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  1. 1. Concept mapping of IBMs1180016 Atsushi Saito
  2. 2. Concept Map Design
  3. 3. 5 keywords➢ IBM webpage➢ a simple design➢ some links➢ acceptable fonts➢ XHTML
  4. 4. 3 most important sentences➢ IBM webpage is lucid and its content has been successfully organized for the reader.➢ It is a simple design based on white, and it has some links and visible side menus.➢ It is made by using XHTML.
  5. 5. Definition of keywords➢ IBM webpage➢ It is website which I explain➢ a simple design➢ It is based on white➢ some links➢ It is composed by XHTML➢ acceptable fonts➢ This site selects visible fonts➢ XHTML➢ This site is used XHTML