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Top Stories 2013 Environment


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John Upton has a great article on around his take on the top 2013 environment stories. I thought I'd take the article and convert it into a presentation. He listed out 13 stories. Over the last few days, I converted each one into a few slides.

Here is the full presentation covering all 13 stories:

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Top Stories 2013 Environment

  1. 1. Top 2013 Environment Stories -0-
  2. 2. -1-
  3. 3. The following slides are based on John Upton’s article: “The top 13 green stories of 2013: The good , the bad, and the muddled ” 7 in
  4. 4. The Good # I
  5. 5. Obama takes a shot for the environment
  6. 6. Unveiled an actual, coherent and clear climate plan
  7. 7. Regulations cracking down on coal-burning power plants Components of the plan Boosting renewables and energy efficiency Cutting fossil fuel subsidies Preparing for climate change that’s already inevitable
  8. 8. The Good # 2
  9. 9. People Power
  10. 10. People are standing up to fossil fuel interests Delayed federal approval of the Keystone pipeline ` Fracking moratorium or bans in 4 states Fighting plans to build a coal export terminal Convincing organization to dump fossil-fuel investments
  11. 11. The Good # 3
  12. 12. Billionaire Backing
  13. 13. Tom Steyer, a hedge-fund manager turned climate activist, started spending big this year
  14. 14. Millions in political campaigns Hosting an antikeystone ` conference Fighting plans to build a coal export terminal
  15. 15. Teaming up with fellow rich guys! Michael Bloomberg Hank Paulson 7
  16. 16. 7 Making the case that climate change threatens the entire global economy
  17. 17. The Good # 4
  18. 18. Green energy taking off
  19. 19. Nuclear and coal languishing, solar and wind soaring
  20. 20. Nuclear and coal power plants being shuttered Cost of green energy decreasing
  21. 21. The Good # 5
  22. 22. Electric vehicles usage takes off
  23. 23. Sales have increased 6 7 fold in the last 2 years
  24. 24. Tesla’s Model S picked up many accolades, including the best Consumer Reports auto review of all time
  25. 25. The Bad # 1
  26. 26. Boom in fossil fuel production
  27. 27. Politicians of all stripes favor fracking* ** * Hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking”, is the process of drilling and injecting fluid into the ground at a high pressure in order to fracture shale rocks to release natural gas inside. ** In the process, water is wasted, chemicals used and the grounds are contaminated.
  28. 28. By the time Obama leaves office, the U.S. will be the world’s largest producer of oil and gas combined
  29. 29. The Bad # 2
  30. 30. The climate is more screwed than ever
  31. 31. Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere blew past 400 parts per million in May (well above the pre-industrial level of 280 ppm)
  32. 32. International community is failing in its efforts to keep atmospheric warming below 2 degrees Celsius
  33. 33. Even though some scientists think that a 1 degree change could have “disastrous consequences”
  34. 34. The Bad # 3
  35. 35. As oil production in North America ramped up, so did oil spills
  36. 36. Drill-happy state, North Dakota, kept hundreds of spills a secret
  37. 37. The Bad # 4
  38. 38. US refineries are processing Canadian tar-sands oil and a dirty side effect is piles of dusty black residue called petroleum coke, or petcoke
  39. 39. This filth blows into nearby area polluting neighborhoods and This filth blows contaminating waterway. into nearby areas polluting neighborhoods and contaminating waterways
  40. 40. Koch Industries has been buying up some petcoke and exporting them to countries with weaker airquality laws for use as powerplant fuel
  41. 41. The Bad # 5
  42. 42. Big food corporations are winning the food labeling fight (clearly label food as Genetically Modified Organism or not)
  43. 43. Going as far as to want to slap a “natural” label on foods containing GMOs
  44. 44. The Bad # 6
  45. 45. Canada and Australia join the US on the climate shit list
  46. 46. U.S. has been the climate bad boy by backing out of the Kyoto Protocol and historically being the largest greenhouse gas polluter
  47. 47. Australian prime minister, climate denier Tony Abbott has moved to roll back the country’s climate programs
  48. 48. Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper muzzled the climate scientists as he allows drillers free reign
  49. 49. The Muddled # 1
  50. 50. California governor Jerry Brown supports both sides of the argument
  51. 51. Blamed climate change for the intense wildfires For Climate Signed legislation promoting solar power and cleaner cars 7 Under his watch, California’s new carbon-trading program got rolling
  52. 52. Borrowed from an environment fund to pay for other state programs Against 7 Climate Made it clear that frackers are welcome to California
  53. 53. The Muddled # 2
  54. 54. China wants it’s cake and wants to eat it too
  55. 55. China is the largest consumer of coal in the world (Coal is the ‘baddest‘ of all the fossil fuels, double the emissions of natural gas)
  56. 56. Pollution is impacting air quality (20 times above the normal, resulting in student outdoor activity being canceled, airports and roads closed)
  57. 57. On the plus side, China is making some real efforts to clean up its horrendous environmental mess
  58. 58. China started carbontrading programs in a number of cities
  59. 59. Officially dumped its “growth at all costs” philosophy
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  61. 61. Image Credits: Romanm HuffPost Xinhuanet Sierra Culture 7 Rtvslo Andrew Testa HuffPost Dentistryiq
  62. 62. Thank you for reading! Would love to hear your thoughts. Salah Khawaja
  63. 63. Developed and Designed by Salahuddin Khawaja +1 917 523 6904 More at ABOUT THE AUTHOR Salah has 14 years of experience, primarily in the Financial Services Industry. Before joining JP Morgan he spent 11 years at Deloitte & Touche helping Fortune 500 clients with various types of Strategic Initiatives. He believes in the power of Presentations, Storytelling and Visual Design. That is why he started Decklaration. Areas of Expertise: Strategy Development, Business Transformation, System Integration, Program & Project Management, Mobile Strategy, Data Analytics, Executive Presentations Sample Clients: Bank of America, Citi , MasterCard