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  1. 1. Project on LogisticsPrakash Pohwani 64Swapnil Raj 67Kapil Sahitya 75Jeetu Teckwani 85Ranjit Singh Rhal 72Sandeep Tulsiani 90
  2. 2. Project on Logistics ACKNOWLEDGEMENT We would like to express our deep felt gratitude in the warmest manner possible towards our professor PROF. Rajwadhe for assigning us such a marvelous project. We have immense pleasure in presenting this PROJECT ON LOGISTICS. The topic was an interesting one. It gave us an opportunity to have a detailed study on the topic and showed how things work in the practical world. We came to understand and analyse the importance of LOGISTICS in the COMPANY. We had a great time working on the project and we have provided information to the fullest of our knowledge and our findings.
  3. 3. Project on Logistics INDEX Sr. No. Topic Page No. 1. Service Industry 5-6 2. Introduction & Importance of 7-10 Transportation 3. Modes of Transport 11-18 4. Advantages & Disadvantages of 19 Different Modes of Transport 5. 7 P’s of Transportation 20-21 6. Swot Analysis 22-23 7. Indian Transportation Sector 24-27 8. National Highways Development 28 Project 9. Golden Quadrilateral 29 10. Challenges Faced by Transportation 32-33 Sector 11. Key Government Strategies 34-35 12. World Bank Support 36-37 13. Transport Infrastructure 38 14. Measuring Relative Importance Of Each 39 Mode 15. Company Profile & Report 40-47 16. Conclusion 48
  4. 4. Project on Logistics INTRODUCTION What is LOGISTICS? Logistics is about moving materials, information and funds from one business toanother or from a business to the consumer. It is a vital part of the business economicsystem and is a major global economic activity. In fact 10-15 per cent of product costsare logistics related. Worldwide, logistics constitutes about $2 trillion a year. For anycountry, the logistics cost is estimated between 9 and 20 per cent of its GDP. Every company dreams of achieving the seven Rs - delivering the right product inthe right quantity and the right condition, at the right place, at the right time, for the rightcustomer at the right cost. Effective logistics management alone can make this possible.Logistics is one of the oldest and also the newest activities of business management. Itinvolves combining diverse functions and service providers who may be culturally andobjectively different. In the past, quality of products and services was the key differentiating factor forcompanies operating in the same market. In due course, quality and low cost became thewinning combination. Today, responsiveness to the customers needs is the determining factor. Anenterprise that caters instantly to the needs of the customer is the winner. Integratedlogistics can serve as a potent tool for success in todays competitive businessenvironment. Logistics is an organized process of managing the flow of merchandise from thesource of supply - the vendor, wholesaler or distributor - through internal processingfunctions like warehousing and transportation, until the merchandise is sold and deliveredto the end customer.
  5. 5. Project on Logistics Logistics management aims to reduce inventory-holding costs and improveprofits, while enhancing customer satisfaction. Anything can be ordered online, but receiving a tangible product is impossible.The difference between e-business success and failure lies in a companys ability tomanage the logistics.  History of Logistics The Greeks defined logistics as "the science of correct reasoning by means ofmathematics". The first modern use of the term was in the military to identify the processof planning and coordinating the movement of army and weapon support systems. Goodlogistics brings out the ability to move faster and accurately to the battlefront. “If oneapplies the same to the business organisation, it is ones ability to reach the product to theconsumer at the right time, right place, right quantity and at the lowest cost.” On similarlines, supply chain management will mean the network of organisations involved in theprocess by which goods are moved from producer to consumer and the counter flow ofinformation, to manage the supply chain as a single entity. A prominent application of logistics was in World War II where weaponmovements were coordinated to ensure success. A recent instance of massive logisticsinitiatives is in the Gulf war. With increasing competition in the market place,managements started focusing on customer services in the early 1950s in developedmarkets such as Europe and the U.S. In late 1960s some of the logistics concepts weretested. Following the oil crisis of the 1970s and the concept of just in time inmanufacturing customer-servicing standards were given more importance and newintegrated logistics models and solutions were born. The emergence of organizeddistribution system by department stores and super fast courier service organisations gavea boost to logistics concepts and strategies. Today all businesses are looking for seamlesstransaction systems to co-ordinate their information and material requirements along thevalue chain.
