card reader. In six weeks—one-fourth process; perform risk assessments and trackthe time normally required—issued report showing compliance; report to federal regulators; andthe device met Army security requirements. create a proactive fraud assessment capabilityResults: RIM BlackBerry smart card reader and data-gathering team.approved for use by the Army and all other branch- Results: Full compliance with federal authenti­es of the military. Firm’s methodology provides cation regulations. Integration of core risk assess-DoD with an approach for testing security of all ment and PMO functions into business processes.Bluetooth-enabled smart card readers. Reduction in overall fraud exposure and lower regulatory compliance costs.
  8. 8. 6 Our People “Success—being the best—in consulting takes intellect, energy, knowledge, training, expertise, analytic power, and an ability to present your ideas. You must want to help others…you must listen…and you have to do outstanding work.” —Founding Partner James Allen Throughout its 95-year history, Booz Allen Hamilton to attract, retain, and develop the very best and has offered its clients one thing—exceptionally brightest individuals. Our staff members value talented people with a commitment to excellence, working with talented, collegial coworkers. a talent for client service, and a passion for making a difference. Strong Values-Based Culture Our 10 core values— client service, diversity, excellence, entrepreneur- We hire and develop individuals with diverse capa- ship, teamwork, professionalism, fairness, integrity, bilities in a culture that embraces multiple points of respect, and trust—define how we work together view and fosters the exchange of innovative ideas and partner with clients to help them succeed. as well as proven approaches. Our staff members join us with experience as professionals in govern- Work That Makes an Impact Our staff members ment, the military, industry, or academia, or with take pride in the fact that their work supports the knowledge gained at the world’s top graduate health, security, and well-being of our nation by help- schools. This diversity creates teams with varied ing clients achieve their mission. We also support working styles and backgrounds, enabling us to our employees’ commitment to community service. mesh seamlessly with clients—we speak their language—and bring them both fresh perspectives Strong, Sustained Business Performance For and in-depth knowledge to help solve their most more than a decade, our US government business complex, multidimensional problems. has enjoyed double-digit growth and strong profit- ability every year. Booz Allen is known for its brains and heart. Our talented and diverse staff members do great work Commitment to Professional Development and while caring for each other, our clients, and our Work-Life Balance We offer staff members the communities. As an employer of choice, we offer opportunity to build a career and define success in our people a unique environment in which to work, terms that fulfill their professional aspirations and learn, and grow: accommodate their personal circumstances. Unparalleled Workforce Booz Allen is a “people Our employees choose Booz Allen not just for a business.” Our success depends on our ability contract or two, but for a whole career.
  9. 9. 7 Recent AwardsEvery year we receive numerous awards and accolades recognizing our contribution to our clients’ missions,our impact on the communities where we work and live, and our success in creating a workplace for ourpeople that challenges and satisfies them and strives to make them better.Consultant of ChoiceAward* Source AchievementNunn–Perry Award Department of Defense This is the third time the firm has been honored with this Mentor-Protégé Program prestigious award, which recognizes successful mentor-protégé relationships in support of Department of Defense programs10 Best Corporations National Veteran-Owned The list honors the most successful large corporationsfor Veteran-Owned Business Association that engage the nation’s 3 million veteran-owned businessBusinesses (2005–2010) as subcontractors or suppliersBlack Engineer Career Communications Group Executive VP Lloyd Howell was 2011 Black Engineerof the Year Award of the Year, and nine other Booz Allen staff were also honored. In 2010, 13 staff were honoredGovernment Contractor Fairfax County Chamber of In 2010, Booz Allen CEO Ralph Shrader wasof the Year, Commerce, Professional Services named Government Contractor Executive ofExecutive of the Year Council, Washington Technology the Year. In 2008, for the second time, the firm was named Government Contractor of the Year, which recognizes financial and operational accomplishments (see award, right)Employer of Choice100 Best Companies FORTUNE magazine Booz Allen has made the distinguished listto Work For (2005–2011) seven years in a row100 Best Companies Working Mother magazine We have ranked among the nation’s mostfor Working Mothers family-friendly firms for 12 consecutive years(1999–2010)Best Firms to Work For Consulting Magazine This is the seventh time Booz Allen has received this recognition2011 Vault Technology Booz Allen ranked No. 1 on the inaugural list, whichConsulting 25 showcases the firms deemed “Best to Work For”Great Places to Work Washingtonian magazine For the sixth consecutive time, Booz Allen was chosen(1999–2009) as a top workplace in the Washington, DC, area in this biannual competitionGood Corporate CitizenBlue Diamond Award Fairfax County The award honors organizations committed to community Chamber of Commerce engagement and philanthropy in the Washington, DC, areaWashington Business Washingtonian, Greater Chairman and CEO Ralph Shrader was honored forHall of Fame (2009) Washington Board of Trade, making significant contributions to the quality of life in the Junior Achievement Washington, DC, area through his business excellence, innovative leadership, and community involvementCorporate Social Colorado Springs Regional Presented to the firm’s Colorado Springs office for operatingResponsibility Award Economic Development its business in a way that ultimately contributes to a high(2009) Corporation quality of life in the Pikes Peak regionExcellence in Workplace Points of Light Institute For employee volunteer programs and corporate visionVolunteer Programs* Awards and recognition received in 2010, unless otherwise noted.
