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Firefox Apps Marketplace Go To Market Plan


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mock GTM plan for the new Firefox Apps Marketplace

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Firefox Apps Marketplace Go To Market Plan

  1. 1. Firefox Marketplace
  2. 2. StrategiesLandscapeCustomersEcosystemIntro Intro/Executive Summary Background & Landscape Firefox Marketplace Customers Ecosystem & Goals Going to Market: Key Strategies Questions
  3. 3. StrategiesLandscapeCustomersEcosystemIntroPR, Online Communications, User & Contributor EngagementSEGMENTATIONPartners &AlliancesResourcesMarketingInitiativesOffering &ValuePropositionMarketsDevelopersBrandsOperatorsManufacturersProductMarketingPublic RelationsContributorEngagementDeveloperEngagementUserEngagementBrand/CreativeApp ExclusivityDevelopersPartnershipsPricingDiscoverabilityWeb AppTechnology• Cheaper andeasier to develop• Emerging &noteworthy• No lock-in• Multi-devicefunctionalityUser ExperienceApp SelectionAccess to NewMarketsDeveloperOpportunitiesUser Experience, Quality Control, Security, SupportECOSYSTEMCustomersDevelopersOperatorsManufacturersBrand PartnersAdvertisers• Android Users• FF OS Users• By Region• By Device• By Affluence• Desktop users3
  4. 4. StrategiesLandscapeCustomersEcosystemIntro October 18, 2012: Mozilla announced the Firefox AuroraMarketplace release February 24, 2013: Mozilla announced plans to roll out Firefox OSdevices with mobile partners around the world. Spring 2013: Firefox OS will launch in a coordinated effort withTelefoncia, who has ~25% of the LATAM mobile market. The firstphones will hit stores in Brazil Subsequent launches will take place over 2013 in Venezuela,Colombia, Poland and the Czech Republic Firefox Marketplace will include popular apps such asAccuWeather, Airbnb, Box, Cut the Rope, Disney Mobile Games,EA games, Facebook, Nokia HERE, MTV Brasil, Pulse News,SoundCloud, SporTV, Terra, Time Out and Twitter as well aspersonally-tailored and local apps“Firefox Marketplace will make smartphones capable of offering more powerful and immersive Web app experiences. The Web nowhas the potential to be the world’s largest marketplace with the new Web APIs Mozilla developed“4
  5. 5. StrategiesLandscapeCustomersEcosystemIntro Today, 12 of the top 15 apps have a social and/or localcomponent1 Gaming and social networking remain the most popular appsaround the world2 Research indicates that the earliest adopters of emergingtechnologies also tend to be the most valuable customers3 In general, smartphone owners in developed markets are leastlikely to engage with mobile ads, while smartphone owners inhigh-growth economies are more likely to engage2 M-commerce is projected to proliferate. While only the US hasa majority using shopping & retail apps, smartphone usersworldwide are using mobile browsers across multiple points inthe customer lifecycle2Worldwide, the percentage of smartphone usersdownloading apps slightly trails those browsing the mobileweb. However, overall time spent is higher on apps, andusers are diversifying the range of apps used.Source: 2012 Nielsen Mobile Consumer Report6
  6. 6. StrategiesLandscapeCustomersEcosystemIntro Android is currently the clear leader among mobile OS’s,capturing almost 70% global smartphone market share in2012, while Apple grabbed just under 20% 3 There are currently over 700,000 apps and games in theGoogle Play Store Overall, consumers who shop via mobile applications thehighest percentage have the levels of satisfaction on Androidsmartphones (69%, with Apple slightly trailing at 66%) 4 Android smartphones have the highest adoption in the 18-29age group 4 Android is popular with users, despite lacking Apple’s“seamlessness,” but fragmentation is a key reason developersstill prefer iOS 5,6“My primary phone is the iPhone. I love the beauty of it. ButI wish it did all the things my Android does, I really do.” –Steve Wozniak, Apple cofounder Exclusive appavailability Free or lower pricedapps & promotions App recommendations Curated list of appchoices Localized portalAndroid Users – Why Shop at an Alternate AppStore?Together, Android andiOS make up 91% oftoday’s mobile marketshare.Source: Venturebeat, 201357