  6. 6. Project on Logistics At the micro level any manufacturing and marketing company spends 5 - 35 percent of sales on logistics. The major cost components are transportation, warehousing andinventory carrying cost. Improvements in logistics get reflected in a reduction ininventory levels, shorter delivery schedules, and improved servicing standards withsignificant savings in total costs.  Logistics Management Process Michael Porter in his famous book "Competitive Advantage has spoken of thevalue chain approach and emphasized logistics as one of the most important tools forcompetitive advantage.The various processes and elements that are part of logistics as a discipline are:Inbound logistics: Purchasing, Inbound transportation, Inventory Management.Manufacturing: Production planning systems, Machine scheduling system.Outbound logistics: Order booking process, Distribution management, outboundtransportation, and Warehouse management systems.As customers started demanding improved servicing standards, fast cycle time hasbecome the key factor for business success, whether it is custom made tailoring service inHong Kong or development of a new car in Detroit.Before delving deep into logistics, a look at the current business scene will be great help.
  7. 7. Project on Logistics  Scenario of Logistics in India At present, companies specialising in logistics operations in India use traditionaltechnologies and cater to stand alone services like transportation, warehousing, clearingand forwarding. There is tremendous scope to upgrade the technology, integrate the entiresupply chain, improve productivity levels and bring down operating costs. Anytechnology that can improve productivity in transportation operations will be a greatboom to the economy both directly and indirectly with opportunities for 10-12 per centreduction in costs. Besides the savings on downstream users of transport will be muchhigher and the cost multiplier effect on the economy will be reduced to that extent. Given the emerging business and technological trends there are possibilities foradoption of innovative logistics solutions specifically designed for India. In addition,there is a requirement for an integrated strategy towards developing logistics and itsrelated IT infrastructure and also enhancing its industry base. In recognition of the growing need for technology-enabled solutions in logistics inIndia and abroad, many companies such as eLogistics are taking shape. In fact, there are adozen multinational logistics companies such as Exel, Bax Global and Menlo which havestarted operations in India during the last few years. Today logistics management in India has become complex with about ten millionrelated outlets to cater to the needs of 1000 million people. The logistics market in India is estimated to be Rs. 260,000 crores and constitutes13 per cent of the GDP. It is much higher than for the U.S. but lower when compared tocountries like China and Korea.
  8. 8. Project on Logistics A reduction in logistics costs by one percentage point will mean a saving of $4.8billion or Rs. 21,600 crores annually. Besides significant benefits can be reaped through the multiplier effect of betterlogistics on all economic sectors.  About Customer Service According to LaLonde and Zinszer have researched various ways that customerservice can be viewed: 1) as an activity, 2) in terms of performance levels, and 3) as aphilosophy of management. Viewing customer service in terms of performance levels hasrelevancy providing it can accurately measured. The notion of customer service as aphilosophy of management exemplifies the importance of customer-focused marketing.All three dimensions are important to understand what is involved in successful customerservice. A broad definition of customer service should embody elements from all threeperspectives. LaLonde and his associates offer the following definition: “Customer services are a process for providing significant value-added benefits tothe supply chain in cost-effective way.” This definition illustrates the trend to think ofcustomer service as a process-focused orientation that includes supply chain managementconcepts. It is clear that excellent customer service performance seems to add value for allmembers of the supply chain. Thus, a customer service program must identify andprioritize all activities important to accomplish operating objectives. A customer serviceprogram also needs to incorporate measures for evaluating performance. Performanceneeds to be measured in terms of goal attainment and relevancy. The critical question inplanning a customer service strategy remains, does the cost associated with achieving thespecified service goals represent a sound investment and, if so, for what customers?Finally, it is possible to offer key customers something more than high-levels basicservice. Extra service beyond the basics is typically referred to as value- added. Value-
  9. 9. Project on Logisticsadded services, by definition, are unique to specific customers and represent extensionsover and above a firm’s basic service program. The three fundamental dimensions of customer service were: - Availability. Performance. Reliability.  About Logistics & Customer Service Logistics contributes to an organization’s success by providing customerswith timely and accurate product delivery. The key question is who is the customer? Forlogistics, the customer is any delivery destination. Typical destination range fromconsumers’ homes to retail and wholesale businesses to the receiving docks of a firm’smanufacturing plants and warehouses. In some cases the customer is a differentorganization or individual who is taking ownership of the product or service beingdelivered. In many other situations the customer is different facility of the same firm or abusiness partner at some other location in the supply chain. Regardless of the motivationand delivery purpose, the customer being serviced is the focal point and driving force inestablishing logistical performance requirements. It is important to fully understandcustomer service deliverables when establishing logistical strategies. Whereas logistics is not capability that contributes to overall success, it isfundamental to servicing customers. In a typical marketing situation, the desiredcustomer service performance changes over time. To plan marketing strategy in adynamic will serve to illustrate how logistical customer service requirement related to aspecific product/segment situation will change over time. The product life cycle structureoffers a useful framework for viewing the dynamics associated with customer servicerequirements planning. In terms of overall logistical performance, the basic customer service platform orprogram should be the level of support provided to all customers.
