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Infrastructure for ent & technopreneur


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introducing infrastructure for entrepreneur & technopreneur in malaysia

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Infrastructure for ent & technopreneur

  1. 1. Infrastructure for Entrepreneurship By: Nursakinah Abdul Karim
  2. 2. What do you know about ‘infrastructure’? • The basic physical and organizational structures and facilities (e.g. buildings, roads, power supplies) needed for the operation of a society or enterprise: ‘The social and economic infrastructure of a country’ Source: oxford dictionary
  3. 3. How about ‘infrastructure for entrepreneurship’?
  4. 4. Entrepreneurial Activities Planning Your Business Starting a Business Managing Your Business Growing Your Business Exiting a Business Source:
  5. 5. Programs for SMEs • Incubator • Halal Parks • Technology Parks • TPM • Kulim Hi Tech • Perak Hi Tech • List of Business Properties • Licensing for Premises & Kiosks • DBKL Access to Infrastructure • Overview of Source of Financing/Funding • Funding a Business • Government Funding • Private Sector Funding Access to Financing Source:
  6. 6. • Business Plan • Marketing Plan • One Referral Centre • MCORE • SCORE • 1-innoCERT • SEAP • Enterprise 50 • Micro Enterprises • Women Entrepreneurs Access to Advisory Services & Information • Marketing Plan • Branding & Packaging • Halal • Networking • Export Promotion • Investment Promotion • Showcases & Exhibitions • Marketing & Promotion Activities Access to Market Programs for SMEs cont’… Source:
  7. 7. • Innovation & Creativity • Green Technology • Biotechnology • Agro Technology • Certification • Intellectual Property Rights Access to Technology • Skills Upgrading • Occupational Safety & Health • Entrepreneurship Access to Human Capital Programs for SMEs cont’… Source:
  8. 8. 1-InnoCERT (1-Innovation Certification for Enterprise Rating & Transformation) • is a certification program used to recognize and certify innovative enterprises & SMEs – to encourage entrepreneurs to venture into high technology and innovation-driven industries.
  9. 9. • companies will be guided through coaching and business advisory to – implement innovation systems, processes, and business models – to comply with the innovation standard. Certified companies – will be given fast track access to incentives, including funding for their project. 1-InnoCERT (1-Innovation Certification for Enterprise Rating & Transformation) cont’..
  10. 10. How about infrastructure for TECHNOPRENEUR?
  11. 11. Infrastructurefor Technopreneurs Associations Supporting Agencies Private Semi-government Full Government Incubators Private Under Government
  12. 12. In Malaysia…
  13. 13. 1) National Incubator Network Association (NINA) • (NINA) was formally established on the 9th of January 2004 • serve as a common platform for knowledge sharing on incubation/business acceleration – among all the incubators in Malaysia • As a catalyst for collaborative efforts among incubators for their mutual benefits.
  14. 14. The key objectives of NINA are: • To help improve continuously the state of incubation – that incubators can add value to entrepreneurs, investors and other stakeholders. • To promote, improve and accelerate the business value of entrepreneurs through incubators • To build and manage an active network of incubators and associated institutions, p – promote the sharing of ideas and best practices among members • To represent the incubator industry/movement and stakeholders vis-à-vis Government of Malaysia, and other international associations and organizations
  15. 15. • NINA current members include twenty (20) incubators throughout Malaysia and currently comprise of mostly MSC-Status Incubator organizations. • Among them are: – Technology Park Malaysia – Kulim High Tech Park – MSC Technology Commercialization Centre – MTDC – MIRC Incubator – kPerak Incubator – SIRIM Berhad – Usains Holdings Sdn Bhd
  16. 16. • Facilitate a lot -> the development of technopreneurs and the growth of ICT Small and Medium Enterprises(SMEs) into world class companies.
  17. 17. NINA Partners • AABI - Asian Association of Business Incubators • APIN – Asia Pacific Incubation Network • Cradle Fund – Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd (Cradle), an agency under the Ministry of Finance, Malaysia (MOF) – It is a not-for-profit organisation – Create an ecosystem that supports a strong and innovative business-building environment for technology entrepreneurs. – Catalysing Sustainable Technopreneurs. – Represent the Government’s effort at boosting quantity and quality of innovations and technology start-ups
  18. 18. NINA Members a. KTMSB Kulim Technology Management Sendirian Berhad b. TPM  Technology Park Malaysia c. MAD Incubator d. SIRIM  Standards and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia e. Sabah Creative Incubator f. Skali E-Ventures g. Mdec  Multimedia Development Corporation
  19. 19. What is an incubation?