  10. 10. 8 Booz Allen Offices Principal office Places where Booz Allen is serving clients on long-term engagements Booz Allen Through the Years 1914 Edwin G. Booz opens 1950s a business in Chicago Postwar expansion brings that performs “municipal 1935 numerous clients, including investigations” and Carl L. Hamilton Johnson Wax, RCA, NBC, and will evolve into the joins the firm Cessna, and the firm is a global consulting firm and writes its first leader in the burgeoning field Booz Allen Hamilton Code of Ethics of management consulting 1929 1940 1957 James L. Allen joins The US Navy and S amuel C. Johnson of Ed Booz, whose US Army enlist the S.C. Johnson Son Inc. major clients include firm to help them and Booz Allen VP Conrad US Gypsum Company, prepare for the impend- Jones publish the landmark Goodyear Tire ing war, launching article “How to Organize Rubber Co., Montgomery Booz Allen’s nearly for New Products,” Ward, the Chicago 70-year association introducing the product Daily News, and the with the military life-cycle curve, in Harvard Chicago Tribune Business Review
  11. 11. 9 Principal Offices Aberdeen, MD Falls Church, VA Omaha, NE Alexandria, VA Herndon, VA Pensacola, FL Annapolis Junction, MD Honolulu, HI Philadelphia, PA Arlington, VA Houston, TX Rockville, MD Atlanta, GA Huntsville, AL Rome, NY Chantilly, VA Leavenworth, KS San Antonio, TX Charleston, SC Lexington Park, MD San Diego, CA Charlottesville, VA Linthicum, MD San Francisco, CA Colorado Springs, CO Los Angeles, CA Sarasota, FL Dayton, OH McLean, VA Stafford, VA Denver, CO Norfolk, VA Tampa, FL Eatontown, NJ O’Fallon, IL Washington, DC The most complete, recent list of offices with their addresses and telephone numbers can be found on 2008 2000s Booz Allen separates Booz Allen partners its core businesses— 1990s with clients across US government and1969 The firm undertakes industries and commercial managementNet billings reach major award-winning the government to consulting—into$55 million, having transformation projects address threats separate companies todoubled since 1956 for US government clients to national security better serve its clients 1979 1999 2004 2010 B ooz Allen begins R alph Shrader T he firm Booz Allen Hamilton is work with Chrysler becomes chairman celebrates listed on the NYSE on Corporation, helping and CEO, and sales 90 years November 17. The firm the automaker exceed $1 billion of client service breaks through the accomplish its $5 billion revenue mark historic turnaround and has more than 25,000 people helping clients succeed today and be ready for what’s next P hoto Credits Page 4: (clockwise from top left) Medioimages/Photodisc, iStockphoto, Ryan McVay/Photodisc, Digital Vision/Punchstock; Page 5: (clockwise from top left) iStockphoto, Shawn P Eklund/US Navy Photo, iStockphoto, . © moodboard/Corbis; Page 6: © Dan Bigelow; Page 9: © Frasier Photography
  12. 12. Ready for What’s Next Corporate Headquarters 8283 Greensboro Drive • McLean, Virginia 22102