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Conf city gas_march2013

  1. 1. Organisers:DDeevveellooppiinngg NNeettwwoorrkkss;; IImmpprroovviinngg EEffffiicciieennccyyMarch 6-77, 2013, The Imperial, New DelhiCITY GAS DISTRIBUTION IN INDIA88tthh AAnnnnuuaall CCoonnffeerreennccee oonnSmart UtilitiesSponsors:
  2. 2. CITY GAS DISTRIBUTION IN INDIAMissionCity gas distribution in India continues to grow, despite no new licences/authorisations and despite uncertainty about price and supply.Between 2009 and 2011, the CGD network more than doubled in size, from 11,000 kilometres to almost 27,000 kilometres. Total gas consumption in theCGD segment rose from just under 14 mmscmd in 2009-10 to about 22 mmscmd in 2011-12. The total number of CNG stations grew from 637 inDecember 2010 to 783 in March 2012. Almost 80 cities in over 50 geographic areas now have operational networks or authorised licensees.This growth is likely to continue over the next couple of years, driven by expansion of existing older networks and commencement of operations by"recently authorised" operators. The growth will also continue to be driven by the competitive advantage natural gas has vis-à-vis other fuels(cleaner and still somewhat cheaper) and by judicial interventions dictating a switchover from other fuels (because of environmental concerns). Thedevelopment of new cross-country pipeline networks and the addition of LNG terminal capacity will also aid CGD growth.To be sure, the sector faces many challenges. The supply of cheaper domestic natural gas has been much lower than expected because of a fall inproduction in the KG Basin gasfields. This means that CGD operators have to buy more of costlier R-LNG from international markets. But, as theexperience of Gujarat shows, CGD can still be competitive. Moreover, global gas prices have recently been trending in a downward direction.There are other issues as well with setting up CGD networks, relating to right-of-way for pipeline networks, lack of municipal cooperation, land for CNGstations, availability of manpower, etc. But, so far at least, they have proven to be surmountable.A notable feature of CGD development in India has been the use of world-class technologies and best practices. Safety and security concerns have beenaddressed effectively by CGD operators, leading to increased consumer confidence and demand.Of course, the growth of CGD in India could have been exponentially higher had we not had regulatory setbacks with court challenges and cancelledbids. Hopefully, the regulator, the government and the industry can work with each other a little better and we will see new licence awards as wellas authorisations.TThhee mmiissssiioonn ooff tthhiiss ccoonnffeerreennccee iiss ttoo ddiissccuussss tthhee kkeeyy cchhaalllleennggeess ffaacciinngg CCGGDD ooppeerraattoorrss iinn IInnddiiaa,, ffrroomm aa ssttrraatteeggiicc aanndd ooppeerraattiioonnaall ppeerrssppeeccttiivvee.. TThhee ccoonnffeerreenncceewwiillll pprroovviiddee aann uuppddaattee oonn rreegguullaattoorryy aanndd mmaarrkkeett ddeevveellooppmmeennttss.. IItt wwiillll aallssoo sshhoowwccaassee nnootteewwoorrtthhyy pprroojjeeccttss,, bbeesstt pprraaccttiicceess aanndd mmoosstt pprroommiissiinngg tteecchhnnoollooggiieess..Target AudienceThe conference is targeted at:- GGaass ddiissttrriibbuuttoorrss - EEnnggiinneeeerriinngg aanndd ddeessiiggnn ffiirrmmss - NNaattuurraall ggaass pprroodduucceerrss- GGaass mmaarrkkeetteerrss//ssuupppplliieerrss - LLeeaakk ddeetteeccttiioonn ssoolluuttiioonn pprroovviiddeerrss - PPiippeelliinnee ooppeerraattoorrss- PPoolliiccyy-mmaakkeerrss aanndd rreegguullaattoorrss - TTeecchhnnoollooggyy pprroovviiddeerrss - IInndduussttrriiaall ccoonnssuummeerrss- IInnffrraassttrruuccttuurree bbuuiillddeerrss - MMeetteerr mmaannuuffaaccttuurreerrss - FFiinnaanncciiaall iinnssttiittuuttiioonnss- CCoonnssuullttiinngg aanndd lleeggaall ffiirrmmss - SSttaattee ddeevveellooppmmeenntt aaggeenncciieess - EEttcc..OrganisersThe conference is being organised by IInnddiiaann IInnffrraassttrruuccttuurree magazine, which is published by