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Leancamp intro london 2


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Intro to Leancamp London 2, with Salim Virani, Nicky Smyth and Benjamin Mitchell.

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Leancamp intro london 2

  1. 1. Today’s learningopportunities
  2. 2. What can be learned fromconnectingLean, Agile, Design and Visual Thinking?
  3. 3. How can approachesbe combined, made moreaccessible or easy to apply?
  4. 4. R&D CustomerDevelopment User Experience Design
  5. 5. Lean Startup 37 Signals Visual Business Model Thinking Generation
  6. 6. Bootstrapping Software Visual ThinkingEntrepreneurship Lean Startup Agile R&D Lean FashionInvestment Design Corporate Business Model User Strategy Generation Experience Marketing
  7. 7. “Meet them where they are.. ... not where you want them to be.”It helps to focus on current challenges,(as perceived by the person with the challenge.)
  8. 8. Can we spark newpractical tools and thenext evolution ofentrepreneurship?
  9. 9. This is an open conversation, and it’s just the beginning...
  10. 10. Share! on Twitter & Flickr
  11. 11. Let’s thank the volunteers!Toby, Kumy, Tendayi, Ahmad, VickyThe UCL Enterprises crew!Our great speakers!
  12. 12. Learn from the world’s leading Lean, Agile and Design-led businessesGetting the most out of LeancampFeel free to jump to where you contribute or learn.Seek to learn approaches from other disciplines.Be inclusive and invite others.The people in attendance are the right people. Find common ground &expand from there.Tweet what you’re talking about on #leancamp so others can join you.