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L-Perspective is a media-pedestal platform, provides webinars and round-tables for professionals and their communities. It’s a fledged mobility podium of (a) Conversation nuggets (b) Webcasts & (C) Virtual round-table. These conduits provide touch points of interactions between community & the corporate leaders to strengthen brand and business growth. Besides, shape pragmatism for the community based strategy for everyone involved and facilitates organization in building their own explicit community.
Every day hundreds of thought leaders are actively sharing their insights, their ideas and their most up-to-date knowledge with professionals through our platform. We believe that people learn the most when they hear directly from those who know the subject best.

You can join L-Perspective’s vibrant exchange of ideas as either a stakeholder or a viewer. The stakeholders identify the focused topics, relevant practices or any of their challenges where L-Perspective can facilitate and engage the market need & demand, and are introduced to new experts via their timely and relevant presentations. We offer viewers live, interactive access to businesses’ top thought leaders. The viewer community can comment, share their ideas and also voice the opinion which will influence and shape information and business outlook as an extended dimension. In addition, webcasts & roundtables can also act as your demand generation tool and lead generation if in case you are into serious marketing activities.

Refer the website at www.lperspective.com

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Lp abstract v4

  1. 1. L-PERSPECTIVE is a media pedestal that provide the touch point of interactions between community & the corporate leaders to strengthen brand and business growth @findsai Videos, Round tables & Webinars for the business and their communities Brand community is a community formed on the basis of attachment to a product or marque…..
  2. 2. Power-shift to community, mass media to social media Volume of participations Community/ consumer dictated Professional media dictated State dictated the agenda Pre-media Mass-media Social-media
  3. 3. The Brands must evolve into Media machines The shift in brand strategies is the level playing field in digital & print space Today they overlap, creating a new opportunities & expectations Brands are expected to share back Media properties learning to evolve as real time curators Contents moves through the network at the lightening speed Brand Brand Media Community Media Community BEFORE NOW
  4. 4. Content consumption is evolving Video & virtual event is taking over the internet Digital consumption is shifting from PC’s to consumer devices
  5. 5. Increase awareness with Social Social software adoption growing at phenomenal speed US Social networking revenue alone…. Europe on whole half of it & India compounds one seventh
  6. 6. Conduits presents new opportunities for brands Brands & organization associated enjoy the comforts of opinion, without the discomfort of thought Community talk about /or the brand directly The community not educated is the customer lost Core business objectives will always remain constant Brands have no choice to re-think their current communication approaches existing + custom communication channel personalized + user generated & brand tangible exercise affiliates + third party contents Degree of brand continuum Fully controlled by the brand & organization External factor & not necessarily controlled Outside the control of the brand, critical & usable; connected to the brand communication strategy
  7. 7. Just to re-iterate……… The power-shift to Community in the mass media to social media Brands as a media machine The Content consumption is evolving Increase awareness in Social The Conduit present a new opportunities for brands A HANDFUL STARTED TO UNDERSTAND THE CHANGE AND THE FUTURE and L-Perspective was born
  8. 8. CONCEIVED IN 2013 L-PERSPECTIVE is the media destination site for organization & professionals who want to build a better business. L-PERSPECTIVE envisioned the idea of building community, perceive your own customer & connect to the real world of your business through the touch point of conduits over our online event tools, that offer a dynamic environment for everyone involved. Further it’s a platform for thought leadership, insights, ideas & most up-to-date knowledge with professionals all over the country through our channels that L-Perspective has created C Industry analysts O M Knowledge M Champions CEO Customers Employees U Partners Stake N holders I T Prospects Y
  9. 9. FIND YOUR NICHE WITH L-PERSPECTIVE conversation with Industry leaders subservience to purpose Compelling & informative platform for forward thinking leaders brainstorming & reflective feedback & challenging perspectives Conversation nuggets broadcast organizational message realistic optimism captive audience & nurture Virtual roundtable Webcasts informed strategic resources time sensitive industry trends space for intellectual curiosity Dynamic channels awareness- knowledge- consideration-satisfaction-loyalty- advocacy Broader customer view Community Tapered business view Organization User driven conduit organizational strength customer need Articulating propositions Story telling Engaging audience Personalizing experiences Social action Delivering right message Two way feedback mechanism
  10. 10. THE CONDUIT Conversation nuggets of genre of leaders, CXO’s, trendsetters, Innovators, Entrepreneurs, etc. in turn map the conversations to their leadership competencies Webcasts to deliver the complex information for the captive audiences dispersed across boundaries. Live & on-demand Roundtable empower Industry gurus and subject matter experts in a like minded conversations of varied topics & share insights Dynamic channels Create of contents to engage viewers and community as a knowledge sharing and learning process to enhance information & decision making capabilities Each of these interactions between you and your community is the touch point
  11. 11. LP’S CLOUD BASED WEBCASTS Managing from Start to Finish……….Sounds great-What’s the catch!! Webcast Type Educational Sales & marketing Thought leadership features Product launch & Updates Business continuity plans Best practices Case study Business value & metrics Investor relations Information dissemination Organizational message Stakeholder & employee communication Lessons learned Product/service centric ROO/ROI Live seminar webcasting
  13. 13. ROUNDTABLES- LP’S DIGITAL CAMPFIRE  LP’s digital campfire is a forum where industry leaders come together to share the spotlight  Client generated discussions surrounding pre-defined business challenges or theme based events  60-90 Minutes of live discussion & 6 leading decision makers  Full in-house hosted by L-Perspective  Dedicate moderator, enable a balanced conversation, encourage knowledge sharing in the process of elevating business performance  Can be closed door event or with captive audience defined as per the theme Industry focused & Deal with immediate & Engaging & over reaching themes impact driven future issues Affordable & stay ahead of the curve
  14. 14. LP- Online Roundtable
  15. 15. L-PERSPECTIVE HELPS YOU REACH Appropriate Organizational message Real time Community reach Brand building Go-to-market & qualification of contacts Build a captive audience
  16. 16. The Case for LP’s (IDEA elements) Value services ready Which of these marketing elements are in your toolbox? Social media canvas Digital marketing PR& Industry spotlight Case studieswhite papers/Mess age boards Collaborative e-broadcasts Information structures
  17. 17. Value services ready ( LP’s IDEA elements) Experience of hosting 1000+ virtual events; Our disciplined team ensure the execution is creative, cost effective, and efficient & besides with the information that assists you the implementation of winning strategy & enthuse a platform of community growth partnership Audience acquisition & community intelligence Work-plan development Communication & training series Industry intelligence Extending the dialogue (post webcasts) Post-hoc analysis Performance & relationship review Cost effective e-broadcasting Content creation Content distribution & amplification Custom case study series Message boards White paper Flexible invitation strategy 1 on 1 & group interviews Award programs Corporate blogs Event management Editorial calendar management Press announcement & launches
  18. 18. Questions L-Perspective; An ELADO Consul Pvt. Ltd Initiative #1863, South C’ cross, 28th main, 9th block, Jayanagar, Bangalore, India