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  1. 1. ! ! ! ! ! ! PIONEER JOURNEYS The Beijing Launch of Project Pengyou December 10, 2011
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
  3. 3. ! ! ! ! "#$%&'("&)*+$,-$#*!! Project Pengyou serves the global community of Americans who have lived and studied in China. We are a not-for-profit social venture building the alumni network of President Obama’s 100,000 Strong Initiative. Set up and operated without government funding, we are a prominent model of the public-private partnerships supporting the 100,000 Strong Initiative. Through this important and dynamic community, we seek to catalyze and carry forward the long-term goals of strengthening people-to-people relations between the United States and China.
  4. 4. ! !"#$%&''&!($ To cultivate a dynamic generation of stewards for US-China relations, and thus strengthen our collective capacity to build a more peaceful and functional shared future. !"#$)!#*$+*,&*-'$ ! We believe America and China hold the world's most important bilateral relationship ! We believe US-China relations carry tremendous economic value & global importance, but the relationship is highly complex, challenging & multi-faceted ! We believe Americans with frontline experiences in China are our most crucial and valuable asset in managing US-China ties ! We believe all American "China Alumni" can - and should - play a major role in pioneering a robust & mutually beneficial relationship between our two nations
  5. 5. PIONEER JOURNEYS DEC. 10, 2011 1 !"#$%&'(&)'*!%*!+& WELCOME .......................................................................... 2! SPEAKER PROFILES........................................................... 5! VENUE SPONSOR: TEMPLE THEATRE ............................ 15! CATERING SPONSOR: CULINARY CAPERS .................... 16! THE 100,000 STRONG INITIATIVE .................................... 18! BOOEY LEHOO ARTS WEEK & CONCERT ....................... 19! FEATURED EXCHANGE PROGRAMS ............................... 20! CORE TEAM PROFILES .................................................... 27! ABOUT GOLDEN BRIDGES............................................... 29! OUR SUPPORTERS .......................................................... 30! SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES..................................... 31! 6 WAYS YOU CAN GET INVOLVED................................... 33! GUEST LIST ...................................................................... 34! PENGYOU QUESTS .......................................................... 37! !"#$%&'(&$)*+&%,#&-#+*./"&01+)2#$%/&3 ............................37! !"#$%&4(&5/)+&"$&/+6)+#&3 ....................................................37! !"#$%&7(&8/&%,#&9,)+1&:#16)%.&-:/5#9%&3 ............................37! !"#$%&;(&:#9/:8&1&-#+*./"&$,/"%/"%&3............................37!
  6. 6. PIONEER JOURNEYS DEC. 10, 2011 2 ,%$)'-% December 10, 2011 Dear Friends, Tonight is the start of something big. This evening, we gather in Beijing to launch Project Pengyou - a global alumni community of Americans who have lived and studied in China. We are no ordinary community. We are pioneers. Each one of us took a life-changing journey across thousands of miles: to seek adventure; to push our boundaries; to thrive in a challenging environment, and to be at the frontlines of the US-China relationship. Project Pengyou celebrates and supports this important group of people. We are the stewards of this extraordinary relationship. Tonight, our Guest of Honor, U.S. Ambassador Gary Locke will address the American alumni community as essential partners in the missions of Project Pengyou and the 100,000 Strong Initiative. Our program will also feature a select group of speakers who will share their amazing US-China stories. This is just the beginning. Join us. WELCOME
  7. 7. PIONEER JOURNEYS DEC. 10, 2011 3 %.%*/*0&"0%*1"& 6:00 2%0/+!2"!/'* Hors D’oeuvres & Wine, & 34%+!+ ! 7:00 Guests to take seats 7:15 ,%$)'-%&2%-"25+ Opening Speech by Guest of Honor: 0"26&$')5%, &&&4+&"-#"++"1'2&!'&)7/*"& 7'$$6&)7"*08 Founder of Project Pengyou 9'7*&(/!:0%2"$1, Director of Ford Foundation 9"+'*&;"!%*!< Director of Hopkins-Nanjing Center $'2%!!"&%."*+8 U Penn Alumni Leader, Gartrell "$$"*&,4, Introducing “Booey Lehoo” Music Performance by Tavey Lin & Lori Chao 8:20 10 minute break 8:30 )72/+&)'';%2, Principal, Deloitte & Touche )"$./*&)7/*, Entrepreneur, Co-founder Transist %."*&'+*'+, Journalist, The New Yorker 5"/+%2&54', International Communications Director, 7'$$6&)7"*0 - Announce raffles prize winner 9:30 Alumni Networking + !7%&%*1 EVENING AGENDA
  8. 8. PIONEER JOURNEYS DEC. 10, 2011 4 %=>&9'42*%6&?@&A&B=?CDAEF&GHI>D&& <=>?&@ABCD&JHB=&A&+/*0$%&+!%;K& & EE&$"'&!+4&EE&