  20. 20. What do you know about incubating?
  21. 21. How about ‘Business Incubation’? • Provide support for the successful development of companies by means of an array of support resources and services + offering a nurturing environment – where entrepreneurs can bring their ideas to life.
  22. 22. Generic Business Incubation Environment
  23. 23. Incubator in Malaysia Source: National Incubation Network Association (NINA) INCUBATORS NO’S NINA Members (Tech-based Incubators) MARA (Indigenious/ Bumiputera) Banks State Economy Development Corp. MARDI (Agro-based) Handicraft Incubators Universities MECD Others 25 + 18 + 18 + 17 + 10 + 9 + 4 + 2 + 3 + TOTAL 106+
  24. 24. a. Kulim Technology Management Sendirian Berhad (KTMSB) • The Company – Was established to offer a complete portfolio of both products and services for • IT Infrastructure, • Network and System Integration, • Advanced Engineering, • Project Management • Consultancy. • Primary role : to be the catalyst and contributor to Technology Development in ICT and Advanced Engineering.
  25. 25. • Aim is to promote and support – Human Resource Development (HRD), – Entrepreneur & Vendor Development, – Engineering & Technical Services, – Research & Development (R&D).
  26. 26. • To be an excellent centre for technology development • Laboratories that have been set up are: – Information Technology Centre (ITC), – Metal Excellence Centre (METEX), – Centre for Research, – Engineering, – Science and Technology (CREST)
  28. 28. Technology Park Malaysia Corporation (TPM) • As an Innovation Facilitator and Enabler • Was established in 1996 • Their motto : "Your Success Begins Here"  has reached the length, depth and breadth of the technopreneurial community.
  29. 29. Technology Park Malaysia (TPM) TECHNOLOGY & INNOVATION BUSINESS INCUBATION PROGRAM • Main function:  To spur development of innovative and knowledge-based companies • Incubation program:  Caters specifically to fledgling technology and innovation-based enterprises.  Prospects vary from graduates, researchers, start-up SMEs, professional employees & subsidiary of MNC’s & GLC’s. SELECTION ASSESSMENT TOOLS INFRASTRUCTURE & SHARED SERVICES EXIT POLICY PROSPECTS 1. Graduates/ researchers 2. Start-up SME 3. Professionals/ workers 4. Subsidiary of big companies 5. Soft-landing HANDHOLDING Business coaching, consultancy and training MARKET LINKAGES TECHNOLOGY HELP DESK RESEARCHERS & EXPERTS INTEGRATED FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE • Incubation model:
  30. 30. 33 Network - Market linkages through incubation associations membership: • National Incubation Network Association (NINA) • Asian Association of Business Incubation (AABI) • Asia Pacific Incubation Network (APIN) • Association of University Research Parks (AURP) Facilities - Support from TPM and subsidiaries: • TPM Engineering • TPM IT • TPM Biotech Financial Assistance – Access to funds by Government/commercial banks, venture capital and angels. Handholding – Integrated coaching, consultancy and training by panel of coaches, consultants & trainers. Technology Experts - Advisory from researchers and expert panel Spectrum of Services Cubicles Land/ building leaseOffice units
  31. 31. c. MAD incubator
  32. 32. MAD’s General Info • Become Malaysia’s leading and largest private incubator. • Was formed in 2009 • MAD Incubator is an MSC Status Accredited Incubator. • MAD Incubator specializes in incubation programs from ideation  business venture  business acceleration. • To date, MAD has incubated more than 80 business ventures and is supporting more than 200 companies through its BizStart Program
  33. 33. MAD services 1) Management Services (fee may be required): •In-house mentoring services •Access to Members of Board of Advisors •Business and Technical Assistance Network •Business Plan Development •Strategic Planning Development •Access to Research and Development Assistance •Access to Product Development Assistance •Access to Marketing and Sales Plan Assistance •Access to Financing and Funding Resources 2) Facility: •Incubator facilities with private office facilities, open work areas and common areas •Low-cost, office space •Conference and meeting rooms (based on availability and reservation is required) •Break room and maintained restrooms •24-hour access to secured building •Facilities/Maintenance services •Unreserved parking, subject to availability 3) Technology Amenities (fee may be required): •High-speed Internet access •AV equipment •Network black/color copier and printer MAD ’s infographics
