Power plant instrumentation


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Power plant instrumentation

  1. 1. Yard + Stock Finishing + PaperChipper Pulp Mill Preparation Shipping machine House Area Area
  2. 2. • Head box level and pressure control.• Level Control of Seal Pit Tank.• Differential Pressure of Kuster in Calendar Section.• Steam Pressure control in Pre- Dryer.• Steam Pressure Control in Post-Dryer through QCS system.• Measurement of GSM, Moisture and ash in the paper through Smart Gauge 3000.• Hydraulic Presses and Drum Reel Hydraulic System.• Measurement & control of Speed through Inductive Proximity Sensor.• Photocell detector to detect Paper breakage.
  3. 3. Air from Air Receiver LP Head box HP LT PT Inlet Pulp PV PCV 4-20 mA LIC IP Air Drain PIC SP Air Supply 1.4 0.2 To 1 kg/cm2 kg/cm2 VFD Fan Pump 4-20 mAIP- Current to Pressure Converter LIC- Level Indicating ControllerSP- Set Point VFD- Variable Frequency DrivePV- Process Value LT- Level TransmitterPCV- Pneumatic Control Valve PT- Pressure Transmitter
  4. 4. White WaterInlet PCV- Pneumatic Control Valve LIC- Level Indicating Controller IP- Current to Pressure Converter LT- Level transmitter Tank LT • Inlet White water to Seal Pit is coming from the filtered pulp through 4-20 m A wire. It is installed at the bottom of wire PV part. At the output a pump is used to LIC SP Pump sent white water to Silo via Pneumatic 4-20 m A Control Valve 0.2 To 1 kg/cm2 IP PCV Air Supply 1.4 kg/cm2 OUTLET to Back Water Silo
  5. 5. Components: GSM Radioactive material Ash X rays Moisture measurement IR sensor Edge Sensor Phase Encoder Limit Switch
  6. 6. - + ElectrometerGround High Voltage Ion Chamber Process Signal Isotope Source
  7. 7. ProcessX-Ray Sensor Electrometer Intelligent (current is amplified & ADCSource Source (Example converted to voltage) Micro Controller ION Chamber) (IMC) Smart PC RS-422 to RS Raw Counts RS-232 to RS- 232 422 Converter Converter Turbo PC/ Super PC
  8. 8. Inlet Close Tank LP HP Air Supply (1.4 LT kg/cm2) 4-20 mA PCV 4-20 m A IP LIC Outlet SP LT- Level Transmitter LIC- Level Indicating ControllerPCV- Pneumatic control Valve IP- current to pressure converter
  9. 9. SP PV 4-20 mA FIC 1.4 kg/cm2 FT 0.2 to 1 kg/cm2 FT IPWild Flow Controlled PCV PCV Flow SP = Wild Flow X (Controlled Flow / Wild Flow)
  10. 10. 4-20 mA 220 V 50 Remote Hz Transmission Outlet to Refined Magnetic Flow indicator Stock +Transmitter Interlock A PG Excitatio 4 n voltage O/p Voltage PS1 Flow Tube Inlet from BufferPG PG Chest 31 Interlock A: if the Pressure of Water Triple Disc Three Phase Motor Inlet flow will goes below 0.5 Refiner (469 Hp) kg/cm2 then Pressure switch PS1 unload the TDR PS2 Interlock B: if the pressure of Water (which is acting as Interlock PG coolant to TDR )fall below 0.5 2 B kg/cm2 then PS2 unload the TDR
  11. 11.  Number of Boilers - 7  Coal Fired - 4  HP Boiler 1,2,3 & 7  Black Liquor Fired 2  ABL and JMW
  12. 12. Boiler # 7 (Coal JMW (Black ABL (Black Fired) (OPP) Liquor) (OPP) Liquor) (NPP) MP MP MP 46 kg/cm2 Header From HP steam MW) Header (from PRV) (6.2 BTHPRV- Pressure Reduce ValveMP- Medium Pressure
  13. 13. Boiler # 1 (Coal Boiler # 2 (Coal Boiler # 3 (Coal Fired) Fired) Fired) HP HP HP 85 kg/cm2 Header PRV 46 Kg/cm2 to MP steam header MW) (18 TGPRV- Pressure Reducing Valve
  14. 14. BoilerPDM Deareator Feed Economiser Steam Tank Pump DrumTankDM Stop Super Heater MUD SectionPlant Valve Drum Turbine Conden sate
  15. 15. Inlet from PDM Air Supply tank thru Pump 20 psi 4-20 mA Steam IP LIC Inlet PG PCV PCV SP LP IP Deareator Tank20 psi PT H P LT TG- Temperature Gauge LIC LIC- level Indicating Controller TG Drain PT- Pressure transmitter SP Outlet to feed pump PG- Pressure Gauge PCV- Pneumatic Control Valve LT- Level Transmitter IP- Current to Pressure Converter
  16. 16. Three Element Control...Drum LevelSteam Flow Drum Level Water Flow P+I A T P+I A T 4-20 mA 1.4 IP kg/cm2 To feed Water Control Valve
  17. 17. Transmitter is a device which is used to measure physical variable i.e. transducer and to transmit signal into electrical signal in form of 4-20 mA or 1-5 V DC signal.Types of transmitter: Conventional Smart/Intelligent
  18. 18.  In this Calibration can be done after disconnecting the Transmitter from the field. In this calibration cannot be done using HART communicator. A Conventional Transmitter consists of Zero and Span Adjustment for the calibration 
  19. 19.  Disconnect Transmitter from the field. Apply 24 V dc supply and a multi meter in series to the transmitter Apply a known Pressure through Pressure gauge or dead weight tester. Check zero of the transmitter. For zero pressure a transmitter gives 4 mA. If transmitter shows some zero error then calibrate it through zero adjustment. Apply 100% Span Pressure & then adjust 20 mA from the Span adjustment. Check mA output for mid range pressure.
