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Pdsa tools in 'study'


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Pdsa tools in 'study'

  1. 1. PDSA-tools used in ‘Study’
  2. 2. Statistical Process Control (SPC)How do we know if the change is an improvement? Measured Change Tools Data Report
  3. 3. When to use SPCSPC is a practical statistical approach to resolving problems. This is the tool to use, for any type of measurement to help gather information. Did the Where are we project make now? a difference?
  4. 4. How to use SPCSPC is a type of charting that tells us about the variation that exists in the systems that we are looking to improve.
  5. 5. Interpreting the data
  6. 6. Issues that could be encountered When creating SPC charts Aggregate Available data data Measurement New controls fallacy
  7. 7. Role in PPE complianceSPC is frequently applied the control of manufacturing lines, but it applies equally well to any process that has a measurable outputie. Compliance of Health Professionals to correct PPE guidelines as set by the institutionThe advantage of SPC in comparison to other quality methods such as inspection, is that the process of detecting and correcting the problems occurs after the events themselves happenie. Non/Compliance has occured which becomes part of the data, as a point. After which, the point can be viewed within a larger data pool (on the SPC) and the pattern/trend, can be identified.