  9. 9. PIONEER JOURNEYS DEC. 10, 2011 5 +;%"5%2&;2'(/$%+& GUEST OF HONOR Gary Locke assumed duty on August 13, 2011 as the 10th US Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China. Previously, Ambassador Locke served as the Secretary of Commerce where he helped implement President Obama's ambitious agenda to turn around the economy and put people back to work. As the administration’s point person for achieving the President’s National Export Initiative, he presided over a 17 percent increase in exports from 2009 to 2010, while exports to China saw a 32 percent increase. Before his appointment to the President’s Cabinet, Ambassador Locke served two terms as Governor of Washington, the nation’s most trade-dependent state. He expanded the sale of Washington products and services by leading 10 productive trade missions to Asia, Mexico and Europe. During the eight years of the Locke administration, Washington State gained 280,000 jobs despite two national recessions. As both Governor and Commerce Secretary, Locke’s innovations in government efficiency, customer focus, and +AG>F&& *1:.&6/9L#& & *>EF>MF& 0AI>& & -M?@>DDH?E(&&"$&1GNADDAF?M&B?&9=HEA& & SPEAKER PROFILES
  10. 10. PIONEER JOURNEYS DEC. 10, 2011 6 priority based budgeting, as well as successful and under- budget management of high risk initiatives, have won him acclaim by nationally recognized authors and organizations, including Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. Along with his longstanding commitment to public service, Ambassador Locke has extensive experience working with China. As Secretary of Commerce, he co-chaired two sessions of the U.S.-China Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade that resulted in important changes to Chinese trade policy, helping to level the playing field for U.S. businesses exporting to and operating in China. As Governor of Washington, he successfully strengthened economic ties between China and Washington State, more than doubling the state's exports to China to over $5 billion per year. As a partner in the Seattle office of the international law firm, Davis Wright Tremaine LLP, he co-chaired the firm's China practice. Ambassador Locke is the first Chinese-American to serve as Ambassador to China, as Secretary of Commerce and as Governor. His grandfather emigrated from China to Washington State, initially finding employment as a servant, working in exchange for English lessons. His father, also born in China, was a small business owner, operating a grocery store where Ambassador Locke worked while receiving his education from Seattle's public school system. Ambassador Locke earned a bachelor's degree in political science from Yale University and a law degree from Boston University. He is married to Mona Lee Locke and they have three children together: Emily, Dylan, and Madeline. . SPEAKER PROFILES
  11. 11. PIONEER JOURNEYS DEC. 10, 2011 7 Holly Chang is a Chinese-American social entrepreneur, and the founder of Project Pengyou. In 2007, she invested her life savings to establish the Golden Bridges Foundation to promote mutual understanding between China and the US through charitable projects. Over the past four years, Holly has served over 100 nonprofit organizations in China as a cross-cultural program accelerator and capacity builder, playing a vital role in projects including the China Youth Delegation to the UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen, the launch of the China Foundation Center, and the Great Green Initiative facilitating 300 simultaneous climate youth events across China on 10/10/10. Previously, Holly was a plant engineer at United Parcel Service, working on fast-tracked projects budgeted over US$1b. Holly entered college at the age of 16 and received a BS Civil Engineering and BS Psychology from the University of Kentucky and an MBA with focus on the China market from Bellarmine University. +AG>(&&& & ,/66.&9,1+*& & *>EF>M(&& & 2>GAI>& & -M?@>DDH?E(&&9=H>@&->EOP?C& & -M>DHF>EB<&%=>&*?IF>E&QMHFO>D& 2?CEFABH?E& & & SPEAKER PROFILES
  12. 12. PIONEER JOURNEYS DEC. 10, 2011 8 John Fitzgerald is the Country Representative of the Ford Foundation's office in Beijing. He is charged with developing the overall strategy and direction of the foundation's work in China, which emphasizes opportunities for poor and marginal communities to participate fully and equally in China's development. His individual grant making focuses on U.S.-China relations and civil society issues, aiming to build new-generation US-China expertise, and to support Chinese institutions in strengthening domestic infrastructure for the lawful development of civil society. Prior to his current position, John was Director of the International Center of Excellence in Asia-Pacific Studies at the Australian National University in Canberra. He served as a member of the Australia-China Council of the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and as chairman of the Committee for National and International Cooperation of the Australian Research Council. He also served as president of the Chinese Studies Association of Australia. John is the author of several China-related books, including The Big White Lie: Chinese Australians in White Australia (2007) and Awakening China: Politics, Culture and Class in the Nationalist Revolution (1998). +AG>(&& 5/,+&2)%R*#:168<&-=K8& & *>EF>M(&& 0AI>& & -M?@>DDH?E(&&9=HEA&:>SM>D>EBABHT>&?@&&& & & B=>&2?MF&2?CEFABH?E& & SPEAKER PROFILES