  7. 7. StrategiesLandscapeCustomersEcosystemIntro With 260 million mobile users and 55 million smartphonedevices, Brazil ranks 4th in the world in number ofsmartphones Brazil’s mobile market is seeing cheaper data plans, greateraccess to free Wi-Fi, and the availability of lower endsmartphone devices. These favorable conditions are alsopushing a surge in mobile startups and investments Growing fast: smartphone penetration is currently low, butseventy-five million Brazilians will own a smartphone by theend of 2013 7 Data costs are high: a 1GB data package in Brazil costs $51compared with $3 in Turkey and $2 in Vietnam8 From June to September 2012, Android claimed 47% ofBrazil’s smartphone OS share9“Brazil is the fuse that’s sparking all of Latin America interms of mobile growth” – Forbes Mobile Landscape - A Snapshot of BrazilSmartphone adoption is skewed toward males andyoung to middle aged usersOnly 43% of Brazil’s smartphone userswith a data plan, compared with 77% inChina, 57% in India, and 49% inTurkey.“Good Operating System” was themost important factor in selecting a mobile device, trumpingother considerations like ease of use, good value, andstylish device. Wide choice of applications, was leastimportant to Brazilians.Source: 2012 Nielsen Mobile Consumer Report8
  8. 8. StrategiesLandscapeCustomersEcosystemIntro The App Stores Are Getting Full: Only 2% Of iPhone TopPublishers In U.S. Are Newcomers, 3% On Google Play 10 In The US, 17% of the top 300 apps in the iPhone App Storeand 12% in Google Play were new applications Only 0.25 percent of the total revenue from the top 250applications goes to new iPhone app publishers, while 1.2percent reaches new Android app publishers on Google Play11 88.4% of mobile developers plan to develop for two or moreoperating systems over the next year According to a survey of over 5,000 developers andtechnology executives worldwide, 90% of developers plan touse HTML5 in 2013, but 24% consider the technology“overhyped” 12 Developers must focus on quality: only 16% will give a failingapp more than 2 attempts 12It’s very hard for newcomers to become breakoutsuccesses at this point, so the decks are already stackedagainst new apps before they ever go live” – Techcrunch,February 20139
  9. 9. StrategiesLandscapeCustomersEcosystemIntroFirefox Marketplace customers consist of 2 types of operating system users:11
  10. 10. StrategiesLandscapeCustomersEcosystemIntroFor Android users, the key question is, “Why should I use Firefox?” Google Play is the default app store, and it offers a much largerselection of apps (mostly native). On a platform with intra-device competition and where Firefox is the “underdog,” offering customersa superior user experience and unique benefits is critical. Awareness: Users need to know the FirefoxMarketplace exists• Need full support of PR and community engagementteams to leverage media, social channels, events, andblogosphere Incentive: Give users a reason to visit and try theFirefox Marketplace• App selection, user experience, discovery,pricing/promos, Firefox brand, security, quality control,portability Retention/Loyalty: Provide superior value/experienceto drive repeat traffic/purchases and continuechoosing Firefox over competing marketplacesStrengths• Uncrowded; easy tofind apps• Firefox has brandequity, loyal users• Firefox has beenrecognized forsecurityWeaknesses• App selection small• FF apps currentlyincompatible withtabletsOpportunities• Superior U/X• Differentiated apps• Better discoveryprocess• Attractivepricing/promotions• “Web apps are cool”Threats• Google Play• Other app stores• Other devices• Quality control &security issues• “Web apps areuncool”12
