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Jenkins X Lessons Learned as OSS Contributor


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Jenkins X Lessons Learned as OSS Contributor

  1. 1. Jenkins X: Lessons LearnedFrom an Open Source Community Member Point of View Mauricio Salatino @Salaboy / @Learnk8s / @Camunda / @ZeebeHQ
  2. 2. Bleeding Edge Tech Stack
  3. 3. Multi Cloud Providers Support
  4. 4. Built in the Open
  5. 5. When moving from Monoliths to Kubernetes ● You need to deal with more moving pieces ● You are now in charge of releasing more components ● You need to have well established practices to move fast Accelerate (high performing teams)
  6. 6. • Build Packs & Quick Starts • GitOps • Service Pipelines Convention over Configuration
  7. 7. • BuildPacks will recognize your kind of project and: • Decorate your project with extra resources such as: Dockerfile + Helm Chart • Create Default pipeline that can build and deploy your project • Quickstarts allows you to extend these decoration and default pipelines with your domain specific requirements • This allows your teams to create their conventions on top of Jenkins X BuildPacks & Quickstarts
  8. 8. GitOps + Helm for Environments
  9. 9. Service Pipelines (Jenkins X + Tekton)
  10. 10. Complex Example / Post Hello World “From Monolith To Kubernetes” Webinar 26th Nov