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Unit 11 for 11th grade


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Unit 11 for 11th grade

  1. 1. Written by :T. Battsetseg
  2. 2.  Topic ; Wishes and Conditionals Aim ; Can use Conditionals and Wishes Objectives ; Students will learn conditionals Enable students to practice and communicative
  3. 3. If - clause Main clauseIf + present simple / Future / imperative / canPresent cont./ may / might / must, should /Present perfect / Present could + present bareperfect cont. Infinitive If I get paid today, I’ll treat you to a meal tonight. If they are studying, I won’t make any noise
  4. 4. If - clause Main clause If + past simple or would / could / might + Past continuous present bare infinitive If I got up early, I would arrive at work on time. If I were you, I would attend a computercourse. If I were you … to give advice.
  5. 5. If - clause Main clause If + past perfect / past would / could / might +perfect Perfect continuous bare infinitive If they had invited us, we would have to the party. If he had been listening, he might have heard what the teacher said.
  6. 6. I wish + past I wish , I were a To say that we simple millionaire ( but would like Past continuous I’m not) something to be different in the present I wish + past I wish/ if only To express perfect I had taken their regret about advice ( but I something which didn’t) happened or didn’t happen in the past I wish + subject I wish, you would To express polite + would stop playing your imperative, music so loudly desire or some ones behavior to change
  7. 7. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense.1. If you warm water to 100°c, it … ( boil)2. If you … ( freeze) water, it becomes ice.3. If you … (eat ), you will damage your teeth.4. If she wakes up early, … ( call ) me
  8. 8.  1. boils 2. freeze 3. eat 4. call
  9. 9.  Match the sentence to the conditionals.1.If Jane was free a. we would have won the match 2. If he had asked me b. she would come3. If it hadn’t rained c. I would play sport4. If I were you d. We would have played
  10. 10.  Read the sentence and make wishes and regrets 1. I drink to match juice 2. I missed the performance 3. The ice cream is melting 4. I’m late to my school
  11. 11. You Common PartnerFill in your circleAsk your partnerWrite your partners answer and compare
  12. 12.  Complete the dialogue 1. A ; If I had a big house B ; Why ? What would you do A ; If I had a big house I would … 2. B ; If I could speak French A ; Why ? What would you do B ; If I could French I would …