NetFlow Analyzer - 9600 - An Overview


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ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer is a comprehensive bandwidth monitoring and traffic analytics tool that is trusted by network administrators throughout the World. Every industry has embraced IT to improve their operational efficeiency. With IT comes a lot of management challenges especially with respect to bandwidth management. NetFlow Analyzer is a tool that maked network traffic monitoring magically simple.

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NetFlow Analyzer - 9600 - An Overview

  1. 1. NetFlow Analyzer
  2. 2. Today’s Discussion Overview • What is NetFlow Analyzer? • Editions • Features – Base edition • Features – Professional Plus edition • Features – Enterprise edition • Add ons
  3. 3. Need for Traffic Analytics What is NetFlow Analyzer?  Bandwidth monitoring tool  Leverages flow technologies for reporting  Performs real-time traffic analytics  Security analytics add-on for foolproof security  Suitable for both SMBs and large Enterprises
  4. 4. What is NetFlow How NetFlow Works  Traffic passes through routing/switching device interface  Flow created (remember Key fields) and stored in NetFlow cache  Flows grouped and exported in UDP packets to collector based on active and inactive flow timeout NetFlow Cache Flow Analyzer
  5. 5. Feature Overview NetFlow Analyzer: Features Overview Cisco NetFlow Traffic reports Security SLA analysis – Validation-IP ASAM reports SLA reports Complete traffic & security analysis Media QoS monitoring - validation- Medianet CBQoS reporting reports WAN optimization validation- WAAS reports
  6. 6. Editions Professional: Professional Plus: Enterprise 1. Real time All Professional edition 1. High scalability – bandwidth usage features Supports 1000s of reports routers and 2. Top conversations, + switches talkers and 2. Time-zone based applications report 1. Capacity planning reporting – For 3. Alerts based on reports monitoring at the thresholds for 2. Billing – Speed and respective time- traffic volume based zones 4. IP grouping & 3. Cisco QoS reports – 3. Centralized view of device grouping For validation of the entire network 5. Cisco Medianet QoS 4. Automatics backup reports 4. Cisco NBAR reports and crash recovery 6. Cisco WAAS reports – Deeper visibility - Failover
  7. 7. Features Professional edition(Base edition) features: • Real time bandwidth usage reports • Monitor real-time network traffic and identify the top talkers, conversations, protocols and applications • Create alerts based on allowable thresholds that your network can handle • Cisco WAAS reports – Measure optimization of applications over WAN • Cisco Medianet reports – Quick troubleshooting for networks handling rich media applications
  8. 8. Quicker Troubleshooting Application Slowness – Check link utilization
  9. 9. Quicker Troubleshooting Check top applications – HTTP more than business application
  10. 10. Quicker Troubleshooting Incorrect priority for business application
  11. 11. Features Professional Plus Exclusive features: • Capacity Planning reports – Plan for the future based on trends from bandwidth usage statistics from the past • Billing – For usage and volume based billing for Service providers & department-wise chargeback • Cisco CBQoS reports – Validate the effectiveness of QoS policies on the network & assign maximum priority to your business critical applications over the other applications • Cisco NBAR reports – Categorize applications that use dynamic ports like eDonkey and Skype using NBAR reports with much deeper visibility
  12. 12. CBQoS reports: Screenshot
  13. 13. Screenshot NBAR reports
  14. 14. Features: Enterprise edition • Highly scalable • Distributed architecture: Central server & Collector model • Centralized monitoring solution for large networks spread out on a wide are • Generate traffic reports, create alerts, QoS reports, NBAR reports & billing as in Professional Plus edition • Time zone based reporting – A special feature ensuring local monitoring consoles see their network in their respective time zones • Failover – An automatic data back up and crash recovery system for better crisis handling
  15. 15. Need for Traffic Analytics Create a high performing network  Ensure optimal bandwidth usage  Effect of network changes and new applications  Validate QoS policies  Performance of new technology: IPv6, MPLS, 10G or 100G, voice and video traffic, etc.
  16. 16. Supported Devices Supported devices and Flow Formats • NetFlow: All major Cisco devices • sFlow: Alcatel, Brocade – Foundry, Dell, Enterasys, Extreme, Force 10, Fortinet, HP ProCurve, Juniper, Vyatta, etc. • J-Flow: Juniper devices • IPFIX : To be developed as the standard for flow export. Described in RFC 3917. Based on NetFlow v9. • AppFlow: Extension to IPFIX for application monitoring. Citrix NetScaler captures app-specific network data and generates Appflow records • NetStream: Huawei / 3COM devices
  17. 17. Add-ons Add-Ons • Advanced Security Analytics Module  Uses Continuous Stream Mining Engine to monitor real-time security statistics  Detect zero-day anomalies like DoS attacks, malware etc. • IPSLA reporting  Ensure best-class service levels on the network  WAN RTT monitoring – For seamless connectivity  VoIP monitoring – Monitor critical factors like jitter, latency, packet loss and MoS score
  18. 18. ASAM: Screenshot
  19. 19. SLA Verification and Billing
  20. 20. SLA Verification and Billing
  21. 21. VoIP Quality Issues Analyze Application usage and VoIP Conversations
  22. 22. About NetFlow Analyzer
  23. 23. Questions?Over 4000 enterprises worldwide uses ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer for traffic analytics NetFlow Analyzer: TAC Team: Sales: NetFlow Analyzer Blogs: User Forums: