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Social mobile analytics cloud

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Ppt template

  1. 1. SMAC with emphasis on cloud. Name:SAKSHAM MEHTA Email:saksham.mehta93@gmail .com Twitter Id:@saksham_mehta University:NIT Kurukshetra Year/Semester: 3rd year Branch: Computer science
  2. 2. Introduction  Social mobile involves studying new ways people interact ,communicate work in business . Cloud involves smarter way to access chunk of data as per demand to solve business problems.  The management of mobile resources ,the multiple access in case of shared cloud and maintaining privacy in case of non-sharable data and private clouds.  For frequent access services, reasonable amount of physical memory is reserved for caching and the available memory is decided through the number of instances of a process running through the cache
  3. 3. Trends The need lies of the use of properly sized buffers in case of considerable different traffic speeds in both directions to prevent packet loss and deliver consistent performance on the given scale. Buffers should be capable of scheduling traffic as per the system’s priority in case of various distributed , real- time systems. Small and medium sized business can scan source code for their own web application protection as per requirement(demand) in order to detect cyber attacks. Managing of part of data(personal) on a public or hybrid cloud
  4. 4. Interest Areas  Managing communication among nodes ,disk I/o operations and network input/output performance in a distributed system is a challenge .  Managing of redundant data on cloud network ,relational database usage should be as least as possible,use of hash techniques for key-value pair especially for files of different resource.Classification of data on the basis of frequency of its access.  Analysis and advance predictions of the resources optimally consumed and the metrics of resources underutilized.
  5. 5. Thank you