  10. 10. Project on Logistics
  11. 11. Project on Logistics Corporate Profile  About BLUE DART BLUE DART is South Asias leading integrated air express carrier and premiumlogistics-services provider. It has the most extensive domestic network covering over13,880 locations, and service more than 220 countries and territories worldwide throughits Sales alliance with DHL, the premier global brand name in express distributionservices. BLUEDART’S vision is to establish continuing excellence in delivery capabilitiesfocused on the individual customer. In pursuit of sustainable leadership in qualityservices, they have evolved an infrastructure unique in the country today. State-of-the-art Technology, indigenously developed, for Track and Trace, MIS,ERP, Customer Service, Space Control and Reservations.
  12. 12. Project on Logistics Blue Dart Aviation, dedicated capacity to support their time-definite morningdeliveries through night freighter flight operations. Warehouses at 14 locations across the country as well as bonded warehouses atthe 6 major metros of Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Hyderabad. ISO 9001 - 2000 countrywide certification by Lloyds Register Quality Assurancefor their entire operations, products and services. It’s Competitive Advantage lies in: Blue dart’s vast and unparalleled Domestic Network Linked by some of the most advanced communications systems and positioned tooffer a consistent, premium, standardized quality of service. A spectrum of services to provide customized solutions. Blue dart is the only express carrier in the country today which offers an entirerange of services that extend from a document to a charter-load of shipments. Its servicesare relentlessly monitored to deliver a net service level of 99.96% (as on February, 2005). It’s Customs and Regulatory expertise Company had a dedicated team of specialists who provide the expertise forcustoms as well as regulatory clearances at all States within the country, to supportseamless service to the customer. It’s Technology
  13. 13. Project on Logistics Designed to enhance the reliability of our operations and process efficiency, andadd value to the customer through time and cost savings. It’s Air Network The only one of its kind in the country today, that is focused on carriage ofpackages as its prime business, rather than as a by-product of a passenger airline. Adedicated aviation system to support Blue Darts services is self-sustaining, with its ownbonded warehouses, ground handling and maintenance capability. Its financial credibility Fitch Ratings India Pvt. Ltd. has assigned the highest "F1+ (Ind)" [F one plus(Ind)] rating for their short term debt programme of Rs. 30 crores. Further, ICRA Ltd. hasalso assigned the highest "A1+" (pronounced A one plus) Rating for their CommercialPaper Programme of Rs. 25 crores. Its People force Committed, diverse and over 4,000 strong are company’s most valued asset. Allcompany’s achievements have been possible because they have a team who believes inthemselves and their company, a team with a winning attitude. Blue dart is a learningorganization, valuing self-development, and most of company’s managers arehomegrown.  MILESTONES1983:Khushroo Dubash, Clyde Cooper, and Tushar Jani establish Blue Dart Courier Serviceswith a capital base of Rs: 30,000. They forge ties with Gelco Express International U.K.,and introduce Indias first international air package express service.
