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Sajeer Muhammad - EasyStreet ERP - Hexagon ITS


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Presentation of EasyStreet ERP Solution for Trading and manufaturing industry using the standards of world leading ERP SAP. Easystreet covering almost all modules like invetory, sales, purchase, HR, financial accounts, job costing, POS, Administration and custom reports and barcoding.
EasyStreet support multi languages including arabic.
Its developed under .net C# and back end we are using MSSQL.

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Sajeer Muhammad - EasyStreet ERP - Hexagon ITS

  1. 1. Welcome to an integrated business solution built to satisfy a spectrum of businesses.
  2. 2. An all in one Enterprise Resource Planning and Enterprise Portal.
  3. 3. An absolute step towards a Green Paperless Office.
  4. 4. EasyStreet Integrated Business Solution Integrated Business Solution EasyStreet ERP EasyStreet ERP EasyStreet Enterprise Portal EasyStreet Enterprise Portal Inventory Control Inventory Control Business to Business to Content Management Content ManagementFinancial Accounting Touch Screen Touch Screen Customer Customer System (CMS) System (CMS)Financial Accounting Applications Applications (B2C) (B2C) Job Costing Job Costing Web Store Web Store Interface to Mobile Interface to Mobile Payroll Payroll Devices DevicesSales Management Business to Business toSales Management Self Service Business Self Service Business Point of Sales Point of Sales KIOSK KIOSK (B2B) (B2B) Cloud Computing Cloud Computing E-Commerce E-Commerce Interface Administration Interface Administration An integrated business solution (IBS) built to satisfy a spectrum of businesses
  5. 5. All in One ERP & Enterprise Portal Customer Levels Customer Levels Product Catalogue Product Catalogue Price List Price List Stock Stock Real Time EnterpriseERP Portal Back Office E-Commerce Customer Registration Customer Registration Sales Orders Sales Orders Being an intelligent business solution, EasyStreet understands your business.
  6. 6. EasyStreet Integrated Business Solution ERP Modules The Component based EasyStreet Architecturestreamlines different business process integration
  7. 7. EasyStreet ERP Modules Inventory Control Inventory Control Purchase Management Purchase Management Sales Management Sales Management Financial Accounting Financial Accounting Job Costing Job Costing Point Of Sales (POS) Point Of Sales (POS) Touch Screen Apps. Touch Screen Apps. Payroll Payroll Administration Administration
  8. 8. EasyStreet ERP Modules Inventory Control Inventory ControlInventory control module provides flexibility to manage reorders, minimize excess orobsolete inventory, improve cash flow, and increase customer service levels. o FIFO, LIFO and Automated Stock movement o Asset Handling Key FeaturesKey Features methods o Lot (Batch) Tracking o Multiple Stock Area management with stock o BIN (Rack) handling transfer and stock accounting o Item expiry Tracking o Grouping and categorization of products and o Master based Flexible Unit Of Measures (UOM) services o Highly flexible Tax Setup o Product Image (Item and Category) by o Easy handling of Similar Items grabbing image directly from any video source o Item Quick Codes and extensive Item Notes or from file. support o Stock adjustment and automated purchase o Stock Level Indicators (Low, High, Normal, etc.) orders based on re-order levels o Process based Stock transfer, Inventory o Assembly (Manufacture) processing adjustment o Wizard based Item Cloning (Item Matrix) o Wizard based Item/category Import o Effective Kit handling o Easy export of all document & Master data to o Managing Non-inventoried (service) items all popular data formats o Tracking of products and spares using unique o Barcode Label Designer serial numbers o Inventory analysis Reports like top ‘n’ Items, o Easy Inventory Verification wizard Aging reports, Inventory History ,Etc
  9. 9. EasyStreet ERP Modules Purchase Management Purchase ManagementEasyStreet Purchase Module, helps to cut out and automate as many steps as possible whilealso reducing costs and employee-related errors. o Vendor management Key Features o Flexible Payment and Delivery methodsKey Features o Process based Purchase including Requisition, Quote, Order, GRN o Landed cost calculation by tracking add-on cost o Process based purchase return including Debit Quote, Order and Memo o Retrieve document data among all purchase documents o Retrieve from file (all popular file formats) to purchase receipt o Automated reorder and ‘ONE Click’ purchase order o Automated Purchase Return for expired Items o Management of Consignment Purchase o Wizard based Vendors profile importing from popular file formats o Purchase History Tracking o Purchase receipts o Various Analysis and Purchase Transactions reports.