  13. 13. PIONEER JOURNEYS DEC. 10, 2011 9 As the Nanjing-based American Co-Director of Hopkins-Nanjing Center, Jason is responsible for the management of the Center’s affairs along with the Chinese Co-Director, as well as the administration of the recently established master’s program, the first Sino-U.S. M.A. degree accredited in both countries. Professor Patent received his B.A. in East Asian studies from Harvard University in 1990, an M.A. in East Asian studies from Stanford University in 1994 and a Ph.D. in linguistics from the University of California, Berkeley in 2003. Jason’s 20-plus years of China-related experience began after college when he first taught English in the far northeast industrial city of Qiqihar. Since that time, his work has spanned the education, nonprofit and business sectors. He later lived in Guangzhou, Chengdu and Beijing—where in 2004, he became the inaugural director of Stanford University’s Overseas Studies Program based at Peking University. While with the Stanford program, he also taught courses on language and culture and conducted scholarly research. In 2007, Jason transitioned to the private sector, where he worked as a management consultant for Gap International. Prior to joining the Hopkins-Nanjing Center, Jason most recently served as VP of communications and marketing for Orchestrall, Inc., a Philadelphia-based China market entry company. +AG>(&& 51$/+&-1%#+%<&-=K8& & *>EF>M(&& 0AI>& & & -M?@>DDH?E(&&8HM>UB?M<&,?SVHEDW+AEXHEO&& 9>EB>M& & SPEAKER PROFILES
  14. 14. PIONEER JOURNEYS DEC. 10, 2011 10 Loretta Evans was born in Philadelphia and grew up in Media, Pennsylvania. She completed a MS degree in Executive Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania in 1995. She has been in Beijing for over six years working in geophysics dealing with near surface modeling and began a start up company to develop a new infrastructure for the Oil and Gas industry in 2010. Loretta spent many years working in Engineering, Project Management, Information Technology, Sales and Marketing at Amtrak (the National Railroad Passenger Corporation) and the telecommunications giant, Verizon, until 2003. She then started a new life in China where she taught Software Engineering and Data and Computer Communications at SooChow University and was the director of international marketing for a Chinese telecommunications company (in Suzhou). After leaving Penn, Loretta graduated from The George Washington University in 2003 with a Doctor of Science degree in Engineering Management and a minor in International Science and Technology Policy from the Elliott School. Loretta continues to publish and present papers in her field of Engineering Management at international conferences and around China. +AG>(&&& 6/:#%%1&#Y1+$<&$UK8& & *>EF>M(&& 2>GAI>& & -M?@>DDH?E(&&& 1ICGEH&6>AF>M<&->EE&9ICN& ?@&Q>HXHEO& & -M>DHF>EB<&*AMBM>II&*M?CS&& & SPEAKER PROFILES
  15. 15. PIONEER JOURNEYS DEC. 10, 2011 11 Chris Cooper is a Principal in the Silicon Valley office of Deloitte & Touche, working in the transaction services M&A team and he is also one of the firm’s leaders of their China Services Group specializing in Private Equity and TMT deals. Over the past 22 years, Chris has worked on a variety of business and financial advisory projects with an emphasis on China inbound investment and TMT, including telecoms, software and internet deals. Chris has advised, and in most cases led, hundreds of M&A diligence transactions of all sizes. In 1994, Chris relocated to China where he assisted various multinational companies in developing their China investment strategy. Chris also returned to Beijing in 2005 to focus on PE and U.S. inbound investment. Chris has deep experience in various aspects of doing business and M&A in China. Chris leads our annual China/HK PE Confidence Survey and he is very close to the PE and VC community in China and in the Bay Area. In 2010 Chris Cooper joined the board of directors of the Golden Bridges Foundation. +AG>(&&& 9,:)$&9//-#:& & *>EF>M(&& 0AI>& & -M?@>DDH?E(&&& -MHEUHSAI<&8>I?HBB>&Z%?CU=><&& & Q?AMF&0>GN>M<&*?IF>E& QMHFO>D&2?CEFABH?E& & SPEAKER PROFILES
  16. 16. PIONEER JOURNEYS DEC. 10, 2011 12 Calvin is a cofounder of Transist (, a Shanghai based startup accelerator operating at the intersection between technology and social impact. He was previously founder and CEO of Qifang, China's first online student loan service and the first Chinese company recognized by the WEF as a Technology Pioneer. He has previously worked in entrepreneurial and leadership roles in education, banking and technology startups in New York, Silicon Valley and Shanghai. Calvin serves as an investor, advisor, lecturer and mentor to students, entrepreneurs and startups on strategy, fundraising and social responsibility, social innovation and social entrepreneurship. He is a Social Innovation Park Fellow, was named 2009 Chinese Business Leader of the Year by Horasis and Baker & McKenzie and one of Fast Company magazine's 100 Most Creative People In Business for 2011. Calvin is a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader and serves on its Global Agenda Council on Social Innovation. He has an MBA from TRIUM (NYU, LSE, HEC Paris), a B.A. from Yale University and has also studied social entrepreneurship, global leadership and other management and policy subjects at Harvard University Kennedy School of Government and INSEAD. +AG>(&&& 916Y)+&9,)+& & *>EF>M(&& 0AI>& & -M?@>DDH?E(&&& 9?W@?CEF>M<&%MAEDHDB& & SPEAKER PROFILES
  17. 17. PIONEER JOURNEYS DEC. 10, 2011 13 Evan Osnos is an award-winning journalist, currently serving as the China Correspondent at The New Yorker magazine. He has lived in Beijing since 2005 and profiled many of China’s leading cultural figures. Some of his other pieces have chronicled young Chinese neo-conservatives, the ups and downs of tycoons, and the inner workings of the media. Previously, he worked as the Beijing bureau chief of the Chicago Tribune, where he contributed to a series that won the 2008 Pulitzer Prize for investigative reporting. Evan has received the Asia Society’s Osborn Elliott Prize for Excellence in Journalism on Asia, and prizes from the Overseas Press Club, the Society of Professional Journalists, and elsewhere. He has worked as a correspondent for ’Frontline,’ the public-television series. Evan was born in London and educated at Harvard University. Before his appointment in China, he worked in the Middle East, reporting mostly from Iraq. +AG>(&&& #Y1+&/$+/$& & *>EF>M(&& 0AI>& & -M?@>DDH?E(&&& 5?CMEAIHDB<&9=HEA& 9?MM>DS?EF>EB<&%=>&+>J& .?MV>M&0AOA[HE>& & SPEAKER PROFILES
  18. 18. PIONEER JOURNEYS DEC. 10, 2011 14 Kaiser Kuo is director of international communications for Baidu, , China’s leading search engine. He is best known as a writer, rock musician, and commentator on technology, society, and politics. Kaiser spent two years as China bureau chief for the tech business magazine Red Herring. In January 2007, he took a position as director of digital strategist for Ogilvy China. Prior to joining Baidu, Kaiser served as consultant for international business and media relations for A 15-year resident of Beijing, Kaiser was co-founder of China’s first and most successful heavy metal band, Tang Dynasty, and remains active in the Chinese music scene as lead guitarist of Mandarin metal band Chunqiu (Spring & Autumn). Kaiser hosts the popular Sinica Podcast, a weekly discussion of current affairs in China. He is a frequent guest on CCTV’s Dialogue, and speaks frequently on topics related to the Chinese Internet. From 2001 to 2011, he wrote a monthly column in Beijing’s premiere English- language magazine, The Beijinger. An anthology of columns titled Ich Bin Ein Beijinger was published in June 2009. He has been twice named one of the global top 100 Twitter users by Foreign Policy magazine. Kaiser received a BA in Political Science from UC Berkeley (1988), and an MA in East Asian Studies from the University of Arizona (1992). He lives in Beijing with his wife and two young children. +AG>(&&& L1)$#:&L"/& & *>EF>M(&& 0AI>& & -M?@>DDH?E(&&& )EBI&9?GGCEHUABH?ED& 8HM>UB?M<&QAHFCKU?G<&& & :?UV&0CDHUHAE& SPEAKER PROFILES
  19. 19. PIONEER JOURNEYS DEC. 10, 2011 15 .%*4%&+;'*+'2F&!%-;$%&!7%"!2%&& The !A<GHA&!IAJ?KA&L:IADBMCNCO is a state-protected cultural relic built during the Ming Dynasty with 300 years of history. It is currently used as an active Peking Opera House, with weekly performances on Fridays and Saturdays. Zhengyici also provides a historic and unique venue for special events. During the Ming Dynasty, Zhengyici was used as a temple to pay worship to the Buddhist god of fortune. In 1667 Zhejiang investors decided to convert the temple into a guildhall for important town gatherings. In 1712, Zhengyici’s facilities were expanded to include a theatre and great hall, a back chamber and also an extended corridor. Zhengyici was subsequently utilized for large spring and autumn gatherings, to pray for blessings, and give offerings to the gods in the form of festive food, drink and musical performances. Zhengyici is China’s first and only wholly intact wooden structure theatre. As such, the Zhengyici is a State-protected cultural relic. Zhengyici was restored from disrepair in 1998 to its current form, and is currently owned and managed by the ‘7*"& 6JPAA& /D?AKDJ?CQDJH& ;AKRQK<CDB& "K?>& )Q<GJDMS, a member of the 7JCDJD& "CKHCDA& TCDI=J& )=H?=KA& 0KQ=G. The main responsibilities of this group are to preserve and promote Chinese culture while providing excellent services inline with the Hainan Airlines brand. EVENT SPONSOR
  20. 20. PIONEER JOURNEYS DEC. 10, 2011 16 )"!%2/*0&+;'*+'2F&)4$/*"26&)";%2+! Culinary Capers Beijing is an award-winning world-class catering services provider. No event is too big and no detail is too small for the talented professionals at Culinary Capers. Their signature style and delicious cutting-edge cuisine truly set them apart locally, while their experience enables them to consistently deliver world-class catered events time and time again. EVENT SPONSOR
  21. 21. PIONEER JOURNEYS DEC. 10, 2011 17 & & & EE&7/$$"26&)$/*!'*&EE& 4+&+%)2%!"26&'(&+!"!%& ]QCHIFHEO&AE&%((%)!/.%&AEF&2'#4+!& "$4-*/&)'--4*/!6&?@&1G>MHUAED& J=?&=AT>&@HMDBW=AEF&>^S>MH>EU>&HE& 9=HEA&JHII&N>&A&)2/!/)"$&U?GS?E>EB& B?&>EDCMHEO&B=>&UVV8VVV&+!2'*0& /*/!/"!/.%&")7/%.%+&/!+&0'"$+& ?T>M&B=>&I?EOWB>MGK_&
