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its a summer internship report for mba/pgd,

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Delhi food walks

  1. 1. NEW DELHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT SUMMER TRAINING REPORT ON B2B RELATIONS & SOCIAL MEDIA PROMOTION For DELHI FOOD WALKS By SAJAL SINGHAL 71 In Partial Fulfillment for the award of the degree Post Graduate Diploma In Management 2012-14 NEW DELHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT 50 (B &C), 60, Tughlakabad Institutional Area, Newdelhi -110062 E-MAIL: Website :
  4. 4. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT In this project I have made an honest and dedicated attempt to make the research material as authentic as it could. And I earnestly hope that it provides useful and workable information and knowledge to any person reading it. During the small time frame of two months in which the project reached its completion, there were a few people whom I would like to thank and without whose help the project would have not seen the light of the day. I would like to express my profound reverence and heartfelt gratitude to my industry mentor Mr. Anubhav Sapra for assigning me such project that gave me a real practical exposure and for his timely response which immensely helped in giving the project the direction it needed till the end, and my team leader Miss Sanya Nakra and my HR manager Miss Kanika Gupta. I would also like to thank my faculty guide Prof. Poonam Rawat for her unconditional co-operation and kind support in preparing the report. Finally, it gives me an immense pleasure to acknowledge Delhi Food Walks, who have been nice enough to give us a chance to do the project and providing me a wonderful support throughout and have been instrumental in making it a rich experience. SAJAL SINGHAL PGDM (2012-2014) New Delhi Institute of Management NEW DELHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 4
  5. 5. DECLARATION I Sajal Singhal student of New Delhi Institute of Management (2012-14) declare that every part of the Project Report on “B2B Relations & Social Media Promotion, in Delhi & NCR” submitted by me is original. I was in regular contact with my faculty guide and contacted several times for discussing the project. Date of project submission: 22/07/2013 Signature of the Student Faculty Mentor’s Comments: _____________________________________________________________________ ________________ _____________________________________________________________________ ________________ _____________________________________________________________________ ________________ Signature of Faculty guide Prof. Poonam Rawat NEW DELHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 5
  7. 7. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The local food movement is now spreading globally, yet is not well understood. To many, local food is exclusively about proximity, with discriminating consumers demanding higher quality food grown, caught, processed, cooked, and sold by people they know and trust. But an equally important part of local food is that it satisfies our taste & also increases our love towards our home country. This report is all about, how Delhi Food Walks is helping all the foodies to connect & explore the rich, delicious & diverse food in Delhi lanes. My report is based on my work as an intern at Delhi Food Walks, assisted the officials to increase its corporate tie-ups & helped in the gathering & creation of database for DFW, which has been in the market from the last one year. This report also highlights, details about the activities undertaken to increase the popularity of the company which includes giving presentation to clients, distribution of promotional material, promotion on social networking website like facebook. I have found out that Delhi Food Walks is a new concept in India, which is trying to spread the street food industry globally by helping all the foodies to connect & explore the rich, delicious and diverse food in Delhi lanes. The main competitor of DFW is verDelhi Food Tours. The name of the DFW is new which does not influence the consumer. In this report, I have made suggestions that DFW should concentrate on advertisement, hoardings and posters can be put over to public transports like buses, metros and railway stations as in these area maximum number of people visits daily and this will help to create more awareness of DFW, should target more and more Foreign Tourist and the Multinational Company (MNC’s) as the local citizen are well aware about the street food outlets in Delhi and DFW should try to enter into tie-ups with tours and travels operators which will help to expand the business of Delhi Food walks. NEW DELHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 7
  9. 9. STREET FOOD INDUSTRY IN INDIA Street foods describes a wide range of ready-to-eat foods and beverages sold and sometimes prepared in public places, notably streets. Like fast foods, the final preparation of street foods occurs when the customer orders the meal which can be consumed where it is purchased or taken away. Street foods and fast foods are low in cost compared with restaurant meals and offer an attractive alternative to homecooked food. In spite of these similarities, street food and fast food enterprises differ in variety, environment, marketing techniques and ownership. As the recession makes fine dining take a step down, new and innovative street players take a step up. Companies are now willing to step out into the sidewalks and are launching cart models that are redefining the street food in India. 'Hog Dog' was one of the first new ventures to launch carts on popular high streets and malls. Following it was 'Hot & Juicy', Yo China's 'Yo-on-the-go', Street Foods of India owned by Zorawar Kalra. Recently Ferns & Petals launched 'Chatak Chaat' that serves chaat in a hygienic way. Going the cart-model way now is Chilli Seasonss. Industry experts say that restaurants have witnessed a 20% decline in guests due to the economic slowdown as people are no longer willing to spend on luxurious dining and are prefering small eateries. As a result of which many retail investors and traders are now experimenting with small format food chains. It's easy to set up such carts as it requires low capital investment and has high chances of success. Chilli Seasonss' new street food initiative, 'A la cart' has recently launched a pilot cart in Delhi. It serves innovative Pan Asian fusion food including satays, pita pockets and wraps with a distinct gourmet flavour. Explaining the logic behind entering this business, Sheetal Bahal, CEO of Chilli Seasonss says, "there was a lot of white space in the street food market. This genre is slowly picking up as more and more customers NEW DELHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 9
  10. 10. realise that it's more hygienic and economical. Also, such places serve different cuisine that is prepared in a way to satisfy the Indian palate". Chilli Seasons plans to add 50-100 stores over the next one year. If someone walks on any street and will find a string of brightly coloured carts stall selling affordable snacks. The growing popularity of street shopping and shopping malls & food courts, the demand for variety and choices for the consumers has reached peak. To fulfil this demand of consumer, new players are entering this space to add an international flavour s .These food carts are now present in airports, cinema halls and hypermarkets. Traditionally, the street food business in India has been fragmented and localised in different regions. Mumbai was the centre for the iconic 'Vada Pao' and Delhi was synonymous to 'Chandni Chowk Chaat'. "Street food was always popular in India. The interesting thing is that now we are offering it in an organised retail format. Street food was always about getting yummy food on the go. The reason that this sector has gained prominence now is that the public is more hygiene conscious and wanted innovative snacks. Ashish Kapoor, (MD of Yo China) who deals in chinese food and experimenting with the dishes, has so far opened stores and the company plans to open 100 by the year end. Like all businesses, it is important to have the right product at the right price and the right location to sell. "We are targeting high footfall areas and customers from a certain socio-economic background. We serve fusion food and our customers need to have an evolved taste to enjoy that," says Mr. Bahl( MD Of Zaika food.) NEW DELHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 10
  11. 11. STREET FOOD INDUSTRY IN DELHI Delhi is the city of historical landmarks. Everything from Asoka-era iron pillars to Mughal forts to the haunting tombs of the various invaders who held sway over Delhi for shorter or longer periods to the massive Purana Qila (Old Fort) which is said to date back to the time of the Mahabharata can be found here. Eating out on the streets in Delhi is not just a cooking experience — it’s just a crash course in history, sociology and anthropology all rolled into one, with the added bonus of a close-up look at the quirks and foibles of the incredible diversity of people who make up the national capital . For example a “gol gappa” the tasty balls of fried dough filled with savoury water, tangy chutneys and an assortment of texture differentiators from tiny slices of boiled potatoes or peas to pomegranate seeds. While any vendor on Delhi’s streets will be offering with a plate to the people, in some parts of old Delhi where the Nawabi influence of Lucknow lingers, they offer to the people with “batashas” – the same, yet subtly different. And in the newer parts and malls, we can even get the Mumbai version, “pani puri.” In fact, many food courts in malls have attempted to bring together the highlights of Delhi’s street food, ranging from kabab to kachori. And Delhi’s newest landmark, the Metro, is the best and easiest way to do the rounds of Old and New Delhi, sampling the street delights on the way. People have to just hop on to the red line metro and get off at Chawri Bazar. A stagger and a push as the area is incredibly crowded, away from the entrance is Ashok Chaat Corner, home to NEW DELHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 11
  12. 12. some famous old Delhi-style chaat. Person can try the paapri chaat (tiny, crisp disks topped with lashings of sweet and hot chutneys and sweet curd, before heading back on the metro to the next stop — “Chandni Chowk” the heart of Delhi’s eat street. At the entrance to the Chandni Chowk station, we can try some terrific “dahi bhallas,” before taking the next lane into “Galli Parathe wali”, literally, Paratha Lane, where one can have more varieties of stuffed parathas than we thought existed. Ustad Moinuddin in Chawri Bazaar, close to the house of the great Urdu poet, Mirza Ghalib, or Old Delhi landmark, Karim’s, cheek by jowl with the majestic Jama Masjid, for meat that has been cooked more or less the same way for centuries. For dessert, there’s nothing to beat the rabri falooda at Gyani’s, hard by the Fatehpuri Masjid. In the winter, person can have the other great Sikh’s speciality like – makke (maize) rotis and sarson ka saag (mustard leaf). Great food, history lessons and culture in one handy package! Despite its incredible variety of culinary delights, Delhi’s roadside eateries are facing the heat of competition from upstart rivals. The holy trinity of Delhiwallah’s is now more likely to be masala dosa, Manchurian noodles, and momos, the steamed dumplings from Tibet which have virtually replaced tikki and samosa as the capital’s favoured snack. No visitor can claim to have ‘done’ Delhi without having done the street food rounds. NEW DELHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 12
  13. 13. Hot-spots Destination for Food Walk in Delhi:  Connaught Place Con-naught Place, or CP as the young generation refers to it popularly, has been keeping shoppers and food lovers happy for decades. With the advent of the metro and strengthening of other transport routes, the heart of Delhi has become more accessible than ever before. The gastronomic delights of CP can never cease to surprise even the most seasoned Delhite. From budget options to the completely luxurious, the food menu of this place is indeed pretty well distributed. Fast food to traditional, global cuisines to experimental, the restaurants and eateries of CP have it all. Fast food chains like Dominoes, Mc Donalds, Pizza Hut and many others, further increase the choices for the food lover. When one walks into Galena or the United Coffee House, one can realize why CP continues to be a ruler on the food map of Delhi even today!  Kamla Nagar Nestled right next to the University area of North Campus lies Kamla Nagar- a popular shopping destination for the young and the old alike. While most people know it for the brightly lit shops, arrays of branded showrooms and still more places to shop, few consider it an ‘eating’ destination. It might come as a surprise to many that it is actually an open secret to the hundreds of students who live in North Campus and enjoy the delicacies of Kamla Nagar every day. NEW DELHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 13
  14. 14. Kamla Nagar, popular as Knags among the students, features a lot of food haunts in a variety of cuisines. Whether it comes to possess an eclectic taste of having a continental or Chinese cuisine, a delicious glass of cold Lassi, this amazing market place never disappoints the foodies. The place suits the taste buds of everyone whether it comes to eating Maggie on roadside by a local vendor or having bhelpuri, bhature, tandoori momos or branded eating places like Kenventers. There is a good chance that the food on our mind can easily reach our plates. Kamla nagar Market is also a shoppers’s hub. From branded showrooms to traditional jewelers, Kamala Nagar keeps every shopper satisfied. In the bylanes of the market, people come across old shops selling the choicest of Indian spices, absolutely fresh and hand ground in their houses. Thus, Kamla Nagar is not only a food walker’s paradise; it is indeed the ultimate destination for the shopper in us as well!  Chandni Chowk Shahjahanabad, now popular as Purani Dilli or Chandni Chowk, was originally a city established by the Mughal emperor Shahjahan in 1648. It was considered a gem of the empire, and continues being the heart of the Capital as well. Chandni Chowk is known for its intricate alleys and eclectic shops, it is a food walker’s paradise. A blog or a book couldn’t possibly cover the dozens of options that the place has to offer. Whether it’s kachoris, jalebis, chole bhature prepared in desi ghee, gajar ka halwa, or choicest Islamic meat preparation, Chandni Chowk is the place to be.Chandni Chowk has the historic places Jama Masjid and Lal Quila. Daryaganj, the main road in Chandni Chowk, turns into the book lovers’ paradise, as loads of second hand booksellers set up shop on the pavements, offering unbelievable deals to the readers. NEW DELHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 14
