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State life insurance presentation


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State life Insurance Corp, Of Pakistan Gulf Zone offering Insurance Policies for all Nationals in USD Our Head Office is in Dubai UAE we are operating in Gulf from last 22 years.

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State life insurance presentation

  1. 1. Life Insurance Secret Of A Happy Life The first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: Decide what you want.
  2. 2. Life Insurance & Savings Plan • For the kind consideration of For you Sir. …..
  3. 3. Facts Of Life We are going to discuss some facts of life which may happen to any one of us.
  4. 4. The Fact is… We all are working to secure our Future.
  5. 5. Our Responsibilities Retire We need money on our retirement to live a better old age life Job We work hard to cater the needs of our family Marriage We need money for the marriage of our children Child Education We need money for the education of our children Life Cycle
  6. 6. Building Blocks of the Family Life Your Life EARNING CAPABILITY Food Shelter Clothing Children's Basic Education Health & Medicine Children’s Marriage HigherEducation forChildren Retirement
  7. 7. In Case of a Mishap EARNING CAPABILITY Food Shelter Clothing Children's Basic Education Health & Medicine HigherEducation forChildren Your Life Children’s Marriage Retirement
  8. 8. Disaster Health & Medicine Basic Education Shelter
  9. 9. Job Loss Your Life Food Shelter Clothing Basic Education Health & Medicine HigherEducationEARNING CAPABILITY Children’s Marriage Retirement
  10. 10. Disaster Health & Medicine Basic Education Shelter Your Life
  11. 11. Protection & Peace Every one needs one strong care taker who can maintain his future plans for his family even in his absence.
  12. 12. Protection & Peace Your Life EARNING CAPABILITY Food Shelter Clothing Basic Education Health & Medicine Retirement HigherEducation Children’s Marriage
  13. 13. Insurer Caretaker Food Shelter Clothing Basic Education Health & Medicine Insurer Retirement HigherEducation Children’s Marriage Your Life EARNING CAPABILITY
  14. 14. Who can be a strong care taker for your Family…? Who? Who has Strong Financial Capacity. Who is Guaranteed by Govt. Who has long & Out standing record in  providing these services. Earning Capability Life Plans Saving Protection 1 2 4 3
  15. 15. And The Answer Is Simple STATE LIFE INSURANCE CORPORATION Gulf Zone Dubai U.A.E
  16. 16. Securing Your Future:- Life Protection Compulsory Savings. Funds Available at Emergencies. Savings in US Dollars. State Life Family Income Benefits. Maturity Benefits. Loan Facility. Bonuses on the Policy.
  17. 17. Insuring Your Productivity. Accidental Death & Indemnity Benefits. Policy Transfer Option . Very attractive Rate Of Bonuses in US Dollars. State Life Easiest Way to Create a Big Estate. Hand some Funds Available for Retirement. Family Income
  18. 18. STATE LIFE Provides: Guarantee of Sum Insured payments including bonuses Registered With Govt. Of U.A.E Under Federal Insurance Law Variety of life insurance Plans (as per the specific needs of the family) for each person. Ever highest returns at the time of maturity. Investment in US $ /AED Raise in Currency Benefits. Free from Inflation.
  19. 19. Performance In UAE we have secured about 15000 people as our Valuable Policy Holder. The Life fund has grown from USD 100 million to USD 125 million. In the last F. Year SLIC paid AED 10,72,10,000 to its Valued policy holders as bonus. SLIC owns 69 multi story commercial buildings and many more are under construction.
  20. 20. Conclusion Failing to Plan Means Planning to Fail.
  21. 21. Path To Success STATE LIFE is the path for Personal Financial Planning for Children's Education, Marriage & Your Retirement. With Your Maintained Living standard and Ensure ability to Work.
  22. 22. Monthly Family Budget • Just allocate small portion of your budget for your Future. • The proportion depends on your future needs. • You will get the benefits better than any other Investment. Expences Savings Insurance
  23. 23. Peace Of Mind A small allocation of funds for insurance will give you a Huge Protection and Peace of Mind.
  24. 24. Retire In A Style Small Savings = Big Returns + Protections Term *Minimum Amount *Expected Amount Sum insured = US$ 300,000 Maturity Values 20 Years US$525,000/- US$ 600,000/- *Minimum amounts are calculated as per our current rate of bonuses which are guaranteed by the Federal Government of Pakistan. *Expected amounts are based upon our Trend Analysis of SLIC Bonus / Growth Rate over 40 Years*
  25. 25. Family Protection God forbids In the Event of Death Sum insured = US$ 600,000 Risk Coverage US$ 300,000 US$ 600,000/-
  26. 26. Income Protection ( in case of accident ) A.I.B Coverage = US$ 300,000 US$ 300,000 US$ 12,000 In the Event of Loss of two or More limbs In the Event of Loss of one eye In the Event of Loss of thumb & Index Finger US$ 99,000 US$ 75,000 In the Event of Disabilities Total & Permanent Disability. These amounts shall not be deducted from your policy But will be paid by State Life; unlimited times.
  27. 27. For all the above Protection and Grand Maturity Amount The Saving is as follows Sum insured = US$ 2,000,000 US$ 115,270 AED 1,178 Annual Premium USD (annual premium calculation at age 45 ) AED Monthly Savings AED 424,193 AED 35,349 Daily Savings Savings at start of the Month not at the end of the month. The beneficiaries your beloved Daughter and Wife.
  28. 28. Action Plan Let Us try to minimize the Insecurity from your Future By paying a small amount likely equal to an average of one month income to the insurer.
  29. 29. Decide You want this?
  30. 30. Decide Or You want this? Decision is in your hands
  31. 31. Our Future Is Our Family
  32. 32. Thank You! If you like this presentation, please forward to your friends & family to help them plan their future
  33. 33. For any sort of query Please Contact:- Mr. Sajid Rehman Sales Manager Mobile: +966-55-297-7520 Email:-