IInnddiiaa IInnffrraassttrruuccttuurree PPuubblliisshhiinngg, a company dedicated toproviding information on the infrastructure sectors through magazines, newsletters, reports and conferences. The company also publishes PPoowweerr LLiinneeand SSmmaarrtt UUttiilliittiieess magazines, as well as a series of research reports on the infrastructure sectors including CCiittyy GGaass DDiissttrriibbuuttiioonn iinn IInnddiiaa,, IInnddiiaann GGaassMMaarrkkeett 22001122,, OOiill aanndd GGaass PPiippeelliinneess iinn IInnddiiaa and CCaappttiivvee PPoowweerr iinn IInnddiiaa. It also publishes OOiill && GGaass NNeewwss (a weekly newsletter) and the OOiill && GGaassDDiirreeccttoorryy && YYeeaarrbbooookk..Delegate FeeThe delegate fee is Rs 22,500 for one participant, Rs 37,500 for two, Rs 52,500 for three and Rs 67,500 for four.A service tax of 12.36 per cent is applicable on the registration fee.To register: Call +91-111-441688859, 9810498985, email:, or visit us at
  3. 3. March 6-77, 2013, The Imperial, New DelhiPrevious participantsThe organisations that have participated in our previous conferences include Acme, Adani, Advance Infrastructures, Agi-GGlaspac, Al-aaziz Plastic, Allard Partner, Amira Foods, APGIC, ArioInfrastructure, Arkema Peroxides, Asahi Glass, AT Kearney, Avantha Power & Infra, Avineon, Bhagyanagar Gas, Bhotika Pipeline, BNP Paribas, Borouge, BPCL, Burckhardt Compression,Cairn Energy, Caterpillar Commercial, Central UP Gas, Chevron, Chemtrols, Chicago Pnuematics, Clarke Energy, Control Plus, CPL Energy India, CRISIL, Cryogas Equipment, DanielMeasurement Solutions, Directorate General of Hydrocarbons, Dolat Capital, Eastern Gas, East India Petroleum, EIL, E&Y, Elster-IInstromet, Emerson, Enam, Encare Earth Solutions,Engineers India, ESAB, Essar Oil, Evonik, ExxonMobil, Feedback Ventures, Ferranti, Fujitsu, GAIL, GDF Suez Energy, Genus Power Infrastructures, GE Sensing, Glynwed, GLNobleDenton, GMR Energy, GMMCO, Green Gas, GSPC, Gujarat Glass, Gujarat Gas, HCC, Haryana City Gas Distribution, Honeywell, HPCL, ICICI Bank, ICPCI, ICRA, IDBI, IDFC, Imkemex,Indraprastha Gas, INEL Gas Controls, Intertek, IOCL, Ispat Energy, Itron, Jain Irrigation, Jubilant Energy, Katlax, Kawasaki, Kimplas Piping, Kirloskar Oil Engines, Kirloskar Pneumatics,Kotak Mahindra, KPMG, KSIDC, Lanco, Lanco Infratech, Logicon Engineering, Mahanagar Gas, Maharashtra Seamless, Makwana Engineering, MIDC, Ministry of Petroleum and NaturalGas, MNGL, Mott Macdonald, Mueller, Nandini Impex, NCC, Nirmal Industries, NTPC, Oil India, ONGC, Oracle, PDIL, Petro IT, Pinnacle Engines India, PNGRB, PPAC, PratibhaIndustries, PTT, Quippo Energy, Rai Industrial Power, Raychem RPG, Reliance Industries, Reliance Natural Resources, RMG Autometers, RMSI, Rockwin Flowmeters, Rohan Builders,Rolls Royce, RPG Raychem, Sabarmati Gas, Sandvik Asia, SAP, Saumya DSM, SBI Capital, Shell, Simon Carves, Siti Energy, Spice Energy, Supreme Industries, Surya Roshni, SwanEnviromental, Tata Power, TDW India, Technip KT, TERI, TGE Engineering, TIL, TNGCL, Trimble Navigation, UTI AMC, Vargo Petro-TTech, Varicon Pumps, Velosi Certification Services,Vitkovice India Power, Warburg Pincus, Welspun Infratech, Wartsila, Wipro, etc.To register: Call +91-111-441688859, 9810498985, email:, or visit us at www.indiainfrastructure.comAGENDA/STRUCTUREKEY TRENDS AND OUTLOOKWhat have been the key developments in the past year?What are the key trends with respect to demand, supply, prices, etc.?What are the key opportunities and challenges?OPERATOR VIEWPOINTWhat are the plans of leading CGD operators?What do they see as key business challenges? How are they being addressed?What is their future outlook (issues, opportunities)?REGULATORY PERSPECTIVEWhat has been the regulatory experience in CGD? What are the key issues?What is the status of the licence process?What are the key focus areas of the PNGRB for the next two-three years?UPDATE ON PIPELINE INFRASTRUCTUREWhat is the current status of pipeline infrastructure?What is the update on projects under construction?Which are the projects being planned or bid out?GAS SUPPLY OUTLOOKWhat is the current status of gas supply (domestic production, R-LNG, etc.)