  15. 15. Major Players: Delhi Food Tours & Delhi Food Adventure are the major players in the industry besides Delhi Food Walks. The largest being Delhi Food Tours, which has diversified its business into Food tours, Cooking classes, Barbeque classes, Event management & Dine-out clubs. Delhi Food Tours Delhi Food Tours started almost 3 months before Delhi Food Walks, but it has grown & diversified itself at a very fast pace. Delhi Food Tours is run jointly by the family of four people, viz. Husband & wife duo, the father & the mother of the former. Delhi Food Tours (DFT) provides customized food tours that provide an opportunity to explore a variety of Indian cuisines as they can only be found in the local eateries of New Delhi. Each tour consists of tastings at 4-6 different restaurants along with a Tea Tasting conducted under the guidance of a professional tea taster. The idea is to experience food from across India within the geographical confines of New Delhi. DFT offers both lunch and dinner tours that are available 7 days a week. Unlike typical tour companies, DFT conducts tours for groups of 2-8 people per meal with a minimum of one food guide per 4 people. Thanks to our focus on small groups; tours are customized on the basis of spice tolerance, allergies, and sensitivities of each guest. All tours are conducted by Prashant and/or Ayesha personally (owners). DFT started off as a food tour organization in late 2011. Its goal was to give foreign tourists a local experience by taking them to the kind of small restaurants most Delhiites grew up going to. Delhi Food Tours (DFT) is India's only award winning food tour and cooking class! They have no sister concerns. They are also the food tour operators for the Australian High Commission, the American Embassy and the American Women's Association! With over 550 guests from 37 countries in our first year, DFT is the most reliable food tour experience in Delhi. It is the creation of a former lawyer and his wife (a corporate trainer), all tours are run by the owners personally. The food walk is conducted by a NEW DELHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 15
  16. 16. husband-wife duo, who pick you the customers from their hotel and take them up to 6 different restaurants, tasting food, tea and coffee from across India in 3-4 hours! They have also diversified their business into various parts:1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) Food Tours Mum’s Kitchen cooking classes Dad’s Grill DFT Dine-out club DFT Expat Events Party Management Whereas Company Delhi Food Walks only organizes food tours at the moment. NEW DELHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 16
  17. 17. COMPANY PROFILE Delhi Food Walks (DFW) began its journey 2 years down the line to act as a bastion of Delhi food culture and bring the people together. It initially organized walks for tourists and foreigners for it wanted to expose them to the real taste of India and guide them about the optimum markets and cuisines available in Delhi. Gradually, it extended its network and opened the doors of its service for the Indian students, youth and corporate. In 2013, in its 3rd phase, Delhi Food walks beckons people from all walks of life and as it has grown old with time, so has its taste and experience. DFW have now customized their walks for all the groups. DFW organizes food walks as per the interest of the customers and as per the customer time suitability as DFW’s ultimate aim is to make the customers happy and make them “feel home” even in this foreign land. Till date, DFW have already explored the lanes of Chandni Chowk in Central Delhi which is popular for Desi Indian food like chole bhature, jalebi, kachori, standard icecreams and faludas. The old traditional style is not only exhibited in food but also, the way it is served and the guests are addressed to. Towards North Delhi lies Kamla Nagar bustling with young Indians 24*7. It is an ideal destination for shopaholics and epicureans. From Italian Pasta to Chinese momos, it specializes in all!! Connaught Place is designed by Edward Lutyens and it stands as an epitome of modernization in NEW DELHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 17
  18. 18. Delhi, it is the 5th busiest commercial market in the world. In its every nook and corner one can locate the Indian spices and other gourmet delights. So, it goes unsaid that Delhi Food Walks is making continuous efforts to fuse the various cultures and people together. Delhi Food Walks (DFW) is an initiative that brings all the foodies together and let them share their food secrets. They feel proud introducing people to the concept of customized food walks taking them through the lanes of Delhi and exploring it's rich heritage and Multi-cuisine Culture for which Delhi is known for. Delhi Food Walks is an initiative that connects all the foodies and let them share the food secrets with the people around. It is a multi-cuisine platform that serves the delicious delights on wheels in pocket fitting prices. NEW DELHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 18
  19. 19. Unique & Salient features of the company: 1. Outreach: Along with the Delhiites, people of Indian origin in association with DFW, Delhi Food Walks (DFW) have a strong network of international tourists as well. From young to old alike they provide a soothing experience. DFW have a uniform presence on various blogs and various newspapers and are also a known face in Delhi University. 2. Customized food walks: DFW offer generic food walks as per the taste and convenience of a “majority” that joins in. But besides the generic food walk, it offer customized walks wherein people can approach in groups and it takes them on a Delhi food ride as per group specifications and requisites. 3. Social networking: Due to elaborated presence of DFW in Delhi, DFW have a strong network of people and it provides a platform to the people to meet and treat. 4. Respecting cultures: During the food visits, DFW ensures to have a healthy discussion and interaction with each other to better understand the taste and lifestyle of different people. It respects the opinion of every individual and thus, provides a platform to understand the various cultures. 5. Off the scene talent and hospitality: DFW have a robust team of young Delhiites who are multi talented, dynamic and enthusiastic. They leave no stone unturned in providing the best of hospitality to the august guests of DFW and work with determination to make DFW a success. NEW DELHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 19
  20. 20. LOCATIONS Below are the places where the food walk is generally conducted, Chandni Chowk being the hottest destination. While doing the internship in the company, we also got a chance to join the food walk that was help in the Chandni Chowk area! Connaught Place Kamla Nagar Chandni Chowk Tilak Nagar Zakir Nagar New Friends Colony Rajouri Garden Nizamuddin Malviya Nagar C.R. Park Many more……… NEW DELHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 20
  21. 21. BENEFITS Below are the benefits, that one or the corporate can expect to derive from the food walk. Customization is the stand out point for conducting the food walk, because the food walks are conducted on the basis of the taste & the preference of the customers. If somebody has less spice tolerance, then he/she can inform the same to the person in-charge of conducting the food walk. Employee recreation & target oriented performance are also one of the major differentiating factors for conducting the food walk. Employee recreation Team building exercises Target oriented performance Cultural experience & awareness Variety of food walks Advertisement & publicity Customization NEW DELHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 21