  11. 11. StrategiesLandscapeCustomersEcosystemIntroMany Firefox OS users will be new smartphone users. They need to be sold on the value of apps, and their initial experience withFirefox Marketplace will strongly impact lifetime customer value. In addition to language & cultural considerations, lower levels oftech savviness, income and internet access in developing countries create a different set of customer needs. Awareness of Apps: Users need to understand whatapps are and what they can do• Marketing and education targeting new smartphone usersvia Firefox and partner properties Understanding: Users need to know how to download,use and pay for apps• Offer support/demos in appropriate languages to educateand engage users Retention/loyalty: Drive repeat transactions and giveusers reasons for continued use of FF Marketplaceover competitors• Regional/cultural relevance, support & ease of use, appselection, user experience, discovery, pricing/promos,Firefox brand, security, quality control, portabilityStrengths• Default app store• Experienceintegrates morefluidly with browserand other phonefunctionsWeaknesses• Web app technologystill lags native appsOpportunities• Generate acquisitionand loyalty amongnew markets andearly adopters• Target new marketswith local interestsThreats• Confusion aboutapps• Price sensitivity indeveloping markets• Limited creditcard/WI-FI access• Functionality issues• Competitors(?)13
  12. 12. StrategiesLandscapeCustomersEcosystemIntro“Mozilla is unlocking the Web as a mobile development platform with Firefox Marketplace and unwrapping mobile apps to enablemore opportunity and control for developers and consumers.”GTM Goals: Product: Aligns with needs of stakeholderswithin the ecosystem Value Proposition: The unique advantagesand opportunities are understood bystakeholders Information: Stakeholders have adequateawareness and information to make a decision Access: Stakeholders can easily accessresources and tools needed to succeed in theFirefox MarketplaceThe Firefox Marketplace Ecosystem: Key Stakeholders15
  13. 13. StrategiesLandscapeCustomersEcosystemIntroAndroid UsersThe best alternate app store for web apps:• Superior user experience & discovery• Quality app selection• Security & quality control• Attractive pricing & promosFirefox OS UsersDefault app shopping experience:• Fun & easy to learn, understand, and use• Great user experience & discovery• Localized content• Attractive pricing & promos• Security & quality control• Ample supportDevelopers• Opportunity to establish success that is nearimpossible on Google Play and Apple App Store• First movers have huge opportunity for visibility andbuzz• Uncrowded market + superior discovery processoffer higher visibility• Web apps require lower time and financialinvestments• Great place to test to new apps• Robust developer support & communityBrand Partners/Advertisers• Be the first to penetrate new markets and engagewith early adopters• Enjoy significant first mover advantage beforeMarketplace becomes more crowded• Cross-platform functionality + lower costs anddevelopment time• Big marketing/PR opportunity: Early web appsuccesses will garner buzzOperators & Phone Manufacturers• The success of the Firefox Marketplace is directlyrelated to success and demand for FF phones• Firefox’s unique Marketplace experience is a keydifferentiator• Successful apps and features can be leveraged askey marketing points16
  14. 14. StrategiesLandscapeCustomersEcosystemIntro18
  15. 15. StrategiesLandscapeCustomersEcosystemIntroThe following 5 key strategies will help Firefox differentiate its approach from its competitors, while offering clear advantages tothose in its ecosystem.App ExclusivityDevelopersPricingDiscoveryPartnershipsProduct: (User Experience,Quality Control, Security &Support)Marketing: PR, OnlineCommunications, User &Contributor Engagement19
  16. 16. StrategiesLandscapeCustomersEcosystemIntro Equips Firefox with powerful, fresh marketing content Highly attractive opportunity for developers/partners Potential to quickly populate FF Marketplace : Between May 2011– May 2012, the Instagram and Amazon Mobile apps alone added13m and 8m users, respectively 1 An alternative approach: offer a non-exclusive app at an exclusiveprice*As a new offering, Firefox needs to entice users to try out its Marketplace. Even one popular app can quickly populate theMarketplace with customers and downloads. An exclusive app creates a clear point of differentiation while generating buzz andcreating fantastic marketing/PR opportunities to continue building awareness and additional downloads.By working closely with strategicpartners/developers, Mozilla can produce 2-3 signature apps that will: Draw press for the app, FF Marketplace,and web app technologies Attracts new users by giving them a reasonto try FF Marketplace Generate awareness of Firefox MarketplaceKey Action ItemsProductMarketingPublicRelationsContributorEngagementDeveloperEngagementUserEngagementBrandEngagementApp Exclusivity x x x x x xResearch prime opportunities xEstablish budget xIdentify key partners for project xCreate and pitch proposal x xLaunch signature app xPromote app x x x x x x20
