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  • Curation

    1. 1. Curation Stephanie A. Jones Georgia Southern University
    2. 2. Curation • As school librarians we can think of digital collection curation as the selection and assembly of a focused group of resources into a Web-based presentation that meets an identified purpose or need and has meaning and context for the targeted audience (Valenza, 2012). • Curation provides a very selective collection, designed and arranged to meet the needs of a particular audience (Kimmel, 2013).
    3. 3. Kimmel, 2013, p. 17
    4. 4. Students as Curators …a learner that pulls in information from many different sources and media at once, reflects on the information, and then creates new content based on that information that is then shared with other learners in an interactive way that often allows those learners to also learn and create. This is the way that true multitasking in learning works. It means using everything at your disposal to create something new in the discipline (Eyre, 2011).
    5. 5. Curation in Education • Book Report: Collect online content related to the book with the purpose of “selling” it to you audience. • Glossary: Define terms for the current unit study using a variety of media. • Current Events: Students create a collection to reflect the 5 most important events of the week. • Introduce a New Topic: A collection to introduce a new topic of study and peak [sic] the student’s interest. • Identify Trends: Select a trend in fashion, entertainment, politics, business, etc, to explain with a collection. • Puzzle: Which of the things doesn’t belong here? How are all these items related? What historical character is represented here? • Historical Event: Create an exhibit of a historical event with a variety of media including primary documents. • Expert Tips: Students create a guide filled with expert tips on a topic related to the current unit. • How-to: A collection that demonstrates how to do something such as help endangered species. • Character Analysis: Choose character of literature, history, or current events to create a collection around. What would be in Alice’s collection? • Statistics, Data, Graphs: A collection of data on a specific topic. • Research: As a part of a larger project, students collect their research in a as topic for easy reference and documentation of sources. • About Me: As a team builder, have students create collections that reflect themselves. Garton, J. (2011). Content curation: Classroom applications.
    6. 6. Curation Tools A digital curation should also be carefully arranged. In a digital curation, the platform determines the way the content will be displayed and the kinds of relationships the structure demonstrates.
    7. 7. • Build scoops around specific topics • Semi-automated curation tool, but you can add any link • Add content via keyword search from a number of sources (such as Google Blog Search, YouTube and more), as well as any RSS feed. • Bookmarklet • Integration with social media channels (Twitter , Facebook, blogs, etc.) • Allows extended descriptions for the content • Organize into an attractive magazine format • App available for iPad Example:
    8. 8. in Education
    9. 9. Storify Tutorial Welcome to Storify- • Drag and drop content • Search social media, images, web • Integrate a variety of content • Add narrative to connect the content to tell a story • Share the content
    10. 10. Storify in Education
    11. 11. Dig Deeper • Digital Collection Curation [LibGuide] • #EdTechChat: Student and Teacher Curation • Educause Learning Initiative. (2012, Oct. 8). 7 things you should know about …social content curation. you-should-know-about-social-content-curation • Kanter, B. (2011, Oct. 4). Content curation primer. • Teacher Training Videos
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