  22. 22. OVERALL BENEFITS There are various overall benefits that one can derive from the food walks. These food walks can also be organized for the family members on special request. Delhi Food Walks also provide special discount coupons to its customers during festive seasons. The food walks are also organized for parties and special events. DFW also ensures the comfort and the quality of food for all its customers. Customer satisfaction the main motto of Delhi Food Walks. Family food walks Parties & events Incentives & vouchers for corporate & employees on tie ups Festival discounts & offers Customized group food walks & special packages on request Guarantee of quality & comfort NEW DELHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 22
  23. 23. STRUCTURE The food walks are conducted for a minimum of 5 members, to a maximum of 20 members. DFW provides the customization option of Veg food walk as well as Nonveg food walk. These walks are conducted on the basis of spice tolerance of the group members. The package prices of food walks differ on the basis of the area in which the walk is being conducted, number of group members, etc. Minimum – 5 members in a group Maximum – 20 members in a group Customization option : Veg food walk Non-veg food walk DFW charges around Rs. 1000 per head, in case there are 5 members in the group & these charges go down to Rs. 700 per head, in case there are 20 members in the group. It all depends on the bargaining power of the clients & the customers. For conducting Veg food walk, DFW charges a lesser amount as compared to Nonveg food walk. NEW DELHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 23
  24. 24. FACTS ABOUT DELHI FOOD WALKS(DFW) 1.Single owner proprietorship: Delhi Food Walk doesn’t have any group companies at the moment. It’s a kind of a single proprietorship rather than being called as a company. It’s just one year old. 2.Promoters: Mr. Anubhav Sapra is the promoter & the owner of Delhi Food Walks. There are no senior executives or chairman at the moment & the company operates with the help of freelancers & MBA interns. 3.Hierarchy: As DFW is very small at the moment & has no permanent employees, it doesn’t have a fixed hierarchy and organisational structure. It operates will the help of MBA interns & freelancers. 4.Services: Delhi Food Walks offers food tour services to the corporate, individuals & specially to the foreign tourists. Its food tour services are offered only in Delhi & not in the NCR. It majorly conducts food walk in the Chandni Chowk area of Old Delhi, which is known for generations for its street food. It offers the following types of food walk to the customers:- Corporate & Departmental Unit (DU) food walk NEW DELHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT VIP food walk Employee’s family food walk Page 24
  25. 25. • Corporate & Departmental Unit (DU) food walk- -DFW Organised a food walk for the employees in different departments of the clients. • VIP food walk— DFW Organised a food walk for the senior professionals of the clients like board of members, foreign delegates etc. • Employee’s family food walk--- DFW organised a food walk for the family members of the employees, owner, etc of the client company. The company also provides customization for veg & non-veg food walk. The walks are organised during breakfast, lunch, snacks as well as dinner time. 5.Geographical Spread: The company only operates in the Delhi region & focuses mainly in the northern parts of Old Delhi. Currently it has no plans to expand & operate in the NCR. 6Market/Customer Segment: Customers of Delhi Food Walks consists of the corporate, individuals & the foreign tourists. It also targets several schools & colleges for its food walk business. 7.Market Postion of the Company: Delhi Food Walks holds the 2nd spot in the Delhi region. The 1st spot is held by Delhi Food Tours 8.Future Plans of expansion: Right now, the food walks are organized only on Sundays, but the company is planning to expand its customer base & also start operating on weekdays. It is planning to expand by entering into tie-ups with the corporate & tour operators like SOTC, Thomas Cook, etc. In this process, the company is also thinking about hiring permanent employees, once the business expands. 9.Company’s Revenue Model: The main source of revenue model for the company are the foreign tourists. The owner is able earn close to Rs. 5000-7000, by conducting just a 3-4 hour food walk for the foreign tourists. But his earnings are considerably less, around Rs. 2000, when NEW DELHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 25
  26. 26. he conducts food walks for the Delhiites. For the same, the company is planning to enter into tie-ups with several tour operators to get hold of more & more foreign tourists. 10.New Initiatives taken towards better promotion: Delhi Food Walks has come out with new promotional techniques. One of its recent facebook post highlights the same:Delhi Food Walks 2 July near New Delhi Hello people, We kept our promise and have started distributing the coupons to people who have recently joined the DFW family. To know if you are the lucky one please go to the " OTHER" inbox folder, where there will be a surprise awaiting all our lucky members So rush now and check the "other" folder. Impacts of new initiatives: This strategy has helped Delhi Food Walks to get hold of the new customers, by giving away restaurant discount coupons to them! 11.Office Location of DFW: DFW is very small & has no branches or offices. The meetings are held in Café Coffee Day & thus there is no requirement of funding/loans at the moment. 12.Organisation Plans for year 2013 – ’14: The company plans for the year 2013-14 is to hire professional & permanent employees & spend a good amount on the advertisement & growth in the current year. The company has started revamping its website, so that the customers can gather maximum information about the food tours & the upcoming events through it. NEW DELHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 26
  27. 27. 13.Turn Around model by which Company has benefitted: The company has benefitted from its policy of hiring the MBA interns & freelancers. It was not required to pay any stipend to the interns & paid a very small sum to the freelancers, in return for their services. Thus, it was able to make profit & also grow in the due course of time. All the people/freelancers working at Delhi Food Walks, work at their own comfort, so it was not required to rent any office space for its operations, which helped it to save a lot of money. 14.KEY PERSON OF DELHI FOOD WALKS (DFW) Mr. Anubhav Sapra (Director & Founder, Delhi Food Walks) Mr. Anubhav Sapra is the founder & the leader of Delhi Food Walks. He is responsible for co-ordinating with the freelancers. These freelancers are ultimately responsible for hiring the school or college interns for short duration. Mr. Anubhav Sapra is the permanent leader of Delhi Food Walks. Except him, all the other people An avid food connoisseur, gregarious in his conduct and an explorer by heart, Mr. Anubhav Sapra is the soul of Delhi Food Walks. NEW DELHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 27
  28. 28. He is the reason behind the inception of Delhi food walks for his love for Delhi street food and a never terminating yearning to explore this stupendous city, for what it has in store for us the next moment, nobody can anticipate!! Mr. Anubhav completed his masters in political science from Delhi University and he did his diploma in sustainable rural development from NIRD. With a vision to create a better society to live in and to emancipate the underprivileged section of our society, three years back he joined a grass root organisation. He has been working since then with this organization and undoubtedly has become the driving wheel of it because of his determination. Besides his love for society and fellow human beings, Mr. Anubhav is passionate about organizing food expeditions and socializing with different people with similar gastronomic interests . NEW DELHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 28