  22. 22. PIONEER JOURNEYS DEC. 10, 2011 18 & !7%&UVV8VVV&+!2'*0&/*/!/"!/.%& Project Pengyou is building the alumni network of the 100,000 Strong Initiative. Citing the strategic importance of the U.S.-China relationship, President Barack Obama announced the “100,000 Strong” initiative in November 2009 to dramatically increase the number of American students studying in China. This national effort seeks to prepare the next generation of American experts on China who will be charged with managing the growing political, economic and cultural ties between the United States and China. The initiative also seeks to increase opportunities and funding sources for underrepresented students to study in China. The “100,000 Strong” Initiative is a public-private partnership, relying fully on private sector philanthropic support to direct funds to existing U.S.-China exchange programs that are in the process of expanding their programs. The Chinese government has shown full support for the 100,000 Strong Initiative, and has committed 20,000 additional “Bridge Scholarships” for American students to study in China. For more information, please contact Carola McGiffert at Ms. McGiffert is a Senior Advisor to the Assistant Secretary of State for East Asia and the Pacific, and Director of the 100,000 Strong Initiative. Website: & THE 100,000 STRONG INITIATIVE
  23. 23. PIONEER JOURNEYS DEC. 10, 2011 19 #''%6&$%7''&"2!+&,%%5&W&)'*)%2!& Project Pengyou is proud to support “Booey Lehoo” Concert + Arts Week. The Booey Lehoo Concert + Arts Week is a celebration of cultural exchange and collaboration. In December, from the 10th-17th, Booey Lehoo will host a week of athletic and artistic events that showcase the talents of Chinese and American athletes and artists in support of the 100,000 Strong Initiative. These events put athletes and artists together to show what’s possible when Chinese and Americans work together. The week includes: - 16 x 16 Basketball Tourney - Inklings! Conversation with Authors - Project Pengyou: Pioneer Journeys An alumni reception - Dance! An evening anthology of dance - Harmonies! Chinese + Western Chamber Music - Chicago Live! Blues & Jazz Direct from the Windy City - Play! Theater shorts with Cheeky Monkey The week culminates with the star-studded concert at National Indoor Stadium on December 17 featuring XCHHYCYJ<, JGHYZAYJG, +I=D[J, 9QID&$ABADZ, +J&1CDBZCDB, and )Q)Q&$AA. For more information, a full listing of events, and to buy tickets, please visit: BOOEY LEHOO
  24. 24. PIONEER JOURNEYS DEC. 10, 2011 20 (%"!42%1&%T)7"*0%&;2'02"-+&& We encourage you to be a champion for living and studying in China, and help us meet the goals of the 100,000 Strong Initiative! Reach out to friends at home, inspire them to take a life-changing journey to China! Here are some featured exchange programs and service providers for study in China. The Hanban/Confucius Institute Headquarters is a Chinese public institution affiliated with the Chinese Ministry of Education. Hanban is committed to providing Chinese language & cultural teaching resources & services worldwide, contributing to the global development of cultural diversity and the building of a harmonious world. In support of the 100,000 Strong Initiative, Hanban is awarding 20,000 Bridge Scholarships over the next four years through Confucius Institutes in the US, covering all in-country costs for 20,000 Americans to study in China. Starting with summer 2011 programs, these scholarships will be available to high school, college, or graduate level students, as well as teachers and educators. Interested students and educators should apply to the nearest Confucius Institute. For a list of locations and further information, visit: EXCHANGE PROGRAMS
  25. 25. PIONEER JOURNEYS DEC. 10, 2011 21 & & & Founded in 2008, Americans Promoting Study Abroad (APSA) is a non-profit that brings high school students from the United States to China for life changing study abroad programs on full scholarship. APSA’s mission is to create global education opportunities for youth in underserved communities in the US, and to empower the youth of today to change the world of tomorrow by learning to cooperate, collaborate, and innovate across national borders. Initiated by Americans who have studied, lived and worked in China, APSA is leveraging its time and resources to organize the ‘Booey Lehoo’ Concert and Arts Week from December 10-17 to help fundraise for the 100,000 Strong Initiative. & EXCHANGE PROGRAMS
  26. 26. PIONEER JOURNEYS DEC. 10, 2011 22 EducationUSA China is an official, trusted source of information for the U.S. higher education community interested in student and faculty exchange and institutional partnership-building throughout mainland China. Based in the Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy in Beijing, EducationUSA offers online and mobile advising to Chinese students and their parents through, Chinese social media, and through outreach programs coordinated with each of the U.S. Consulates. EducationUSA China Program Managers serve all of Mainland China by offering online and mobile advising. The office of EducationUSA China is the only one of its kind throughout mainland China. EXCHANGE PROGRAMS