  10. 10. EasyStreet ERP Modules Sales Management Sales ManagementAny high-growth business strategy must begin with a consistent sales process that is easilyunderstood across organization. o Flexible pricing methods based on Weighted Average, Last Cost and Actual cost Key Features o Support Customer level pricing, Quantity pricing and Promotional Pricing MethodsKey Features o Customer Management with Multiple Customer Levels o Process based Sales including Quote, Order, Delivery Note, Invoice, o Process base Sales return including Credit Quote, Order and Memo o Agent and Salesman commission calculations & payment o Retrieve document data feature among all sales documents o Force Sales management o Wizard based Customer profile Importing from popular file formats o Invoice report Designer for pre printed and plain sheet o Various Analysis and Sales Transactions reports.
  11. 11. EasyStreet ERP Modules Financial Accounting Financial AccountingEasyStreet Accounting delivers many advantages to today’s businesses, helping them totransform the way they execute, manage, and track their critical financial transactions andrelated activities. EasyStreet also benefits in the areas of information management,statutory compliance, business process automation and real-time reporting. o User Defined Voucher layer for non- o Fixed assets depreciation calculation Key Features accountant users o Financial year ending processKey Features o Vouchers for vendor payment, Customer o Automatic ledger carrying to receipt, General Payments, General successive financial years Receipts, General Journal o Data locking feature for previous o Customizable multilevel chart of accounts financial years o Payment methods management o Account (opening) balance import o Bank reconciliation process from Excel o Sales tax registers and reports o Ledger, Daybook, Cheque register, o Batch posting of journals Customer ledger, Vendor ledger, o Import account (opening) balances from all Employee register and other financial popular file formats and statutory reports
  12. 12. EasyStreet ERP Modules Payroll PayrollEastStreet Payroll module stores various records of the employees, calculated all allowancesand deductions, generates Pay-slips and generates all Statutory and other reports. It offershigh flexibility in defining various allowances, deductions, etc. o Automate payroll calculation Key Features o Integration with the accounting system to enable payroll costs to be automaticallyKey Features transferred. o User Defined Earnings/allowance & Deductions master o Keep records of payments and deductions o Loan & Advance Management o Storing personnel profile will keep other additional data about employees o Produce payment reports to allow you to pay employees, showing the amount to be paid to each employee o Supports unlimited number of employees o Supports unlimited deductions, and enables you to easily manage payroll o Reports such as Employee ledger, Pay slip, Deduction summary Statutory reports etc.
  13. 13. EasyStreet ERP Modules Job Costing Job CostingEasyStreet Job Costing module provides a powerful tool for budget, quote, order, Invoice andreport on the expenditure and revenue associated with specific projects. It enables you tolink together with Inventory, Purchase & Accounts modules, in order to handle severalvarying tasks. o Easy assignment of Item (product) & Services to a Job and its return Key Features o Make instant enquiries into transaction details or summary figures for individual jobs.Key Features o Obtain a comprehensive analysis of each job, including comparisons of estimated costs with actual figures. o Jobs can be billed either converting a Job quote to Job Invoice where as quotes are billed as a fixed price or based on the cost of inputs to the job,. In either case, estimated costs for each job, Quote for each job and actual costs of inputs are tracked for comprehensive analysis. o Management has ready access to all the costs incurred for each ongoing Job and completed. o "Do Not Exceed estimated Value" warning will be useful to identify jobs and individual expenses that are over running estimate, so that you can take corrective actions.
  14. 14. EasyStreet ERP Modules Touch Screen Self Service KIOSK Touch Screen Self Service KIOSKIn the drive to compete effectively, retailers need to find new and more cost-effective ways to inform andcommunicate with their customers. Self-service KIOSK is now more relevant to the retail industry than ever before.Owning a kiosk is rather like having a virtual team of employees to handle enquiries and effective order processing.Customers who are busy with their shopping will be more attracted to kiosks because of their convenient and fastself-service. o The touch screen interface provides a user-friendly approach to ordering Key Features products or services and reduces your customers wait time.Key Features o Reduce input costs by lowering employee headcount through self-service KIOSK. o Interactive voice response (IVR) for searching an item/product make more convenient to customers. o Electronic input minimizes human error and reconciliation costs, increases throughput, and speeds transaction time for customers. o Retailers are leveraging order entry self-service platforms to improve the customer experience, reduce transaction costs and boost sales revenues.