  30. 30. Delhi Food Walks only organizes food tours in the Delhi region & is in the process of expanding & diversifying its business. Delhi is not just India’s political capital. It is also the culinary and cultural centre of India. As a result, one can get access to amazing food from across India within South and Central New Delhi. On the food tours, one can expect to taste food from Chennai, Goa, Lucknow, Gujarat, Punjab and of course, Delhi itself. If someone wonders about the differences between North and South Indian cuisine, or if someone thinks that Indian food is limited to curry, they have got some wowzer for them. A Delhi Food walks walk will cover up to 6-7 different famous food points of the destination. The whole point is to get a better understanding of the food and culture of mainstream Delhi with well travelled locals. Unlike any other experience of this kind, Delhi food walks pick the customers from their hotel (subject to location & only for foreign tourists), take them out, pay for all the food, explain each dish, its origins and how to eat it and drop them back once food walk overed. It’s completely hassle free! All people need is to bring their appetite and the camera. Delhi Food Walks maintain obsessively high standards of hygiene. They serve only bottled water on our tours and all guides carry hand sanitizers and wet wipes. How much one can eat is entirely dependent on the person. DFW recommends eating a little bit at each place to save space so that you can experience as many places as possible. The tours take approximately 3-4 hours. Lunch Tour: Subject to the location, they will pick you up at 12 Noon. Dinner Tour: Subject to the location, they will pick you up at 6 PM. Pick up/drop from within South and Central Delhi (except Karol Bagh). This includes transport, food and non-alcoholic drinks. NEW DELHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 30
  31. 31. Delhi food walks can arrange transport for there customers if they are staying in Gurgaon or Noida at their request. For what to expect, please visit DFW on facebook at Guidelines for the tours:       All prices include transport. If customer are staying within South or Central Delhi (except Karol Bagh), the car/van will pick you up from your hotel (for foreign tourists only), be with you for the entire duration of your tour and then drop you back to your hotel: If you are staying elsewhere, they will pick you up from and drop you to a mutually agreed pick up point. All tours are conducted by Anubhav Sapra Skipping the preceding meal is highly advisable. Dress code applicable for all tours: Ladies are requested to dress conservatively. Shorts, short skirts and spaghetti straps are to be avoided. There are no limits on the number of people they can cater to on a given package. However all packages can be arranged on an exclusive and private basis at an extra cost, if there are no previous bookings for that date. DFW encourage you to help them serve you better. Please do let them know if any person have any preferences/allergies/dislikes well in advance so that they can mould the tour around you. They try to customize and tailor the packages to the clients’ tastes, so please do speak to them and tell them what you expect or prefer. NEW DELHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 31
  32. 32. Here are some of the beautiful pictures clicked during the food walks! NEW DELHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 32
  35. 35. Other Activities Undertaken by the company: INSIGHT OF CAMPUS FOOD WARS: Campus Food Wars is one of the event conducted by DFW in the different colleges and the universities like Delhi University and IP University. In order to identify the food popular zones and foodies in Delhi the company launched the aforesaid competition which was divided into 3 phases over a period of around 15 days. The phases are as follows: MY FOODIE MOMENT: Capture the sarcastic, weird, hilarious foodie moments of your life. People make sure that in those pictures either the person should be savouring something or experimenting with the food. CANTEEN DHAMAKA: In this category one can choose the most popular canteen dish or the one prepared with some distinguished ingredient or spices. Click its photograph; write a brief description as why the dish you have chosen is so unique. THE FOOD ADDAS: The food addas has made the life of the consumer easier because of the doorstep facilities are offered. If somebody skips a breakfast/lunch at home he/she don’t have to loiter around with an empty stomach. Customer have so many ''chachas'' and ''kakas'' around their college with a pasted smile on their faces despite of melting heat and freezing cold in Delhi. These cha-chas and kakas have a purpose to feed their customers and earn some bucks to finally feed their family. DFW salutes them!! In this round DFW is seeking for the famous food addas around college campuses and its specialty, one leisurely gesture might earn them a fortune. NEW DELHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 35
  36. 36. For conducting an event DELHI FOOD WALKS(DFW) is taking help from the sponsors and following are the things which DFW is looking from the sponsors 1.Offline Marketing to expand the network further of DFW 2. Online marketing by sharing official website of DFW and page on the company’s facebook page, and displaying advertisement in their blogs and websites and wherever possible. 3. Financial/Manual aid in designing posters and brochures. 4. Sharing contacts if possible. 5. Gift vouchers or discounted coupons for Dfw events and competition winners. 6. From restaurants or “hotel owners”: DFW requests them to add DFW in their “Delhi travel guide” so that tourists can avail the facilities offered by DFW and relish the Indian food. 7. From corporate: Dfw offers sponsor to design specialized schemes for employees on various occasions. 8. From media house: Invite people for Delhi food walks and let them explore this city with Dfw and promise to offer them beyond the imagination experience. NEW DELHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 36
  37. 37. Following Are The Activities which DFW Is Doing For There Sponsors 1. Online marketing- DFW promise to share the page of sponsors and other details on DFW website and official facebook page. 2. Offline marketing- To mention the name of sponsor organization/company in Dfw posters and brochures. 3. Event sponsors- DFW can add companies to the list of sponsors ,helping in organizing and funding DFW events and attractive prizes for the winners. 4. For the corporate- Employees are the heart of any organization and the bonus and perks drives them to work with determination. So, Dfw plan to offer customized food walks at reduced prices for employees of sponsors companys on special occasions or in a festive season. 5. Share our contacts whenever and however possible. Dfw presents Campus Food war13 which were held in the different campuses in Delhi. In this events Dfw asks the people to click the photographs while eating in the campus canteen and the people will have to upload the photographs in the Dfw facebook page, persons whose photographs will get maximum likes and shares will be the winner,and will get free coupons for Dfw walks. In this type of the events of DFW, DFW will display the names sponsor’s company name ,in the posters /hording of the events. NEW DELHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 37
