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Choose your business model capital enterprise

  1. 1. A bit about Sal Canadian Tech entrepreneur, now London-based. Started 5 businesses - tech startups, IT providers, ecommerce Created the Digital Marketing department of a major agency. Founded Leancamp. Salim Virani @SaintSalI’m an entrepreneur with both technical and marketing backgrounds, I founded 5 tech startups, all of which sought and found revenue from the outset. And I founded Leancamp.Around The Corner was my last startup and biggest failure.a) because I didn’t go for revenue firsta) because I didnt kill it fast enough when it wasn’t workingb) because I didnt have to since i was funding it myself(One of the risks of bootstrapping is your stick with a bad idea and keep dumping your own money into it. Outside funders aren’t so forgiving.)
  2. 2. Learn from the world’s leadingLean, Agile and Design-led businesses@leancamp
  3. 3. Learn from the world’s leadingLean, Agile and Design-led businesses
  4. 4. around the corner
  5. 5. He started with the top page - and put that out to some tech community websites. He wanted to see if people would click theplans and pricing page, demonstrating their intent to buy. (This is better than asking them, which tells your their stated intent,not actual intent.)
  6. 6. When they were clicking on that, he knew there was intent to buy, but at what price? So he tested that too. Joel went from idea to first paying customer in 7 weeks, working on Buffer in his evenings and keeping his day job as a coder.(Notice that he wasn’t coding BufferApp, just testing the market!) A few months later, he was making enough to pay himself andbring in his co-founder, Leo.
  7. 7. Thanks. Salim Virani @SaintSal More Leancamps coming. Sign up to the mailing list to have first access to tickets! Learn from the world’s leading @leancamp Lean, Agile and Design-led businesses http://leanca.mpIf you want to learn more, we run Lean Startup meetups every month. And Leancamp unconferences around Europe, which areexpected to sell out fast. They get announced to the mailing list first so sign up at For more info on this story,check out Joel’s blog at and also check out Patrick Vlaskovits’ presentation: Customer Development Hacks at