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10 Saksala Art Radius Art And Culture


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Saksala ArtRadius is an innovative and international art center in located on the biggest monolith of Europe Saksalanharju. A place to work, to enjoy, to concentrate and to meet like-minded people from all over the world.

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10 Saksala Art Radius Art And Culture

  1. 1. FINLAND art centre Saksala ArtRadius • artist-in-residence • AllaprimA MuseuM • FOAM sculpture park • symposiums • art projects • forest-LABYRINTH • art education • children’s forest • art courses and workshops • virtual art gallery • gallery AbOVO for art and culture in the rural area of South-East Finland
  2. 2. The ridge Saksalanharju is situted on the biggest monolith of Europe. Rregistration number: MOR-Y06-049 Types: drumlin Height: 168 meter Length: 5 499 meter Width: 1 600 meter Saksalanharju is together with the original village of Haukivuori = Haukivuori kirkonkylä an official protected national heritage, because of the drumlin, the landscape and the historical value. The area on the monolith and around is full of swamps and still peat cutting is important. The swamp fields are remarkable areas in the landscape. When the roots of old trees are put on piles it gives a mysterious feeling. In the swamps in Tuulimiemi are the anual volleyball games. Agriculture and forestry are the main activities on Saksalanharhuju. The hill is one of most fruitfully of the area.
  3. 3. summer - winter
  4. 4. summer - orchard - winter
  5. 5. water
  6. 6. haukivuori harbor
  7. 7. a lake per person
  8. 8. a forest to explore
  9. 9. fishing and swimming in clear water
  10. 10. a nature to express
  11. 11. art in the fields
  12. 12. a castle to visit
  13. 13. Helsinki-Haukivuori-Saksala ArtRadius • art holiday in the rural area of Eastern Finland • In the middle of art, nature, silence peace and quiet an artistic environment to stay. • Self catering art holidays in spacious studios among art and art activities. • Interesting art experiences on different levels for the whole family. • A surrounding with Sculpture Park, forest- LABYRINTH, fields, forests, orchards and garden. • Haukivuori village with supermarkets and railway station at 6 km • Mikkeli town with regional cultural and festival program 40 km to the south. • Pieksämäki town with different cultural offers 40 km to the north. • Savonlinna opera festival, Mikkeli Ballet, Music festivals are interesting extra attractions during summer period. • Feel a new creative spirit through the inspiration of nature and art. • art and nature an inspiration for everyday live
  14. 14. Saksala ArtRadius
  15. 15. art centre • atelier • AllaprimA MuseuM • building • symposiums • residence • main room
  16. 16. view inside the building studios mini kitchen, bathroom, shower microwave, coffeecooker, watercooker 2 beds, table, chairs, bed linen, towels dishes, cutlery and cooking utensils main room art library internet connection corridor of the residence
  17. 17. atelier
  18. 18. art
  19. 19. departments of the art center • professional art • free time art • symposiums • artist-in-residence • AllaprimA MuseuM • FOAM sculpture park • LABYRINTH • art courses • children’s forest • art contests • art education • art research • studios for guests
  20. 20. meetings with local community activities discussions with experts meals together meetings with regional artists excursions
  21. 21. art courses and workshops workshops and symposiums art education vocal workshops children’s forest taidekirppujen yö history of Haukivuori music recitals puzzle tours, symposiums and events in metsäLABYRINTTI
  22. 22. TAIDEKIRPPUJEN YÖ annual art fair HAUKIVUORI The TAIDEKIRPPUJEN YÖ is an annual art fair in Haukivuori. The program is based on a various offer of artistic presentations in the field of visual art, music, performances and theater for all ages. Artists in the artist-in-residence program can participate in the program. MAMI WATA LABYRINTH DISCOVERING ANCIENT BEAR CULT BLUE TRANE JAZZ BAND
  23. 23. atelier (attic) outside area work spaces library room with work spaces (basement) wireles internet access
  24. 24. free time art workshops for visitors workshops for groups workshops for teachers painting courses for children and adults in summertime during the week and weekends in wintertime during the weekends
  25. 25. art-courses
  26. 26. artist in residence • international artists stay during 1-5 months in the art centre to work and to participate in different activities
  27. 27. AllaprimA MuseuM • exhibitions of artists in the residence • exhibitions during or after symposiums • exhibitions with a theme • exhibitions art-courses • exhibitions with parts of the collection of children’s paintings of the AllaprimA foundation
  28. 28. symposiums less is more 2005 brigitte sasshofer austria behrouz rae fereshte moosavi iran janina rudnicka poland source of art 2008 kiril prashkov bulgaria jaak hillen belgium veli blakçori kosovo varol topaç rumen dimitrov bulgaria ton kalle turkey the netherlands homo erectus 2006 varol topaç turkey marijke bongers yildiz guner turkey the netherlands mari shields usa/nl roland de jong-orlando the netherlands louche rumenia
  29. 29. around the art centre LABYRINTH SCULPTURE PARK in the garden SCULPTURE PARK in the fields
  30. 30. children’s forest idea’s from other cultures can inspire children from everywhere to build their own living space
  31. 31. LABYRINTH ulrika sparre sweden irene anton germany a place for unexpected artistic experiences for artists, visitors and children irene anton germany varol topaç turkey marijke bongers the netherlands behrouz rae iran
  32. 32. arrangements
  33. 33. 2005-2008
  34. 34. digital
  35. 35. information Saksala ArtRadius Karhuntie 11 51600 Haukivuori Finland M+358 (0)50 4625 675 E W y-tunnus FI 1829979-2 copyright 2007 Saksala ArtRadius Oy