  39. 39. Objective of Training  To establish business to business relations of DFW  To prepare database of the company, to do cold-calling, to create proposals of DFW and to give the presentation about DFW services to the prospective clients  To increase awareness anout the DFW with the help of social networking websites. NEW DELHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 39
  40. 40. Details of Work Assigned During the two months of training, I had the privilege to work under the guidance of the owner of DFW Mr. Anubhav Sapra. The training included to observe how the company conducts the food walks. It also included negotiations with clients in terms of price, time of food walk, number of people in food walk, kind of street foods etc. Major activities performed:       Preparing data base of various companies for Delhi Food Walks Conduct cold calling To prepare corporate presentation and proposals of DFW for the clients Sending proposals to the interested clients and follow ups Giving presentation to the clients and distribution of promotional material To visit companies at different locations of Delhi and N.C.R. My work also involved social media marketing. The aim was to get around 4000 likes for the company on their facebook page which we achieved. The training also included exposure to negotiation with the clients in terms of price and number of members in food walk. NEW DELHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 40
  41. 41. Weekly Report Week 1 In the first week of my training at Delhi Food Walks, I prepared a questionnaire to know about the food preferences of the customers and conducted the survey in Malviya Nagar. I was provided training about generating lead and also received training on how to work for various deals for Delhi Food Walks. During the training the seniors also provided inputs about communication with the clients I was provided with database of the companies. The purpose was to call the companies and explain to them about the services provided by DFW. The questionnaire is attached on annxure-1 and data base is on Annexure 4 Once the companies started showing interest in services of DFW and some companies asked to send the proposal, I prepared the proposal with help of my other team members and sent the proposal to the clients. Week 2 In the second Week of my training at Delhi Food Walks I continued calling up the companies. In addition to calling to more companies, I kept on sending the proposals to the interested companies along with keeping a track of the earlier proposals sent . In the 2nd week, I did a lot of cold calling and got a good response from some of the companies. NEW DELHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 41
  42. 42. SAMPLE OF SALES PROPOSAL Dear Mr. Deepak! Hope you are doing great! This is in reference to our discussion on phone on Friday, in which you asked us to send a 'Proposal' to your company. 'Delhi Food Walks' is an initiative that connects all the foodies and lets them share the food secrets with the people around. It is a multi cuisine platform that serves the delicious delights on wheels in pocket fitting price. The food tour takes place under the guidance of a professional, pertaining to your taste buds and time schedule. We at Delhi Food Walks conduct several kinds of food walks,viz. 'Corporate and Departmental Unit food walk', 'VIP food walk' and 'Employee's family food walk'. These food walks are conducted across several famous locations in Delhi; 'Connaught Place', 'Chandni Chowk', 'Kamla Nagar', 'New Friends Colony' to name a few. If,'Multisoft Systems' subscribes to our food walk package, it will get benefited in the following ways: - Employee recreation - Team building exercise - Target oriented performance - Cultural experience & awareness - Advertisement & publicity - Customization - Parties & events - Festival discounts & offers NEW DELHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 42
  43. 43. - Incentives & vouchers for corporate & employees on tie ups - Guarantee of quality & comfort We accompany a minimum of 10 people and maximum of 20 people and provide customization options like 'Veg food walk' and 'Non-veg food walk' and organize food walks for 'Breakfast', 'Lunch', 'Snack' and even 'Dinner'. Please also find attached herewith, the presentation of our company. These and many more options can be created to suit you specification. Let me know if you need any further information on this. Thanks & Regards, SAJAL SINGHAL Marketing Intern | Delhi Food WalkM +91 9971527849 Website: NEW DELHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 43
  44. 44. Week 3 In third week of my training, I continued the cold calling process to generate more leads. I followed up those companies, where the proposal was already sent. Besides me, my seniors were also keeping a track of those companies where the proposal was already sent. As this was only the 3rd week of our internship in Delhi Food Walks, I was not given the responsibility to give a presentation to the interested corporate company if required. I was only responsible to do generate leads from the database that I created earlier. Week 4 In week 4 of my training, seniors gave me new task of social media promotion of DFW on social networking website. They set a target to cross 4000 likes for the facebook page of the company. The founder of the company wanted me undertake the task of crossing 4000 likes in the next two weeks. I put my efforts in promoting the page by sharing about DFW facebook page with all my friends and requesting them to like it and suggest it to their friends as well. I managed to achieve the given target of achieving the number of likes cross 4000. I was asked to find out ways in which the company can help improve its facebook page & make it more attractive & eye catching. I gave few valuable suggestions to the owner of the company. NEW DELHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 44
  45. 45. Above is the snapshot of facebook page of Delhi Food Walks & it shows that 114 of my friends like it due to my reference. It also shows that the company has 4462 likes on its facebook page at the moment Week 5 In the fifth week at Delhi Food Walks I continued with the social media marketing on the facebook page of DFW. DFW had already crossed 4000 likes mark on its facebook page, I kept on doing the same & help the company reach close to 5000 likes as soon as possible. I was also assigned to study the Website of Delhi Food Walks properly & help the company identify the bugs & also give suggestions on how to make the website more interactive. I was asked to study the websites of Delhi Food Tours (one of the biggest competitor of Delhi Food Walks) & make note of the point of difference between the website of the two companies. NEW DELHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 45