  14. 14. Project on Logistics1984:Blue Dart Courier Services becomes a Global Service Participant of FedEx with theacquisition of Gelco Express International by FedEx. Blue Dart Courier Services is thefirst carrier in India to provide domestic and international on-board couriers, a hub-and-spoke system and a 10.30 a.m. delivery service.1988:Blue Dart Courier Services establishes real-time, on-line tracking for all internationalshipments through COSMOS, the FedEx track and trace system.1991:Blue Dart Express is registered as a private limited company, and introduces itseconomical logistics service option, Dart Surfaceline. It indigenously develops itsdomestic tracking system, COSMAT-ITM.1992:Blue Dart Express Pvt. Ltd. connects its in-house domestic E-mail network, and sets upits employee satisfaction programme - Survey Feedback Action (SFA).1994:Blue Dart Express Ltd. goes public with an equity offer of 2.55 million shares, at apremium of 14 times, worth Rs: 382.5 million. Blue Dart Express Ltd. launches DartApex (Domestic Air Package Express), a multi-modal, premium package deliveryservice, and COSMAT-IITM, an advanced system which includes track and trace. BlueDart Aviation is registered as a public limited company and becomes the first privatecompany to receive government permission for operation of cargo aircraft in India.1995:
  15. 15. Project on LogisticsBlue Dart Aviation acquires 2 Boeing 737-200 freighters and receives ATO permission.Blue Dart Express Ltd. develops its SMART (Space Management AllocationReservations and Tracking) system for its aircraft, the first cargo management system inthe country. Blue Dart Express Ltd. is awarded the "Global Service Participant SalesAward" by FedEx for outstanding sales performance.Blue Dart, Calcutta is proud to have the office inaugurated by Mother Theresa of theMissionaries of Charity, and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate.1996:Blue Dart Aviation launches Indias first jet express airline. Blue Dart Express Ltdsturnover crosses the Rs: 1 billion mark, as it expands its domestic network by enteringinto strategic alliances in North, South and West India. Blue Dart Express Ltd. is the firstexpress company in India to receive an ISO 9001 certification, and post its website on theinternet. Blue Dart Express Ltd., FedEx and the Heart-to-Heart Foundation, U.S.A., co-operate in bringing the worlds largest airlift of charity to Kolkata.1997:Blue Dart Express Ltd. signs agreements with leading international airlines fordistribution of bonded cargo within its network. Blue Dart Aviation launches its domesticcharter operations.1998:Blue Dart Aviation develops Indias first Load and Trim software for its B737F flights.Blue Dart Express Ltd. launches SMARTBOX, its economical, packaged door-to-doorproduct, and extends its delivery to over 1000 locations.1999:
  16. 16. Project on LogisticsBlue Dart Express Ltd. moves to its state-of-the-art Administrative, Technology andOperations Super hub, the Blue Dart Centre, at Mumbai. At close proximity to both theinternational and domestic airports, encircled by four five-star hotels, and equipped withthe latest technology, the Super hub has improved efficiency and increased load-handlingcapacity multifold. Blue Dart Express Ltd. Launches Power Dart 2000+, a software thatprovides customers free connectivity to its database, enabling customers to track andretrieve all information related to their shipments.2000:Blue Dart Aviation acquires its 3rd aircraft on lease. The aircraft is scheduled foroperations on the Bangalore-Delhi-Bangalore sector. Blue Dart Express Ltd. alsorevamps its website replacing it with an interactive website to support e-trade andcommerce and facilitate customer interface on the net.2001:Blue Dart launches its 3rd aircraft operations on the Bangalore-Delhi-Bangalore sector.The Civil Aviation Ministry requisitions Blue Dart aircrafts for relief operations intoearthquake-battered Bhuj in Gujarat. Technology tools and customer software -MobileDart, On-Line Pick Up and ShipDart - are developed in-house and launched. BlueDart declares 1:1 bonus shares. Blue Dart, Kolkata moves into heritage building, Kanak,its new premises inaugurated by Sr. Nirmala of the Missionaries of Charity.2002:Blue Dart is re-certified as one of a handful of Indian companies to the new global ISO9001 - 2000 standards for "Design, management and operations of countrywide expresstransportation and distribution service within the Indian Subcontinent and to internationaldestinations serviced through multinational express companies". Blue Dart ends itscontract with Federal Express and signs a path-breaking Sales Alliance with the Worlds
  17. 17. Project on LogisticsNo. 1 international air express company, DHL Worldwide Express. Blue Dart crosses100,000 shipments per day.2003:2003 - Blue Dart acquires its fourth Boeing 737 freighter. With a thrust on strengtheninginfrastructure, Blue Dart establishes twelve of its own offices in the South, delivering toan additional 198 locations, expands its hub at Bhiwandi and sets up a bonded warehousein Mumbai. The company is selected a Super brand from over 700 brands across 98categories by a jury of eminent marketing and advertising professionals. The companycelebrates its 20 years of service to the nation on 19th November 20032004:Blue Dart inducts its 4th aircraft into operation on 17th May 2004, connecting Hyderabadas its 6th Aviation Hub. Blue Dart also extends its brand into Sri Lanka through aRegional Service Alliance with Foster Agencies Pvt. Ltd., Member of the Hayleys Group,one of Sri Lankas largest diversified multinationals. The Alliance will enable customersto use Blue Dart services between 400 locations in Sri Lanka and over 13,700 locations inIndia. Blue Dart acquires its fifth Boeing 737 freighter.2005:DHL Express (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. completes the acquisition of 81.03% of the equitycapital of Blue Dart Express Limited. Blue Dart continues to operate as an independent