  17. 17. StrategiesLandscapeCustomersEcosystemIntroApp developers are more challenged than ever in gaining visibility, downloads, and revenue – all unmet needs Firefox can leverage.However, negative perceptions about web apps and the risk of small, untested markets can deter developers. In order to combatthis, Firefox must present and communicate clear developer advantages over competing marketplaces.Use developerengagement teamto aggressivelycommunicate valueproposition of FFMarketplace andweb apps TargetApple/Android“rejects”Offer tools and support tofoster success with alllevels of developers: Tutorials, e-books, &resources for appdevelopment Create robust marketingguides Share latest research &actionable insightsHelp developersimprove appdevelopment bybuilding in: Detailed customerreviews Bug reports &suggestion/feedback formsCreate crediblenetworks fordeveloperresources: Outsourcing Hosting Appbuyer/sellersKey Action ItemsProductMarketingPublicRelationsContributorEngagementDeveloperEngagementUserEngagementBrandEngagementDeveloper Benefits x x x x x xCommunicate/promote value prop x x x xOffer robust support and tools xApp improvement tools xNetworks & resources xOffer unique monetization opportunities x xResearch/insights x xSupport monetization x x xPromote successful apps x x x x x x21
  18. 18. StrategiesLandscapeCustomersEcosystemIntroHalf the challenge to downloading apps is being able to find them. For Android users, overcrowding makes app discovery difficult.Firefox OS users are new to the app ecosystem, and targeted recommendations can quickly point them to exciting, relevant appsthat fit their unique interests.Enable socialsharing and“tell a friend”referralfunctionalityCreate a rewardprogram forreviews Offer activereviewers specialstatus orprivilegesCustomize apprecommendations anddiscovery through: Phone/social networks Geo-targeted(Allow customers to control &refine recommendations)Begin voluntarybrowsertracking toservecustomers witha more relevantexperienceCollaborate with relevanttech & non-tech contentowners: A shopping app could bea great feature on afashion blogKey Action ItemsProductMarketingPublicRelationsContributorEngagementDeveloperEngagementUserEngagementBrandEngagementDiscovery x x x x x xIntegrate social sharing x x x x x xReferral reward program x x x x x xCustomized recommendations x x x x x xBrowser tracking x x x xCollaborate with content owners x x xPromote/press coverage x x x x x x22
  19. 19. StrategiesLandscapeCustomersEcosystemIntroPartnerships with brands, developers, operators and phone manufacturers bring momentum and expanded reach to FFMarketplace’s initiatives.Launch an affiliate program Allow content owners acrossthe web to become partnerswith FF, target interest-basedaudiences, and sharerevenues with developers Developers can choose toopt in and will controlrevenue sharing optionsCreateinnovativeadvertisingauctions andpackagesInterlock with phone operatorsand manufacturers to providecustomer support Provide comprehensive content forcustomer questions and supportsabout apps for partner webproperties and in-storeexperiences Ensure multi-language supportInterlock with phone operatorsand manufacturers for marketingand advertising: Firefox OS phone operators andmanufacturers advertise heavily:Equip partners with differentiatingselling points that provide mutualbenefit Help craft in-store engagementexperiences, demos, and appmarketing campaignsKey Action ItemsProductMarketingPublicRelationsContributorEngagementDeveloperEngagementUserEngagementBrandEngagementPartnerships x x x x x xAffiliate programAdvertising program xFormulate unique value propositions xCreate marketing/pitch materials x xMarketing w/ operators & manufacturers x x x x xCollaborative customer support x x xCollaborative partner advertising x x xAdvertise value prop to market at large x x x x x x23