  27. 27. PIONEER JOURNEYS DEC. 10, 2011 23 The Fulbright Program is the flagship international educational exchange program sponsored by the U.S. government and is designed to “increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries.” With this goal as a starting point, the Fulbright Program has provided almost 300,000 participants—chosen for their academic merit and leadership potential — with the opportunity to study, teach and conduct research, exchange ideas and contribute to finding solutions to shared international concerns. The China Fulbright Scholar Program is open to American scholars in the social sciences and humanities who are encouraged to share their expertise with Chinese scholars, students and policy makers for a semester or an academic year. For the teaching and teaching/research awards, there is a particular interest in scholars with expertise in disciplines related to the study of the U.S. such as American literature and American history and in law. Academic year awards begin in August 2012 and semester awards begin in August 2012 or February 2013. Fulbright Scholar grants in China include a salary supplement stipend that brings the total stipend up to a maximum of $50,000 for one semester and $100,000 for an academic year. EXCHANGE PROGRAMS
  28. 28. PIONEER JOURNEYS DEC. 10, 2011 24 Established in 2008, Teach For China is inspired by the vision that one day, all Chinese children will have access to a quality education. Teach For China takes a unique approach to eliminating educational inequity by enlisting the US and China’s most promising future leaders in the effort. In partnership with the global network Teach For All, Teach For China recruits, selects, trains, and supports outstanding US and Chinese graduates to work side-by-side to deliver an excellent education in high poverty, rural Chinese communities. Teach For China is the first and only organization to partner young leaders from the US and China in an extended service initiative. In the short-term, Teach For China’s Fellows are placed in full- time, two-year teaching commitments at under-resourced schools, where they meet the pressing need for exceptional educators. During their terms of service, U.S. and Chinese Fellows are provided with a highly meaningful platform for protracted and intense collaboration, working side-by-side to improve their students’ educational prospects. In the long-term, Teach For China supports its alumni – equipped with the experience, conviction, and insight that comes from leading children to fulfill their potential – to be a force for change, working from across sectors to expand educational opportunity. EXCHANGE PROGRAMS
  29. 29. PIONEER JOURNEYS DEC. 10, 2011 25 Zinch is an online social network that connects students with opportunities in scholarships, colleges and graduate schools via a comprehensive student profile that is not just based on a simple test score alone. In May 2011, Zinch launched a specific website for Americans interested in studying in China. Announced in conjunction with the China-US Strategic & Economic Dialogue in Washington, DC, the site called “Zinch Study in China” is a free, interactive community that connects American students interested in learning Chinese with China-based language programs, recent alumni of these programs, and experts on studying Chinese and living in China. The site also provides comprehensive advice about preparing to travel to China and how to make the most of the time spent there. Built and operated without government funding, the site is an example of the public-private partnerships that support President Obama’s “100,000 Strong Initiative”, which aims to bring more American students to China. EXCHANGE PROGRAMS
  30. 30. PIONEER JOURNEYS DEC. 10, 2011 26 & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & EE&$4/+&4#/"+&EE& ;2%+/1%*!&'(&!7%&('21&('4*1"!/'*&& ])BD&ANCEFAEBIP&UI>AM&B=AB&B=>&CD>& ?@&!%)7*'$'06&('2&+')/"$&0''1& JHII&E?B&GAB>MHAIH[>&DS?EBAE>?CDIP<& AEF&HB&HD&NP&E?&G>AED&A&U>MBAHEBPK&)B& JHII&=ASS>E&'*$6&/(&,%&-"5%&"& 1%$/#%2"!%&%(('2!&B?&>ETHDH?E&A& M?I>&@?M&B>U=E?I?OP&HE&AFTAEUHEO& D?UHAI&O??F<&AEF&B=>E&F>IHN>MAB>IP& J?MV&!'&(4$(/$$&!7"!&./+/'*_&
  31. 31. PIONEER JOURNEYS DEC. 10, 2011 27 )'2%&!%"-&;2'(/$%+& 7'$$6& )7"*0 is the “Chief Pengyou” of Project Pengyou, and President of the Golden Bridges Foundation, which she founded in 2007. Please see full profile under speakers section. & $/$$6&5"- is originally from Chicago, IL. She attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where she received two B.S. degrees in Management Science & Comparative Media Studies. After graduating in 2004, Lilly first came to China to work at a tech startup company in Shanghai, developing innovative English-teaching software for native Chinese speakers. In 2010, Lilly moved to Beijing to study Chinese Language at Tsinghua University, and soon became a researcher at the Tsinghua-NetEase Center for New Media. Lilly is Vice President of the MIT Club of Beijing, and frequently organizes interschool activities with other universities’ alumni clubs. At Project Pengyou, Lilly is in charge of member outreach and online content, while playing a critical role in overall project management. TEAM PROFILES
