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There are literally more than 130 millions of blogs over World Wide Web, but not all the blogs are become successful but naturally most of the blogs failed before they grow up .If you know the reasons of why most of the blogs have failed you can avoid them to happen with you.

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Best Strategies For Success Blogging

  1. 1. 30 More Strategies For Success Blogging Sakthi Ganesh M
  2. 2. Little About Me – Sakthi Ganesh I am Sakthi Ganesh, professional Search Engine Optimizer and a full time Blogger having burning desire of achieve Success and Goals of my life. I am passionate with Blogging, Brand Promotion and Selling Digital Goods Online.
  3. 3. OK! Lets Begin
  4. 4. 1) Learn Before You Leap Before start blogging, learn the fundamentals of blogging and about your niche topic 2) Research Your Market Study your Market and your target audience
  5. 5. 3) Plan Before You Proceed Plan your goal and your strategies for blogging before proceed with your work. 4) Stay With Reality – No Big Catch During Startup Don’t expect huge returns during startup, it always takes reasonable time and constant work to achieve success.
  6. 6. 5) Make Your Identity Don’t be just another blog, refine your blog with your unique approach 6) Focus on your niche Don’t roam with random topics, be stick with your niche
  7. 7. 7) Choose Your Target Keyword Wisely Choose your target keyword wisely don’t put yourself with the wrong side 8) Play With Your Competitors Analyze the competition and keep working to chase your competitors
  8. 8. 9) Don’t Target With huge competition When you startup, don’t target your market which have already crowded with huge competition. 10) Avoid Money Minded Blogging Don’t always blog with earning money as your superior goal, try to provide something really useful with your audience
  9. 9. 11) Don’t Crowd Your Blog With Ads Don’t fill your blog with full of advertisements, annoying popup, It’s just not to be an another Ad space 12) Attract Your Viewers With Appealing Design You can’t create the first impression on the next time, always design your blog with appealing design that grasps the viewer’s attention
  10. 10. 13) Design Proper Navigation Structure Let your information easily accessible, design your blog with proper navigation structure 14) Present The Information Coordinate With Viewer’s Perspective Present the information according to your audience preferences, don’t let your blog filled with random thoughts
  11. 11. 15) Avoid Duplicate Content Don’t just copy and paste information from other blogs, if you really want the same subject again with your blog, make a research and write more insight article on your blog and link back to the original post 16) Be A Regular Learner With WWW, everything changes frequently. Always keep on updating your knowledge synchronize with the changes
  12. 12. 17) Contribute Regularly Write your blog posts regularly, represent continuity with your blog posts 18) Participate With Blog Community Social networking and forum are the best place where you meet and discuss relevant subjects. Make effective use of the community to explore new opportunities and gather success stories
  13. 13. 19) Interact With Your Audience Frequently interact with your audience through comment follow-ups, newsletters and even with word of mouth. Make use of this effective research tool, and get informed what your viewers really want from you? 20) Get Connected With Fellow Bloggers Always stay connected with your fellow bloggers, They will helps you to unleash more success strategies which you can’t find it with books and even with Guru’s.
  14. 14. 21) Give Before You Ask Don’t be greedy! Just give before you ask something with others even the back link, scripts or other stuff 22) Don’t Give Up! Don’t give up! Success is the outcome of the serious practice.
  15. 15. 23) Manage Your Time Effectively Plan and schedule your plans properly, make effective utilization of your time 24) Create The Brand Image Create your brand image with your audience, make your blog gets more reputation and trust of your viewers.
  16. 16. 25) Learn The Secrets Of The Game Invest your time and money to learn the secrets of the game, if you have the chance to meet expert webinar don’t fail to participate 26) Reduce The Bounce Rate Take care of your blog bounce rate, Higher Bounce Rate= Highest Chances Of Blog Failure
  17. 17. 27) Utilize The Proper Tools Make use of the proper tools that saves time and manpower of your Blogging effort 28) Drive Traffic To Your Blog Make your blog visible over web, make most of your blog traffic to build your blog empire
  18. 18. 29) Be Ready To Innovate Don’t use the same strategy that others following, be ready to innovate your blog with ideas and unique strategies 30) Make Your Efforts With Proper Proportion Make your efforts filled with proper proportion. Don’t just post articles, do your blog promotion activity parallel with your work
  19. 19. 31) Measure Your Efforts And Control Your Process Measure your efforts periodically to benchmark and control the process. 32) Be Ready To Learn And Act From The Mistakes Don’t let your mistake repeated again, be ready to learn and act from the mistakes
  20. 20. Thank You And Best wishes For Your Blogging Success
  21. 21.   Do you have any questions or would like to add more points with this presentation?   Contact Me Sakthi Ganesh Website: E-mail : [email_address]