  18. 18. Project on Logisticsbrand and provides a complete spectrum of domestic and international express servicesthrough synergies with DHL.Company’s Vision:"To be the best and set the pace in the air express integrated transportationand distribution industry, with a business and human conscience. Wecommit to develop, reward and recognize our people who, through highquality and professional service and use of sophisticated technology, willmeet and exceed customer and stakeholder expectations profitably."  Company’s future plans: Focus on our core domestic products to expand our market share andconsolidate our unique and premium position in the Indian market, andexpansion into the near Mid-East and Far East markets and the SAARC(South Asian Association of Regional Co-operation) countries. Blue Dartwould also leverage its vast customer base for global distribution through itsalliance with DHL. We plan to leverage our established infrastructure tocontinue adding value and customised solutions to the changing andevolving demands of the customer. We would also provide global logistics
  19. 19. Project on Logisticscustomers with access to our quality domestic and regional distribution. Ourdomestic network will continue to differentiate itself in all areas of our corecompetencies - supply chain management, logistics and Ecommerce. Position ourselves as the preferred, seamless link to a countryprojected to be an economic superpower of the 21st Century. Through ourtechnology development, premium services, quality network and strategicalliances, we plan to carve for ourselves a leadership position in the industryas Indias and the regions link to the world. Continue to deliver value to our stakeholders through our PeoplePhilosophy and Corporate Governance based on distinctive CustomerService, Business Ethics and Accountability, and Profitability.  LOGISTICS IN BLUE DART The Information Technology industry is, perhaps, typical of thechanging and escalating logistic demands of various industries today,irrespective of their category as old or new economy. In the IT industry,the difference between success and failure is closely linked to thesupply/value chain integration, of which there are two distinct processes:1. The delivery of goods to the customer in the most reliable transit period(and preferably the shortest) possible. Reliable alludes to a certainguaranteed transit time for packages to reach customers or the response thatorganisations need in the event of any exceptions.
  20. 20. Project on Logistics2. The reverse flow of acknowledged signed delivery records without which,in many cases, recovery of bills are virtually impossible. Especially so in thecase of companies placing multi-location orders that could cover hundredsof cities. The task for the supplier is staggering - plan logistics for deliveriesto all these locations, and hope for 100% of the delivery records to bereturned before bills can be submitted to the customer. In most ITcompanies, the role of logistics or fulfillment is key. With organisations moving towards close to perfect standards like SixSigma, interaction with logistics suppliers has taken on a critical rolemoving up sometimes to the level of the CEO of the organization. Blue Dart Express Limited applied and found solutions to thesecritical demands much before other players could even recognize their need.Through its exceptional people processes, superior technology, and stress onquality systems over the last, almost two decades now, Blue Dart was quickto fulfill these needs: The countrys most reliable air and surface network offer a pre-determined delivery schedule with close to 100% accuracy. The IT industrycould plan its production with precision and avoid expensive inventorybuild-up. Blue Dart offers the countrys most comprehensive communicationstechnology. Much before the internet was prevalent; Blue Dart customerscould dial into the network through Power Dart 2000 and track their
  21. 21. Project on Logisticspackages. As an added option, Fax dart could fax a copy of the deliveryrecord the minute the Blue Dart system was updated. The countrys only express airline with a fleet of three Boeing 737sensured that packages were flown to their destinations overnight. Anothertremendous advantage was that the individual size of packages that could becarried multiplied manifold. Retrieval of signed delivery records posed the industrys mostintriguing problem. Blue Dart was quick to understand this requirement andput in place a 100% retrieval system. Blue Dart not only handles large volumes and oversize packagesovernight - it also provides the industry with status of their shipments andretrieves such records as are necessary for billing. The entire cycle has beenconsiderably shortened, enabling the industry to achieve healthy bottom-line.
