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Kautilya Business Intelligence Enterprise Reporting Feature list

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Initial Kautilya Brochure Doc

  1. 1. Knowledge matters© “We help our clients realize results at every step of a solution, from strategy to process transformation, application development and delivery” 512, Udyog Vihar,Phase V, Gurgaon-122016. Ph: +91-124-4012305 Tele: +91-124-2345223 2005, Copyright, Open Software Technology (India) Limited Page 1
  2. 2. Kautilya -Enterprise Reporting & Business Intelligence Tool KAUTILYA is a first of its kind powerful Hybrid Enterprise Reporting Tool that has been built grounds up and provides the important features of an ETL,ER as well as BI tool thus helping build, manages and securely delivers, high quality, dynamically generated web reports to 100% of organization users giving them an easy route to the information they require on the fly. PRODUCT OVERVIEW Kautilya distributes the reports throughout your enterprise via a standard Web browser, and you can choose from many format options, including HTML, Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF), and XLS or CSV. You can schedule Reports for execution when you want them and deliver them by various methods like the browser, emailing the hyperlink when the report is ready or emailing the entire report as a PDF or Excel attachment. It provides the most complete and comprehensive enterprise-reporting & BI environment available anywhere. It's a solution with a view of the full enterprise landscape allowing end users to play with the data while dynamically doing grouping, sorting, filtering, etc. without going back to the databases. It has a State of the Art In Memory Analytics engine which allows the user to either export the entire Report result set into an Analytics page or build the Analytics page directly from the transactional data. Kautilya Architecture Web Based User and Design Interface FINANCIAL OST External APPS Connection and ER/BI//BI on ER Page Level Security Archival and CONSOLIDATION Budget/Consolidation Database Manager /Dashboard Storage system Business Layer Kautilya Analytics/Enterprise Report Execution Report view in User and Admin Reporting Version HTML/EXCEL/PDF Logging and Rights BI/ BI on ER /Dashboard Retrieval DOC Web Server /Design Layer Data Connection Metadata ETL Classes Scripting Analytics Report layer Manager connections Reports WEB SERVICES SOA Transaction Warehouses ODBC Flat, Legacy Systems or Modern Kautilya Components Kautilya consists of the following 5 components 2005, Copyright, Open Software Technology (India) Limited Page 2
  3. 3. Enterprise Reporting Note: Picture denotes a report with hyperlinked graph and hyperlinked data for drilldown Features • Web based anytime, anywhere reports • Handle large reports with fast to view first page • Does not go back to transactions, persists data in own repository • Searchable reports • View report according to rights • Page/Group level security • Export to PDF, Excel, CSV • Print report • Very high scalability • Dynamic sorting at runtime • View older versions of reports • Get real-time data • Run report through parameters • All feature of pre -generated reports • Compliance reporting • Reports through scheduler • Incremental reporting • Analytics through cross tab and associated multi report template on same page • Develop reports in record time • Most reports template driven • Table of content for easy search in report • Support coding by JSP for complex reports • Connect to multiple databases • Support for ETL features • Create multiple sections in report • Create multiple lists in section • Highly intuitive Report Designer • Complete Life cycle management of Report versions 2005, Copyright, Open Software Technology (India) Limited Page 3
  4. 4. Business Intelligence Note: Kautilya End User Designer for Ad Hoc Report Features Real time heterogeneous data access to end User. Ability to add remove data columns at run time Ability to Add additional Expressions /columns • Powerful end user query tool on a pre designed dataset. Ability to Highlight user defined exceptions. Query based analysis Seamless Integration with ER Transparent Technology Reports that power users can make without the intervention of IT No need to know technology to make the reports Users can choose their own fonts, colors, background colors All of the above in completely secure environment of the Enterprise Reporting security 2005, Copyright, Open Software Technology (India) Limited Page 4
  5. 5. Kautilya – Dashboard Note: A typical dashboard screen for a user Features • Dash boards contain items that become visual clues form top level executives to the busy entry level managers. Users can look at speedometers, traffic lights bar, different types of charts etc. • On a single page they can get the visual clues to problem areas. • Users can also drill down to transactional level reports from dash board. • The ticker provides information on very important Key performance Indicators. • The uniqueness of Kautilya Dashboard lies in the fact that thru various components user can monitor business parameters from on demand to seconds to minutes to hours or any other time frame desired. • There are also items where the end users can configure the business threshold value by themselves 2005, Copyright, Open Software Technology (India) Limited Page 5
  6. 6. Kautilya – BI on ER Note: The end user screen to combine reporting Features A concept unique to Kautilya Allows BI function on persistent data instead of transactional data. Allows user to compare two versions of archived report Allow user to Merge two different reports to form a new report. Allow user to build summation or differential Reports from existing reports User Defined charts 2005, Copyright, Open Software Technology (India) Limited Page 6
  7. 7. Kautilya In-memory Analytics Note: One of the numerous Analytics screens Features Kautilya uses the latest In-memory technology for Analytics Tight integration with the core product Access report data directly in analytics Access transactional data in Analytics Change various dimensions dynamically without pre building Change data fields to be displayed Use multiple graphs, maps, etc. Negligible load on Server 2005, Copyright, Open Software Technology (India) Limited Page 7
  8. 8. Key Differentiators • Supports all user types • Fastest to deploy and scale • Web based Report Designer • First Hybrid ETL, ER & BI tool • Sophisticated query & reporting • Highly intuitive user interface • Allow end users to get differential or addition reports out of two versions of reports or allow users to merge some of the reports by themselves • Support for Mobile reporting through WAP • Simple one click switch from ER to BI for the end user unlike most global tools • State of the Art In Memory Analytics Future Developments and Additions OST is working fervently to achieve world class breakthroughs to provide the clients with cutting edge features. The following features are already in the pre production mode: Business Messenger: Reports are seen to take decisions. To take decisions, it is at times important to discuss the data from a report with the relevant users. To ensure that this is possible and record the conversations with that specific version of the report, Kautilya will soon be shipped with an option to do the same Predictive Decision Support system: It is important to have the system use the intelligence from the available data and after taking user inputs help him make the decision. Thus OST is working to release a unique concept of a decision support system. Business Language Support: For ages Business Users have been looking for a simple interface where they can simply ask regular business questions in plain English language. Kautilya will soon become the only product in the world to offer the same. Further details of these features can be discussed in a one to one meeting. 2005, Copyright, Open Software Technology (India) Limited Page 8
  9. 9. Contact Details Open Software Technology (India) Limited Umesh Gupta, CEO Email: Saket Rai, Head – Sales Email: 512, Phase – V, Udyog Vihar, Gurgaon – 122 016, Haryana, INDIA Tel/Fax: +95 – 124 – 4012305, 2345223 URL: 2005, Copyright, Open Software Technology (India) Limited Page 9