The life of steve jobs


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The life of steve jobs

  2. 2. Apple and Steve Jobs
  3. 3. Biography of Steve Jobs Nationality: American Date of birth: 24/02/1955 Birthplace: San Francisco (California) Country of residence: USA Top Companies: Apple Inc. Size: 1,88 m
  4. 4. Biography of Steve Jobs _ Inventor, entrepreneur, visionary and a pioneer. _Co-founder, CEO and chairman of the board of Apple Inc. _ Steven Paul Jobs, Steve Jobs was an American inventor and entrepreneur, widely recognized as a visionary and a pioneer of the personal computer revolution. _ Co-founder, CEO and chairman of the board of Apple Inc, he also directed the Pixar studios and became a member of the board of Disney in 2006 during the takeover of Pixar by Disney. _ Apple was established on 1 April 1976 in Cupertino, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne.
  5. 5. Born on February 24th, 1955 in San Francisco, California Put up for adoption a week after birth Adoption was finalized under the condition that Steven would attend college
  6. 6. Skipped 5th grade Took his first electronics class in high school After school, attended lectures at the Hewlett- Packard company where he met Steve Wonzniak during work
  7. 7. Graduated high school in 1972 Enrolled in Reed College in Oregon Dropped out after one semester Slept on his friends dorm room floor and dropped in on classes of interest
  8. 8. Returned to California in 1974 and was hired as a technician for Atari Attended meetings at Wozniak’s “Homebrew Computer Club” Steve convinced Wozniak to work with him in building computers
  9. 9. Born on April 1st, 1 976 Apple I designed and prototype built First single board computer with built-in video interface
  10. 10. Apple II designed in the following year Operating System loaded automatically Smaller Components & built-in circuitry In 1976, Jobs looked to hire a public relations agency to help advertise
  11. 11. Most investors turned Apple down Retired Intel executive Mike Markkula decided to invest Markkula became chairman of Apple in May 1977
  12. 12. Became publicly traded company in 1980 Launched LISA in 1983 First commercial computer to use GUI Unpopular due to its few software programs and high price
  13. 13. Macintosh created to compete with PC Marketed for friendliness, not just a mindless machine Very popular – sold approximately 70,000 Macs in the first 100 days
  14. 14. Sales began to plunge Wozniak quit Apple in 1985 Board members of Apple met on May 28th, 1985 and each voted on the removal of Steve from the company
  15. 15. After taking time off, Jobs wanted to get back to Apple and his love for computers Decided to start his own company Founded NeXT Computer in 1989
  16. 16. NeXT turned a profit for the first time in 1992 NeXT software needed to be made more reliable and compatible for consumers Company slowly starts going downhill
  17. 17. Jobs had to make drastic decisions Microsoft purchased NeXT software Microsoft came up with $150 million to stake in Apple Saved a dying company.
  18. 18. Jobs began looking into alternatives to Object Linking and Embedding Created OpenDoc Jobs was very serious about this
  19. 19. NeXT STEP software was being turned into Mac OS X Under Jobs’ guidance the company increased sales Introduced the iMac and other new products
  20. 20. In early 2000, Pixar leads animated film industry Later that month, Jobs announced his return to the CEO position Insisted on keeping his $1 annual salary
  21. 21. First project as CEO was the G4 Cube Was too expensive and didn’t satisfy a certain market Lasted only twelve months in Apple’s line-up
  22. 22. The next step for Steve was his newest operating system, Mac OS X The future of Apple
  23. 23. In 2001, Jobs opened Apple retail stores so customers could: 1. Try out computers 2. Test software 3. Meet with salespeople  This was a large risk but he knew that people would want to buy them
  24. 24. His Inventions _ Up until his death Steve Jobs oversaw Apple's creation and development with the invention of the iMac (1998), the iPod, iTunes and the launch of the company's chain stores : Apple Store (2001), the iTunes Store (2003), iPhone (2007) and the iPad (2010). The company came up with different products which made his company one of the richest in the world. _ These inventions have revolutionized the world of music and the touch device.
  25. 25. Less than a year after iTunes was released, Apple released the iPod Originally only for Mac users In July 2002, the new iPod was available for Windows users as well Sales skyrocketed and 75% of MP3 players are iPods
  26. 26. June 6th, 2005, Jobs announced switch from PowerPC chips to Intel chips. This would conserve energy on PowerBook and iBook
  27. 27. October 2005, 5th generation of iPod was introduced Could play music videos and TV shows Jobs announced the opening of the iTunes video store
  28. 28. Despite a recent scare with pancreatic cancer, Jobs is back in health and doing just fine Jobs is an influential man who learned from his failures and gained maturity from them True role model
  29. 29. In early 1997 His inventions In 2003
  30. 30. His inventions In early 1997 In 2007
  31. 31. His inventions In early 1997 In 2010
  32. 32. _ In October 2003, doctors learn that Steve Jobs was suffering from a cancer. He did not reveal his illness to his employees and the public until August 2004 after undergoing surgery to remove a cancerous tumor from his pancreas. _ Two year slater, he appeared very thin, prompting rumors of a return of the disease. In January 2009 he was forced to take sick leave, announcing he was suffering from a hormonal imbalance. _ Then on Wednesday, October 5, 2011 Steve Jobs' death was announced in San Francisco 23:00.
  33. 33. His illness