  22. 22. Project on LogisticsLogistics software solutionsVendor Solution Features Application program offered to Blue Dart offices and its channel partners in remote areas via the Internet. SENTOR (Status Users receive detailed information on inboundBlue Entry Offline for packages for delivery. Upon delivery, proof of deliveryDart Regional Service details are entered offline and updated on Blue Darts participants) Web server within three hours. The earlier time lag was 24 to 48 hours. A PC-based solution aimed specifically at SMBs. It improves the business efficiency of customers by ExpressShipper (to beTNT helping them send more than fifteen consignments a launched) day. Customers can track consignments and obtain price quotations directly from their PCs. Online consultancy on customs-related paperwork for SMBs that helps determine which customs documents should accompany their (customers) internationalFedEx Global Trade Manager shipments. Lets customers print and fill them up thereby helping them save time on potential border delays.
  23. 23. Project on Logistics  SERVICES OF BLUE DART REGIONAL SERVICES IN SAARC AREA Between India, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal. Blue Dart offers the fastest, most reliable, door-to-door express deliveries for your documents and packages to countries in the SAARC region through Regional Priority. The service offers access to over13,700 locations in India, and over 800 locations in Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal,providing the widest coverage in the region through a quality network, an integrated airand ground infrastructure dedicated to express transportation and innovative technologysupport. Regional Priority: Documents (RPDX) The most dependable and secure delivery for non-dutiable, critical and importantshipments such as legal documents and tenders. The Blue Dart Envelope provides secureand attractive packaging for your documents, brochures and reports up to 500gms. Regional Priority: Non-Documents (RPDT) Fast reliable and safe door deliveries for samples and non-commerical shipments.Currently available between India and Nepal only.
  24. 24. Project on Logistics  Let see different type of regional services: - DOMESTIC PRIORITY The fastest, most reliable, door-to-door delivery service within India and to Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan for documents and small shipments under 32kgs per package. The special benefits of this service are:  Delivery to over 13,700 locations in India  Free pick-up from your location  Real-time Tracking  Regulatory Clearances  Free Computerized Proof of Delivery DART APEX Dart Apex is a door-to-door delivery service within India for shipments weighing 10kgs. And above. It is the fastest, most efficient delivery solution for commercial shipments that are time-bound and are required to undergo regulatoryclearances, or require special handling.
  25. 25. Project on Logistics Dart Apex offers you an economical option of an Airport-to-Door service fromthe major airports of Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Hyderabad to allthe Dart Apex locations serviced. A customer may book space for their shipmentsthrough company’s Customer Service and deliver customer shipments to Blue DartAviation Office at the related airport. Dart Apex also offers a further economical option of a Door-to-Airport service. Acustomer may book their shipments at any of company’s locations serviced for thisproduct to any of the major airports. Consignee would be required to collect the shipmentfrom the Blue Dart Aviation office at the concerned airport. Dart Apex offers the following benefits:  Wide Market Reach  Single-window Clearance  Real-time Information  Time-Definite Delivery  Free Proof of Delivery on Demand  Speed  Flexibility  Economical
  26. 26. Project on LogisticsDART SURFACELINE Dart Surfaceline is an economical, door-to-door, ground distribution service within India for shipments weighing 10 kgs and above. It offers a cost-effective logistics optionfor your less time-sensitive shipments, with the following value-added benefits:  Time-bound Delivery  Track your Shipment  Regulatory Clearances  Pick-up Convenience  Secure Shipments  Economical Tariff SMART BOX Smart Box is a convenient, economic, packaging unit priced to include a door-to-door delivery service within India. The units come in 2 sizes, 10kgs and 25 kgs, and aredesigned to accommodate a variety of products. The special benefits of using Smart Boxare:
  27. 27. Project on Logistics  A wide market reach  Speedy Delivery  Free pick-up  Real-time Tracking  Regulatory Clearances  Proof of Delivery  Trouble Free Service  INTERNATIONAL SERVICE
  28. 28. Project on Logistics International services of Blue dart are taken over DHL EXPRESS in 2002. Blue Dart Express Limited, through its International Sales alliance with DHL, thepremier global brand name in express distribution services, offers DHL DocumentExpress (DOX), DHL Worldwide Package Express (WPX) and the Jumbo Box (JumboBox - 25 kgs. and Jumbo Junior - 10 kgs.), a one-stop shipping process for reliable, time-definite, door to door delivery of international documents and packages. The serviceoffers access to 220 countries and territories worldwide and the extensive, qualitynetwork of Blue Dart and DHL. The special benefits of the International Services are: 1) A Convenient Solution for Urgent, International Documents & Shipments. 2) Documents and packages will be picked-up from location, cleared through customs and delivered to consignee. 3) Customs Clearance Expertise Specialists conversant with customs formalities in India as well as in 228 countries worldwide, and pre-clearance for shipments in transit available for most destinations, ensure efficient delivery. 4) Real-time Tracking.