  34. 34. How do MAD make their entrepreneurs successful? 1. Broad-based Business Network – Wider broad-based engagement with community, entrepreneurs, partners and stakeholders 2. Confidence, Motivated & Inspired – Hand holding – Guided and assisted by incubation team – Structured business model and business plan in placed 3. Speed to Market – Linkages provided where speed to market is shortened – Focus on revenue traction – Increased revenue traction 4. Accelerate Businesses – Stimulate more ideas and business tactics – Structured business model and business plan in placed – Execution done together with incubation team 5. Increase Success – Improves entrepreneurs’ success and business sustainability – Turning ideas into currency
  35. 35. What MAD do for their incubatees? 1) Business Support • Mentoring and Coaching • Entrepreneur Circle • 1M/1M Strategy Roundtable • MAD Advisory Panel • Training Programs • Infrastructure Facilities 2) Market Access • Pitching sessions • Networking • Channel Partnership • Referrals • Project Sourcing
  36. 36. 3) Funding • Cradle application • VC meetings • Pitching sessions • Funding linkages • Financial advisory 4) Publicity • Newspaper Interviews • Press Releases • Radio Interviews • Website 5) Events • MAD Techventures • Technopreneur Open Day • BizStart Bootcamp • Competition What MAD do for their incubatees? cont’..
  38. 38. Established in 1975 under Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation 16th November 1995: Corporatized as a government-owned company under the Ministry of Finance Inc. SIRIM Berhad Research & Technology • R&D • Product Development • Process Engineering • Training & Consultancy Standards & Quality • Measurement & Calibration • Legal Metrology Services • Standards Management • Standards Development Broad range of services: Design & Engineering • Product Development • Engineering Services • Plant Engineering • Machinery & Equipment Technology Transfer Hub • Intellectual Property Centre • Commercialization and Business Incubation Centre
  39. 39. SIRIM Incubator Model Phase I: Entrepreneur Development Phase Phase II: Enterprise Creation Phase Phase III: Market Development Phase SIRIM Technology Incubator Program • Skills Development • Networking & Linkages • Facilities & Services • Technology Transfer & Consultancy Services • Advisory Services • After-Care Service
  40. 40. Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) • It was incorporated in 1996 • To oversee the development of the MSC Malaysia • To advise the Malaysian Government on legislation and policies, • To set breakthrough standards for multimedia operations. • It create an ideal and conducive platform to nurture Malaysian Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the ICT sector, – to become world-class businesses whilst attracting participation from global ICT companies to invest in and develop cutting edge digital and creative solutions in Malaysia.
  41. 41. SUCCESS INCUBATEES STORY REDtone International Berhad  Incubatee of TPM  Listed on MESDAQ (now known as ACE Market) in 2004.  MSC status company  Products:  High speed Internet services  Data solutions  VoIP services  Operating in Malaysia and China Green Packet Berhad  Incubatee of TPM  Listed on ACE Market in 2005  Transfered to Main Board in 2007  Products:  Personal Handy-Phone System  3G, WiFi and WiMAX space  Operating in USA, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, China, Bahrain and Thailand.
  42. 42. SUCCESS INCUBATEES STORY (Cont’d) IRIS Corporation Berhad  Incubatee of TPM  Establsihed in 1994  Listed on ACE Market in 2002  Products: • Digital conference system • Radio frequency identity system (RFID) • Automated electronic ticketing and fare collection • Payment cards • Loyalty management program solution Tricubes Berhad  Incubatee of TPM  Established in 1998  ICT company focusing in identity authentication and mobility solution  Listed on Ace Market in 2004  Products: • Smartcard • Biometrics verification devices
  43. 43. 2) Technopreneurs Association of Malaysia (TEAM) • The (“TeAM”) has been formed by a group of Malaysian Technopreneurs – to further the interests of Technopreneurs – to assist in the development of the technology based industry in Malaysia. • Membership to TeAM is open to all individuals related to technology industry in Malaysia.