  46. 46. Week 6 In the sixth week of my training I continued with the online promotion in order to get as many likes for facebook page of DFW . I also visited the companies in Delhi to Greator Kailash-2 (M Block market) & distributed flyers in several companies & also talked with the HR & explained them about the company's services. I also collected their visiting cards for the creation of Database. The company is in the process to strike a deal with Trident Systems located in GK-2. The visiting cards of company which I collected is attached on Annexure-5 database of the company is attached on Annexure-3 and the flyer of the DFW is attached on Annexure-4. For the first time that, me and my team members were given the responsibility to visit the companies & give them a brief presentation on the spot. . The snapshot of the DFW presentation is attached on Annexure-3 Though the process of cold calling turned out to be successful & I had also sent the proposal to several companies, I also got an opportunity to join one of the food walks conducted by the company in the Chandni Chowk area of Old Delhi. It was great experience for us because we were able to see, how a food walk is actually conducted. The owner of the company took the people who have come for the food walk to various famous eating eating points located in the Chandni Chowk & Chawri Bazaar area. The people who had come for the food walk were able to taste 7-8 dishes of different locations The owner of the company was already leading the group of people and kept on pointing out the places of interest that came in our way. He also explained about the differentiating factor of each dish that we tasted. NEW DELHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 46
  47. 47. Week 7 In the seventh week of my training I along with my team members went to the famous 'Galleria towers' in Gurgaon and distributed flyers in several companies & also talked with their employees & explained them about the company's services. We also collected their visiting cards for the creation of Database. We covered at least 20 different companies in Galleria towers. The visiting cards of company which I collected is attached on Annexure-5 and database of the company is attached on Annexure-3 and the flyer of the DFW is attached on Annexure-4 I covered all the offices located in Galleria towers floor by floor. Meanwhile I also managed to establish good contacts with few of the corporate & their response was encouraging for us. Many of the companies said that they would surely subscribe to the packages of Delhi Food Walks because it was offering an unique service at a reasonable price. DFW is in the process of entering into tie up with Space Technologies ltd. The visiting cards of company which I collected is attached on Annexure-5 and database of the company is attached on Annexure-4. NEW DELHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 47
  48. 48. Week 8 In the last week of my summer training, I and my team member went to Noida Sector-18, Atta Market (opposite Great India Place Mall) & distributed flyers in several companies & talked to their employees & explained them about the company's services. We also collected their visiting cards for the creation of Database. We managed to collect 10 visiting cards. Most of the companies that we covered were the real estate companies like ‘Supertech’ & few broking firms like ‘Indiabulls’. We also covered 2 IT companies in Noida. People working in Indiabulls were quite excited when they heard about this concept. They told that liked this new idea of conducting food walks by Mr. Anubhav Sapra & were quite excited to join the food walks in the coming months. Some of people who were working in Noida, even suggested us to start a food walk in areas like Ghaziabad & Faridabad. We noted down their feedback & gave the same to the owner of the company The visiting cards of company which I collected is attached on Annexure-5 and flyer of DFW is attached on Annexure 4. NEW DELHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 48
  50. 50. After completing the project assigned to me, I came across various things which I think, would be helpful for the growth of the company. There are few recommendations to the company according to me which if applied can be beneficial for the company.  I have found out that Delhi Food Walks is a new concept in India, which is trying to spread the street food industry globally by spreading the flavor of street food to the foreign tourist ,etc . Delhi Food Walks is helping all the foodies to connect & explore the rich, delicious and diverse food in Delhi lanes.  The competition faced is very high majorly with Delhi Food Tours.  The name of the DFW is new which does not influence the consumer much.  Awareness message is not very effectively communicated because the service advertisement of DFW was not there in radio/FM or newspapers. Most of the people heard the name of Delhi Food Walks for the first time. The awareness through media like TV commercial, print ad are ticked very less. The consumers came to know about company in the social networking website for the first time. NEW DELHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 50
  52. 52. At my summer training at Delhi Food Walks my mojor learning are as follows  The concept of food walks and the process of conducting food walks by DFW  Gathering information to create the Database of the contacts of the new companies to do Cold calling and generate the lead  Preparing proposals and presentation for the target audience and prospective clients  Social media promotions  Client handling, answering the queries of the client on the phone and how to pitch a client  I also learned that one should always have one contingency plan for the adverse situation. One should always be motivated towards their work in order to perform in an effective and efficient manner. NEW DELHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 52
  54. 54. Conclusion During my Summer Training I found that Delhi Food Walks is a new emerging company, and has been conducting successful food walks in various locations of Delhi and exploring various hidden locations for food walks. Delhi food walks business is increasing through the tie up with the corporate, travel operator and other business houses .Delhi Food Walks is getting accolades from the customers and its popularity has increased with the social networking websites like Facebook. NEW DELHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 54
  56. 56. CONSTRAINTS  During my training in Delhi Food Walks I faced difficulty during dealing with few companies as they didn’t find the service offered by DFW useful for them, as their employees were already aware of the famous food points of Delhi .  The awareness of concept of food walks and DFW is not so high, so due to this I faced difficulty in promotion of DFW.  I faced little difficulty during coordination with the seniors as DFW doesn’t have any office.. NEW DELHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 56
  58. 58. After completing the project assigned to me, I came across few suggestions which might be helpful for the growth of the company. The recommendation to DFW are as follows:  The quantity of food can be increased so that customers will feel more satisfied regarding the quantity of food provided by Delhi Food Walk.  Autos and rickshaws can be hired as sometimes the distance between two food stalls, people feel problems,  The food walks can be conducted in NCR also as per the suggestions by few people.  DFW should concentrate on advertisement, hoardings and posters can be put over to public transports like buses, metros and railway stations as in these area maximum number of people visits daily and will create more awareness of DFW.  DFW should target more and more Foreign Tourist and the Multinational Company (MNC’s) as the local citizen are well aware about the street food outlets in Delhi.  DFW should try to enter into tie-ups with tours and travels operators which will help to expand the business of Delhi Food walks.  DFW should conduct the Food Walk during Public Holidays as this period will attract more consumers and will help in overall growth of the company NEW DELHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 58