?What is the outlook for the coming years?What are the various sourcing options for CGD operators?ECONOMICS AND FINANCING OF CGD PROJECTSWhat is the economics of CGD projects (capex/opex, PNG/CNG)?What are the typical financing structures?What are the risks and returns?USE, APPLIANCES AND APPLICATIONSWhat are the trends in the development of gas-based household appliances?What is the usage potential in "local" power generation (gas engines, microturbines)?What steps are being taken by CGD operators to encourage gas consumption?PROJECT SHOWCASEWhich are the noteworthy projects (operational and upcoming CGD networks)?What are their key features (network size, design, milestones, targets, etc.)?What can we learn from the experience of these projects?NEW TECHNOLOGIES: STORAGE AND COMPRESSIONWhat are the most promising technologies and solutions in storage and compression?What has been the experience with these technologies?What are the prospects for these technologies in India?ASSET INTEGRITY AND MANAGEMENTWhat are the key challenges relating to asset integrity and management in CGD?What are the global best practices in this area?What has been the experience so far in India?LEAK DETECTION AND METERINGWhat are the key issues and challenges relating to leak detection and metering?What are the most promising and relevant technologies and solutions?What has been the experience so far in India?FOCUS ON ENGINEERING, DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTIONWhat are the key trends in engineering and design of CGD networks?What are the best methods for pipeline construction in urban areas?What are the key challenges in CGD project management in India?Each session will have two parts. The first part will feature presentations by speakers. The second part will be devoted to Q&A and floor discussions. The conference willfeature the points-of-view of all key stakeholders – existing distributors, potential new players, gas producers/marketers, policymakers, financiers and investors, technologyproviders and infrastructure builders.
  4. 4. 8th Annual Conference onCCoonnttaacctt:: GGuurrpprreeeett KKaauurr,, CCoonnffeerreennccee CCeellllIInnddiiaa IInnffrraassttrruuccttuurree PPuubblliisshhiinngg PPrriivvaattee LLiimmiitteedd,, BB-1177,, QQuuttaabb IInnssttiittuuttiioonnaall AArreeaa,, NNeeww DDeellhhii 111100001166TTeell:: ++9911-1111-4411668888885599,, 4411003344661155,, ++9911-99881100449988998855 FFaaxx:: ++9911-1111-2266553311119966,, 4466003388114499EEmmaaiill:: ccoonnffeerreenncceecceellll@@iinnddiiaaiinnffrraassttrruuccttuurree..ccoomm;; WWeebbssiittee:: wwwwww..iinnddiiaaiinnffrraassttrruuccttuurree..ccoommCITY GAS DISTRIBUTION IN INDIADeveloping Networks; Improving EfficiencyMarch 6-7, 2013, The Imperial, New DelhiRegistration FormI would like to register for the conference. I am enclosing Rs_______________________________vide cheque/demanddraft no.___________________ drawn on __________________________dated ______________ in favour of India InfrastructurePublishing Pvt. Ltd. payable at New Delhi.Name(s)/Designation (IN BLOCK LETTERS)CompanyMailing AddressPhone MobileFaxEmailRegistration FeeDelegates One Two Three FourINR 22,500 37,500 52,500 67,500Service tax (12.36%) 2,781 4,635 6,489 8,343Total 25,281 42,135 58,989 75,843USD 525 875 1,225 1,575Registration will be confirmed on receipt of the payment. To register online, please log on to Policy:Full payment must be received prior to the conference.Conference fee includes lunch, tea/coffee and conference materials.Conference fees cannot be substituted for any other product or service being extended by India Infrastructure Publishing Pvt. Ltd.Please send wire transfer payments to:Beneficiary India Infrastructure Publishing Private LimitedBank Name The Royal Bank of Scotland N.V.Bank Address M-6 Hauz Khas, New Delhi 110016, IndiaBank Account No. 1050338Swift Code ABNAINBBDELIFSC Code ABNA0100327Sponsorshipopportunities areavailableCoverpiccourtesy:shutterstockimages