  15. 15. EasyStreet ERP Modules Touch Screen Applications Touch Screen Applications o Process based Touch screen POS counters such as Key Features Invoicing counter & Payment CounterKey Features o All In One Fast Selling Counter o Touch screen UI for purchase o Touch screen UI for Inventory Adjustment o Touch screen UI for Inventory Adjustment o Touch screen UI for Physical Inventory Check o Touch screen UI for Voucher entry
  16. 16. EasyStreet ERP Modules Point of Sales Point of SalesEasyStreet POS Module is used by Customers across different segments. EasyStreet POSModule is the best product to speedup your sales process. o Process based POS counters such as o Keyboard friendly interfaces. Key Features Invoicing counter, Payment Counter, o Flexible UOM selection.Key Features Delivery Counter and All In One Fast o Settings based field navigation, field stop Selling Counter. position & show/hide field. o Stock area wise user access security. o Easy access to Item profile, stock status, o Stock Area selection based on stock area customer profile etc. priority or FIFO or LIFO method o Advanced item search controls with o Multiple payment methods on an invoice. barcode reading and image viewing o Integrated Cash drawer, Pole Display & facility weighing scale. o Easy retrieving of similar Items. o Working with Sales invoice, Sales return, o Import Sales orders. Purchase, Purchase return and inventory o Receipt label designer. adjustment on a single POS interface o POS counter session management with user access rights and hold / un hold includes opening balance entry, counter among document. closing, discrepancy management, etc.
  17. 17. EasyStreet ERP Modules EasyStreet Administration EasyStreet Administration o Easley create company using Company creation wizard Key Features o Accounting for multiple companies, locations and departments with flexibility in accountingKey Features o Module wise user access security o Powerful tool for customizing authentication and authorization rights o User defined Document Alias for all transaction documents o Custom report designer for all transaction document o Powerful document flow control o Tool for application default settings like setting of control accounts, Customer defaults, Document list order, Settings of revenue heads, etc. o Flexible financial periods o Easy Email & Fax configuration o Managing currency fractions o Backup & Restore o Managing currency fractions and round off. and many more.
  18. 18. EasyStreet Enterprise PortalBusiness ToBusiness To Business To Business To Content Content Cloud Cloud Interfacing to Interfacing to Customer Customer Business (B2B) Business (B2B) Management Management Computing Computing Mobile Mobile(B2C) Web (B2C) Web E-commerce E-commerce System (CMS) System (CMS) Interface Interface Devices Devices Store Store
  19. 19. EasyStreet Enterprise PortalBusiness To Customer (B2C)Business To Customer (B2C) Web Store Web Store
  20. 20. EasyStreet Enterprise PortalBusiness To Business (B2B)Business To Business (B2B) E-commerce E-commerce
  21. 21. EasyStreet Enterprise PortalContent ManagementContent Management System (CMS) System (CMS)
  22. 22. EasyStreet Enterprise PortalCloud Computing InterfaceCloud Computing Interface
  23. 23. EasyStreet Enterprise PortalInterfacing to Mobile DevicesInterfacing to Mobile Devices
  24. 24. Integrated Business Solution Enterprise Portal Modules The Component based EasyStreet Architecturestreamlines different business process integration
  25. 25. Enterprise Portal Modules Business To Customer (B2C) Web Store Business To Customer (B2C) Web StoreEasyStreet Job Costing module provides a powerful tool for budget, quote, order, Invoice andreport on the expenditure and revenue associated with specific projects. It enables you tolink together with Inventory, Purchase & Accounts modules, in order to handle severalvarying tasks. o Global: Any language, any currency Key Features o Integrated with inventoryKey Features o Sales, purchase and accounts o Real Time inventory management o Integrated Content Management System (CMS) o Promotions and Pricing o Products (Items) details are exposed with ‘n’ number of images videos, doc’s, pdf, etc. o Optimized for Search Engines o Support all popular internet browsers
  26. 26. Enterprise Portal Modules Business To Business (B2B) E-commerce Business To Business (B2B) E-commerceAn incredibly feature rich, flexible and scalable ecommerce platform, EasyStreet combinesleading edge ecommerce and advanced content management functionality. EasyStreetprovides sophisticated multichannel ecommerce solutions for mid to large sized retailers,distributors and manufacturers using our ecommerce platform. o World-class multi-channel B2C & B2B ecommerce websites Key Features o Product Information Management (PIM)Key Features o Integrated Content Management System(CMS) o Search Engine Friendly, Full control over title tags, meta description, meta keywords o Multi-tier pricing for customer levels o Integrated real-time shipping rates from Fedex o Flat rate shipping o Email notifications of shipment o Easily extendable architecture
  27. 27. Enterprise Portal Modules Integration & Interfacing Integration & InterfacingContent Management System (CMS)Content Management System (CMS) Cloud Computing Interface Cloud Computing Interface Interfacing to Mobile Devices Interfacing to Mobile Devices
