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حيونة الإنسان


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حيونة الإنسان

  1. 1. ttJj3l 6Sis+ll 9 l5 ?1 39 49 65 8l t0l 109 ll7 127 r39 t47 Fri, (l ui",alt 1.2 J;e!t .ruilt ib;113 o:r>1*,i4 # (4 o!",jIl -aeV-o,.. lj!.rrl leL,e(5 i+*A t r>lll ,.ll ... ,l* -l o:1; (5 CJ"'hJ guJt 1l lbbdl 4tF (E 4rll,, i,r gr*r r5jJtr)t*l (9 ;laJ-Jt(10 aJ-rbIJlaJaIJtltl at:"rit 6'rar;!t112 iPJ.liI!eo:* (13
  2. 2. 159 r63 l8t l9l 197 213 tt< 245 dti)l iiJf 6 {-idlJ"rf (14 tn'ilt il1.rJt1t5 $t;;1.rJt qlO V.iy-- dirrt(17 ;o.i|J't(lE +prbilc..lirts lau*.rlr1zO ;:"etjAt 121
  3. 3. <J-$*J! Y5, dJ{*1.r.1c! rsi, gr;Ur>> rlJl dllb ftJr t€$J cpa*iril3irilll fUi :syi ;9'at,l # t{b$i c"ir5 t-'qt} 'i Zitt}|t ,,e-el)t4Jltjt U; t+t' ,/-#l t.r I 'i"'.*- t-'# d-idl e* ilr J-y't ,y dv.rdi t{it.,ell ,'l+irrlo'*rll "L'r Jglt ,w.l ,&.ltl,oj.a dt&i)l rrrUfr-3'a+l,-# isrtiJt;'J dl a'-Frr .<<*iw[,J,y(*-JLottpt.s,rLaiJ{ up Ou;}t "p:{/ .JtPti6
  4. 4. prlt Itl g.t$i u-.{"04-r*oti-a # c'Ur,yflf u"ii;i JJ) i./ ce'tr;tl e,"-Utu-a* d.L, ,.F r-J.J-PF i i) ,F:l,.lJJlJ ,Jr ,*fi co-L'i,t ,P 'l'!t y;ui u"'' a..a gjjr L* )t tf ) (Lf f ,J! JJs'i ..s*"li'^J 'ait"'---'Jl ,*.!-j ou*./J."tr!t i,r]i"{JJL5jr lr! clir b-f -f "i:' t*'''Jt i rh cF rr,i{ I ..spi vs 't;€''e.-)*--ut au-rl3 grri '.i*,, .tar*rtsicb iba G* "$ I ,EitJ '.-r-i *r-'-b .:rq*-J ;;i,rJl:ry)l C-tr,) lf y-,li t-i"n*t;'' or^+*'JJ .,-r4rjlu,oJ;Jt .:.,l>$;'!t
  5. 5. r.ltjlr i;12 l0 *Ic :t*c!l ir ;!'f)l Jlrl*, #;iJl?."."tt-1,^ lr$ Jt-f LrrJ .Lo:r.a.,ui;t ali--froi,*r,,1 o!:!t c.,t:14-! +:re;g"rJrt*!tf,.Ats cu y';Jr ,eJ' /tl ,ti gtri,si .,* ili*lr, (u * "f+.++u;! F !l dL.jy Ct4r ) /b * /^4'Jllr,odt*;! .Jr/l dtt tj,6,:.s .,ut.t Jl ^L-i 6i; ot*;Yr "'dr,*n",,)r J"* li c-.-:^* *K, ."iL;yt J--f" -f a^t(}j Jl.