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Virtual Museum and Learning Institute


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Virtual Museum and Learning Institute - Centre Directors Meeting (Bangkok)

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Virtual Museum and Learning Institute

  1. 1. (CDM2011/WP-01)
  2. 2. VMLI is web-based application to deliver virtual museumof national heritage of Southeast Asian (SEA) countries,educational open courseware, and Southeast AsianMinisters of Education Organization (SEAMEO)educational web-based TV channel. Virtual museum willbe built as a 3-dimention (3D) web-based application.Development of VMLI needs preparation of hardwareinfrastructure, software, and brain ware support.
  3. 3. VMLI is expected to be a media of SEAMEO Centre’s totake part in building the stronger community of ASEAN. Byuse of VMLI, people can learn a lot of thingscomprehensively without limitation place and time only inone stop of web-based application.VMLI is also expected to bring about higher branding ofSEAMEO due to active involvement of other educationalinstitutions in ASEAN, SEAMEO Centre’s, and other publicstakeholders.
  4. 4.  To develop a 3D application that delivers objects of virtual museum to users, To create all related object in main national heritage of ASEAN, To develop educational open courseware, To develop materials for SEAMEO web-based TV broadcast, and To build infrastructure in all SEAMEO Centre’s supporting the system.
  5. 5.  All SEAMEO Centre’s, Educational institute (universities, colleges, training centre’s, and schools), Teachers, Students, Public Users.
  6. 6. The phases of system development based on Barker are asthe following:•Strategy,•Analysis,•Design,•Build,•Documentation,•Transition , and•Production.
  7. 7. List of SEAMEO human resources will be involved in the project. Nr. Name Description 1. SEAMES Director & Centre Directors 2. Centre IT Department 3. Dr. Gatot Hari Priowirjanto 4. Dr. Jaslin Ikhsan 5. Dina Mustafa 6. Hafid Setyo Hadi 7. Sajarwo Anggai IS Engineer 8. Prayitno System Engineer 9. Fazhar Restu Fauzi Network Engineer 10. ChuliJimmi Manurung Application Engineer 11. Abdul Rizal Adompo Design Engineer 12. M. Andriansyah Design Engineer 13. Rustam Ikhsanusi Network Engineer 14. Abbas Supardi Application Engineer 15. Aline Almandha Documentation
  8. 8. Personnel SEAMEO’s human resources will contribute each other in developing and managing the system. List of staff that involved in the project, we have a lot of available human resources.Coordination Several SEAMEO top managements meeting will became available moment/event to support the project going to well development. Forums such as (GBM), (CDM), (HOM).
  9. 9. Infrastructure Lists several available hardwares that can be used to support the running of the system. Nr. Name SEAMOLEC Other Centres 1. Data center 1 full rack n/a 2. Server 1 unit n/a 3. Internet connection 1 Mbps Min. 1 Mbps (recommended)
  10. 10. Personnel Nr. Name SEAMOLEC Other Centres 1. Programmer/Developer 10 - 2. Designer 5 - 3. Network technician 2 1 4. Administrator 1 1Facilities Every centre needs to provide a representative room of mini studio as described at VMLI system configuration. The room must be equipped with several tools as listed in point Equipment/Supplies/Communication below.
  11. 11. Equipment/Supplies/Communication Nr. Name Qty 1. QuickTime Streaming Server 2 2. Web&databases server 4 3. Switch/hub 2 4. Notebook 5 5. Webcam 1 6. Microphone 1 7. Mini studio equipment 20 Nr. Name Qty 1. AUTODESK 3Ds Max or Blender 1 2. CopperCube 1 3. CopperLicht 1
  12. 12. Sustainability or program can be done by the following: Building sense of belonging and active participation of SEAMEO secretariat and SEAMEO Centres to the VMLI, Development of human resources involved in the VMLI, Periodical monitoring and evaluation by each SEAMEO Centres, Sustained financial support from each SEAMEO Centres for the VMLI, Policy supports from respective government, and Updated and useful contents of VMLI.
  13. 13. Target Monitoring ImplementationVMLI of Indonesia Number of VMLI tobe developed & launchedAll SEAMEO Units involved Number of SEAMEO Units involved5000 visitors / year Number of visitorsUpdate monthly from every Frequency updatecentre Frequency of monitoring andPositive comment from 5% Comments from users (feedback evaluation quarterly/yearof target visitors / year mechanism)10 courseware’s upload Number of courseware’s uploadedevery year1 TV channel every 3 year Number of TV channel1 hour everyday Frequency of TV programsbroadcasting broadcast2 public forum / year Number of public forum conducted5 links / year Number of relevant links established
  14. 14. Target/Year 2011-2013 2014-2016 2017-2019 2020-2021Planning, vAnalysis, Design v vBuilding, Documentation v v v vTransition, Production v v v vWorkshop v v v vMonitoring, Evaluation v v v v
  15. 15. Contact Person:1. Dr. Gatot Hari Priowirjanto - gatot@seamolec.org2. Dr. Jaslin Ikhsan - jikhsan@seamolec.org3. Sajarwo Anggai -