  28. 28. Enterprise Portal Modules Interactive Executive Dashboard Interactive Executive DashboardAn executive dashboard is the key to unlocking the deep insight and detailed understandingthat your data can deliver. Dashboard uses a visualization-driven approach to enable rapiddeployment . EasyStreet Dashboard is a well-designed executive dashboard that is accessiblefrom anywhere, decision makers across your organization have immediate access to theinformation they need to make good decisions with complete confidence. o Monitor, explore, and analyze and drilldown into details Key Features o Customizable to different management levelsKey Features o Effectively identify, track, trend, and correct problems as you evaluate the health of key areas of your organization. o Easy to use, modify, and create o Effortless operational visibility o Proactively identify and apply corrective measures. o Customizable display options including Chart type (e.g., pie, bar, line,)
  29. 29. Enterprise Portal Modules Standard features for operational effectiveness and process control Standard features for operational effectiveness and process control o Integrated All In One solution Key Features o Integrated Email & Fax for all essential documentsKey Features o Advanced Security features o Data migration tools for importing data from other applications o Notes tool allow storing and retrieving any kind of files attached with transaction documents including scanning directly from a scanner o Compatible with multiple hardware platforms o Personalized Data virtualization o Search options personalization o Personalised Scheduler tool o Extensive Drill down feature o Image grabbing facility to monitor movement of high value products o Extensive Masters o Wide range of reports o Managerial level quick access user interface to all important documents o Data export to spreadsheets, PDF and other popular formats o Quick access menus & Reporting
  30. 30. EasyStreet Deployment Possibilities Sales Inventory Management Mobile User Mobile User Warehouse Warehouse POS Project Site ES POS ES POS ES Sales ES Purchase ES Payroll Van Sale Van Sale ES Job Costing ES Job CostingMobile Static IP User POSEasyStreet Dashboard ES Admin. ES Accounts ES Job CostingEasyStreet Dashboard Windows 2008 Server Van Sale Van Sale EasyStreet Enterprise Server
  31. 31. EasyStreet ERP & Enterprise Portal Deployment Possibilities E-Commerce E-Commerce E-Commerce E-Commerce any any through Mobile through Mobile E-Commerce Browser Browser E-Commerce any any Browser Browser Web Store Web Store any Browser any Browser Web Store Web Storeany Browserany Browser Web Store Web Store Windows 2008 Server Web Server EasyStreet any Browser any Browser EasyStreet ERP Server Enterprise Portal Virtual Space/Dedicated Virtual Space/Dedicated Web Server EasyStreet Web Server EasyStreet Enterprise Portal Enterprise Portal
  32. 32. EasyStreet Deployment Scenarios Group Companies data to Head Quarters POS POS POS LAN POS POS POS LAN Location A Location BB Purchase Purchase Location A KIOSK Location EasyStreet Job Costing Job Costing EasyStreet Accounts Accounts Accounts Groupware ServerGroupware Server InternetPurchase Sales Job Costing LAN POS POS POS LAN KIOSK Location CC Location MIS, Financial & other reports generation from all locations Accounts Accounts Head Head EasyStreet Job Costing Job Costing EasyStreet Enterprise Portal Quarters Quarters Groupware Server
  33. 33. Why EasyStreet ? an lobal reet is Users g ds EasySt business r fe andintellig ent standa s It is sa nd n t h at roces a secure with solutio s your in p ut t an d autom ation s you o ent consist iness unders offers the It help ting s ss. It in mee & new bu s busine eatures that ry trend f best of ve been statuto ely legal For tim s you ha for ents ision looking dvance quirem dec With a t re dure s mean s you It offer t that en feature of the s te for sta ement the be sa turn o n n ag art ma iques It offer re g in ent techn breakin investm use r ess friendlin
  34. 34. EasyStreet the absolute stepstowards a Green Paperless OfficeA paperless office is a work environment in which the use of paper is eliminated or greatly reduced.This is done by converting documents and other papers into digital form. "Going paperless" can savemoney, boost productivity, save space, make documentation and information sharing easier, keeppersonal information more secure, and help the environment. The concept can also be extended tocommunications outside the office.o Extensive NOTES feature in all documents to keep documents digitallyo Direct document scan and store to transaction documentso Attach documents, files or images to any transaction documento Direct report printing to PDFo Integrated Email & FAX
  35. 35. An integrated business solution (IBS) built to satisfy a spectrum of businesses. Being an intelligent business solution, Easy Street understands your business and is equipped with all the features that you have been looking for. EasyStreet is available in three editions EasyStreet is available in three editions Single Professional Workgroup Enterprise Server Offers all the features for a All features for a single- Designed for larger single-location business location business with businesses and store provision for deployment chains, Synchronises all over a local area network registers and locations for multiple users in real time, Uses SQL Server database engine
  36. 36. Striking The Right Balance
  37. 37. We thank you very much for spending your valuable time with us. Efficient Provider of Integrated Business, Technology & Process Solution since 1993 04 3873428, 050 8287607