  20. 20. • In this Calibration can be done by using HART (Highway Addressable remote transducer) Communicator. Online calibration can be performed using HART communicator. In this Sine wave frequency signal over right the Previous Calibration.• HART is based on Frequency Shift Keying. In this 1200 Hz is equal to Binary logic 0 and 2200 Hz is equal to logic 1.
  21. 21. Flapper Spring Gap 4-20 mA Supply Pressure Nozzle 20 psi Restriction Pressure signal 3-15 psi Its working principle is based on the flapper nozzle arrangement. Its input range of pressure is 20 psi or 1.4 kg/cm2. Depending upon the control signal i.e. 4-20 mA a flapper moves up and gives output in the range of 3 to 15 psi or 0.2 to 1 kg/cm2.
  22. 22. 1. Apply input pressure of 20 psi and also apply current signal from mA source (Loop Analyzer).2. Attach a manometer or calibrated gauge at the output of IP.3. Apply 4 mA and check output pressure to be 3 psi or 0.2 kg/cm2. If this pressure will not come then adjust using zero adjustment.4. Apply 20 mA signal and check o/p pressure to be 15 psi or 1 kg/cm2. If this pressure will not come then adjust using span adjustment.5. Check for mid ranges by changing control signal to 8, 12 & 16 mA.6. If step 5 is not showing exact reading then repeat step number 4, 5 & 6. 
  23. 23.  Flow in any pipe is defined as velocity of liquid at certain point. Various flow measuring techniques are available and some are enlist which are used here1. Orifice Plate2. Venturi Meter3. Flow Nozzle4. Vortex Flow meter5. Magnetic Flow meters1,2 & 3 are Differential Pressure type flow meters.
  24. 24. QCS PROCESSING FLOW DIAGRAM Feed Forward PIDBW S.P. Consistency Tx Stock Flow DTC Control Feed Forward Feed Forward Steam PID Pr.Moisture ControlS.P. Feed Forward Feed Forward PID Ash Flow ControlAsh S.P QCS CPU
  25. 25. V=2 ∏ R N V= D ∏ N ∏D=V/NV= Line Speed of the Drum from the Encoder (Taken from the Drive 01-10VDC)N= Unwind Speed from the proximity (14 ppr)R= Radius of the Unwind RollD= Diameter of the Unwind Roll
  26. 26.  Instrumentation is the branch of science which deals with the measurement, record and control of process variable.
  27. 27.  ABB MP-200 Series Distributed Control System in Pulp Mill Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition System used in Stock Preparation Area at PM4 and at ABL Boiler. Quality Control System at PM1, 4 and 5. PLC Control System at PM7 and Color Kitchen. Various Types of Field Instruments like Level Transmitter, Pressure Transmitter, Flow Transmitter, Conductivity Transmitter and Consistency Transmitter, Temp.Transmitter.
  28. 28.  Various Types of Control Valve for Pressure, temperature and flow Control application like Butterfly, Globe Valve, Plug valve Others measuring devices like RTD, Thermocouple, pH measurement, Khajani for brightness Measurement. Hydraulic System of Press part. Vibration Monitoring.
  29. 29. These Instruments are Calibrated Against the ISO from ETDC. Loop Analyzer Dead Weight Tester Vacuum Gauge Tester RTD Simulator Conductivity Jig
  30. 30.  Governer Control System for the Turbine Generator. Temperature and Vibration Monitoring for Safety and Tripping. Dereator Tank Level and Pressure Control at HP Boilers. Feed Water Flow and Steam Flow Measurement and Control at all Boilers Three Element Drum Level Control for HP Boilers
  31. 31.  761 controller based SCADA control system at ABL Boiler. Various Temperature Indication, ID indication. Various Pressure and Flow measurements and Control like Soot Blowing Pressure and Flow. Various types of Control Valve for different application like Flow Control of Feed water, Steam flow etc. Conductivity measurement at DM plant and Evaporator.
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