-oill d'ti.-iYt ,F: .AJ)+4^.)#'U(Jl Jp r"*'*Cl Ji'u--, C ,,lu-r( .ri ..r-+,riJl .Juy uJ., ,Ji LS-fJ-* d).4 )J-alr r;.,";K.Jy.d.:i ,)ti :-F ,f s>G -*J g ,9-f .+U)l L;4*-, d UiL*t f* .flt r+;,=+igjJl u-il, r*u J>,|.;-ll1 JYi)i1 d' /tp .li UU rc.,^:*12'*{r,' }L-** cr"ldLf f Ly ,y o6-le g.-, di it t-r q**J ..p) .'tir;x oi o1r;,1 ,rJu;| .tr( ..liJl C^h oL-5 Ji ,"uL*;)l" {*{ d c97 6tJt9;r};;f!t .pt ..)i.4lfu A :*; ,011,;! ,r**dtj il;*Jl LL*iJl cJ';rr-v 't;!l;oy'J.all, diLrall; 'JP,*Al) ai-:U1roK rit, LAJ;'ci ar*t l;"i* ,J*, Ji j,4 ,)u)tr ,Jt ;1 ,^^q..b;" ,F ,,Gjr16Jr lal"aUr;a.r.Li;i; l*itl si or- d;-r-JrJU-^(JI ,i +.Fs ("pJ bth)l Li^.l r.JiLo ;51 oi J1t*i 6;p td (Gi.L.*r ,oL;)r r.u G raTu * C o;rs* c;ijt rry',jr ,-L(Il -lyijl "^^Jl 4 d.;* "LiJJ c+f<.rrJr ;c tiU.r>,rr,r;atltc ,J.p A ,:{i F Jl *- otsJ .a-*;)Jf J"F y'* OU;1t ssrl dt5" :qJUjt.:trUt "6r* dll l- d g, Jrr-lt ds ,Fr .,Ju)t $r. j-e .q*Jl .":;!^;1 Vl*i co13*bC. ,.>.4d.tS ."W*Zt) -ltr dft{+f
  6. 6. It 4ji JJ-t.'l (oia (a'-?Lill4tJL-, J1 .lu1t . fTs ,-tY -t.-.J .,itltl JF Jl gUyr ol;--.t4r' -,t'r+:*tJ' '^;) d '* ,t- ." ....oy't LltI ,l tL; o:, 1t;, j-*r pilrr '-r-*-l :u;.r'-lt )f.* (JUfi '*"b> .'6 U i-,L- -r4-*"i ;i ';l t'r'1 t'$ -lJ;t, Y ,, ,,'UJt,; 'a;lx J;t' .'':' l.l.-*-rL t':tJ)l 'r:;> ur.*"-l i.^-dl t1 h^^:;.ttr JlJt ,*-,y Ni_.J ott -Jl o=--s j aor, al, ;* et g y*s .4sl*.1 6L-: l, o:2 't-*i) Ir",-*i&.:*;i ;1 1uu.,lA,'1 b,t r+-; 'rrl-'*1> .(i.A'JlI r" ,i *>ttt ,:r.rlLrf <rr;,)t p ,*,-j,':jl>9K 6.+j f i+ s ,,.!r ''1tf-, :b i r(p l98a)fLeaiiyJl .J -rl-*t tt, ,f st"e 6'sJtt)))f 'e ,lr ,t*, Ji ,P)Al,lK9 .<.-:j';Jt3;Ur rll"4' ra;'ufi ,b ;--r u* -^s 6[ rt.iltJJlt .ilr,..l.rl:tr ok cpt 'tt1 'rs;i ttt F Jr qftrs.J;Kii )i'L'") ti'*ii'l qt'* oi* oi r+: ''rLilJ dLJ- J* **;r J! .rr'fir JJ-i +t* .