Yellowfin Business Intelligence (BI) platform


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Yellowfin is a complete Business Intelligence (BI) platform. From data to dashboards Yellowfin delivers an amazing collaborative BI experience. In this presentation, Nick will demonstrate the complete value proposition that Yellowfin has to offer. The following areas will be highlighted during the presentation:

Interactive Dashboards – All in a browser.
Sharing and collaboration – Connecting with data, people and creativity to make better decision
Mobile BI - Your data anywhere, anytime.
Proactive alerts & exception reporting – Let you know the moment sometime happens.
Insightful data visualizations - Data visualization is not only a great way to present your data, but a
powerful way to explore your data as well.
Locations Intelligence - Your data mapped.
Rapid data analysis - Data analysis requires more than just basic filtering - you need to be able to explore your data.
A complete BI platform – A single-integrated solution.
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Presenter::Nick Cadenhead

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Yellowfin Business Intelligence (BI) platform

  1. 1. Product Demonstration Yellowfin
  2. 2. Company Background
  3. 3. Customers and Partners Company Founded in 2003. Over 500 customers (80% offshore) including 1M end users globally 75+ Resellers Major Markets: Australia/New Zealand Japan North America EMEA Wide variety of Industries and Enterprises of all sizes
  4. 4. #1 BI Solution - Wisdom of Crowds #1 Dashboard Vendor - BARC BI Survery 12 #1 Mobile BI - Dresner Advisory Service #1 Location Intelligence by Ventana Research Yellowfin 1ST in 2012 and 2013 in Emerging Market Segment out of 23 vendors. Best in class in all measures with a score of 4.74 /5
  5. 5. Why Yellowfin Addressing the cost & complexity of traditional BI
  6. 6. Target Audience BI For the BI Consumer Yellowfin is not just an Analyst tool Yellowfin provides non-technical business users with the ability to build interactive content People want software that's simple to use
  7. 7. Product What can Yellowfin Deliver?
  8. 8. Product Features What makes Yellowfin so powerful? Dashboards Mobile Collaboration Location Intelligence
  9. 9. Dashboards
  10. 10. Mobile Refresh and Analyze all your key performance indicators - wherever you are Create Content Once, Access it from any Device With Offline Mode, View your reports and dashboards even without an internet connection
  11. 11. Collobaration Comment Annotate Alerts Storyboard Discussions Timeline
  12. 12. Location Intelligence
  13. 13. Proven Technology Yellowfin software is market ready! 100% Web-based A Single Integrated Solution Web Service Integration SAAS Enabled - Multi-tenancy
  14. 14. Pricing Simplified
  15. 15. Making it easy to buy • One type of user - R500 per user per month • Access via any method – mobile, web, service • Subscription or Perpetual
  16. 16. Todays Demo What's coming up?
  17. 17. In Summary
  18. 18. Thank you.