  29. 29. Project on Logistics 5) A Cost-effective Option. 6) Packaging.  DHL OFFERS: 1. Express Document (DOX):DHL Express document is the fastest, trustworthy and most secure way to deliver non-dutiable shipments such as banking and legal documents, reports, proposals, tenders, etc.
  30. 30. Project on Logistics Features:  Priority financial industry services.  State of the art information systems.  Specialised fast handling facilities.  90% of international banks first choice.  Door to door one company control.  World class packaging. Benefits:  The best possible service to the company.  The leading edge for financial services.  Track status online door to door.  Highest level of control and security.  One point of contact and accountability.  Peace of mind. 2. Worldwide Package Express (WPX):
  31. 31. Project on Logistics DHL Express Package is the fastest most secure way to deliver a dutiable international shipment. For commercial shipments like electrical goods and components, garments, manufactured items & non-commercial shipments. Features:  Door to door service.  Simple documentation.  Packaging range.  Fastest for international expresss packages.  State of the art information systems.  Global customs clearance leader.  Global market leader for international express packages. Benefits:  Fastest transit time.  Greater security and control.  Simplified and convenient process.  No hunting for packaging.  Detailed online tracking.  One company control.  Single Invoice.  Door to door peace of mind. 3. The Jumbo Box & Jumbo Junior Box:
  32. 32. Project on Logistics DHL Jumbo Box and Jumbo Junior are the original market innovations for value priced, flat fee international express. All the benefits of the Worldwide Package Express plus. They offer low flat fees for shipments up to 10kg and 25kg and convenient uniquely designed packaging to all destinations worldwide. Features:  Unique easy to assemble boxes.  Step by step customs declarations.  Full DHL express door to door service.  Low flat fee for each kilo over flat fee limit.  Strong packaging and simple documentation. Benefits:  Maximum convenience.  Low price.  Exporting documentation made easy.  Fastest transit time.  Door to door service.  Track status online door to door.  No hunting for packaging or paperwork.  Different types of international services: -
  33. 33. Project on Logistics AIRPORT TO AIRPORT The airport-to-airport service is an air freight service available on the flights operated by Blue Dart Aviation between the airports of Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad. The advantages of an airport-to-airport service are:  Cooling-Period All the Blue Dart Aviation warehouses are equipped with X-raymachines, which eliminate the necessity of the mandatory 24 hour cooling-periodrequired for security reasons for all air freight transported within India.  Late Night Cut-off & Early Morning Deliveries With Blue Dart Aviations night operations, shipmentsmanufactured during the day can connect the night flights and be delivered at destinationthe next morning.  Capacity Blue Dart Aviation is the only cargo operator with scheduledB737-200 freighter services within India and can offer a larger capacity than otherdomestic airline.