  32. 32. PIONEER JOURNEYS DEC. 10, 2011 28 Faye Pu wears many hats at Golden Bridges and Project Pengyou as an operations manager, program manager and executive assistant. Faye was born and raised in Chengdu, Sichuan. She attended Beijing Language & Culture University on a national government scholarship, and while an undergraduate, she served as a leader at three major student organizations. Prior to Golden Bridges, Faye was hired by a state-owned-enterprise, and helped build three new business projects from scratch. George Ding was born in Beijing and moved to the suburbs of Washington D.C. at the age of four. He has a B.A. in Film Production and a minor in East Asian Languages and Cultures from the University of Southern California and received a Renaissance Scholars Prize upon graduation. In October of 2007, George took a two-month trip to Beijing and never left, working as a freelance writer and English teacher. He currently writes for Project Pengyou and is the back-page columnist of the Beijinger. TEAM PROFILES
  33. 33. PIONEER JOURNEYS DEC. 10, 2011 29 "#'4!&0'$1%*&#2/10%+& The Golden Bridges Foundation is a US-registered 501(c)(3) public charity founded in December 2007. Golden Bridges has a track record of pioneering innovative philanthropic and youth projects that engage American and Chinese organizations. Our mission is to enhance mutual understanding between America and China through charitable projects, while strengthening China’s nonprofit sector. Former projects include the mobilization of China’s first youth-led delegation of 50 Chinese youth to a UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen, facilitating 300 simultaneous grassroots climate action events across China in a single day (10-10-10), and the launch of the China Foundation Center promoting foundation transparency. Past projects have been supported by institutions such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Ford Foundation, Narada Foundation, and Nike, and have been reported on by Xinhua, China Daily, BBC, NPR, amongst other media outlets. We pride ourselves in cultivating a strong and entrepreneurial work culture that aligns eastern and western perspectives while promoting trust, innovation, and rapid growth. ABOUT GOLDEN BRIDGES
  34. 34. PIONEER JOURNEYS DEC. 10, 2011 30 & '42&+4;;'2!%2+& The Ford Foundation is the founding donor of Project Pengyou. In February 2011, the Ford Foundation provided a seed grant of $100,000 to support the launch of the online platform. Founded in 1936, the Ford Foundation is one of the world’s most prominent philanthropic institutions funding global projects that advance human welfare. 4+&+%)2%!"26&7/$$"26&)$/*!'*& & & & & Secretary Clinton wrote a personal support letter and announced the beta launch of Project Pengyou during the 2011 US-China Strategic & Economic Dialogues in Washington DC. “Project Pengyou can play an important role in supporting the spirit of community and friendship between the United States and China.” - HILLARY CLINTON OUR SUPPORTERS
  35. 35. PIONEER JOURNEYS DEC. 10, 2011 31 +;'*+'2+7/;&';;'2!4*/!/%+&& Project Pengyou’s efforts rely fully on private philanthropic donations. Working in partnership with the 100,000 Strong Initiative, and building the first nonprofit social media platform serving a dynamic and influential community of American “China Alumni”, we offer meaningful and powerful ways to engage donors who support our mission. & ;%*06'4&;"!2'*+&)$4#& "$&`4a<bbb& • Online recognition with photo / logo & link on Project Pengyou’s website as a ‘Pengyou Patron’ • Recognition on “Patron Wall” in Project Pengyou’s hutong courtyard, frequented by visitors and used for many events • Exclusive invitation to Project Pengyou’s annual donor and VIP only event UVV5&;%*06'4&)/2)$%& "$&`'bb<bbb& • All benefits listed above • At least one featured blog post on Project Pengyou • Mention on US State Department website and newsletter for 100,000 Strong Initiative • Exclusive VIP Access to every Project Pengyou event ;%*06'4&$4-/*"26& "$&`4ab<bbb& • All benefits listed above • At least one speaking opportunity at a major event • Prominent co-branding of new Pengyou feature / campaign • Customized partnership and branding opportunities SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES
  36. 36. PIONEER JOURNEYS DEC. 10, 2011 32 #A??AK&?Q&HCBI?&& '*%&+-"$$&)"*1$%&& ?IJD&?Q&N=K>A&?IA&ZJK]DA>>Y& & & EE&)7/*%+%&;2'.%2#&EE&
  37. 37. PIONEER JOURNEYS DEC. 10, 2011 33 ^&,"6+&6'4&)"*&0%!&/*.'$.%1& !&#%)'-%&"&;%*06'4&_& Join our Mission and sign up at !&+7"2%&6'42&+!'26&_ Submit your China photos and stories. Top entries will be published in a book presented to Hillary Clinton at the 2012 US- China Strategic and Economic Dialogues. !&2%"1&'42&#$'0&_ Find out what’s happening with US-China experts, organizations, projects and events. !&!"5%&'42&+42.%6&_ Did living in China change your life? Voice your opinion to support the future of US-China programs. !&$/5%&4+&'*&(")%#''5&_ Get our daily updates, join our discussions, share the Pengyou experience !&!%$$&-'2%&;%*06'4S+&_ Help us grow this community and spread the word WAYS TO GET INVOLVED