  60. 60. REFRENCES BOOKS: 1. G.R Foxall., critical perspectives on business and managemen.. Consumer Behavior Analysis, Routeldge Publishers. 2. W. John, Kahn V. James, 2005, Research in Education, IX edition, Prentice Hall of India Pvt. Ltd. 3. Marketing Management, 12th edition, Philip Kotler, Kevin Lane Kotler, Published by Prentice Hall, USA. INTERNET: 1. https:// 2. https:// 3. 4. 5. 6. https:// 7 NEW DELHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 60
  62. 62. ANNEXURE1 Questionnaire on Delhi’s Street Food Preference:1] Gender : a) Male b) Female 2] AGE : a) Less than 18 b) 18-25 c) 26-34 d) More than 35 c)Post graduate d)Others (please specify) __________ 3] Educational Qualification : a)Undergraduate b)Graduate 4] Occupation : a) Student b) Salaried c) Self-employed d) Housewife e)Others :______________ 5] Marital Status : a) Single b) Married 6] Which is your favourite Street Food Destination ? a) Connaught Place b) Chandni Chowk c) Kamla Nagar d) Others:_____________ 7] Why you like the above ‘Tick Marked’ Destination the most ? a) Taste b) Price c) Service/Space d) Variety e)Others:______________ 8] How frequently do you prefer/like consuming Street Food ? a) Daily b) Twice a Week c) Once a Week d) Once a Month e) Never 9] What time do you like consuming Street Food ? a) Morning b) Afternoon c) Evening d) Night 10] Please mention the name of your favourite Street Food : _______________________________ 11] Do you consider Street Food hygienic ? a) Yes b) No Your Name - ___________________; Residential Location - ___________________; THANK YOU !! NEW DELHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 62
  63. 63. ANNEXURE-2 CORPORATE PRESENTATION OF DFW Above is the Screenshot of the Corporate presentation made by me for Delhi Food Walks. NEW DELHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 63
  64. 64. ANNEXURE3-DATABASE CREATED FOR THE COMPANY & THE STATUS OF COLD-CALLING S. n o. Nam e of the Comp any 1 Anu Auto India Private Limited Small Scale Industr ies 2 H.C.L Tech India Private Limited 3 Nortel Networ ks India Private Limited 4 AVON INFOLI NE Address 102-103, Gurgaon, Delhi, Delhi India 12201 P No-3, Gurgaon, Delhi, Delhi, India 122001 Orchid Plaza,2Nd Floor, Gurgaon, Delhi Delhi, India 122001 B-31,NEAR SAHARA LINES, BEHIND Email Contac t Status http://anuindustries.c 2423412 40 No. not responding 9810258 662 Wrong no 2423422 00 No. not responding www.avoninfolines.we 9990301 443 No. not reachable NEW DELHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 64
  65. 65. TECH MAHINDRA DIGICALL NOIDA SECTOR64,NOIDA201307 new delhi15 opp. To kirti nagar metro station B125,sector2,near sector 15metrostat ion, noida201301 (0120)2540300, 4333774 Proposal sent on Monday to Mr. Deepak (+91) 9810306 956 5 Brain work technol ogies Pending for 10/5/13 at 11am (HR told to call on 10/5/13 as she was busy) Called again on 10/5/13, but they told us to call back on Monday Call & speak to Miss Binu on 14/05/13 btwn 11-2p.m. Call again on Monday (20/5/13) Phone not picked on Thursday(16/5 /13) - try again (0124) 4495000 Not interested 70A/18,first floor,industr ial area, 4578115 9 rama road industrial area, 6 7 MULTI SOFT SYSTE M(010crs) Allied Pickfor ds (10100crs) 802, ILD Trade Centre, Sector 47, Sohna Road, Gurgaon www.multisoftsystems. com www.alliedpickfords.c om NEW DELHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT deepak@multis delhi@alliedlem Page 65
  66. 66. 122001 IFS Solutio ns India Pvt Ltd(10100crs) 3rd Floor, Tower A, Logix Cyber Park, C - 28 & 29, Sector - 62, Noida 201301 9 Aricent (10100crs) Plot No-31, Electronic City, Gurgaon Sector-18, Gurgaon – 122015 (0124)4095888 10 Royal Sundar am Allianc e Insuran ce Compa ny Limited 28-A First Floor, Prahlad Market, Desh Bandhu Gupta Road, Karol Bagh, DL 110005 www.royalsundaram.i n (011) 4567 8288 No. does not exists United India Insuran ce Co Limited 1726/56, Naiwala, Karol Bagh, Naiwala, New Delhi, DL 110005 (011) 2574 3181 No. does not exists 12 WIPRO Plot No 480481,Udyog Vihar, Phase - III Gurgaon – 122016 (124) 308 4000 13 INFOSY S 7th Floor, Tower- (124) 3922000 8 11 NEW DELHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT mktg@ifsworld.c om (0120) 4146444 2411858 Not interested Called on Monday(13/05 /13) but noone picked the phone Not interested HR not present, to call Page 66
  67. 67. B,Unitech Cyber Park,Gurgao n – 122001 ABL Databa se Market ing back on Tuesday (14/5/13) between 1012p.m. Not interested 2nd Floor, Pvr Plaza, H Block, Connaught Place, Delhi – 110001 (+91) 9971122 333 No such requirements right now 15 Cached Solutio ns G-17 Vijay Nagar Chowk, GTB Nagar Metro Station, Near Delhi University, Vijay Nagar, Delhi – 110009 (+91) 9582222 265 A man picked the phone & told that we are targetting wrong companies 16 JKM Overse as Private Limited 242, Opp. Geetanand Ashram 91 124 2265291 /226529 2 No. does not exists 14 Gurgaon Sohna Road, Bhondsi Gurgaon – 122102 Haryana 0124 4338300 17 18 City Innova tes Pvt. Ltd., Gurgao n, Delhi adi automo bile (+91) 8586975 914 Sector 29 Gurgaon, De lhi -122002 ff304g,sushan t shoping No proper response, need to call again on Monday Not interested www.adiautomotives.c om NEW DELHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT corporate@adia ph:01244 200501- Not interested Page 67
  68. 68. PVT arcade, sushant lok,guragao 122001 04 fax:0124 4200505 19 20 21 22 23 bachm ann industri es india LTD plot no. 10 sector 6 mathura road faridabad 121006 www.buchmannindia.c om climax overse as PVT LTD 152,sector 3,imt manaser gurgaon haaryana 122050 www.climaxoverseas.c om aliffa agro india PVT LTD 247,2nd floor, tribhuvan complex ishwar nagar new delhi110065 anmol bakers PVT LTD sector 16, b2/3 nodia Mobik wik 8A,DDA,Po cket1,secto r7,dwarka(n ear palam airport) m bif@bachmanni phno.: +911292 241040 fax:+911 2922421 26 ph no : +911244 557700 ( 100 lines ) fax : +911244 557755 ph no: +911126 312225 mobile: +919810 898270 phno: 0120474 8888 ph no : 01204748999 Not interested Not interested Proposal sent : aliffa@aliff (13/05/13) Need to call on Monday (20/5/13) Not interested No contact details 254-A frst NEW DELHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 68
  69. 69. floor hauzrani market, opposite max hospital sentio technol ogies 254-A frst floor hauzrani market, opposite max hospital No contact details 23 Destin ation staffing pvt ltd Opp ,B10,Sector8,near badola mother dairy,dwarka No contact details 2 4 Tride nt Infor mati on Syst ems M-31A, M-Block Market,G reater Kailash- www.tridentinfo. II com Proposal sent : hrdesk@tri m (13/05/13) 24 hrdesk@tri m +91 11 3292 0380 May subscribe to our package if they get convinced Pristine Busine ss Solutio ns A-1, 2nd Floor,Madhu Vihar market,IP Extension 26 Franco nnect C-94,Sector -8 ,Noida[Head quarterd at USA] 27 Nucleu s Softwa re Export s Ltd. 25 A-39,Sector62,Noida care@pristinebs .com 88821838 51 ALREADY IN PROGRESS info@franconne 1204758100 Could not connect on this no. 0120 403 1400 No such requirements right now www.nucleussoftware. com NEW DELHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Page 69
  70. 70. 28 3 Pillar Global B-25,Sector58,Noida 120.397. 7100 Lady heard but told that our company does these tours/parties once in a blue moon 29 Pange a3 B-23,Sector58,Noida 01206668000 Not interested Serco India Plot-94 and 95,Sector 18,Udyog Vihar 30 31 32 CVEN T Cyber City,gurgaon Fluor 10th floor,tower c,cyber city,gurgaon NEW DELHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT generalenquiries m No contact details IN PROGRES S ALREADY IN PROGRESS 0124-256 0651 Called several times on 9/5/13 but no response (will try again) Page 70