informatics practices practical file


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informatics practices practical file

  2. 2. JAVA PROGRAMMING Q1.Design a java program to print the table of the entered number? Ans. Preview- Source Code- Code for Table private void jButton1ActionPerformed(java.awt.event.ActionEventevt) { // TODO add your handling code here: int x= Integer.parseInt(AT.getText()); inty,z=0; for(y=1;y<=10;++y) { z=y*x; RT.append(z+"n"); }}
  3. 3. Code for Clear private void clearActionPerformed(java.awt.event.ActionEventevt) { // TODO add your handling code here: AT.setText(" "); RT.setText(" "); } Q2.Design a java program to print the Fibonacci series of the entered number? Ans. Preview- Source Code- Code for Fibonacci private void jButton2ActionPerformed(java.awt.event.ActionEventevt) { // TODO add your handling code here: int s1=0,s2=1,sum,n; n=Integer.parseInt(AT.getText()); if(n==0) RT.append(0+"n");
  4. 4. else if(n==1) RT.append(0+"n"+1+"n"); else { RT.append(0+"n"+1+"n"); RT.append(""); for(inti=2; i<=n; i++) { sum=s1+s2; RT.append(sum+"n"); RT.append(" "); s1=s2; s2=sum; } } } Code for Clear private void clearActionPerformed (java.awt.event.ActionEventevt) { // TODO add your handling code here: AT.setText(""); RT.setText(""); }
  5. 5. Q3.Design a java program to display the scored goal details and match result? Ans. Preview- Source Code- Code for Scored By A private void GOAActionPerformed(java.awt.event.ActionEventevt) { // TODO add your handling code here: intga= Integer.parseInt(tAGoals.getText()); ga=ga+1; tAGoals.setText(""+ga); } Code for Scored By B private void GOBActionPerformed(java.awt.event.ActionEventevt) { // TODO add your handling code here: intgb= Integer.parseInt(tBGoals.getText()); gb=gb+1; tBGoals.setText(""+gb); }
  6. 6. Code for Declare Match private void DCActionPerformed(java.awt.event.ActionEventevt) { // TODO add your handling code here: intga=Integer.parseInt(tAGoals.getText()); intgb=Integer.parseInt(tBGoals.getText()); String res=(ga>gb?"Team A wins":(ga<gb)?"Team B wins":"Draw"); result.setText(res); } Code for Clear private void CLEARActionPerformed(java.awt.event.ActionEventevt) { // TODO add your handling code here: result.setText(" "); tBGoals.setText("0"); tAGoals.setText("0"); } Q4. Design a java program to add the Digits in input area? Ans. Preview-
  7. 7. Code of main methodintaddDigits(int n){int s=0; int dig; while(n>0){ dig=n%10; s=s+dig; n=n/10; }return s; } Code for Compt……….. Buttonintnum=Integer.parseInt(input.getText()); int sum=addDigits(num); out.setText("Sum of its digits is "+sum);
  8. 8. Q5. Design a java program to change background colour of different input controls ? Ans. Preview- Code for the jList (Event –ListSelection-valueChanged)private void ColValueChanged(javax.swing.event.ListSelectionEventevt) { // TODO add your handling code here: inti; Color x=Color.WHITE; i=Col.getSelectedIndex(); switch(i){ case 0: x=Color.RED; break; case 1: x=Color.BLUE; break;
  9. 9. case 2: x=Color.GREEN; break; case 3: x=Color.MAGENTA; break; case 4: x=Color.CYAN; break; case 5: x=Color.YELLOW; break; case 6: x=Color.GRAY; break; } if(LBL1.isSelected()) Lb.setBackground(x); else Lb.setBackground(Color.WHITE); if(LBL2.isSelected()) Btn.setBackground(x); else Btn.setBackground(Color.WHITE); if(LBL3.isSelected()) TF.setBackground(x); else TF.setBackground(Color.WHITE);
  10. 10. Q6. Design a java program to select the character from the list as given in textfield? Ans. Preview- Code of Select in List Buttonprivate void oKActionPerformed(java.awt.event.ActionEventevt) { // TODO add your handling code here: List.setSelectedValue(ENTER.getText(), true);
  11. 11. Q7.Design a java program to print the numbers in between the given input? Ans. Code of Count Buttonint a=Integer.parseInt(IN1.getText()); int b=Integer.parseInt(IN2.getText()); if(a>b){ for(;b<=a;b++) {OUT.append(b+" ");} } else{ for(;a<=b;a++) { OUT.append(a+" ");} }