*,}- 'p-r--"-'7t-b A J9 ;;alr #.,Kii rg-rJ.:-i-bts: ,;1111,l'r .3or;a gug;jJl .t-€."Jri ..:i;ri I s ,L.r")t )ii LJ--JI lj,! ;rulJ!,;"-Jlar,u ;$u;;-i ri 4ri c'5 t:1, iu*tr-;!r u A i5.,1;Jl ".n 4 ,,ri,riJra*i ..rit pi u .rlr-r*t .qt.-"";Jr;.,,rjlJi CrlJr &ii Jr-r),'ait 4^L"-* rij .Jt ijl g.ri.r'*. LS-,le.rca is;|J|c" d) J*/ ur--i ."/r^ilt ,fufr e..'.UtLy tt,-r.r.ltI u /6 ,J'i;-r(l ur"r ..r ,ef;.:fr.;o,.-i-,!t JI aiul 'o/i si Ci t' Jli J*Jl -roi ! r:'rJrJr;F Jt .r;i .'riJ,;.,."r'ati'lt"Jti":-r.rt*
  7. 7. ot-j} IJt" 12 -t'* t:y:t>> :JUJ|,*:Jt .rb <;t"r,ri>rglst 4 t-*r.,-9iS, .Gi; "iJ,i- .)-#l af W e*rrll ,j V tf r 3; r:,,t:.f*i t, L^trr 1)l-. ,A- ,-I^fctS;*.i ,f l-S 4aJ |4lf i!.,erJl lde- d!, trr{t5 ar.jtJ .-:j :JUa,"lioLre !.1!J5 'y Qr* .A,"-ZJI;* 4^Jtrl y oUJl C-- - I f ,-f ) .f-ed "t- *ti cil, $ dt .Sf dl a-t*> .:,,l.,pri trli ;r-l-rJl i_r e j ,p rlJt 3 cti 7!t-2 .q..aJr a)Jr d.J .'J-r^iillt:y4 |^ll c t-{.:Ju,r c.;i 2J .eUt--x,"i ,u a*. ill 4-L*11 .rU"p!l: a-L.ll .rln+Jl :a-*n v.Jl .{.4*r'ii drlF.:jtJ .<Ggb l-+ c-rL lj! U LJit- ,ro, Y ;f .Cf. S .t;!r + ,_/>)t;.. ihrlt 'S *f i;t .t,r*.ll#i;ft .r*t' -F oi, :r)L^-f,j J,KJ <,.rtr'^:,11,t, c' o"qui'**r i-jlT 1&nlrria d ojj";r jtr ti--.l.l't;> 'l}b Cf q;r .tcta;lt #Ut +,tt 06J .ttla$J Ey' c, 'rf, ,e.lJ^:JtTrJrsiJieUSr'r .JS!t1l.1,r!t;arlt cr-- Jr+ir ir;:fr c-4 ,q.*t*, .tr{C49ltJlAjj;4ytiz;-1t;1L-e.3 .og#(l n.ij GfJrii*,- .ir":lll rtJlt i.a,*+t .fr.-I tiy; a;i Jt* d djU *^bi rijt ;o;tr/t f o-p +JrJ,._.praltL9 f^: fS .f il*Ult 65.rJ[, Jt .rer' .ii ,,+ cr*---T,,s*r,i-J"L!t -r-i aa-.-- ri..o.[Jl,r4tJ c= q-rJtr Jqtr et-U e o1--av , r;(a ts *l,!t t:J-run.ria<J",ii ..J #rl" :^: ,rd)uj .n:ll lj.A,-i.a, .9iCu," ",J-l .;tfr $ J" rEJt "r; r/t a,Ju, Ltr)r XJr oi rJ ce,:r.It+ l-/:' J,iJrr.6f^ijr+>U; e__:* !! Jr|t q*" e il{jr.. 4tl.t as-^a; C#' dfij J! .-tr ,4 .i.j+r ornJ!