  34. 34. Project on LogisticsCHARTERS Blue Dart Aviation operates the only Boeing 737 freighters in India. The freighters have an 8-pallet configuration, and operations are supported by an in-house ground-handling and maintenance capability, as well as bonded warehouses at all the on-line stations, and company-owned cargo handling assets. With qualified, professionally-trained personnel, Blue DartAviation is positioned to offer the most superior quality of service in the country today. Charters are operated on an ad-hoc basis. Normally, charters have been usedwhere timely delivery of sensitive equipment or large loads is required. In the past, BlueDart Aviation has operated charters for carriage of TV Equipment for the Miss WorldContest, high-value TV and Broadcasting equipment for Cricket Matches around thecountry, perishable Aquaculture, Computer peripherals and Electronics, EmergencyEquipment and large inventory for JIT plants. INTERLINE Blue Dart Aviation operates the only Boeing 737 freighters in India. The freighters have an 8-pallet configuration, and operations are supported by an in-houseground-handling and maintenance capability, as well as bonded warehouses at all the on-line stations, and company-owned cargo handling assets. With qualified, professionally-trained personnel, Blue Dart Aviation is positioned to offer the most superior quality ofservice in the country today.
  35. 35. Project on Logistics The bonded warehouses with customs personnel facilitate efficient transhipmentof cargo within India. This facility has enabled distribution of imports within the countryand has provided exports access to and from the gateways of international airlines. Thisprovides international airlines with a cost-effective option to restrict their on-line stationswithin India, and enhance their marketing possibilities at off-line locations by utilizingthe distribution capabilities of Blue Dart Aviation. Currently, Blue Dart has interline agreements signed with 23 international airlines- Air Canada, Air France, Air India, Air Mauritius, Alitalia, Asiana, British Airways,Cargolux, Cathay Pacific, China Airlines, Cross Air, Das Air, El Al Israel Airlines,Emirates Sky Cargo, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Kuwait Airways, Polar Air, SaudiArabian Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Sri Lankan Airlines, Swiss Air, South AfricanAirways, and Qatar Airways. VALUE ADDED SERVICES Value added services on the rise. Blue Dart has started providing value-addedservices like “logistics management, supply chain management and warehousingfacilities to its clients. Going forward demand for such services from corporates is likelyto grow at a fast clip. This is because by outsourcing such services to third party serviceproviders they would be able to cut down on costs and improve their efficiency levels.For the courier companies such services would be part of the overall value propositionthey would be offering their clients apart from the normal pick up and delivery. Suchservices have the potential for enhancing the margins of courier companies like BlueDart. We believe that Blue Dart is best equipped to capitalize on the growingopportunities in the emerging areas of warehousing and supply chain management.
  36. 36. Project on Logistics BLUE DART INITIATES CUSTOMER SATISFACTION BENCHMARK As a business entity customer have dispatched an important package that containssome confidential business documents. Customers do not know the status of thedocuments shipped. Customer’s end up making endless calls to the courier service officeasking them when the Proof of Delivery (POD) will come their way since company needto be assured that everything that was sent has reached the destination. Now, Blue DartExpress Ltd promises to cure customer’s conventional woes. Termed net service levels, the initiative is all internal benchmarking exercise bywhich the organisation evolves an action plan to examine the areas where the customersatisfaction levels have not matched up to the standards that have been establishedinternally by the enterprise. The company also evolves marketing strategics that canenable its business to effectively retain customers. Blue Dart Express Ltd senior vice-president (marketing & projects) TulsiMirchandaney says that- "The express service Industry does not have any externalbenchmark to look up to. Company’s therefore, decided to look into some of theoperations that successfully institutionalised internally, and use those as benchmark toefficiently address various customer needs." This implies that every day professionals from Blue Dart will monitor the exactstatus of various shipments of its clients, specially air cargo services which is one of the
  37. 37. Project on Logisticscore offerings where the company generates substantial business volumes. In thisbusiness, the company may encounter imperatives like flight delays to bad weatherconditions or some other peculiar circumstances which may lead to considerable worryand anxiety for the target customers. This is more so because the delivery of theseshipments would be crucial to effectively run their own independent end-businesses. Theteam within the company, in such instances will track the specific geographical areaswhere the problem persists through Internal technology tool and other aligned systemsthat have been initiated by the enterprise. The company will also personally interact withcustomers and explain to them the exact reasons for the delay along with the time whenthe cargo will be delivered. Further, the moment the company discovers that there are certain areas wherecustomer service delivery is not in sync with the standards that have been set by theorganisation, the entire team gets down to analysing the problem. This is done todetermine where exactly the company needs to gear up further.