  12. 12. Q8. Design a java program to check a string is palindrome or not? Ans. Code of Perform Palindrome Test ButtonString str=In.getText(); showPalindrome(str); Main method Codepublic void showPalindrome(String s){ StringBuffer out=new StringBuffer(s); if(isPalindrome(s)) s=s+": is a palindrome!"; else if(isPalindrome2(s)) s=s+ ": is a palindrome if you ignore case"; else
  13. 13. s=s+": is not a palinidrome! "; Out.setText(s); } publicbooleanisPalindrome(String s) {StringBuffer reversed=(new StringBuffer(s)).reverse(); returns.equalsIgnoreCase(reversed.toString()); } publicboolean isPalindrome2(String s) {StringBuffer reversed=(new StringBuffer(s)).reverse(); returns.equalsIgnoreCase(reversed.toString()); }
  14. 14. Q9. Design a java program to reverse a string? Ans. Code of Reverse ButtonString a=IN.getText(); String b=""; for(inti=a.length()-1;i>=0;i--){ b=b+a.charAt(i); }OUT.setText(b);
  15. 15. Q10. Design a java program to find the occurrence of a character? Ans. Code of Count ButtonString a=In1.getText(); char b=In2.getText().charAt(0); int c=0; for(int d=0;d<a.length();d++){ if(a.charAt(d)==b) c++; } Out.setText (""+c);
  16. 16. Q11. Design a java program to find the position of a vowel in a string? Ans. Code of OK Button// TODO add your handling code here: String a=IN.getText(); for(int d=0;d<=a.length();d++){ char c=a.charAt(d); switch(c){ case 'a': case 'A': case 'e': case 'E': case 'i': case 'I':
  17. 17. case 'o': case 'O': case 'u': case 'U': d=d+1; OUT.append(" "+d+"n"); break; default: } } Q12. Design a java program to display a menu of Ice-cream parlour ? Ans. Code of Calculate Buttonif(St.isSelected()==true) { STP.setText("35");}
  18. 18. else {STP.setText("0"); STQ.setText("0");} if(Ch.isSelected()==true) {CHP.setText("50");} else {CHP.setText("0"); CHQ.setText("0");} if(Va.isSelected()==true) {VAP.setText("30");} else {VAP.setText("0"); VAQ.setText("0");} int a1,a2,a3,a4,a5,a6,a7,a8,a9,a10; a1=Integer.parseInt(STP.getText()); a2=Integer.parseInt(CHP.getText()); a3=Integer.parseInt(VAP.getText()); a4=Integer.parseInt(STQ.getText()); a5=Integer.parseInt(CHQ.getText()); a6=Integer.parseInt(VAQ.getText()); a7=a1*a4; a8=a2*a5; a9=a3*a6; STT.setText(""+a7); CHT.setText(""+a8);
  19. 19. VAT.setText(""+a9); a10=a7+a8+a9; OUT.setText(a10+""); Code of Clear ButtonSt.setSelected(false); Ch.setSelected(false); Va.setSelected(false); STT.setText(""); VAT.setText(""); CHT.setText(""); OUT.setText(""); STQ.setText(""); VAQ.setText(""); CHQ.setText(""); VAP.setText(""); STP.setText(""); CHP.setText(""); Code of Exit ButtonSystem.exit (0);
  20. 20. Q13. Design a class program to display a detail of a book ? Ans. Class Methodpublic class book { String name,author; int edition; float price; public book(){"";""; edition=2000; price=100.0f; } public book(String a,Stringb,intc,float d){;; edition=c; price=d; } void display(){ System.out.println("Name of the book is "+name); System.out.println("Author of book is "+author); System.out.println("Edition:-"+edition); System.out.println("Price:-"+price);
  21. 21. } Main Methodbook B1=new book ("The Canterville Ghost”, “Oscar Wilde",2012,55); B1.display (); Q14. Design program to display a student record table ? Ans. Class Methodvoid process(){ int a=0; String name="",hname=""; doubleperc=0.0,hperc=0.0; do{name=JOptionPane.showInputDialog("Enter Student's name:"); perc=Double.parseDouble(JOptionPane.showInputDialog("Enter Percentage Marks:")); resTa.append(name+"t"+perc+"n");
  22. 22. if(hperc<perc){ hperc=perc; hname=name; } a=JOptionPane.showConfirmDialog(null,"More Student info??"); } while(a==JOptionPane.YES_OPTION); if(a==JOptionPane.NO_OPTION){ JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null,"Highest scorer is "+hname+" with "+hperc+"marks. "); } } Main MethodJOPdialogs j1=new JOPdialogs(); j1.setVisible(true); j1.process(); j1.setVisible(false);
  23. 23. Q15. Design a class program to print detail of a student? Ans. Class Methodpublic class Student{ introllNumber = 0; String name = "nil"; public Student(intrno,Stringsname){ rollNumber=rno; name=sname; } void display(){ System.out.println("RollNumber ="+rollNumber); System.out.println("Name ="+name); } Main MethodStudentB1=new Student(23,"GOVIND"); B1.display(); } }