  20. 20. StrategiesLandscapeCustomersEcosystemIntroNot all app stores sell apps at the same prices. Pricing is a key concern for users, developers, and competing app stores. Whilelower prices drive increased downloads, developers must see a returns on their investment. Lower incomes in developing regionsimpose different pricing considerations for Firefox OS users vs. Android users in developed countries.Create a testing program: pricing andpromotions will be critical to FFMarketplace. However, currentevidence does not indicate a clearpricing model, and it may differ byregion. A period of testing willidentify the optimal strategy. Packages/subscriptions Price points, free apps, free trials Freemium models & in-app purchasesKey Action ItemsProductMarketingPublicRelationsContributorEngagementDeveloperEngagementUserEngagementBrandEngagementPricing x x x x x xDevelop subscription modelDevelop ad platformResearch and develop alpha test models x x x xCommunicate with developers/partners xSelect partners for testing program x xLaunch test promotions xAnalyze results and repeat steps to refine x x x xCommunicate results to developers xAnnounce & promote any wins x x x x x xDevelop app subscription packages Allow one price for a variety of apps Consider allowing “swaps” Can be grouped by similar interests Developers can opt in Great add-on for phone carriers24
  21. 21. StrategiesLandscapeCustomersEcosystemIntroKey Action ItemsProductMarketingPublicRelationsContributorEngagementDeveloperEngagementUserEngagementBrandEngagementContinuous competitive research x x xEngage & communicate via live events x x x x x xGamification for developers & users x x x xRelationships with key content owners x x x xMaintain security of Marketplace apps x xMaintain social media engagement x x x x xObtain & research partner data xOffer robust support in local languages x x x xFeedback loops & listening posts x x x xRefresh & communicate value propositions x x x x x xResearch, test & optimize user experience x x x xFan segmenting & targeted communications x x x xContent syndication x25
  22. 22. StrategiesLandscapeCustomersEcosystemIntro1 Courting Today’s Mobile Customer, Dan Lee, Nielsen, 2013.2 2012 Mobile Consumer Report, Nielsen, 2013 .3“Android Captured Almost 70% Global Smartphone Market Share in 2012, Apple Just Under 20%, ” John Koetsier.4 Adobe 2012 Mobile Consumer Survey Results. Adobe Systems, 2012.5 Appcelerator/IDC Q4 2012 Mobile Developer Report, 2013, Venturebeat, January 28, 2013.6 “Why Game Creators Prefer iPhone to Android” Ryan Rigney, Wired, February 28, 2013.7 “4 Predictions for The Brazilian Mobile Phone Market for 2013.” Eric Savitz, Forbes, December 16, 2012.8 “Just because emerging markets buy smartphones doesn’t mean they can use them,” Donald Fitzmaurice, Quartz, March 13, 2013.9 “5 Insights into Mobile Web Users in Brazil and Mexico,” Latin Link, November 17, 201210 “The App Stores Are Getting Full: Only 2% Of iPhone Top Publishers In U.S. Are Newcomers, 3% On Google Play,” Sarah Perez, TechCrunch, February 20,2013.11 The Impact of Price Changes, Distimo, January 2013.10 Global Developer Suvey, Kendo UI, February 2013.
  23. 23. StrategiesLandscapeCustomersEcosystemIntroApp sales and downloads are maximized where customer and developer needs intersect. Firefox must understand and support bothgroups in order to create a cycle of momentum within its Marketplace.What matters to customers?• App selection (variety, popularity,unique)• User experience• Functionality and security• Fun and easy discovery process• Interest-based recommendations• Support and ease of use• PriceWhat matters to developers?• Visibility & user discovery• Revenue & monetization opportunities• Building a brand for themselves• Time and cost to market• Ease of development & publishingprocess• Support & tools for successSales and downloadscreate momentum for moredeveloper involvement,which draws more new andrepeat customers to theFirefox Marketplace
  24. 24. StrategiesLandscapeCustomersEcosystemIntro[Android][Both][Firefox OS]
  25. 25. StrategiesLandscapeCustomersEcosystemIntro
  26. 26. StrategiesLandscapeCustomersEcosystemIntroSource: Kendo UI 2013 Global Developer Survey