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Pattern Recognition and its Application


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A presentation for an introductory assignment, detailing pattern recognition and listing some of the applications that use pattern recognition.

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Pattern Recognition and its Application

  1. 1. Pattern Recognition and its Applications B.Sahithi Nanda Sajida Mohammad
  2. 2. • What and Why Pattern Recognition ? • How Pattern Recognition ? • Where Pattern Recognition ? • Iris Recognition • Iris ID- Iris Scan • How it works ? Contents
  3. 3. What and Why Pattern Recognition • Branch of machine learning that focuses on recognition of patterns and regularities in data • Scientific discipline dealing with methods for object description and classification • Broad scope of applications
  4. 4. How Pattern Recognition
  5. 5. Where Pattern Recognition ? • Applications of pattern recognition systems and techniques are numerous and cover a broad scope of activities. • Examples are – Agriculture : Crop Analysis, Soil Evaluation – Astronomy : Analysis of telescopic images – Biology : Genetic studies – Engineering : Speech Recongition
  6. 6. Iris Recognition • Automated method of biometric identification that uses mathematical pattern-recognition techniques • measure the unique patterns in the colored circle around your pupil to identify and authenticate • Applications : physical access control in private enterprise and government,transportation, healthcare, and national identification programs • Examples of Iris Scanning – IriScan, Project Iris.
  7. 7. Iris ID • most accurate of the commonly used biometric technologies • Iris recognition's accuracy is the data- richness of the iris itself. • Uses high resolution digital camera at visible or IR wavelengths and then uses specialised computer program called matching engine to compare iris's patterns
  8. 8. How Iris recognition?
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