  44. 44. • TeAM’s efforts : – accelerating the adoption, growth and development of the ICT industry in Malaysia by fostering some initiatives such as • The Cradle Investment Programme (CIP), • Excite the Entrepreneur Programme, • TeAM Clinic,
  45. 45. TEAM’s main objectives: To act as a Think-Tank and as a Voice for Malaysia SME Technopreneurs. To facilitate the professional development of members and industry in general. Dedicated to community education and bridging the digital divide. To assist in the development of an indigenous Digital of Knowledge-based economy in Malaysia.
  46. 46. Provide the means for addressing issues affecting Technopreneurs and to initiate, watch over, petition and take whatever action as may seem desirable in relation to legislative or other measures affecting Technopreneurs and its Ecosystem Hold conferences and meetings for the reading of papers and delivery of lectures, and the acquisition and dissemination by other means of information connected with the profession of Technopreneurs. Afford opportunities for social contact amongst members and other parties interested in Technopreneurship TEAM’s main objectives:..cont’
  47. 47. MSC Malaysia
  48. 48. What is MSC? • It is Malaysia’s national ICT initiative designed to attract world-class technology companies while grooming the local ICT industry. • Fully supported by the Malaysian Government, – MSC Malaysia has led the nation’s transformation towards a K-Economy over the past decade and a half. • Become a gateway to the ICT industry in Malaysia and the region.
  49. 49. • Has revolutionized the ICT industry in Malaysia and helped contribute to the country's economy. • Successfully bridged the digital gap between the nation and its capability to conduct businesses world wide. – Developed Physical & Communications Infrastructure – Physical : Cybercities and Cybercentres (in Cyberjaya) – Telecommunications Infrastructure : • a high-capacity, digital telecommunications infrastructure • Has become key telecommunications network that link MSC Malaysia to regional and global
  50. 50. • MSC Malaysia status is awarded to 3 types of business entities, each with a set of different application criteria and guidelines. – The qualifying business entities are:- • Private limited companies (i.e. Sendirian Berhad) • Institutions of Higher Learning • Incubators
  51. 51. • SKALI is the largest commercial open source company in South East Asia. • Deploy world class open source technologies to their customers which are: – Affordable – Scalable – Seamless to other systems. • Provide the infrastructure/cloud, the solutions/software including the integral services needed to support the enterprise with its web objectives.
  52. 52. Skali’s Products and Services
  53. 53. MTDC TECHNOLOGY CENTER Malaysian Technology Development Corporation
  54. 54. • Initiative by Malaysian Technology Development Corporation (MTDC) • Embodied under Government’s Technology Development Cluster (TDC) program • Formal and operational links (collaborations) with universities or research institutions. MTDC Technology Centre • Main function Strengthen linkages between universities/research institutions and industries. Activate and promote the acceleration of the commercialisation activities of both the local universities and research institutions. • Approached method: Develop technology incubation centres via JV collaboration with Universities
  55. 55. MTDC Technology Incubation Centres UPM (Universiti Putra Malaysia)-MTDC Technology Centre Centres are developed based on strength of respective universities through JV collaboration: UKM (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia)-MTDC Technology Centre UTM (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia)-MTDC Technology Centre • ICT, multimedia, agri-bio • Located at UPM - central of Malaysia • Biotechnology • Located at UKM - central of Malaysia • Advanced engineering, life sciences • Located at UTM - southern Malaysia
  57. 57. • Started in 1985 • Full support from Government  Fund to build factories in each state in Malaysia. • Initiated to encourage entrepreneurship in manufacturing and service sector • Facilties:  24 factories with 419 lots nationwide SME BANK FACTORY COMPLEX KUALA LUMPUR
  58. 58. • Participant selection by a Panel • Project and concept development with advisory and approval from SME Bank • Project is fulltime owned and run by participant • Integrated financial assistance • Incubation period 9 years SME BANK INCUBATION MODEL Financing facilities Factory space rental Entrepreneurship training Advisory Integrated entrepreneurship development approach: