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  1. 1. Photo Shoot Review(you are creative visual people…make this power point look moreinteresting!Unit 57: Photography andPhotographic PracticeTask 4 Selection of final images &review
  2. 2. Aim of ShootWhat I was trying to achieve was to give salfordquays that great morning look as theSun rises and it looks great. Looking at thisI feel like visiting salford quays early in theMorning because it excites me looking at thisAnd I want to see it in real life and people inGeneral would think the same thing. That wasmy plan to make people look at it in thatPerspective.
  3. 3. Description of shootTo get this image I did not really have to go throughmuch all I really did was stand right in front centre ofthe building and looked up at the building it looksfantastic in my opinion I was happy I got this shot.This image was take in salford keys the Lowry centrebuilding and I think it would be in the close upcategory. He shot was easily taken as I said before Idid not really have to go through much to get what Iwanted. I just took the shot I did not use any type ofsetting on the camera the only thing that I playedaround with, was the zoom and blur rotator which isheld a the front o the camera on the lens. What wentwell was lucky there were no rain at the time and itwas a beautiful day. The thing I have changed on thephoto was the exposure to get that brightness of thephoto so it can expose lightness wise and I also wentover the building with the same colour to make itblend and as you can obviously see there is a bigdifference in colour on the sky than from the originalphoto to get that look all I did was Brightness andContrastBeforeAfter
  4. 4. Contact Sheet
  5. 5. Selection of unedited images
  6. 6. Editing effects• The editing process I went through to make thefinal image Is easy I only change a few things itwasn’t that difficult or tedious it was fun working onPhotoshop so getting back to the subject what I didwas first I added exposure to the whole picture thensecondly I added brightness and contrast to thebuilding after going over the building with thepolygon tool, then thirdly I added brightness andcontrast to the sky to give it that nice blue blendedcolor and It looks great I am very happy about it. 1 23 4
  7. 7. Final Images•The strength and weakness of this photo given in my opinionI would think it is very strong I really love the image and I donot have a weakness for it I got what I wanted and deliveredit. If I had to pick one weakness then I would say it will be thebuilding that’s the only thing I would change to another goodlooking building. The image is really in focus I made sure ofthat when I took the picture and there is use of depth of fieldand as you can see the sky looks like it is very close to thebuilding or the other way round. The composition is good Iwanted it to look like this I did not want to be in the middle ofthe building I wanted to be more on the right of the buildingwhich I was.
  8. 8. Editing effects• This one was easy just like the last image I wastalking about I only made two changes and theywere so simple and it made this image. What I didwas is inserted exposure in the full picture to makeit look bright and stand out then after that I thenadded brightness and contrast to give it thismorning sunrise look. Which I m extremely happyabout12
  9. 9. Final Images• The reason why I chosen to talk about this picture isbecause I actually like it, it stands out from the otherimages I have talked about I was happy that this wasthe final outcome of the picture during the editingbecause it looks great it reminds me of summertimeearly in the morning during sunrise and the birds aresinging that’s why this image appeals to me. The imageI will have to say is well in focus and I did not worry asmuch on the depth of field because it looks fine I did notthink about the depth on this shot I just took it like thatplay with the focus. The composition of the image is fineand straight and this is how I wanted to take it from thisangle. And I can see the rule of thirds by looking at theimage it splits into three sections.
  10. 10. Editing effectsDuring the editing of this picture it took a lot of timebecause there were a lot of things to go over onbecause it is a wide large photo with a lot of buildingsand objects in it such as… a canal, boat railing, poles,buildings, and the objects in the background. What I didduring the edits I started of with the exposure of thepicture during any photo edit I always star of with theexposure and that is because It makes the imagebrighter and stand out so it is best to expose the imagefirst thing before you do anything else. With the buildingsI used the polygon tool to go round the whole buildingcarefully and added color balance to it then I went overthe water with brightness and contrast to give it thatclear flat look. I did the same thing with the boat that Idid with the buildings I added color balance then I wentover the railing and added brightness and contrast. Soyes there were a lot of things needed to be done in thisimage and I finally got that dealt with.1 24
  11. 11. Final ImagesI like this picture but maybe I should of took more timeon it than I originally did I am not fully satisfied of theimage but it will work. The focus of the image is good Ialways have to make sure but it took time to get theimage right I too a variety of photos the same angle andhey kept on being blurred I think it was because thesetting was wrong on the camera so once I change thesetting and the problem was sorted out I finally got theimage that I wanted it was focussed. By looking at theimage I can spot the depth of field from the pole to thewater on the picture it looks like they are right next toeach other but when I was there when I took the image itwas not even close I can also see the rule of thirds andthe composition I am happy about.
  12. 12. Editing effects1 23Well the first thing I did was added exposure to theFull image then I used the polygon tool to go carefullyOver the building using the colour balance, BrightnessAnd contrast effect to give it this amazing look. With theSky all I did was brightness and contrast those threeEffect made this picture and I think it looks fantastic andClear.
  13. 13. Final Images• This is a really great photo it loos like a building innew York the way I exposed the building becauseof the darkness and lightness of the building. And Ilove it.• The focus of the image is great there is nothingwrong with that and the composition of the pictureis perfect it is not tilted its perfectly straight and Ican see the rule of third of this image it splits inthree sections when I rule it with my hand.
  14. 14. Capture log• Setting• Shutter Speed• Aperture• ISO
  15. 15. Editing effectsWhat I did to get the image to look like this was firstthings first I added exposure to the image then secondlyI used the shadow and highlight tool to literally give theimage to give it that sepia look. It looks outstanding andim happy about it.1 23
  16. 16. Final ImagesI really love this picture there is nothing wrong with it andI would not do anything to change this picture it is finethe way it is. There are no weaknesses. The image isdeeply in focus the rule of third applies in the image Ican see it as I measure it and the composition is lookinggreat so on top of all that I think it is a fantastic image.
  17. 17. Capture log• Setting• Shutter Speed• Aperture• ISO
  18. 18. Rejected ImagesThe reason why I rejected this imageWas because I did not think that it wasOn the same level as the otherImages that I have taken this oneThe composition was not right theCamera was badly angled andThe rule of third did not apply soBasically the problem was the wayThe camera was being hold.The reason why I rejected this pictureWas because it was terribly taken theProblem this time was not to do with the wayThe camera had been holed but it is to doWith the blurriness I took his image quickWithout double checking the camera was infocus so that’s what made this image notPresentable.This image was rejected because it looks soOut of focus and again I took this quickly Withoutdouble checking it was in focus that’s the reasonWhy I rejected it I could not edit and present thispicture.
  19. 19. Aims for next projectWhat I have learnt during this shoot was to pre-organise what I want from this shootand to take my time and always to double check every manoeuvre.The thing I would change when I do my next shoot to improve my images is again Iwould take a lot of time on what shot and keep it steady and focused then repeatagaing the same shot several times for each different shot I do.