Kerala state land bank project


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Kerala state land bank project

  2. 2. Dr. D Sajith BabuDr. D Sajith Babu  M.Sc.[Ag],Ph.D.[Ag],M.A.[PM&IR],M.Com.[Co-op.Man.], M.L.M., D.M., D.E.M., P.G.D.B.  N.E.T. Certified for Teaching form 1997  9 years experience as Deputy Collector, 6 years experience as Assistant Professor [KAU], 2 years experience as Bank Officer [Corporation Bank] etc.  Faculty for Good Governance, Land Governance, e Governance & Service Delivery Management in Government  Trained as CIO at NISG, Hyderabad & Australia  Recipient of “Chief Minister’s Innovation Award” in 2011 and “Certificate of Merit” from Chief Minister, GoK in 2012  Developed the Kerala State Land Bank Project, ReLIS Project, Certificate Services under e District project, Zero Landless [Citizen’s] Kerala, 2015 Project and SMART Revenue office Project for Department of Revenue, GoK
  3. 3. LAND may be defined as ………….. the solid ground on earth primarily classified based on tenure as Public land and Private land. Private land refers to the portion of land conveyable by a deed and Public land means the land belonging to Government, used to encourage economic development, reserved for public use and for the settlement of the landless.
  4. 4.  Inaccessible / Unreliable / highly tampered records  Underexploited resources  Heavily encroached
  5. 5. Kerala State Land Bank…….. An attempt to SYSTEMATICALLY INVENTORISESYSTEMATICALLY INVENTORISE all public lands to PROFESSIONALLYPROFESSIONALLY manage the same in future, and to ensure RATIONAL USERATIONAL USE of public lands, with the wholehearted SUPPORTSUPPORT FROM THE PUBLICFROM THE PUBLIC, in the most TRANSPARENTTRANSPARENT manner.
  6. 6. OBJECTIVES …….
  7. 7. Ist (a) STEP: Survey only Government lands and publish the details in the website along with Geo-Referenced sketches as per Rule 41 and 82 of the Survey & Boundaries Rules,1964 Ist (b) STEP : Computerize all the textual data in a village with a cut off date and introduce online transfer of registry IInd STEP : Geo- Reference adequate control points @ 30 GCPs per village at appropriate distances towards issuing geo-referenced sketches on specific requests LAND GOVERNANCE SOCIETY OF KERALALAND GOVERNANCE SOCIETY OF KERALA
  8. 8.  This is the first, foremost and even now the only initiative of this kind in the entire country  It is a system wherein the entire Government land transaction is subjected to public scrutiny  In this project each and every bit of Government land is being assigned with 12 digit unique codes for the easy retrieval of the data by the users [ much ahead of the introduction of UID initiative by GoI]  The entire planning and execution has been purely internal and there are no outside or hired consultants for the project. It is financially independent on that count. Kerala State Land Bank : Unique features
  9. 9.  The entire automation process and software in use are Free and Open Source Software [FOSS] which make the project financially independent in future on account of version changes in the software  The entire staff has been trained in the Software internally through the “On the Job In-house Training Programme” [refer ] and all from within the department. This make the project independent on the Human resource side as well  The entire system has been developed and are being sustained purely through “Internal Resource Mobilisation” on account of human resources Kerala State Land Bank : Unique features
  10. 10.  It is a project where the entire financial details are available in the website for the public scrutiny on a day today basis towards social audit of the project [refer – Funds & Utilization]  It is the only project in the World where the entire monthly wise performance of the employees are put on the website towards ensuring social accountability of the project [refer – Progress report]  A specialized force PLPF [Public Land protection Force] for the protection of Government land is being introduced in the Department as part of this initiative  For the benefit of the public an Interactive Voice Response System [IVRS] is being introduced to make the Public Reporting system on encroachment and new cases, 24X7 Kerala State Land Bank : Unique features
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  14. 14. Public Land Protection Force [PLPF]Public Land Protection Force [PLPF]
  15. 15. Dr.D.Sajith Babu 09447271243 Thank you @