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Finished script

  1. 1. PLAY WITH ME SCENE ONE EXT. DOORSTEP – EVENING Lilly knocks on the front door of the house. Mrs Rani opens the door. MRS RANI Camera Shot: Mid Shot of MRS Rani opening the door Camera Shot: Over the shoulder shot of her talking to Lilly. (Cheerfully) Hello Lilly how are you? LILLY Camera Shot: Jump shot to Lilly’s face I’m OK MRS RANI Well why don’t you come on in out of the cold then Camera follows Lilly entering (Lilly nods and enters the house) INT. MRS RANI’S HOUSE DOORWAY – CONTINUOUS MRS RANI Camera Shot: Mid Shot of MRS RANI speaking Ivy’s upstairs playing with her toys. She’s not going to be too much of a problem. Bedtime is at 9:00 sharp. OK? LILLY: Yeah MRS RANI Camera going back and forth between the characters OK and emergency details are on the fridge, if there is any emergency or questions you need to ask just call me. Is that ok?
  2. 2. LILLY: Yes, but I think I’ll be fine I can handle it. MRS RANI (Sceptically) Are you sure about that? LILLY (Self-assured) Yeah, I do this all the time…no problem, I’ll be okay. I can handle just about anything. MRS RANI Ok, if you say so. I guess I’ll see you later. BYE IVY! Long Shot of stairs low angle looking up (zoom slowly) (No response) HM. Well she was a bit moody before. (To Lilly) Well I guess I will see you later, Lilly. LILLY Bye MRS RANI Bye MRS Rani leaves the house, closing the door behind her END OF SCENE ONE
  3. 3. SCENE TWO INT. THE HOUSE – CONTINUOUS LILLY (To self) I should probably check on Ivy Camera Shot- High angle shot of Lilly coming up the stairs. (Tilly makes her way up the stairs and goes into a room where you can hear a girl playing with toys). Camera shot- Close up shot of Lilly’s hand opening the door. (She opens the door to reveal a room with a girl in the middle of the room surrounded by toys with her back to us). Camera Shot – Long Shot of revealing a girl in the room Camera Shot- Take a 10 second shot of little girl playing with her toys, just the back of her we cannot see her face. LILLY (Quietly) Hey there Camera Shot- camera shoots between the two. (Ivy stops what she was doing and freezes) LILLY Don’t worry, it’s nothing. I just came to ask if you’re okay (no response) (warily) OK, if you need anything then call me, I am downstairs. OK? Camera shot- Mid Shot of Lilly backing away a bit. Then over the shoulder shot of Ivy before door closes (no response) (Lilly sees dolly in the corner of the room) Lilly slowly closes the door. The sound of Ivy playing with her toys continues again
  4. 4. LILLY (whispers) She’s strangest one I’ve had so far. (Suddenly the noise of Ivy playing with her toys stops). Camera Shot – High angle of Lilly going down the stairs, then pan towards the door (Lilly shrugs and makes her way down the stairs). END OF SCENE TWO SCENE THREE INT. THE HOUSE –LIVING ROOM – EVENING LILLY (Frustrated) I’ve got too much homework Camera shot: Dolly point of view camera angle (Sits down to do homework when she notices the same dolly in the corner of the room) Camera shot: Camera zooms into the dolly whilst she approaches the dolly (She approaches the dolly and picks it up and puts it on a shelf) Camera shot: Over the shoulder shot (Point of view shot from dolly of Lilly sitting down) (Sits down to do some homework, (dripping sound) she stops and (tracking shot) goes to the kitchen to turn off the tap dripping) (She sees the dolly in the kitchen chair) Camera shot: Constant jump cuts from the dolly to Lilly whilst she approaches the dolly
  5. 5. (She prods it- no response so she takes it up into the attic and places it in the corner of the room) (She then pick the dolly up by the hair and walks towards the kitchen door) Camera Shot-Mid shot of her leaving the kitchen, then a pan shot of her going across the corridor, then a tracking shot of her going up the stairs, then a close up shot of her opening the door and then a mid shot of her coming into the attic and then a long shot of her placing the dolly, then a close up shot of her face, then a long shot of the dolly then a POV shot of her leaving the room. Mid close shot of Lilly’s face then a POV shot of Lilly closing the door whilst looking straight at the dolly and finally a Close up shot of the dolly’s face with a red glint (With and without the laser) smiling. Camera shot: Tracking shot of her footsteps up the stairs END OF SCENE THREE
  6. 6. SCENE FOUR Camera Shot – Hand held point of view shot of her coming down the stairs with a handheld camera She enters the bathroom and washes her face with water, but she sees the reflection of the dolly behind her, in the mirror Lilly: NO!!! (Lilly then runs out of the bathroom to the stairs, a mid shot from the front of her coming to the stairs just as she reaches the stairs jump cut to her opening the door to ivy’s bedroom to find everything empty. She checks every room but just a quick mid shot glance at each room) (Bedroom, bathroom, living room, lastly kitchen) (She is panicking and she looks at the paper on the fridge and then she calls the mum up, but gets the answer call machine) Camera Shot - Mid shot of her doing this. Lilly: Shit!! And then a close up shot of her hand typing another number, then she calls the neighbours again after glancing at the paper on the fridge RING RING!!! Neighbour: (close up shot) then a POV shot from lower angle almost as if a dolly looking at her) Hello? Lilly: (Close up shot) Y-y-y..yeah hello? Neighbour: (POV shot got a little closer) Hello who’s this? Lilly: (Close up shot)
  7. 7. Hi this is Lilly I am Ivy’s babysitter (Lilly glances behind her can’t see anything) (Shot of empty corridor and far POV long shot of showing Lilly’s back) Neighbour: (Mid shot then a close up shot) Ivy? Lilly: (Close up Shot) Yh Ivy door number 26 Neighbour: (POV shot a bit closer) There’s no Ivy there Lilly: (Close up shot) What are you talking about? Neighbour: (Extreme close up shot surprised eyes) Noone lives there anymore not after the murder of a single mother and her child. Lilly: (Mid/Close up Shot) (Whispers) What?!! Neighbours’ voice fades out (Creaking sound, like a door squeaking) (Panting) Everything quietens down till you can hear a faint lullaby. Lilly slowly turns around and drops the phone. We see a back shot of Ivy looking at Lilly and the camera zooms out. The door slams shut and we hear a scream. THE END