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Bronze sponsor package

  1. 1. 1) Bronze sponsor package:-Printing sponsor’s corporate logo on COMET’s publications (Flyers, Brochures,Notes, Posters and banners)-Distributing the sponsor’s flyers and brochures during the 3 ceremonies.-The sponsor is offered to insert any promotional materials orpublications inside the delegates’ welcome packages.-representing brand name in the sponsor sector in comet’s website. 2)Silver sponsor package:-Silver sponsor package will include all the previous benefits and in addition,Some extra benefits which are:-Sponsor’s logo will be printed on our magazine’s cover.-Any COMET mails and messages that will be sent to our 5000 subscribers oncomet website, fan page, face book group and twitter will be ended with oursponsor’s brand name.-Comet provides your reputable organization with a highly qualified data basecontaining more than 600 students.-Displaying a sampling stand beside COMET’s booths.-Surveys can be distributed through COMET booths and in the 3 ceremonies. 2) Golden sponsor package:
  2. 2. Golden sponsor package will include all the previous benefits and in addition,some extra benefits which are:-Displaying sponsor’s banner in the main conference hall, 3 ceremonies andbeside COMET’s booth.-Representing sponsor’s logos in the sponsor’s sector on COMET’s website-The sponsors are offered to publish an advertisement for their organizations inCOMET’s magazine.-Sponsors are offered to recruit during COMET’s delegates’ recruitment, conducta presentation and fill in applications.-Sponsors can place a recruitment booth in front of faculty of commerce Englishsection for his needed period after the acceptance of the international branchrepresentative.-The sponsors’ recruitment website will be posted in the sponsors sector onCOMET’s website.-Sponsors are invited to held 1 seminars in Cairo university campus around itsindustry and topic agreed upon.- The sponsors’ logo will be printed on our magazine cover.-The sponsors recorded advertisement or interviews would take place amongCOMET’s radio station programs on 3) Main sponsor package :
  3. 3. Main sponsor package will include all the previous benefits and in addition, someexclusive benefits which are:-Printing the corporate logo on the organizing committee members’ ID.-Printing the sponsors’ corporate logo on the delegates’ welcome packages.(bags, folders…etc).-Representing short ads through the LCDs in COMET booth, 3 ceremonies andsessions.-Sponsors logo displayed in one full slide in COMET’s documentary-Representing hyperlink in the sponsors’ sector on COMET’s website-The color theme of each sponsor page will be according to its logos color.-The sponsors are offered to publish an article for their organization in COMET’smagazine.-Sponsors are offered to make a speech in the ceremonies attended by VIPs andcovered by media coverage.-The sponsors’ logo will display in COMET’s article published by differentmagazines.-The sponsors’ name will be announced in out T.V channels or radio coverage.