Racism by saiteja


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its about racism all over

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Racism by saiteja

  1. 1. an illusional tumor of our modern society. PRESENTED BY: V.SAITEJA 118w1a1056 DEPARTMENT OF EIE
  2. 2. What Is Racism? It is a prejudicious conception that categorizes one race as intrinsically superior or better than another
  3. 3. History • Slavery was the pre-formation of racism – Slavery existed in ancient Egypt (5,000 years ago) • When humans began to build greater civilizations, also greater in size and structure, people were categorized to each social class. – Countries like India and Japan had formed distinctive caste systems, which harshly restricted the advantages of those in lower class.
  4. 4. History • Black descendants and former slaves began to settle down as slavery lost its power over • Despite their eloquent speeches and elaborate protests, black people were continuously seen as inferior to other races • Racism is still stretching its tenacious roots in our society today. – – Racism still exists on the internet and other web forums. Many racist jokes and pranks are posted on the internet, available for anyone any time asking to join their racist group.
  5. 5. Causes • Stereotypes – • Skin color, religion, culture, political party History – Slavery (Egypt, U.S.A, etc.), Imperialism, Genocide
  6. 6. Solutions • Spread Awareness • • • Write articles, make films, posters Accept other cultures, religions, and ethnic groups Make it illegal for any country to not hire or fire people because of their religion, culture, or ethnic group
  7. 7. Recognized Racists • Adolf Hitler • George W. Bush • Abraham Lincoln • Nelson Mandela
  8. 8. In India • Many people from Northeast face difficulty and discrimination for accommodation.Many north-easterners are called "chinky" by people in New Delhi, in reference to the appearance of their eyes • A study on global social attitudes claims that India and Jordan are the least tolerant populations in the world • The study declared that 43.5 percent of Indians don’t want their neighbors of other race