  38. 38. PIONEER JOURNEYS DEC. 10, 2011 34 04%+!&$/+!& ALUMNI LEADERS OF Amherst College Boston College Boston University Brandeis University Brown University Carnegie Mellon Colby College Colorado State University Columbia University Cornell University Dartmouth College Duke University Emory University Georgia Tech Georgetown University Harvard University Johns Hopkins University Massachusetts Institute of Technology Morehouse College Mount Holyoke College Northwestern University Notre Dame New York University Ohio State University Peking University Princeton University Rice University Rutgers University San Francisco State University Spelman College Stanford University Syracuse University Thunderbird School of Management Tsinghua University Tufts University Tulane University UC Berkeley UCLA Union College University of Chicago University of Illinois University of Maryland University of Michigan University of Mississippi University of North Carolina University of Pennsylvania University of Richmond University of Southern California University of Texas University of Virginia University of Washington University of Wisconsin Vanderbilt University Washington State University Wellesley College Wesleyan University Williams College Yale University & GUEST LIST
  39. 39. PIONEER JOURNEYS DEC. 10, 2011 35 ACADEMIC EXCHANGE PROGRAMS AND ORGANIZATIONS Advanced Asian Research and Language Institute Alliance for Global Education Americans Promoting Study Abroad Associated Colleges in China The Beijing Center Beijing Institute of Asian Studies Boston University Shanghai Center California State University System CET Chinese Studies Program China and Asia-Pacific Studies, Cornell (CAPS) Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) C.V. Starr-Middlebury School Dartmouth Foreign Study Program EducationUSA Fulbright Scholarship Global Maximum Educational Opportunities Hanban (Confucius Institute) Harvard China Fund Institute of International Education (IIE) Institute for the International Education of Students (IES) International School of Beijing Inter-University Program for Chinese Language Studies (IUP) Jane Goodall Institute, China Johns Hopkins Nanjing Center Language Flagship Program Morehouse College North America and UK Association of Blacks in Beijing (NUKABB) NYU Shanghai Center Oregon University System, Beijing Peking-Yale University Joint Undergraduate Program (JUP) Princeton in Beijing School Year Abroad Stanford FACES Syracuse University Beijing Center Teach for China Thunderbird School of Management University of California Education Abroad Program University of Chicago Beijing Center US - China Education Trust Western Academy Beijing Western Returned Scholars Association (WRSA) Yale - China Association Zinch Study in China & GUEST LIST
  40. 40. PIONEER JOURNEYS DEC. 10, 2011 36 OTHER ORGANIZATIONS REPRESENTED American Chamber of Commerce Arri Associated Press (AP) Bayer Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Brown Brothers Harriman & Co Carlyle Group Center for China and Globalization China Daily Chin-ease City Weekend Deloitte & Touche Duke Energy DBS International Eastwei PR Gamesa Gartrell Group HAO Capital U.S. Embassy of Beijing Ford Foundation J Capital Research JP Morgan LP Amina MDC Strategies NFL Pamir Law Group Raine Investments Qifang SAIF Partners Summergate Wines TEDxBeijing The New Yorker True Run Media (The Beijinger) US-China Energy Cooperation Pgm Voice of America “OMG! Meiyu” Vocus Wall Street Journal GUEST LIST
  41. 41. PIONEER JOURNEYS DEC. 10, 2011 37 ;%*06'4&34%+!+& Complete all 4 Quests at the event to enter a drawing for 2 VIP Tickets to the Booey Lehoo Concert on Dec. 17th, featuring and John Legend ! 34%+!&UF&+/0*&!7%&;%*06'4&-"*/(%+!'&_& This is what we believe. Add your John Hancock to this Declaration of Pengyou. 34%+!&`F&9'/*&4+&'*$/*%&_& Sign up for a Project Pengyou account. Like us on Facebook. Share us with your friends! 34%+!&aF&1'&!7%&)7/*"&2%"$/!6&;2'9%)!&_& Write down what you think “CHINA IS…” and “CHINA ISN’T…” and take a photo 34%+!&bF&2%)'21&"&;%*06'4&+7'4!'4!&_& Record a short video clip. Tell us who you are, where you’re from, why you’re here, and “I AM PENGYOU!” -/++/'*&"))'-;$/+7%1&c& Proceed to the Raffle Desk and show us your stamped “Passport” and enter your name in the giveaway for Booey Lehoo VIP concert tickets! PENGYOU QUESTS
  42. 42. PIONEER JOURNEYS DEC. 10, 2011 38 ;%*06'4&34%+!+& 34%+!&UF&& SIGN MANIFESTO 34%+!&`F&& JOIN US ONLINE 34%+!&aF CHINA REALITY PROJECT 34%+!&bF “I AM PENGYOU” VIDEO 9/0-6#%#&166&;&!"#$%$&Z&& #+%#:&:1226#&%/&c)+&9/+9#:%&%)9L#%$3& PENGYOU QUESTS
  43. 43. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ""!#$%&'(%)*!+,$,-.!/+,0,!""! '!+%1'%2%!"#$%&'()!#*+#! ,%%-.$+#/%&!01"#!'%!+%3/)(! /4$!5/2%$)0%)*2!3#!01"#! 4.!67789:!/&!/4$!#%/#1%!5!/&! #*.!"#16/."!7.!"*+$.8!#*.! 41"/&.""!#*+#!7.!6%8!#*.! 9&%7(.6'.!#*+#!7.!'+/&8!+&6! .:.&!/&!#*.!"-%$#"!#*+#!7.! -(+)2!;*.".!+$'(5%&!01"#!4.! 41/(#!4)!)%1&'!0.&!<!7%0.&8!! ;4&*!1'.%!3/4<!
  44. 44. ! Project Pengyou is a program of the Golden Bridges Foundation, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charity, initiated by a seed grant by the Ford Foundation. WWW.PROJECTPENGYOU.ORG