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Rubric for news reporting


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A rubric I modified from an existing one in the web for the presentation of my students. :)

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Rubric for news reporting

  2. 2. CATEGORY 4 3 2 1Research Group Group researched Group researched Either no researched the the subject and the subject and research was subject and integrated 2 integrated 1 done or it was integrated 3 or "tidbits" from "tidbit" from their not clear that the more "tidbits" their research research into group used it in from their into their their newscast. the newscast. research into newscast. their newscast.Accuracy All supportive Almost all facts One fact is No facts areof Facts facts are are reported reported reported reported accurately accurately. accurately OR no accurately facts were reported.Graphics Graphics include Graphics are Graphics include Graphics are not some original clearly related to some original related to the material and are the material material but are material being clearly related to being presented, only somewhat presented. the material but none are related to the being presented. original. material being presented.
  3. 3. Speaks Speaks clearly and Speaks clearly and Speaks clearly and Does NOT speakclearly distinctly all of the distinctly all of the distinctly most of clearly and time and time but the time and distinctly most of mispronounces no mispronounces 1 or mispronounces no the time AND/OR words. more words. words. mispronounces more than 1 word.Enthusiasm Facial expression Facial expression Facial expression Facial expression and body language and body language and body and body show a strong show a strong language show language depict interest and interest and some interest and apathy or enthusiasm about enthusiasm about enthusiasm about boredom with the the topic the topic throughout the topic topic. throughout the the newscast, but it throughout the newscast, but it is is somewhat newscast. not overdone. overdone.Group Work The group The group The group Some members of functioned functioned pretty functioned fairly the group were exceptionally well. well. Most members well but was often off task All members listened to, shared dominated by one AND/OR were listened to, shared with and supported or two members. overtly with and supported the efforts of others. The group (all disrespectful to the efforts of The group (all members) was others in the others. The group members) was almost always on group AND/OR (all members) was almost always on task! were typically almost always on task! disregarded by task! other group members.