  8. 8. l3 J*s r-nf-l+;jtL + ;r4 "..t 1.,f4:, ,JUlg*+ t*> -r+1 0t(, ,J" "|.bi ;o d! ((a.4ijlest 5Jrl(rL-i> -rL.:i *) ,t"--LJt .Ft au &;;w a.-rilil.Er,,VI asil;n*LJrcL...-,!r)-fr) .(li-,& tlj nor:$ a-t"ttl ,Frlt ir' W,.lk:> tylb:*l ** $ l-/ti ,n rarllt-l V lt'ir*,.,rt"LJl.-rr**f ;,r- .dU:j; gr:!1i, '.-6l,.ie-:,tl ...,,yJ.Cr:Jl dr.l-6*l/l flr ,J.clfro fi Lu* r)ire I c! rr;:-l J' lt j' .l r ;1 .+*, l./JLy .fal';, ,* :yl & f urr $ 1j.a;ss:aJUJr;rt^lU k )t $*- (qr,lJri)lls e L*.4r:i1 ,-J! .<<Ll.;>-,5-*V .-|f "b ti.r;*'.r... Li -.,L l, .-*-'' ,j;lr t*6 s t rlf "/ Urii ,,5u,"Uif ylr ou-f lil :o--,oi ;r1 lfi:,6Jl lJ ri+ J'.AtJV;)t tF :e oq U+u;! L-t*>!J .J,d:i <r;,+ ,!.t*i g;Jt rlLilt ,;1t, -i&Jl i,oJ+-a Lr---a .:.,tiu 'P rr; 1 ooi;; iy );+l + u er ul-r t-jrle 4-.' ;i urY;i :4ah)t '.rl tlt"-i u;l {-i,t .,/ Ui .'!at-*ru;y ..ry-.',"hjl ux ;*-rJlou-Jt Ji ,L Ul-r.cio,r++i .x rl;"r4;-jJl s **si-r .(t;li v sj* oi F..rt*l.r o-i.e.r;,,y&A 'p a t2;;,, ,u-a ;p,*Jr *,-i.'i si "r*;1,r." Ui 1; JY;)l li* ,,!r, U.:g r*(';-11 ,iiF,*Jl dx,**Jl * *,+irjr .iJJi ji ,p J'Lu; - I .* is.* -t d .',-i-tr -ll"t JrL;; - | trl u5: r;*^Jr v *)f & ,rr----- es;+ J"{ q)Ul {.rtl .itr J! ,;** Ji aJr{.-{ CLt* "p1 ,oi.o- .dli? *ijt*l 'F,rt-,Jt "r Cr ci ,l i5 c-^{j,:Jlsf ,y .rY1L* r^. L*; r;* Jr t'.,l(,i u Cii et' J)l rra oj*t; .uK .f "fi * 6rl*, .:.,YG,.S i4l.r-
  9. 9. l5 Je"e/t lzl dd^e#l :}r$ 4rFl c;i ,o);ir.riV bf^J,fa! y'Lr'l c";i otr "t l a1.r9'i1 .iJJe,-f '!j 'oGIs'li &t eUt o-6 lrr I . . .+"dtfU ,*lrr ug;rr ,ru'^r)t *,# du""o 'ol-t Jt Ji .ri;ar .iito'!tfU r4.,.lrad uualt fttt 'rr-+ .:JJt"tJl ,s;i u.te W dzt $'r-''a;' tF Jl qg 4P eL,l ...'a; rili 1tr, reiiEf u:'J-v,rft ':J-t"'"tl Jl 'otf Jr*l ili .v,.ejl d/ Lll *Jl5'''r"='ail "'J"tl*ll d'-! f Ptt.i'tl ,rrai &;f'v irLi! d'L'ijf J1*r1',-ail of ,",*-" e6 iilt,|'l ti.:r1u;.,.li,iJt 'PP g, k-*it u€ 1 ,; Li a lru;1;raiJ!+rta'Jt Qj J7"1; 'r-; t* 1.t d u* a;'ilrfTr o'k*t 'si-ri Jt t'<-'" dl*il
  10. 10. trl.',lr ii}> 16 a-,rt4ltll E/J' Et+;.")r.14 tari6rtrg1.errJr*ett*1; ^t*t,,ioFtr f*eJtt*p g4i ."p."e&-/* !l "id LJ .ertr ;.r.r.tJlr[ty.*l * c,-r9:'*Jld q*i.,ult ,f ,ryS 3n lJ rt"arr4;.>! ,i*J' sl-;r .<r_r*!t.sf.-,.tr> ;JA+.tita;*J 4,A>2 Lt f J ((,JJ.z.*Jl.rri)i ,rr U ;",.a a.ailt oia ;,+,o-; U-(r- r.-aj,Jl;;'-Jr lib iriiJl -td-li q.:(1..li1U";-f cSiJt.-r!t ir*. -trG,, ..,rJl*.5 l.'Ln-ra -gift+-b: .9.6.*tr*r S -li,s ,U"* .rb oU;yr a---1rr-6jJl a;:3lr jr;lr dli -r^ ^+* c,---j*Jl-, ,, y,rb.-rL-) :i c-tJ ri :nn; -li qrr., +O .*,ll Jt-*;)l .j1J Ji .*,) ,riL{ tit -i-l r,;*i*:Jt * ot -/*.Ctt Ji .r-- ),8 q.;-.Ji f l$r) . . _lioru-r, a-rl*f tit*i-: g;.rLa:il**J -ri .-hj.;1t*-$ *-1j*:Jl>.:Uf d oJijL-r: ary1j,*rj,:Jt .,l npl: J.rtj,t Jlr":) .1p"rilt* cJi.r"rli3 .:+i gjJr <r..-a*Jtp. ,Sf Lryi ,f $fu-r *.{i,i CLAJrq2,*>1d;)U -,-j.dJllj,! .,j,Ji 1i grtlr ,ri{yr a-rLcc1ivwl JJtu" t,(] f "rU.l',Ll-pV ,# ;^;.li ti,XI Ji 6'^i'>,u.t*"". ,*o1 :|Jt 6i^-r,,[c .*JU "f: nit-i ;* ,--^Ll !;i *-,r, Jlt*r- t .ktt "-r!t lr.;j al1.rll1g^*t; c.,tilr;r)r Lt;,l ,-,-icJl f Jt4t tjl .l qli ,j.Ja:JlF- t-. J:i UrJ e,-Yl ,rt ;pJl .r;.cy.r.'Jf{Jl L,|; +-/-i py ...-,.;lJ yi 2ryi; .;f/J >* ,.l,r,.,4y .;!l .irJ"Jl,f 5lu-_a L-- jJi
  11. 11. 17 QaPl It .:,'l^lf; 6.:Hllewi, rt:iYlJ Fret ,bus .^)t)*)a"-t-!r 'll ..ot,al F o-bs ;i o*Lr-) a;', 4-! ,e:r Jl;rl.r;e .:lJ^.LJt .rJl l*l-J L-J ctrr)t fvl: uvll*!r, JLJI .Jr-(s ,*VJ 4,i.,arrJ (+-tr 'tl ..J*rlt q'*ls .:JUa,,t4:r -aJKlt 4.; ! .:rl,.rL" atJ &"*.i, Cr,:,.of *n U" ,;-nil!:J: r.:L-#l o.r.o 1l;l 4-t e,h U^,&r 6lt *r;i ii6 .+Ul {rtp Jd-:i .r^ <;.,,JjL-{ tJs>>s i,rJl *oG )J*p .;+it'r.. Gl ."orr[!1" +y-*^ d dt ...i)l .-lu*piF'., ,ro" .,jJt a:cL+-96;At gya3,l!, ;!j ],o *;rlt1 'P!-)r r;,-{i.dJU ,^*.r,8;;-p l.AI .*J"lt o.u 6ipflt .rlitrr-cll J^*n ,*,-i-dJt*b .*-.*t .:LI-LJarLd-Yt Ji .J.nfa V fu ts .>ty'', 1r**r J "W V)J ,<),-iU 4i4i)Lry oU-rp .,-1pJl til e*;.f w+j-uJl.;e kLt- -+"a+ f.6 Y Jt"J';r L/' lj,! .r"rU 6Ji c,Uhf"Jt;r(.J ,nr>.t!r ,i U;t;11io.-t^Jl;r fQ!_r rt+)t cl a.alt4to+)s.:.,i,.$t *it ,*, -t;.,1 *r-1 -^,_i*;Jt ,J,bi ,*4-i,Jl .-.- ot*; Jl dq*i ,!r "fus ,*-o)tJ i yl .iU:-.-. arE t il* .. Lila yJ r,oi<1 jl;rYl )li rc.i,,c)[;*U *S 4..aj*rit a.r-> 2VS .6! .ry't i)v-;."- g)-.**Yr c, :17 -li {l *-., a-_r 6i rrJ rt.r'--!t b,.r.: Jl L,*jl J"El 'k+
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